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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built moccasin-1, moccasin-2 canoes, and mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans.

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.

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  1. Chick Ludwig

    Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Just gotta toss my thoughts in here. Because of roller problems on plywood boats, I decided years ago to carry most of the load on the side bunks rather than keel rollers, I mount the bunks on edge and cut them to match the rocker in the hull. They span several bulkheads so the bunks can't stress or deflect the bottom. Since the hulls float on and off the trailer, there is no need for the weight to be carried on the rollers. I've done this now with several boats, both sail and power. I'm not criticizing the trough idea. It sounds like a good idea. Just offering another way to solve the problem.
  2. Chick Ludwig

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    We'd LOVE to have the MASTER attend!
  3. Chick Ludwig

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    I'm waiting on "chat" with the Buck Hall Recreation area to get information on launch fees and overnight parking fees. Been waiting for 10 minutes so far. I tried sending a message, but it wouldn't go. Plan- C is a phone call. It's gonna be great fun exploring Bull's Bay. Especially Bull Island and Boneyard Beach. Finally called and got some info. The fee to launch/park is $5.00/day. The campground is currently closed for water issues. They had planned on opening this month, but looks like it won't happen. They SHOULD be open in time for the messabout, but didn't seem to sure. They said to call first. We'll keep you posted! The ramp IS open.
  4. Chick Ludwig

    Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    Welcome Dimitri, and thanks for the kind words. Graham is right that I'm pleased to hear of your plans for the Breeze. I look forward to reading about your adventures together.
  5. Chick Ludwig

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    Thanks Don, but i was thinking more of you "rag" propulsion guys. Is it deep enough to sail with your board down. And ya got to follow the waterway and pass to even GET to the bay. A law of nature says that "The wind ALWAYS blows directly down the channel against you." But, don't worry, the Codger will be glad to give you a tow.
  6. Chick Ludwig

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    Good point, Don. Is the area where we'll launch in water deep enough to sail without staying in channels, or is it mostly salt marsh? Looks like it's on the ICW and then out a channel. Then Bull's Bay. Is the bay open water? How much is the ramp Fee for folks not camping? Is there a daily charge to leave the truck/trailer there?
  7. Old Codger has been fussing at me to take him out for a ride on the lake. It’s been too cold. We’ve been too busy. I’ve been too sick. Too many excuses. Well the other day, the weather was warm. We weren’t very busy. I was feeling good. No more excuses. So I asked the Codger if he wanted to go. Silly question! I told Miss Debbie about our plans and she wanted to go too. I short day trip was planned. I loaded up a life jacket for Miss Debbie, a life jacket for our new pooch, Pepper, cooler for lunch, plenty of gas, and all the other stuff we’d need. I even had a couple of big cushions stashed below that were left over from my fiberglass skiff building days. Good thick comfy ones. I was anxious to try them out. Especially for Miss Debbie. Hard seats make her “bun bones” hurt. Off we went. We stopped at Subway for hoagies (subway sandwiches, y’all) to have for lunch. They went into the cooler. Oh, it was excitin’! A day on the water! On comfy seats! It was a pleasant ride down the mountain to Lake Keowee. Heading for a high of around 70 degrees. No rain. But cloudy. Just as we were getting to our favorite launching ramp, I got to thinking, “Where did I put the key for the cabin?” I know that I had set it out with my wallet and car keys last night so I wouldn’t forget it. It’s not in my pocket. Is it in Blue’s drink holder? Guess I’d better explain that “Blue” is what we call our Ford Explorer. He’s blue, ya know. No, it’s not in the drink holder. Glove compartment? No. “Miss Debbie, did you bring it?” No. Maybe I put in in Codger’s seat locker. No. Maybe in the cooler in the other seat locker. No. Check my pockets again. No. ask Miss Debbie again. NO! Gotta face the facts. No key. Hope I didn’t just lay it on Codger’s seat and it blew out on the way down the mountain. Old Codger put up with my griping and complaining as long as he could before blurting out, “ And YOU call ME the old codger?!?!” “ WHO forgot the key?” Well nothing to be done about it. At least we can still take our ride. Without the big, thick, comfy seat cushions that were locked up in the cabin. So, launch the boat, load Miss Debbie aboard with Pepper. Climb in myself and set out. I did have the throwable device (cushion) that our Coastie friends require. I sat on that. There was an old cushion from a lawn chair that I keep in Blue for when I tie a kayak on his roof, so Miss Debbie got that. The pup didn’t need a cushion. It was a pleasant ride with not much to report. The big thrill of the day, beyond eating our lunch, was stopping at a little beach on island #15 to stretch our legs and let the pup have a run. That was about it. Except maybe, in all honesty, I’d better tell y’all about another problem that soon arose from MY coginess. I always like to have a destination on these little trips. We weren’t far from a long cove where Raccoon Creek enters into the lake. It would be just about the right distance to take us through the afternoon. I looked at the lake chart to be sure I knew where we were going, and off we went. Ya gotta go around island #17 and then head into the entrance to the creek. It’s a rather large entrance, with several other coves on either side. If you missed my explanation on these island numbers in a previous story, I guess I’d better stop and explain. You guys on salt water have the aids to navigation to tell you where you are and where you’re going. Buoys. The lakes here are different. The islands that are numerous as you travel down the lake, have signs on them with a big number painted on. That number corresponds to numbers marked on the lake map. Maybe you don’t know that all of these lakes are man-made, and formed by damming up rivers that flow down out of the mountains. They are narrow, but long, with lots of coves and islands that were left above the water level when the lakes were filled. Now, back to the story. We headed up the cove that seemed to be the right one. Nope, dead end. Let’s try another. A quick look at the map, and off we go. Nope. Dang! This can be confusing! Let’s try again. That one over there must be it! Ah! That’s better, looks like we finally found the …….. DEAD END! Doggone! (Don’t worry, that’s just an expression. The dog is still sleeping on the cockpit sole.) One Last try. Let’s go back to island #17 and try to get our bearings. About now I hear Old Codger chortling. “Ha!” “If you hadn’t forgotten the key, you woulda had the GPS. With the compass. The one locked down below in the cabin. Then you’d be able to tell which direction to go.” “You dumb old codger.” What could I say. He was right. To end what’s turning out to be a long story, I’ll finish up be telling you that this time we had the right cove. It was a nice ride to the end. Raccoon Creek ends where you go under a highway bridge into a big, shallow, muddy pond where we sometimes go turtling. There’s a launch ramp nearby where we take our kayaks. On the way along the creek we saw a really cool boat. About all you ever see on the lakes are ski boats, pontoon boats, and jon boats. But here, tied to the dock is what appears to be an old raised deck power cruiser about 28 feet long. It had classic lines and was fitted out with bronze hardware and plenty of brightwork. I’d say that it would have been built back in the 30s or so. I dunno. I’ll post a couple of pictures for ya. So, back to the ramp and home. The story wouldn’t be complete without the post script. When we got home, the first thing I did was to go searching for the key. I looked where I keep my wallet and keys. No. I looked on the table in the garage next to the door where I sometimes lay things. Nope. I looked on the ground where I mighta dropped it while loading the boat earlier. No. I looked EVERYWHERE! No key. Then I went into the house wondering how I could get a new key. I only had the one. I’d lost the spare when the key ring broke last summer. Never got a copy made. About now I glance over to where the key usually hangs between boating excursions. There it was! Laughing at me. O could hear Old Codger out in the carport laughing. The dog was laughing. The cats were laughing. The turtles woulda been laughing, but turtles can’t laugh. Miss Debbie knew better than laugh. Last thing I heard was the boat saying under his breath, “And he calls ME the old codger.”
  8. Chick Ludwig

    Bulls Bay Expedition and Messabout

    Sounds like fun. The Old Codger and I plan to go. Hope you "baggy wrinkle" guys can keep up as we go "sploring".
  9. Chick Ludwig

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not the dreaded air bubble!!!!!!! A TRUE craftsman would rip it all apart and start again!
  10. Chick Ludwig

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    I would think that attaching the skeg and keel first would tend to help keep the bottom from losing it's curve. Just my opinion. No facts to back it up.
  11. Chick Ludwig

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    Great trick! I've always used plain cardboard for this, but the foam board is even better! Now I gotta build another boat to try it out on!
  12. Chick Ludwig

    A Two Paw 7 build, "Catnip" . .

  13. Chick Ludwig

    dutch OB 20

    Couple of suggestions as you begin your build. 1. Don't think of the entire projest and all that needs to be done. Instead, break it down into small steps, like, what you need to do in one day. Or one step in the project like cutting the bulkheads. 2. Have a "moaning chair" in or near your shop where you can sit and contemplate when things are tough. Maybe even pray for patience. My favorite patience prayer, "Dear Lord, give me patience, and GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!! 3. When it gets tough, confusing, or ya just wanna talk to someone friendly, get on your internet and pull up this site.
  14. Chick Ludwig

    dutch OB 20

    This is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have!
  15. Chick Ludwig

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Welcome to the group, Ilias . We don't mean to ignore your question. Especially since you are in Greece. It's just that there are so many variables that it is very difficult to answer. Maybe someone can give you an answer that will be somewhere close. At least in US dollars, or Australian, or where ever they are building. Meanwhile, hang in there with us. As you begin your build, you'll have lots of help.

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