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  2. Egbert- I hooked up a NEMA 2000 network to my engine and now get mileage readouts. I am currently getting around 4.25-4.5 NMG in the mid to high teens(knots). I can get it up to around 6 NMPG+ at 7-8knots. I will plot it more accurately soon and compare it to my 4 blade when it arrives. i often see mileage posted for different boats and am not sure if the numbers are in nautical miles or statute miles. What are yours? My 4 blade prop should be here on Monday so I will have some info soon after. Ken
  3. I have decided to take Salty off the market for now. My son says he would like to have it. Dale
  4. Howdy, Here in Williamsburg this summer has been hot and humid especially in the garage. The fans have helped but there’s no workaround for the humidity and thus far and little progress has been made until recently. A familiar voice of reason spoke out suggesting an A/C window unit which I found on Craigslist for cheap. It has been a humongous improvement in the working conditions as well as boosting morale and keeping my iced tea from melting! I had a challenge getting first two bulkheads to fit but after conferring with Alan and other sailing friends I was able to come up with a combination solution of additional wires and inward tensioning using para-cord. I was careful to use mild tension on the para-cord to close gap between hull and bulkheads keeping aware concave deflection on outer hull. Fillets and glassing Blkhds 1&2 are completed, awaiting overnight cure and then proceeding upwards and onwards to next stages.
  5. Last week
  6. Thank you for the nice reactions. I hope for nice hours with this boat together with my wife who now has me home more often. The following projects will be a CLC teardrop camper Boatbuilding greetings Jan
  7. Thank you for your nice words, and my elves are not for rent I want to keep them myself Graham thanks for the beautiful design
  8. Yes i think i am only 200cm not 202 anymore. The disks in the spine get thinner the older i get. Perhaps we just wait a little bit and shrink to fit the smaller boats…
  9. There are a few others of us on this forum in the 2m range (I was but I am shrinking). I think we are the standard others aspire to be. And I appreciate Graham's and other designers willingness to adjust boats to fit!
  10. Outstanding results! Thanks for posting the videos. Most launches aren't as interesting (just back the trailer down the ramp and shove it in...). I was looking for the elves in the video - did you make them stay in the cabin?
  11. Yes i wish i would be made a little bit shorter. It is even not easy to get shoes in Size 13. Only Rubberboots and basketballsneakers… 😉
  12. We want to borrow your elves. Kidding aside you did a superb build. I hope that you get to keep this one and can find the time to enjoy her.
  13. Wasserboot, I did not know that they made anyone that tall. It is important that can sleep comfortably so I take back my statement that nobody would need a bunk that long. If scaled lengthwise another 5% the midship berths would be 2.16 and the quarter berth would be 2.774 and the length of the boat would be 7.825 long.
  14. We have all the bulkheads in place that define the structure of the boat, I am 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) and I have plenty of room everywhere. There is a huge amount of storage, and still have 66 gallons on fresh water, the holding tank is properly sized too. The icebox area will be insulated with 4 inches on the side and 6 inches on bottom and still have a generous area for the cold plate and refrigerated area for two. The 2 main berths are a comfortable sitting height when in the settee mode. We have had much larger boats that were more cramped in the “hi useage” areas.
  15. What a thrill. Congratulations on completion of a beautiful build.
  16. Successful day, congratulations.
  17. Thank you, its not so easy when being 202cm tall. Berth with 220 are more comfortable then… 😉
  18. Thanks Graham - really appreciate your responding with sound advice. I love the taper idea, and will just stick to glass and forget the kevlar.
  19. Wasserboot, The berths on the MF246 are 6'9" or 2.057 long. The quarter berth is even longer. I would not scale it any more because the volume increases too fast. It could be scaled by different length , beam and height factors but it rapidly becomes a new design. You surely do not need any more length in the bunks so moving bulkheads starts to get more complicated. As for windage, less is always more desirable. I think that it is still a reasonable trade off as the extra power gained from the stability helps to overcome it.
  20. Hi Fred, Fortunately it is an easy fix. For the hull bottom, you need to grind the glass back to the bottom of the crack and same for the delamination, then relaminate it back. Kevlar has great abrasion resistance which I would consider if I was intending to be scraping the bottom on rocks. The local loading can be considerable when a boat is lowered gently onto a rock but in a dynamic situation I am surprised by how little damage there is even if it appeared to be not a heavy duty situation. You certainly mitigated the damage by jumping into the water, I am glad that you did not get damaged. As for replacing the inside with kevlar, I don't see the need to go beyond glass. Even with a much stronger inside skin, if it delaminates you do not have anything. Grinding back to sound wood and relaminating back with glass should be good. You can add some extra layers of glass if you like as it won't cost much or be hard to do or add weight where you do not need it. As for the board, you do not need to replace it. I would grind down say 1/4" at the joint to a 20 : 1 taper and build it back up with layers of glass until it is fair. Carlita's butt join in her board is still going strong. Good luck with the repair.
  21. Nice One !! That looks great
  22. Thanks guys, I did call them up and they said they would try to send them to me! I sent them an email and am waiting to hear back, is this the best email to reach them at bandbkitboats@gmail.com? I am waiting to hear back. I don't want to be obnoxious, but wanted to make sure my email went though ok haha. I am very excited to get out on the boat.
  23. Thanks Paul - it was really a drifting non-event that was more embarrassing than anything else.
  24. Congratulations!! She is exception beautiful!
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