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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built Moccasin-1, Moccasin-2 canoes, and Mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans. Old Codger, a modified Jessy 15. Happy Hour Kayak, modified Tango 12

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.

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  1. Check this book out. https://www.amazon.com/Thousand-Dollar-Yacht-Anthony-Bailey/dp/1574090119
  2. In replying to this, I intend no disrespect to no person or religious group. if you are offended by this, just don't read it. For a quick answer to this, God, as believed in by Christians, which is the religion the majority of people considering themselves as believers would identify with. is not responsible for the evil in the world, including disease. He created everything to be perfect, but our sin brought the bad things, including death, into the world. He chooses who he blesses, and who he doesn't. America in the beginning honored God, even though we were not established as a Christian country. He blessed us and protected us from many things. But in recent years, we have turned away from him. The Bible, in the Old Testament, shows how his people, the Jews, would do the same thing. They would honor God, and he would bless them, then they would turn away, and he would remove his "hand of protection" from them. That is where America is today.
  3. I used to build small fiberglass boats as a profession, and had to have them flotation tested by a USCG approved facility. In addition, an inspector would visit my place of business yearly. He made it clear that any small boat using a motor, needed to meet the flotation requirements. This included dinghies, row boats, motor canoes, or electric powered boats. BUT, at some point, a small sailboat not depending on power is somehow not included. I'm not quite sure how that works. I always use foam flotation in my boats. Further confusing things is the "upright and level" requirement. Tough to figure that one out. I just do my best. The Jessy 15 is definitely a power boat, so, foam it is!
  4. Kinda interfere with your trailer keel rollers, though.
  5. I love them! Easy to do and strong. I did glass over them in the 4mm ply. Sounds like those 2-1/2 # weights are the same as my "ducks" left over from my drafting days.
  6. HEY! They DID have engines back then. But they had to figure out how to rig the paddle wheel that the big-ol' steam engine on such a little boat. I'm afraid I'll be done long before things are normal at the camp grounds. They're also closing down boat ramps, so it will even be hard to try the boat out. Next county up north of us is asking folks to stay home except for certain things---not including boating. I expect Henderson county will do the same. It will be awhile before Miss Debbie is recovered enough from a surgery to be able to lift even half a boat. Or climb in and out of it. I've already got the plans from the good folks at B&B for my next project, so I won't get bored.
  7. i remeber going to a boat race down in Good 'Ol Florida when I was a kidling, and the dealer for Boston Whaler was their and cut a boat in half with a chainsaw, and motored off in the back half.
  8. Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #13 The join is DONE! Everything is faired ready for final epoxy coats, primer, and paint. I took the simple way out for the attachment method. Bolts. The 3/8 inch bolts are epoxied in place in the forward bow section. They slip through holes in the aft section, and nuts and washers are tightened down on them. There will be a gasket to prevent water from working its way into the aft section around the bolts. You’ll also notice “locating pins” in the aft section that will index into holes in the bow section. The pictures will make it all clear. Next job is the removable center seat and floorboards.
  9. I haven't visited with y'all in awhile. Since the last time, I've cut the boat in half, screwed and glassed the hull bottom and sides to the bulkheads, built up putty to sharpen the radius where the glass covered the corner, and faired it all out. Now the latest post. Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #12 Not much to show you today. The putty has all been faired off smooth, and a thin layer of 6 oz. cloth added on top to reinforce it and leave a sharp edge. Tomorrow I’ll add some putty over it just to fair it in smoothly with the hull. Next day, sand it. THEN the excitement begins! I’ll temporarily flip it over and join the halves! I can’t wait! Hope it all fits!
  10. Warmer days----time to go BOAT-BOAT! ....in the rain.
  11. In the Joe Richards book Princess, Joe discusses using a tether in case of falling overboard. This was when self sailing with the tiller tied off. He comments that he would not have the strength to pull himself along the line against water pressure with the boat moving forward with much speed. His solution was to use the tether line to tie his tiller off. It would be tied with a slip knot so if he fell overboard, the pull on the tether would release the slip knot and Princess would turn up into the wind. This was before the days of tiller tamers or other devices to hold a boat on course, but maybe a solution could be found that would achieve the same thing.
  12. The boat was upright when the CG found it. Rotor wash from the helicopter capsized it.
  13. I'm the friend that Thrillsbe mentioned. I built the prototype of the princess 22. The boat, Princess, pictured in many of the pictures on the B&B website was mine. I'd be glad to talk with you about it. You could call me at 828-595-9432. I go by "Chick". Here it is: https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/princess-22-plans
  14. I don't like the inflatables either. I've experimented with various solutions to the "camping" boat to carry on the truck. I hope this one is the answer. You may have followed my build on the flat-back canoe. It works well enough with two of us aboard, but balance is a problem with just one sitting in the back. Rough water is kinda scary for this old codger, too. Gonna sell it. Any interest?
  15. Total boat is supposed to be about 110# built according to plans. I've reduced the plywood thickness to reduce weight. I'm hoping heaviest half will be well under 50# so wife and I can load it on the truck. Little old Nissan frontier only has a 5 1/2 foot bed, so boat will have to go on the ladder rack. or maybe half of it in the bed resting on the tailgate. I'll figure that out when it's built. Power will be my 2.5 Mr. Zuki. Turtler would plane with that and just me. I hope for the same with this one if their is enough water-plane area to lift it on plane. With 2 aboard, we'll just putz along. May get a bigger motor. Dunno.
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