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  1. This build is way past allsome, Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'll try and dig those pic's out. PS I love lap planked boats.
  3. For what's it worth, I built a lap boat, Penobscot 14 , by arch Davis, it was my first. When you paint or leave the transom natural, if you will take the trouble to paint the ends of the planks on the transom the same as the sides it will stand out in an magnificent way!
  4. This build is still available for someone with the time and money to go!
  5. Chic I've seen your work before I built my Belhaven up close. and its second to none.
  6. All plywood and wood in general flex's different, I would adjust to what pleases the eye and go with it. Your build looks Very clean and well done, Just keep at it.
  7. Graham the boat looks very weatherly as you do also, keep doing what us all old-timer's wish we were doing! I miss my Belhaven and the adventure I once had, sail on!
  8. I bought a book about 15 years ago by Todd Bradshaw I think the title is canoe rig. This book is allsome if someone is considering a sailing canoe. Its a large book packed with sail rig illustrations, lee boards, rudders and all sort of instructions on how to build everything you need. Its a very detailed book. Its available from Wooden Boat and Amazon. Scott
  9. I always thought the burning 2 cycle oil smelled better than sweaty arm pits rolling!?
  10. Randy, sorry to hear about your C19 exposure. Hope your doing good. Glad your taking good care of the Belhaven. I'm going to be painting my mast for my Spindrift this winter and going to try something a different than the way I did the Belhaven masts. On the Belhaven I sanded them with 220, wiped them down with mineral spirits followed with primer all within an hour. I drilled the holes for the track months after it was painted. ( one part paint and primer) If I remember correctly the paint chipped on some of the holes that we drilled which gives corrosion a head start. On this mast I'm going to dry fit the track getting all the holes pre drilled before painting. We will then sand with 220 wipe down with aluminum etch ( got from Jamestown ) then prime with epoxy primer, then comes the two part white paint. I already have the primer, paint for the boat already so there is no added cost and the etch from another project. Only time will tell. Scott
  11. I personally never had very good luck wetting out glass with a roller. I always use a bondo squeegee to wet out glass and use a roller then a squeegee to fill the weave. That works for me, a roller seems to try and lift the glass from the wood while wetting out. No bigger than the few voids you have I would ether try injecting some epoxy in them with a needle or just letting them be. Scott
  12. Thanks Chic, it's all just practice and entertainment for an upcoming build. I want to do a 1950's 16 to 17 foot strip sandwich built runabout with a modern bottom on it. Scott
  13. Got some progress on this tub. Rub rails are on and the cap all the way around the boat. Getting down to a lot of sanding on the inside, then painting and varnish come out.
  14. Graham or Alan is the mess-about still on for this year? Just trying to make plans with all this STUFF going on. If it is a go, I'm planning on bringing the heaviest spindrift ever made with a lot of mahogany and varnish for show and tell. I haven't seen everybody in quite a few years and it would be nice to catch up. Plus buy some aluminum tube and sail track for the mast. PS If I lost 40 lbs my boat would be in the proper weight range!! Scott
  15. Thanks, I'm going to try to get them on this weekend.
  16. Anyone have experience steam bending Mahogany? I'm getting ready to install the rub rails on my Spindrift 12. They are 1 1/4 " tall and 7/16th thick, I think they may go on without steaming, but I don't want to remake them if they crack ! So I thought I would steam them. It seems every rub rail I've ever installed try's to cup out on the bottom as it goes towards the stem. Its actually the shape of the hull making the strip bend in two different directions that makes it appear to cup out. My steam box will handle the first six feet of the rail that takes all the real bending. I've done white oak before in it and you can just about tie it in a knot when it comes out of the box, but I've never steamed mahogany before. Scott
  17. Before you order check out this places prices and near nothing shipping. https://www.smsdistributors.com/
  18. Another benefit of two part, is it just don't stain easily. Bird dropping's , rust , fuels and oil.
  19. Jim I mostly use the top end of the lake, say the first 12 to 15 miles from the dam. The east side of the lake has the deeper anchorages for my draft. The east side of the lake is also know as Land between the lakes rec area. There are many lakeside camp grounds along this side. The west side has much shallower water, I haven't use this side since 2011 when I sold my Belhaven because of my draft. As for overnighting on your boat at anchor other than an anchor light I don't know of any regulations. You can order a fishing map of the lake from one of the web sites and get the name and location of each bay along with the water depth. Hope this helps. Scott
  20. We used to sail, or motor down the Ohio river to Kentucky lake {250 miles} a few times a year on our Belhaven. We also trailered down there often thru out the year. Kentucky lake is a sailors dream for the Midwest. I have a Islander 28 at Kentucky dam marina now and use it as much as possible. We only sail Kentucky lake and not Barkley, Barkley is not to friendly for a 5 foot draft. But when I had the Belhaven I sailed Barkley sometimes just for a change. My Marina is open for fuel or pump outs ( you have to call ) their restrooms and showers are closed, and the store was still closed as of last weekend. Kentucky Dam Marina has a public ramp with a lot of parking maybe two hundred vehicle with trailer parking. Its a very friendly place. There is two small towns about 5 miles in two directions that have grocery stores and Benton Ky at 10 miles that has a Walmart. The fishing on the lake is very good, I like to troll a spoon when under sail. Weekends get a little busy sometimes, but the lake is so big its never a problem. During week days sometimes it feels like the lake is all yours. There is some barge traffic, but not much, and its always on the east side of the lake in the 60 foot channel. Maybe one or two a day but not much. The lake is very clean, right now its a bit murky from spring rains. I wont have internet service Sunday from 8 am till Monday sometime but if you have any other questions I can try to help you after that. Scott
  21. Jesus ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I Paraphrase, all that come to me will have eternal life! Those that are in aggressive denial of a higher entity are usually the ones that are in the state of Do I believe, or not. They are confused. They are very forward in there attacks on the truth. Compassion and Prayer is what's needed. We talk about boats, and all sorts of things on this forum. I would hate if someone told us what we could talk about, and what we couldn't! I love building boats, I love talking about boats, its just my thing, But if another subject comes up, I'm ready to go, nothing is off the table. I may not have much to add to certain subjects but I'm here, and I will reply with compassion and try to understand. Scott
  22. Got the back seat in, transom brackets and a bunch of no show stuff over the last few weeks. Might actually get this thing in the water this summer. Still haven't made the rub rails or the mahogany cap that goes all the way around the top deck and the transom. It will cap off the rub rails down the sides also. But as we all know once the hull is done there still is masts, rigging, trailer, rudder and countless small things!
  23. Coming along, spend a few hours fitting the seats. It took a bit longer fitting around the ribs than I thought but turned out good.
  24. Tried the epoxy high build primer total boat from Jamestown, it was tough to mix, but other than that seems good at a good price. Got a final sanding with 220 then I flip it over and get start on the topsides again. I had to run the bottom paint a lot higher than I wished to, for cosmetic reasons. Had to fair some of the mahogany strips a bit. Going to paint the bottom with two part off white then a boot, hope that will be enough smoke and mirrors to compensate for the high bottom paint.
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