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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

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Here is Sumer Breeze with her new ownwers, Dale and Kristi in Florida.

Oh, man, I just can't do that again. I've done a few small sailboats with all the filleting and taping and mixing and sanding. I also did a round few strip/glass canoes with all the mixing and sanding

After considerable research and development, I've found surgical tubing makes the finest slingshot engine.

Posted Images

Thanks Amos. More to come.


Today the "sticks" went up. One problem. I had pre-drilled one side of the tabernacle pivot hole in each mast to help with holding the masts in place in the tabernacle while I drilled the hole through the other side. Bad idea! Somehow the mizzen didn't fit in the tabernacle as planned and the mast is rotated so the sail track is angled toward one side. All this because i couldn't set the bottom section of each mast in place to drill those holes before assembling the masts. Not enough ceiling height in my garage, and too hard to roll the cradle out on the gravel drive without calling up the "down the mountain gang" to come help. Shoulda called em. Anyway, it'll all work out. The little "twist" in the mizzen really won't hurt much more than my feelings.


Everything is pretty much rigged now. Haven't got the sails up yet to check the fit of the sails and finalize the length of reefing lines and making sure that the battens are the correct length. If it's not too windy, I'll do it tomorrow or Thursday. If not then, it'll have to wait for the messabout. Oh yeah, N.C. registration number and "Summer Breeze" name are on.


We had a carport installed today to park the Breeze under. AND Miss Debbie's car when I have a project going in the garage. (Don't tell her, but that will be most of the time. She really shouldn't mind. Most of the projects in the near future are for her. The list has been growing during this boat building project.) The durn thing is in the way of pictures from off the side. I'll try to get some tomorrow anyway. See y'all then.

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Congratulations Chick, I'm 'green with envy' - hang on, that's your boat that's green. Love the colour but am going for blue hull and off white uppers. You have inspired me to build faster. Good sailing and fair breezes to you and Summer Breeze. BTW, I have made quite a collection of your photos for inspiration - muchas gracias! 

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The old adage time is money is wrong.

Time is all you have to spend, and no amount of money can buy you more time.

Time is time. A constant in our world, the same for everyone. Money is as variable as it gets.

That said, I have a REALLY hard time buckling down if there are too many shiny things around. ;) And I do not consider it a disorder or deficit or whatever...

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Hi guys. I had a chance to use the "Zuki" this weekend. All is well with being able to turn the motor all the way around to reverse, the shaft is vertical, prop clearance is fine, and the shaft clears the waterline when tilted. but the "other side of the coin" is.... The powerhead  will snag the mizzen sheet, but it would no matter what. I "lied" to someone in another thread about my motorwell being long enough to being able to tilt the motor enough to "lock it" in the tilted position. I had to make a little block to stick behind the motor to hold it up. Also, if I go forward to fool with the anchor, the stern rises enough to pull the shaft out of the water so it can't pump water for cooling---and that's NOT cool. Not really a big deal. Just shut-er-off while you go forward. As to the little block to tilt the motor, I actually think it is easier to use than that silly little lever on the motor that I can never find to lock the motor in the up position. AND it leaves the shaft enough lower that it doesn't snag the sheet as easily.


Here are some pictures about the motor well and some other goodies.


post-1823-0-53773500-1462203751_thumb.jpg  The "foot" clearing the bottom in reverse.


post-1823-0-08699400-1462203755_thumb.jpg  My cute little block.


post-1823-0-37646800-1462203758_thumb.jpg  Home made tiller tamer arrangement.


post-1823-0-44204300-1462203761_thumb.jpg  Close up showing "clamp" made from aluminum i/8" x 1/2" flat bar and "knob".


post-1823-0-76543800-1462203764_thumb.jpg  Hatch hold down. Bungee cord, Eye strap, and "button".


post-1823-0-89855900-1462203769_thumb.jpg  Pennant gizmo to hold rudder blade from dropping while trailering.


post-1823-0-08091100-1462203775_thumb.jpg  Wrapped around rudder up-haul while sailing.  


post-1823-0-78228800-1462203778_thumb.jpg  Not wrapped... If you leave it loose like this it will drag in the water.


The flat bar, "knob" and "button" all come from Lowe's. The button and knob are in drawers with the fasteners section in the hardware department. The button is rubber with a brass threaded insert. It goes on an oval-headed machine screw that is threaded into the tiller. I'll probably cut the head off. Maybe not/ It at lest keeps the knob from falling off.


See y'all later. Gotta get to all those "honey-dos" that "honey didn't" while finishing the boat.


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Hiya Chick,


Is there a reason you don't pull the rudder/tiller out of the gudgeons and put it in the trunk?  I'd be scared to let it dangle out in traffic or get crunched during launching.



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I used to always pull my rudder off trailering but found it to be just one more thing to do and it's such a bulky thing to put in your car. I've never had a problem with it dangling on my 17 and no signs of any ill effect on the rudder itself. Plus the mast tips stick out almost as far anyway. For what it's worth. 

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I'm in the group that doesn't remove the rudder for trailing. Why add another job when it's not necessary? I do secure the rudder with more than the uphaul. I use the tiller tamer to stop it waving side to side.


Peter HK

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Meester. Guess I'm just lazy. But after 40 years of hauling my boats with rudder attached, I'm never been hit in traffic or had the rudder "crunched' while launching. I also "tame" it like Peter. The always-worried Miss Debbie was worried about the mast and rudder hanging out there in traffic and "made" me add a red flag to the mast. I just bungee it on.


Here's the "cute little flag". Miss Breeze is backed in with her mast snuggled up against Turtler's bow.




I modified the "cascade system" for raising the centerboard to simplify it a bit. I didn't thing that I needed as much mechanical advantage. If Miss Debbie had to raise it, I may have needed it. After sailing this weekend, I'm happy with it.


post-1823-0-94377500-1462282734_thumb.jpg  post-1823-0-14771900-1462282738_thumb.jpg

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Great Chick, that's what I was hoping. Very keen on hearing about boat performance once you have finished and sailed for awhile. This is definitely my next boat. Some time ago I bought the standard Coresound 17 plans but will upgrade to the MK3 when time and money is right. Love the look of your boat and thanks for all the photos.

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I was looking at this shot when I realized how brilliant sail track is for sharpie sails... Dang, it solves all the little problems with reefing and snotters, don't it?

And, dang ain't she just SCREAMING for a little mizzen staysail right there... I bet you might even have to move up to the weather side, then, check the level in the cooler. :)

They move in light air, don't they?

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