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  1. Nice Don, I like the toggles you came up with. Fun messing with the Amsteel, I use it on several hammocks I have made or modified for motorcycle camping. Interested to see how it holds up.
  2. Hi Don, did you see the requirements to now purchase the Garlock Ez In from Fisheries Supply? Note: Due to installation complexities EEZ-In II ladders can be sold only to OEMs and Authorized Installers So as builders can we be considered OEM in this instance?
  3. Well, what is this quarantine you speak of.....I have been busy building Matthew Flinders and haven’t kept up with the news. Building a boat practically “garentees” your privacy! My help just returned from a mission trip in Saipan, she is in her own private quarantine......or is she avoiding sanding??!! Hope everyone stays safe in these rather trying times, I just lost a motorcycle friend to the virus.
  4. Graham did a demonstration at the Messabout several years ago, I am actively looking for the notes I took. I used his technique on my CS20.3 and I like how it came out. Maybe Graham will join in.
  5. I think I have found a novel way to self quarantine oneself.......mention to your friends that you are doing some sanding and getting ready to lay fiberglass. All the sidewalk engineers have disappeared😃
  6. How ‘bout a camping hammock tarp? Ridge line between the masts, and tie the edges to the gunwales.
  7. Pete has designed the neatest boarding ladder on his CS20.3 Chessie. It is compact, doesn’t look like a jungle-gym and comparatively easy to build, most importantly easy to use. I R&Ded at the Messabout but with Mathew Flinders my CS20.3 is enjoying a vacation.
  8. Hi Chick, if you had a simple loop over the main sheet that if pulled (falling overboard event) the mainsheet from the cleat, boat would roundup and wait for you. Something like that work? My lanyard setup I use not simply keeps you oriented to the center of the cockpit, can’t fall overboard from there but it does present some problems.
  9. On our CS20.3 we have a mizzenmast tabernacle arrangement, we use 2 of the “loop” nuts, one for the mizzen mast pivot bolt and one to tighten the mizzenmast to the “holder up bolt”. At night or when we feel it is appropriate, a harness on the PFD with a lanyard to attached to the boat gives some security. Hard to imagine the frustration seeing the departing transom of your boat. A very tragic event. If the rotor wash caused capsize, could that be attributed to the sheets being cleated, and unattended.
  10. Nice, did ya happen to weigh the boat when completed?
  11. I am jealous.....I didn’t have an issue with security on a iPad. I did use the links at the bottom and they went though. But now it goes back the original page.
  12. Hi Mark, my CS20.3 has 2 gen 1 flexible solar panels and if memory serves they are 18 watts each, so on the deck with some shadows, I expect 20-24 watts total, so crew electrocution isn’t a problem. I have several led cabin lights, and a really cool NASA Supernova mast head light, also charge a small vhf handheld. I use a 24 series AGM battery and have never had any electric supply problems. As always, YMMV.
  13. Well, I am sure it will gather some sargassum grass along the way, but there is a stub keel, and a electric motor pod ahead of the rudder which will help. We plan to use the boat in more open water and that should/maybe help. The actual foot plate doesn’t protrude ahead of the rudder leading edge, that will help too.
  14. Hi Joe, dat green thing is the base plate on da foot of the rudder, trying to control the higher water pressure from slipping over the bottom of the rudder. Fixed rudder so it might make it more efficient. It may turn out to be just something to stand on when I do my walking on water act.
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