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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

Chick Ludwig

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The bowsprit has such a small area of contact, I would hardly think it would support much at all. I can see it snapping off in a bit of chop just with the weight of the anchor.

Before that happens you might like to add a support under it. Also, what are your plans for the interior? It looks like you haven't epoxy coated it yet or are you just going to paint it instead?

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Alex. I think the bow sprit will be fine the way I use it. It's tougher than it looks. The weight of the anchor will definitely not be a problem. I always use them on my boats and have never had a problem with any of them.Time will tell. If it breaks, you get to say "I told you so!!!"


I'm leaving the interior until last. The boat needs to be complete enough for the messabout at the end of this month but I can sail with an unfinished interior. I have lots of little "goodies" to build in. It will all be varnished. I will epoxy coat it just because the various epoxy glue drips and smears  will show up under the varnish if I don't coat the whole thing. One coat will be all.

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we're plodding along The mast sections are epoxied together. I must have missed the office memo that the bottom section is already sized to let the center section slip right in, so I dutifully wrapped glass tape around the center piece while i did the upper. Then had to sand it all off! Oh, well.


Also missed the one about the dimensions changing on the drawing for both sprits. They needed to be longer. so I cut them and spliced in sections in the center.


post-1823-0-21571000-1460506500_thumb.jpg  The spliced in sections all clamped up.


post-1823-0-26149600-1460506508_thumb.jpg  Ready to epoxy coat and varnish.


post-1823-0-62362200-1460506503_thumb.jpg  Don graciously came up and laced leather on the front of the sprits where they hit the mast. Great job, Don. My hero.

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Awww, Jay---whatever works. Sure gonna miss you at the messabout this month!


Meanwhile, y'all, things are moving along at a snail's pace on the Breeze. Lots of "life issues" have really slowed things down this last couple of weeks.


Ports going in today, masts and sprits are done, inside NOT done, cushions will be done the day before the messabout (I hope). Later today or tomorrow she will be pulled kicking and screaming onto the trailer. I'll still have to scribe, cut, and carpet the trailer bunks to fit the curvature of the hull.


I've not taken time to take and post pictures lately, but I promise to catch up on them soon. Or at least during and after the messabout. Meanwhile, I've really enjoyed "talking" with all of you folks out their in "Messer-land". Keep up the good work! 

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Today was the BIG DAY!!! Summer Breeze got to feel the Sunshine for the first time. It was trailer-day. The always helpful Miss Debbie and I pulled Breeze out of the garage, but she was facing the WRONG way to pull onto the trailer! The brilliant miss Debbie suggested pulling the boat far enough out to drag Mr. trailer around to the pointy end to load. As I said---brilliant! So crank her on (The Breeze, not Miss Debbie) to the trailer and turn the whole works around to face the right way. So now the brawny Miss Debbie helped with that too.


Then it was time to fit the bunks to the hull, carpet them, and adjust the center rollers back down to their final resting place. Guess that I forgot to mention that I'd raised the rollers to get the hull high enough to scribe where to cut the bunks. Speaking of bunks. Sure would like to climb into one for a nap. All of this boat and trailer dragging-around is WORK!


Finally got it all done after working on it for most of the day. Whewww! so here are a few pictures of the operation.


post-1823-0-91051900-1461632954_thumb.jpg  Oops, she's facing the wrong way!


post-1823-0-63753300-1461632958_thumb.jpg  Ready to load.


post-1823-0-08111500-1461632962_thumb.jpg  Dragging her on.


post-1823-0-69886700-1461632965_thumb.jpg  She's ON!


post-1823-0-42883100-1461632971_thumb.jpg  Look closely. The bunk is scribed to fit.


post-1823-0-31617400-1461632975_thumb.jpg  Bunks cut and carpeted.


post-1823-0-61713700-1461632978_thumb.jpg  all adjusted and ready to pull.


Tomorrow will be spent mounting the masts and doing the final rigging plus various little jobs. the cushions will be ready to pick up Thursday and it's off to the messabout on Friday!!! See y'all there---well, SOME of y'all anyway. Drive careful-like now, ya hear?

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meester, don't look too closely at the finish. Especially the hull. Runs! I'll fix it later after the messabout. besides, a little lake scum and "beach rash" will only show that summer breeze likes to be used.


Thanks, Action Tiger. Breeze can't wait for her own "action".


Gotta get to that rigging work now...

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That is awesome to see. You've certainly been at it hard. So here comes the questions:


1. Windows? They look like maybe they open and close, which is nice. Details please.


2. The trailer. That looks like it would fit a 20 just nice. I can see the brand, do you have a model? BTW.....up here in fresh water country some folks just get painted steel trailers, but galvanized ones last forever here. I'd buy a nice aluminum one like Doug, but the new thing is people stealing them and selling them for scrap.


FWIW.....on my Continental Sea Pearl trailer, there is a plank that runs below the base of the front bow roller to the first cross-member. It's nice and wide, so you can walk right down it to grab the bow to handle the boat coming on. I didn't think of the idea, but I always laugh at how such a simple mod makes life so much easier at the ramp and keeps my pants dry.


3. After you sail her a bit I'd like to know how that aft cleat arrangement worked out and whether the mizzen sheet snags. I hope it's OK, because I am not sure of the alternative.


4. When the mizzen is tipped forward, is the top of it so far forward that you have to unpin it and slide it back for travel?


I sure wish I could make the mess-about. Please take lots of pictures and video!

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Steve, answers:

  1. Beckson. Got them from B&B. Check out the oval ones from Five Oceans. If I'd known about them first, I'd have used them.                                                                                             http://www.five-oceans.com/articulo/elliptical-white-porthole-16-1-8-x-8-5-8-20x-40-cm-/3622

  2. EZ Loader EZL90B Galvanized. 

  3. The cleats won't be a problem because the boom gallows are behind them. The ladder will be a problem. I'll probably lower it later. i will hate messing up the varnish transom with       the holes left after moving it.

  4. No. It is 34" beyond the point of the bow. Well back from the hitch.


I wish you could come too. I'm hoping don will take lots of pics and vids. I usually get envolved with what i'm doing and forget. I'll try to do better.

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