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  2. I’m having some boatbuilding fun today! I’m reinforcing the motor mount, inside and out. Somehow, I thought the inside work would be easier to do while she was inverted. Not so sure now! LOL
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  4. That is what the problem was. The pull down rope had moved off to the side a little and caused the problem. Its working now.
  5. Im thinking the pull down rope might be stuck. I have it on my lift now and going to use my Kayak to access the rudder and see if I can figure out why its jammed. The bolt is not real tight so wonder what changed after I launched the boat? Can lift it up or down now. Was working smooth earlier.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi everyone, I'm interested in beginning the planning of the construction of a bluejacket. My preference is the 28. Digging through the forums, it seems like the plans may not longer be available from Tom. I was wondering if anyone has a set they bought and never used that they'd willing to part with. Mel mellandry@gmail.com
  8. Apparently EC 2025 is going to start on Friday afternoon, and monohull sailboats like Core Sounds (i.e., not beach kayaks) will need to be launched from the ramp, not the beach. Lots appears to be up in the air. Alan is in the thick of the discussion so will be a good source for news going forward. Stay tuned.
  9. Alan, it looks like in the Carlita prep pics, you removed the bow board. Did you decide she didn't really need it? Did you use the Spinnaker much? Is the Sprit rig for more of an asymmetric? Is it used mainly in light winds? I really enjoyed following the event and I'm looking forward to how the new conditions of contest effect things.
  10. I have a friend just north on New Orleans that has any type/size wood you can imagine. Some of the OLD growth teak is absolutely amazing, like 4 inches thick, 30 inches wide and 25 feet long! I can personally recommend Geoff, he is a good guy and I have bought quite a lot from him. We live a few miles north so if anyone road trips you have an anchorage. https://www.woodsnorthshore.com/home Jay
  11. A table saw top also works, but it is too small.
  12. An adult beverage would be in order right aboat now!
  13. Don, Nice to hear from you. I'm pretty sure that would be a short conversation. But the advice is helpful. Let me think.
  14. Today, she is together enough that I got to climb aboard for the first time. Still lots to do, but she’s coming together.
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  16. Here is a photo of the bungee retainer loop. My friend uses the tail of the bungee as a handle. Eye straps are nice, but they require more hardware. They also require the sprit to be longer. Depending on how much extra length you have, your sprits might not be up to the job. Plus, if the end of the sprit extends too far aft of the mainsail, the tip of the sprit may strike the mizzen while tacking. This can happen on my Bay River Skiff. Not sure about the Core Sounds. Here is an eyestrap on the end of a sprit. There is one on either side of the sprit. The sheet clips to the bottom one (shown), and the clew of the sail clips to one on the other side (not shown). Please send your email address to donsilsbe@gmail.com. I have something to send you.
  17. google "pad eye". It's a piece of hardware that is a ring, or partial ring, anchored by bolt or screw into the sprit.
  18. Regarding observation that the CS boats did better than the SPs - It reminded me of what Ren Tolman said about his boats - "Build a Better Boat than you can buy!"
  19. Do you have any pictures of someone using the bungee retainer hoop since my points are not that long. I would have to drill a small hole on each sprit end with point.
  20. I am about a month away from moving into our new house. Shop will be finished about the same time. Once that is done I will have time to start looking for fabric again. Most of sources dried up or just priced themselves out of my market. No hard date but I am working my butt off trying to get this all finished so I can get back to it.
  21. Hi Jeff , Your website says your shop will reopen early 2024. Any idea when that’s going to happen? I’m out of skin. This one is almost done and I’ll be in the market for more of your polyester skin.
  22. The subject mentions keeping rain out. You will not keep rain out of the boat with the masts so low to the boat. Been there, done that. You need to devise a way to prop those masts up high enough to keep the water from puddling. For me, that means at least 12”, and more like 18”. Everybody has their own special way of doing this.
  23. Richard— When you assemble the c/b trunk, we all know that it is “inadvisable” for it to contain any twist. The best surface for doing this is a granite countertop. They are super flat. You’ll need to clear that with the War Department, but I’m telling you that it works like a champ.
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