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  1. Ya see Ken, there is a method to my madness! I will start a thread later in the month on ……project p….
  2. I have a friend just north on New Orleans that has any type/size wood you can imagine. Some of the OLD growth teak is absolutely amazing, like 4 inches thick, 30 inches wide and 25 feet long! I can personally recommend Geoff, he is a good guy and I have bought quite a lot from him. We live a few miles north so if anyone road trips you have an anchorage. https://www.woodsnorthshore.com/home Jay
  3. I made my hole in the mast on both of by tabernacled boats into a slight oval. I have a scrap of mast that was damaged in shipping that I have cut into a curved form fitting “washer”. The washer has the proper sized hole and when installed it distributes the forces around the perimeter of the mast. Or maybe not….. On the main mast I have always considered that the load path pushes the mast into the radius of the tabernacle, on the mizzen pulls the mast base away from the radius of the tabernacle. When I got my project to a point I could raise the mast on the tabernacle pivot, I wrapped the base of the mast with one layer of some plastic sheeting and put a blob of thickened epoxy to make the tabernacle fit the radius of the mast exactly. Experience (aviation term for something you gain shortly after needed)……don’t use too much goo on this phase or the boat won’t fit in the shop.
  4. Absolutely agree Dave, silicone sealer is some terrible stuff. My wife had a Tripp design Columbia 26 that “someone” had put about 2 lbs of the stuff on the ports. I ended up using a wire wheel on a drill to remove it. Again I mention excellent luck with VHB on plexiglass/hull interface. Back to sprit haulage….
  5. Hi guys, I have my. Core Sound disassembled currently for a minor refit so the masts/sprits are currently just laying on the tabernacles. The reefing lines and topping lifts stay attached to the sprits and masts wile under the cover. It had greatly sped up the launch process greatly. We have trailered the boat from Texas to Maine with our mast covered with no problem at all. The sailcovers have both twist locks and zippers. When we travel we zip the covers up and toss the bundles in the cabin, twist locks otherwise. Currently reassembling the boat so I can send better photos once we reattach the masts to the tabernacles. I recently painted the hull and replacing the ports plexiglass. Not recommending this technique but I installed the plexiglass posts with 3M VHB in 2015, first boat I have ever been aboard the ports didn’t leak! I had to break the plexiglass removed with a hammer and sharp putty knife. I broke my leg in August so some of my progress is slower than I want, just now “certified “ to play in the shop.
  6. I was just going to post a link! B&B Yacht Design quite the eclectic group! PowerCat, lots of beautiful sport fishing boats all sizes, world class sailing craft of every description and of course, the coolest, Mathew Flinders 246…….proud popa speaking
  7. Amos, which takes longer, with or without help?
  8. Kalos just mentioned that she would love to sail that area…..
  9. Ken, your shop is entirely too organized and …..well neat!
  10. I have used it on slides for hatches, marginal success…. If you don’t drag the bottom occasionally, you aren’t sailing on the gulf coast. I personally have pinstriped quite a lot of the gulf coast!
  11. That will make a nice boat for you. Send more pictures as you progress.
  12. Don, are you starting your personal yacht harbor? You are inspiring!
  13. Hi Don, I might suggest Scotchbright in the locker that looks as if the original epoxy has been damaged. Scrub it up, wipe it with denatured alcohol an roll another coat of epoxy. Bet that hatch will leak no matter the gasket material. I had a boat the previous owner had cut one of these suckers in the cockpit sole to mess with the stuffing box. Gave the bilge pump a purpose in life. And like Nick sez…..silicone on a boat should be a capital offense!
  14. Me too, guess I don’t do as I say all the time!
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