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  2. I have a question about this specific design. Most of these 20s look to have the sheer break close to mid-ship. But a couple, this one included, seems to have the break about 1/3 from the stern (as they should). I always think the break is too far forward, but lenm's example here is absolutely perfect. I think Shay built one that had the sheer pulled back also...not sure. So the question is, are there two different plans? The boat in this thread is as fine an example as has been presented.
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  4. I put “wide” tape onto the two butt joints and two scarfs. Just waiting for the epoxy to harden a little more before sanding everything for the fiberglass.
  5. The Wheezer’s ankle sprain is doing better. She told me last night that, after her practice at school, she could work anytime after 8:15 am. In my retired days, that’s barely into my first cup of coffee. 😁 So, I “punched in” this morning for a couple/few hours of mostly watchin’ the kid do some work on her boat, pitching in as needed on occasion. First order of business was to make three more backing rings for the deck plates going into the sides of the flotation tanks (I made the first two.) The task gave The Wheezer a chance to cut circles on my band saw, kinda tric
  6. Last week
  7. Talking to my wife and she said something that makes sense. With all the strict rules on VOC's maybe there has been a change in the paint formulas. I think European countries are stricter than we are here in the US. (Except for California. I am surprised humans passing gas has not be outlawed there). Something that we would not notice but is affecting the fabric. It is the best idea I have hear yet. I have not used water based in a long time. When I first tired it was so thick it would not soak in. Just sat on top of the fabric and eventually rubbed of and allowed water to 'seep'
  8. Yes it is strange. It does not relax, it expands. Not after the first coat. In my test I did only one coat. Also strange that it shrinks when you heat it (painted) but relaxes when it cooles again. Perhaps water based paint is the good way.
  9. New fabric is in the store. See the other thread but we considering dropping this fabric. The issues are becoming a bit to numerous for my liking. It is not happening to everyone but it is happening a bit to much.
  10. What I don't understand is I sold if for a year or two with no issues. Skinned a couple of boats with it myself.. EDIT Just looked and I have been selling this since 2018. First time was someone tried coating with Coelan on a boat and it looked horrible. Worst wrinkles I have seen. Had two people report this. Then after a few months it started to happen with paint. It worked fine and then the wrinkles started to show up. No apparent pattern to this. I had assumed it was people sewing on the fabric loose and heat shrinking it tight. When they applied th
  11. Yes good news for the next build, but this one? I am very disappointed in the outcome. I don't mean that its your foult. Good to not selling this fabric anymore.
  12. I am stumped but I am hearing it more and more. Giving serious consideration to just dropping this fabric from the store. I don't like selling something people are having issues with. Still don't now why it does it for some and not others. Good news is I got the 6 oz. yesterday. Beautiful fabric and still my favorite. It's just a lot more expensive. I do have the option of bringing back the 11 oz fabric. too. It is available.
  13. Steve, don’t beat yourself up over the capsize. You aren’t the only one who regrets some maneuver or misstep. I’ve mixed up red and green bouys and barely caught the mistake in time. I headed out into a busy shipping channel without remembering to turn on the fuel valve and had to scramble a few minutes later when the engine quit. I took a gamble on a weak anchor set when a storm came through at night and I had to let the anchor go. (I was able to retrieve it the next day.) I could go on. Good job recovering from the capsize and thanks for writing it up so we all can learn something.
  14. Also the lifting points are down on the floor, so perhaps the force on the bulkhead is mostly compression... I think... but I am an not an engineer and don't even play one on TV (although I do work on and drive boats for a living...)
  15. Hirilonde, Does a single line pick-up have the same directional force as a two line pick-up have? (One line pulling all points / two lines, one pulling two points and one line pulling to points)
  16. If the davits are closer together than the pick ups, then it will force the top bolts connections together, but try to pull the bottom hardware connections apart. And then there is the reverse. A little of either may not be a big deal.
  17. Yes the placement of the davit plays into it. I thought you have not fixed your davits to the mother ship yet. Another advantage of angling the pick -up line might be that it slows down the swing of the dinghy when using opposing tie downs. ( remember my day time job)
  18. I see what you're saying but doesn't that depend upon the distance between the davits? I've not fitted mine yet so I can have them further apart than on Graham's drawing.
  19. You have such a beautiful boat, I imagine she sails as well as she looks.
  20. Aphers, Looking at Graham's picture he has the pick-up lines straight above the pick-up points. I'm thinking the attachments are drawn at the balance points. It seems to me if you spread the pick-up points so the angle of the pick-up line is a bit aft of straight down and a bit forward of straight down as you lifted the boat it would try to pull the boat together. Maybe not be a lot of force but should help any shear on the bolts holding the two halves. I'm not an engineer but but I play one on day time tv.
  21. The thinner the paint, the more it saturates the weave. The less viscous paint may relax the weave before it dries. This could very well be the problem.
  22. https://daankayaks.danielskunststoffen.nl Location: The Netherlands Posted 2 hours ago I just finished my Siskiwitbay SOF and used the 9oz uncoated polyester cloth I ordered from Kudzu. After making a test piece which I painted with 2 component polyurethane paint i decided to do the kayak with those paint. There were no issues in the test. After the first layer there were no problems. But during the second layer the cloth did relax. It expanded in the lon
  23. Graham, I always find your explanations helpful and interesting. As I encounter them in the forum I try to keep track for future reference when I can actually get back into my CS15 (when the white and ice goes away). In this case, I’ll be sure to pass the info along to the kid-across-the-street who’s building herself a Spindrift 10. Thanks.
  24. I just finished my Siskiwitbay SOF and used the 9oz uncoated polyester cloth I ordered from Kudzu. After making a test piece which I painted with 2 component polyurethane paint i decided to do the kayak with those paint. There were no issues in the test. After the first layer there were no problems. But during the second layer the cloth did relax. It expanded in the longitudinal direction. I hoped that it would shrink again when dry but no. The third layer made it worse. Between second and third layer I tried to heatshrink with the iron and that worked. When it was hot the wrinkels w
  25. Pete, I've played this over in my mind bunch of times. I tell my kids all the time "Stupid Hurts" and this was one of those time my own stupidity hurt. I failed at so many things that day. Flipping a switch to fill the ballast tank as the first "reef" is so obvious and yet it never crossed my mind. I think the tenderness of my Sea Pearl had tricked me. The CS is so stable I just wasn't feeling the obvious and also, the mizzen carries far more sail area/leverage than the SP. I am sure if I had the water in things would have been far different. As for righting, Teddy and I weigh a
  26. The software will only allow orders for what is in stock. No backorders. I don't want to change that inventory till I actually have it after the last shipment screw up. I would have orders for a fabric I didn't get.
  27. Huh?......🤣 Sorry Graham, I think I'll have to read this a dozen times while staring at the drawings before I have even the slightest clue what you're talking about. I'm sure I'll have to sail the boat for a while before I truly "get it". I'm going to save your quote for a "smarter Jan" in the near future. 😉
  28. In my post above, I mentioned that I was considering adding bilge strakes- primarily to reduce wear and tear on the bottom of the boat. Well tonight watching Sailing Florence, I spotted that their S9N has these. Theirs are pretty long, reaching the transom, and are further inboard (closer to the keel) than I had envisaged. I like the idea of through-bolting into these strakes to create the aft lifting eyes- the load would be spread right across the bottom of the boat. I'll probably use something like 19x19mm ash for the strakes. This would probably put the rear davit ey
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