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  1. I’be always been leery of the 5:1 product. The epoxies I’ve used on the past have been sensitive to keeping the proportions precise. I’d be afraid of being off when there would be a big squirt of one, and a little squirt of another. But I’ve not worked with the 5:1. It’s not worth it to me to invest a lot of money to try it out. I’ve had good results with MAS, West, Raka, System 3, and B&B. West seemed to have the most odor, followed by MAS. But they all worked. I could not tell the difference in the final product. Don’t waste time worrying over the epoxy. Save that energy for the paint decision.
  2. @Mike Vacanti— Yikes! That is expensive. That inspires to get creative. I wonder how many pounds of floatation is recommended for a 15-17’ boat? Oh, I see. 30 pounds. That equates to just under 0.5 cubic feet of foam. Hmm…
  3. Good choice. It will allow you to sail longer in life. I suppose I’ll be a victim of the old adage— “Old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy.” Or maybe I can find a nursing home with a boat dock. (Monday morning black humor. LOL)
  4. She’s looking fine, Mark. The boat, I mean. And I did try heaving to with blades up. It didn’t work for me.
  5. You’re starting to scare me, Randy Jones. Just joking. Actually, I love it when people think outside the box.
  6. Losing count is irrelevant, if you alternate between A and B. You know: 1 A, 1B 2A, 2B 3A, 3B I think you get the idea.
  7. I use these for mixing micro batches of epoxy. I got a sleeve of them at a drug store
  8. I think the float would be more effective on the main mast. My anchor light is on a pig stick that I raise up my mizzen.
  9. There are a lot of boats on the water that have been built with B&B epoxy. It works well, and is reasonably priced. I’ve also used Raka epoxy, which is lower in price. They make up for it in shipping cost, though. I have two routers. My 1/2” router is cumbersome. It stays on the router table. Most of the time, I reach for this little 1/4” baby router. Alan put me onto it, when he used it on that Core Sound 15 build video. It’s all you need. And you don’t need a fancy table saw. A friend of mine nut a Spindrift 12 using a little 8” table saw. And be sure to watch Eric Blake’s video on epoxy on the Offcenter Harbor website. And Bill Thomas’ series on building the Fox canoe also has great techniques in it. Russel Brown’s technique using Peel Ply is worth considering in areas that you may varnish. I used that technique in my last build, a CLC Annapolis Wherry. https://youtube.com/shorts/-zDRrK8SfZo?feature=share Otherwise, I’s stick with glass tape and a good random orbital sander. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Ask us questions. It’ll turn out great. Your biggest problem with this build will be sorting through our assorted recommendations, and choosing the one that’s right for you. Enjoy the process!
  10. That’s right, Weezer, we all make mistakes. What makes one skillful is how they manage the mistake.
  11. We did, thank you. Hope you did the same.
  12. I can only see two downsides to putting a tabernacle on your Lapwing. Graham mentioned the mast rotation factor. Also, the tabernacle adds “visual mass”, and I prefer a cleaner looking deck. But, if you’re comfortable with the aesthetics, and adjust tour rig for no mast rotation, then go for it. The convenience would probably worth it.
  13. Alan has put together an index of build logs off this forum. Unfortunately, it’s buried on page 5. I wish there was some way for it to be pinned up at the top of page one. Try this link: Also, if you enjoy watching videos, and don’t mind spending the money, there are many excellent boatbuilding videos on offcenterharbor.com. Russel Brown’s series on mastering epoxy is wonderful. He is meticulously neat with his epoxy. His method differs a little from what most of us do (as in Alan’s videos). But he is so methodical. The plans come with instructions that include a list of recommended tools. A small block plane is all you need, not a power planer. I wouldn’t be without my random orbital sander that attaches to my shop vac. And your respirator should have cartridges for organic vapors. All are available at lumber yards. The biggest tool you need access to is a table saw. They are used for cutting up gunwales and cleats, and making the cuts for scarf joints. Where do you live? Maybe one of us is nearby, and can look over your shoulder from time to time. Finally, B&B is the best place to buy your supplies and hardware from. But they don’t carry paint and varnish. Painted surfaces require much less attention than varnished. We’ll get to brand names later. Welcome to the forum!
  14. I saw this about a year ago. It was good to review it. Thanks, Ted.
  15. @Andy B— Thanks for the feedback. I just keep looking at all those Roger Barnes videos. He looks so snug in his little housie. Doesn’t need to go outside to make coffee or anything. I just need to work on my sewing technique. It’s gonna take at least one zipper. Hmm…
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