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  1. I have just the one block in mine. I have a plexiglass cover over it, it will sometimes get a little water up there.
  2. A mizzenmast tabernacle is good stuff, and it solves your minor problem. You will thank yourself every time you rig, also gets rid of a mast crutch to hold the masts at the mizzenmast (aft) end when you trailer. When I made our mizzenmast tabernacle, made it slightly too low making it a problem to enter the cabin with the masts down. I would make mine 1 1/2 higher than I did so I can squiggle into the cabin.
  3. Todd, as a side note I would keep silicon sealant far away from your boat build. Lots of good sealants around but silicons can cause headaches then you start painting. May years ago I bought a Columbia 26 that the ports had been silicones into place, still leaked and it was the absolute devil to decontaminate that area, and apparently where the installer had some on his hands and touch random places on the boat. I installed the anchor well/ cabin vent with mosquito netting after the first long weekend aboard. Very effective!
  4. One of the beauties of boat building is ya learn to repair any “misunderstandings “. I may or may not have several on my CS20.3 but.......
  5. Hi Pete, our local boat trailer supplier has a spray that lubricants the carpet on our trailer. A quick spritz of this stuff and our boat glides on and off the trailer. We do have the carpeted bunks, but if friction is a problem possibly consider carpet and this lube on the carpet. Doesn’t make a mess on the boat either
  6. Alan, are you going to have a “plug” in the motor well when the motor is retracted? Bet the pesky mizzen sheets won’t get caught in your motor!
  7. Very nice Pete, gives the keel great support full length. I have had good luck with boat trailer carpet. When wet it’s slick and seems to provide good protection against chafe. In fact I have it on my sprits and after 4 years no damage to mast or sprits. We installed the planks along side of the trailer frame, makes a big difference in ease of recovery.
  8. Yep, I like his use of a common hatch......didn’t think of that.
  9. Did I miss something? I don’t think my boat has dat..
  10. During construction, I fell from the bridge deck into the cabin floor and my knee made a divot very similar to yours, fixed exactly the same way, absolutely can’t tell where it was. You are good!
  11. Looks great, fun day for a pile of plywood to become a beautiful boat!
  12. The trailer with all the extra dodads I had installed was about $2200. There was a little upcharge because I needed the axle forward of where they normally place them for powerboats. Seems a trailer frame this size normally has a 300 hp outboard on the boat. It has 4 long bunks the boat lounges on. They are shaped to the bottom of the hull so we have about 65 linear feet of 2x8 carpeted bunks supporting the hull. Seems to ride fine and is much easier to unload an load. The only marks on the hull have occurred with trailer ops with the previous trailer, hope this trailer helps.
  13. Mark, the pump is a bronze body pump made by Johnson Pump called the Ultra Ballast Pump from the ski boat industry. Salt water rated, 700 gph, takes about 5-6 minutes to fill or empty the tank. The through hull is inside the trunk way aft where the board is thinner, no drag penalty. I used 1 inch pvc piping, I plan to redo the piping using PEX with bronze swedge connector fittings. Loosing some efficiency with the hard turns of the PVC and wash down valve.
  14. Makes quite a difference on our boat, it carries sail a lot more confidently with water in the tank, and sails like the anchor has fallen off the bow roller in light air with full tanks! That is when the pump is handy. The wash down feature is nice too.
  15. Hi Mark, I have a reversible pump used by ski boats to pump water in/out of the ballast tank. I have a bronze thru hull in the aft end of the center board trunk and the pump mounted in the port cockpit locker. I also have some plumbing so I can use the pump to clean fish and wash mud out of the cockpit. I have a 3/4 inch 3 way valve that I can direct the flow of the pump to the ballast tank or the wash down hose. If you use a electric pump I seriously suggest mounting it in a rubber mounts. The first year we went to the Messabout you could hear our pump all over the place! Since mounted it in some rubber mounts and still loud doesn’t howl! I have a 24 series AMG battery with 22 watts of solar cell and while now much, haven’t charged battery in several years.
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