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  1. Looks great, fun day for a pile of plywood to become a beautiful boat!
  2. The trailer with all the extra dodads I had installed was about $2200. There was a little upcharge because I needed the axle forward of where they normally place them for powerboats. Seems a trailer frame this size normally has a 300 hp outboard on the boat. It has 4 long bunks the boat lounges on. They are shaped to the bottom of the hull so we have about 65 linear feet of 2x8 carpeted bunks supporting the hull. Seems to ride fine and is much easier to unload an load. The only marks on the hull have occurred with trailer ops with the previous trailer, hope this trailer helps.
  3. Mark, the pump is a bronze body pump made by Johnson Pump called the Ultra Ballast Pump from the ski boat industry. Salt water rated, 700 gph, takes about 5-6 minutes to fill or empty the tank. The through hull is inside the trunk way aft where the board is thinner, no drag penalty. I used 1 inch pvc piping, I plan to redo the piping using PEX with bronze swedge connector fittings. Loosing some efficiency with the hard turns of the PVC and wash down valve.
  4. Makes quite a difference on our boat, it carries sail a lot more confidently with water in the tank, and sails like the anchor has fallen off the bow roller in light air with full tanks! That is when the pump is handy. The wash down feature is nice too.
  5. Hi Mark, I have a reversible pump used by ski boats to pump water in/out of the ballast tank. I have a bronze thru hull in the aft end of the center board trunk and the pump mounted in the port cockpit locker. I also have some plumbing so I can use the pump to clean fish and wash mud out of the cockpit. I have a 3/4 inch 3 way valve that I can direct the flow of the pump to the ballast tank or the wash down hose. If you use a electric pump I seriously suggest mounting it in a rubber mounts. The first year we went to the Messabout you could hear our pump all over the place! Since mounted it in some rubber mounts and still loud doesn’t howl! I have a 24 series AMG battery with 22 watts of solar cell and while now much, haven’t charged battery in several years.
  6. Looks like they aren’t getting much wind presently!
  7. We have found simple black foamy pipe insulation perfect to pad our sprits as they lay on top of out lowered parallel masts, and some snap lock fasteners on 1 inch nylon webbing. I think you can tell where we launch by bits of lost pipe insulation! I haven’t tried to leave the sails on the mast as we travel, I did make some sail covers with both twist locks and also zippers. When we are using the boat we use the covers and twist locks and when we remove the sails they are zipped into the covers which become sausage bags. The reefing lines have S hooks and stay with the sprits. A mast cover keeps all the line wrangled up. One of the great things is the quick rig times! We can be under sail in 10 minutes from arrival.
  8. Hi Steve, I drew the arc of the toerails to follow the cabin top curvature, then drilled the holes oversized, taped the holes up on the inside then filled them with epoxy (and didn’t get any inside the cabin!) then redrilled and put the screws an bid washers up from inside the cabin with a little blob of buytal between. No leaks but the black buytal keeps extruding out for a while with every temperature change.
  9. Thanks Pete, that is one of the “farlkles” I plan for the new trailer. We usually launch at Keesler AFB and the ramp we use doesn’t have a pier to wrangle the boat from. Pete Planks should help. As a side benefit, might help keeping mud and such from being slung on the hull. Jay
  10. Pete, I looked at your “walking planks” on your trailer, I can’t find the pictures I took. I want to add some “Pete Planks” to our new trailer, do you have any pics you care to post. Is it a 2X12? Thanks Jay
  11. Hi Steve, we had the trailer “custom” built for our boat. It has 14 inch wheels, a 3500 drop axle with 1,500 springs and their heavy aluminum I beams. The trailer weighs about 700 lbs, so the boat seems to enjoy a smooth ride. The frame goes around the entire perimeter of the boat, and sits very low. The guys that built it have a lot of trailer stuff and were very accommodating. They just gather the parts and bolt them together like a erector set.
  12. Well, after 18 months of indecision and general waffling, Southern Express is luxuriously lounging on her new aluminum frame trailer.
  13. Don, when I sawed my 2 Paws in half, a neighbor thought I had flipped and called Carol at work, she was really worried about my mental stability!
  14. Don, you will love it! Good choice, I built a TwoPaws 9 14-15 years ago and it is still the grandkids boat in the pond. Ours was stored on the deck in a cradle and looks like a car top carrier on the boat. Mine is decidedly lo tech, I used 1/4 all thread rod an wingbolts to attach the front and back halves together but I could attach it together in the water. The new attachment system looks great, much better. I had (since removed) a piece of what looked like fire hose with foam pipe insulation as a full perimeter bumper. It went pretty good with a Seagull outboard although most progress with that motor was 8 feet at a time when I pulled the cord!
  15. Nice........very nice! i have clamp envy! Might have to retract my statement “can’t have too many clamps!”
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