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    Art is always happening here. And ukulele music...
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    Using the boats. Often in conjunction with fish harassment.
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  1. So, this is what I’ve been doing of late. It’s a digital drawing with “colored pencils”. Sorry for taking the initiative to draw it without asking, but here it is. Peace, Robert
  2. Thanks, Yo. I HAVE been doing boat stuff, too. Keeping the small, well used boats in fighting form takes time away from jumbo. Haha. And, I keep scribbling... Peace, Punt Painter (Yes, the grey pic IS upside down...)
  3. Chick, I started drawing on paper again, but I used up my pencils. Coincidentally, the family had to renew the cell plan thing, and got a credit for a new device, which nobody wanted. So, wife and daughter decided to get a pad and “pencil” for me, so I can finally draw on the computer. It is literally a pencil shaped stylus that I rub on the glass face of a tablet device. The program (an Autodesk product) simulates pens (quill, rollerball, ball point, felt tip, etc) pencils (mechanical, colored, various hardness “leads”, etc) paint brushes, airbrushes, etc. etc. And the color is infinitely variable and selectable on a color wheel. I can literally draw with the pencil on the glass like paper, but I can zoom in and out, erase, delete, and... Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten, as I don’t need any of the wizbang stuff on the program. It’s been fun drawing again, though. Peace, Robert P.S. On of the real paper drawings
  4. All manner of things, including a new device and a forgotten password. For a number of reasons, the “large” boat in my world languished for a bit, but I am more able and have time now again to chip away at her, so she remains as ever 99% done, and half way finished. I did start drawing “realism” again, though. There is that. Well. “Drawing”. These are “colored pencil” usIng a stylus on a pad of glass. It’s wild, but I’m kind of liking it. In spite of myself. Peace, Robert
  5. How can I update my boat build knowing he won’t comment? I miss that dude. Peace, Robert
  6. Chick, You didn’t buy the COMPLETE kit. Peace, Robert
  7. That coupon is definitely cheating! Just promise to make them wear respirators the whole time that way we know it’s really them in the pictures. Hehe. Have a great weekend! Peace, Robert
  8. Chick, I think you know some of the traumatic experience we had this summer. I’ve Selena a goodly bit of time with the kids. I’ve neglected a lot, this summer, including new friends. From far away lands. Ahem. Which, I intend to rectify as my head space improves. For those what don’t know, ah. I lost a lifelong friend to suicide. He also happened to be the husband of my wife’s best friend, and the kid’s godfather. Oof. Days later, our oldest two kid’s friend was murdered in a botched robbery. Someone wanted his phone, and shot him when he ran. This all happened just around when I wrecked my back. Again. I spent more than a week flat. Missed my one chance to boat for days at a time. But, I’ve been plugging away at stuff as much as I can. My winter project this year was hammocks and stoves. I sponsor “urban campers” as much as possible, as I wast one for some time. This year the care package is a hammock with bug net and rain fly (these things pitch anywhere, and can double as a bivy style tent) an alcohol stove (that will burn as low as 80 prooof), a mess kit, toiletries, a some food. And, I’ve been making gifting day gifts. And designing a proa for Youngest Son, who wants a “back and forth boat”. Peace, Robert Wand box... Can stove... Hammock... Fire! Asymmetrical double ender!
  9. It’s a combination. Fall sucked the life out of me. I had other projects, too much work, and WAY too much softball this fall. I’m down to fussing over and fitting the foils to the boat. Getting the pivot bolts through and dealies hung and all. I just received some bits and some gloop and cloth, so the last few jobs I need to check off can be. Then I need to rig her. Which, ain’t all that much, but it’s a lot of fussing and sorting stuff. Meh. These are the times when you learn if you like this, or not. When the first burn of passion fades, and the grinding reality of this ridiculous project looms before you. Me? I love it. Tons of work to do means I have a purpose, yet. Apologies for not having more going on, and for not having reached out, either. Just fumbling in circles, as usual. Peace, Robert
  10. Oh, sure. Unil that day you’re sailing around, having a blast, and then you see the OTHER Two Paw. Race on! Peace, Robert
  11. Hehehe. Boy, don’t you be right?! And, I know we’re cut from the same cloth, because I made the SAME joke. For the same reason. It’s just a wee little time waster for small waters, as we have a ton of ponds around here we have access to. I mean, if you’re on a 5 acre pond, how fast you need to go? Haha. Just yonder, “anchor”, sleep for the night and wake up on the water... Shoot, maybe even sail, if my Number One Boat Tester Knows his stuff. Which he does. Peace, Robert P.S. Sorry, Amos. :)
  12. Talent? You are confused. My crazy gibberish only reads like creativity. I ain’t funning! Haha. Actually, thanks for the kind words. I been busy building a Christmas present. Peace, Robert
  13. Shoot. You get three days AND colored leaves? What’s fall, anyway? Here, it has changed from hot and dry to cool and damp. Our traditional 3-1/2 hour transition. “What happened?” ”Season changed. Get a long sleeve...” Peace, Two Seasons
  14. Probably a mast and sail up front would trim her right. Peace, Very Helpful
  15. Chick, I’m just glad flybridge was close to something real. Haha. Anyway, forget all that. What you REALLY need is a big old long platform type sprit device off the bow, like a swordfishing boat. Of course it will be hinged, like a drawbridge, or riverboat planks. Then, while the Boss steers and sips tea, you can eke out on the very end of your suspended walkway, way up yonder, in the finest turkling habitat, far from the spooky shadow of the boat proper, and gently spoon Mr. Turk Leton into his own new little ChicKingdom, created just for the pure joy of turkles everywhere. Why, that’s macho AND sensitive, eh? Wait, were you after PRACTICAL?! Oh. Stripe’s about all I got, then. Peace, Dr. Smartlee Thinkerton III, Esq.
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