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  1. I think I did my keel strip totally different from anyone else on my CS20.3. I clamped a packing tape covered 1X4 to each side of the keel, the filled the gap with unidirectional glass with epoxy and graphite in the epoxy slurry. I wanted to experiment with a keel strip with no screws. So far it seems to be working, although I suspect it would/may crack it point loaded, but sand an shells seem to have no problems. All a compromise, I suppose.
  2. Great to have that continuity with your boat. We have owned a 27ft cutter for 18 years, and I hope my Matthew Flinders build (and me) has as much longevity!
  3. Looks really good! Guess you are too far to make the Messabout? Hopefully there will be a bunch of the MK 3’s
  4. And a review of your Torqeedo motor would be appreciated! You will love the way the boat sails!
  5. Hi Pete, I suppose it is dependent on the weight of the glass, this carpet I am glueing to the Flinders it won’t take many wraps at all!
  6. I recently had a unusual problem with some acetone, I was cleaning PEG mold release agent from recently unmolded epoxy with acetone and noticed when it dried it left a thin sheen of oily substance. Read the label closely when messing with some acetone, I bought this pint can from my local Ace Hardware and In tiny print it said it was recycled acetone. It looks like some sort of petroleum sheen.
  7. Hi Steve, yea, everything is heat soaked so my pot life of “slow” is just a few minutes. Patiently waiting for cooler weather!
  8. Some of the glamour of boatbuilding has escaped me today....
  9. I bought my Torqeedo pod from B&B, they are now a dealer. I haven’t gotten it wet yet but it looks like a quality piece. The motor is a fixed mount with a folding prop probably weighs 25-30 lbs.
  10. Don, that is really nice! Beautiful lines and with your perfect finish you will have a show piece. (Which will give an excuse not to go rowing very often.)
  11. The trim is cypress, long story but I met a young man that was selling pecan lumber, it was beautiful. I bought some (But not enough) noticed a lump on his ankle under jeans. He has since become a guest of the state for a 3-5 years. I did get enough to trim the head area and galley area, it looks pretty nice. Alan calculated the CG of the hull and I just put 2 1/2 eyebolts where he said. He got it perfectly! The forward end was supported by a engine hoist and the aft by a big cable hoist (cable come-a-long), which was supported by a Harbor Freight scaffolds. 2 hours setting up, 22 se
  12. Thank you, Covid has kept me home more.....
  13. Looks like a few months since a update on the Flinders project , true to form, some photos are sideways..... but the hull is inverted in real life. Electrical system, plumbing, interior are mostly complete, hull is glassed and 82% filled, this 17 oz glass was invented by the epoxy association. It guzzles the stuff! The stub keel is my current project, it is incredibly strong by design, with lots of glass. I will be taping it to the bottom panels with several layers of 24 oz unidirectional glass, then a overlay of 17 oz biaxial. That should hold it!
  14. Hi Mark , when I was building my CS20.3 I fell from the bridge deck into the cabin floor and my left knee made a remarkably similar “defect”. I fixed it about like you did and it is totally invisible and maybe ev n stronger ( not that I want to do it again)
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