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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built Moccasin-1, Moccasin-2 canoes, and Mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans. Old Codger, a modified Jessy 15. Happy Hour Kayak, modified Tango 12

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.

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  1. Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #16 Here's the final construction post on my Tango 12 two-part boat. I did add a keel as discussed last time. Also dis the varnishing and painting. It needs another coat of both, but I wanna try it out first. The first two pictures are of the floorboards. They are carried separately to save weight when lifting the halves on and off the truck, then dropped in place before launching. The third picture is of the “retaining pins” that hold the center seat in place. I’ll post pictures of the boat in the water when “life” gives me a chance to try it out.
  2. I hope I can next time. I've spent many hours in that area and miss it.
  3. Did any of you get pictures of the things/places you saw? Did you get to the abandoned village and cemetery at South River?
  4. Scott, ya can never always sometimes tell what may happen when you least expect it most about the messabout. I'll see ya there---maybe. Gonna be hard to eat that bar-b-q through face masks, but we'll find a way!
  5. I learned this trick back in my early boat racing days blowing into the tank of my KG-7 Mercury Hurricane. Nick, we tried all sorts of ways to get more fuel/air into these little engines. Some even worked! Most were illegal. There was an old fellow that that built "stock" engines that his sons raced. They almost always won. He had ways of cheating that we could never catch him at. We finally made him the engine inspector. His boys still won, but he caught a lot of other folks cheating.
  6. i bought a used PWC trailer for Turtler, which was 19 ft. long. I ordered a tongue extension from Amazon. Worked great!
  7. Glad to help. 'all. I forgot one detail though. Be sure to have a tall glass of Real Southern Sweet Tea to flush out any gas taste that may have sloshed on to your tender lips!
  8. I bought a fuel cap and drilled it for a nipple to attach a fuel line to for a emote fuel can---but that's another story. No reason you couldn't do that to "puff" into your tank on the motor. Or, invite a friend to go with you and make him the designated tank blower-upper.
  9. I used to have a little gadget that snapped onto (into?) a regular particle mask that you attached a small air hose to.There was enough air volume coming through the hose to keep from pulling air through the fabric of the mask.
  10. Well, I DO wipe it off first! I wonder if my hot breath could ignite it?
  11. I have that same ladder. For most folks it will be fine, but for older folks, or those with weak legs, you may not have enough strength to lift yourself. Try it as soon as you can to be sure.
  12. Works for me! BUT-----be careful ya don't slosh gas into your mouth! It will turn YOUR bones into a chicken.
  13. I discovered the secret on my 2.5 Zuki. Promise not to laugh! I take off the gas cap and blow air into the tank to pressurize it and force gas into the fuel system. Apparently running the gas out when I finish with it after using it leaves air in the fuel lines that gravity doesn't clear. Now it always starts with 1 or 2 pulls.
  14. No. Three days was all. But in varying conditions. No reason not to take longer cruises, but with my business, I couldn't be away longer.
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