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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built moccasin-1, moccasin-2 canoes, and mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans.

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.

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  1. Chick Ludwig

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Straight is good. I got something straight once! Looks like you're about ready to sand-pxy-paint like me. It's a race to the finish!
  2. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Doggone Steve, NOW ya tell me. After I already have the outer rings poxied on. The riv-nuts are a GREAT idea! I'm only gonna fasten the inner ring with #8x1/2" oval head self tappers. All bedded of course with a non adhesive caulk. Miss Debbie suggested the color. Gotta keep her happy so she'll let me get away on cruises. I like it too.
  3. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Tiger, you can CALL it stealing, but.... You can still pretend to be a pirate. Hey, wait, I thought you really ARE a pirate!
  4. Chick Ludwig

    An other OC20 build !!

  5. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    These were the last of the pieces to finish before the sanding-poxying-painting ordeal begins. Toe rail just in case I gotta climb out onto the deck. This is how I'll lock the forward hatch. The pull pin will engage a hole in the hatch coaming. I'll keep y'all posted on how things are going. We're looking forward to splashing Old Codger. Then the motor has to be broken in for several hours. THEN we can go on a little cruise. But to which lake? Ohhh, it's SO exciting!
  6. Chick Ludwig

    Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    In the old traditional sharpies, the aft mast was called the main, and the front mast was the fore.
  7. Chick Ludwig

    B&B 16 foot open fishing boat

    Turtler said he'd LOVE to come live with you! If Miss Debbie will let me get away by myself, I may take Turtler on a little excursion this week. Move everything to get him outa the carport, move it all back later. 1 1/2 hour to get to the lake, another 1 1/2 hour to get home. Hot Sun. I dunno....
  8. Chick Ludwig

    Freely Rotating Masts within Tabernacles for CS 17 mk 3?

    Is the design and function dependent on having a green stub mast and tabernacle, and red locking pin? (Sorry, couldn't help myself...) The locking pin could be fore and aft as designed by B&B. I wouldn't be concerned by the lack of flex in this part of the mast. The more traditional tabernacle doesn't flex either. I like the idea of the rotating mast. It allows for the snotter to not need to be readjusted to maintain the sail shape as you let the sheet in or out. I had to look up "bulletwood". They don't seem to carry that at Lowe's.
  9. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Thanks Oyster. I still like the look w/o trim rings on the outside if the plexi had been big enough, but the rings look ok, too. Guess it's all a matter of taste---like Real Southern Sweet Tea and Vienna sausage. Tiger. Stealing? Who's stealing? I'm not stealing. Are you stealing? May it never be! Borrowing maybe. Taking the advice of someone older and wiser? Again, maybe. But NEVER stealing. I do like the faucet washer deal, though. Without PAR, we have Oyster to depend on now.
  10. Chick Ludwig

    Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Amos. You're doing just right with the non-skid. Just looking at your sprits, especially the Fore (or as we call it these days, main), Can you tighten your outhaul and snotter enough to flatten the sail. It looks like you can, but just wanted to be sure.
  11. Chick Ludwig

    A Two Paw 7 build, "Catnip" . .

    You are?
  12. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Amos. Combination of table saw, saber saw, stationary belt/disc sander, oscillating spindle sander, sanding drum-on-a-drill-motor (for the round corners in the cabin side cutout), d/a sander, hand sander, kitchen sink...well, not the last. I think it took more time moving tool to tool than doing the actual work. I made a pattern for each window trim ring, then traced it onto three other chunks of ply. Not smart enough to use a router. The window will be bedded, and inner trim ring attached with self tapping screws. This will happen after the painting/varnishing is done.
  13. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    In spite of the ADD, I got through all eight trim rings. WHEW! I hate to build two of anything, but eight.... A word of explanation to my reader who's asking, "What's ADD?". Attention Deficit Disorder is a condition some kids are born with that makes it very difficult to concentrate and stick to tasks. Like studying. Or building more than one part for the boat. Or sanding and applying more that one coat of poxy or paint. There's much more to it than that, but that's the main problem for me. When I was a kid, I loved building and flying model airplanes. And I loved bi-planes. But it was all I could do to build one wing. The second was torture. Most kids outgrow ADD, but some don't. Guess who never did. Here they are: Turns out that they are a rally great place to store my spring clamps. (Little joke...VERY little joke.) Also got the trim over the windows. Eyebrow trim? Doggone, I wish Paul was here to tell me what to call it. Almost ready to poxy coat, sand, varnish, paint. You know the drill. Miss Debbie is going with me tomorrow to get the cushion foam and fabric. A friend at church will be sewing them up for me. The trailer outa be in at the dealer most any day. Mr. Hatsu, the motor, is resting on his engine stand waiting to go to work.
  14. Chick Ludwig

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Purty, Dave. I'm in the process of cutting out the inner and outer trim rings now. Boring, and uses up the last of my 6mm plywood scraps. Hard for us ADD sufferers to get through. Thankfully, I don't need any plywood for anything else. My cabin will all be varnished inside, so the rings won't have the contrast with the white paint. Probably the same for the outside. But the rings will still look good.
  15. Chick Ludwig


    Ultimately, "how good is good enough" comes down to the addition of, "...to me". We must please ourselves, whatever that may mean. If coming up to someone else's expectations is important to us, then we should by all means meet those expectations. But I'm like you. I just want to enjoy building and using my boat, and do the best that I can do with the patience and attention to detail that I'm comfortable with. I do still have my big Makita 7 inch variable speed grinder, and plenty of epoxy to fill in where I've gotten to aggressive with that grinder!

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