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  1. Well, I made my first error today. Yesterday, I had to scarf two narrow panels together, to make a bottom panel for the port ama. I measured carefully, and missed it by a mile! Oh, well, stuff happens. So, to recover from my folly, I scarfed in a piece of a scrap off-cut, to the forward end. It’s curing now. Hopefully, I’ll get it right the second time. By the way, you’ll notice a belt sander in the upper left corner of the second photo below. A master-builder friend of mine uses this to make his scarfs. I tried it, and it works like a champ! You have to proceed with caution, but it can leave a clean taper. I did some final tweaking with an ROS and a 60 grit disc.
  2. I posted your question to a Facebook group I belong to. I got a prompt reply. If you do Facebook, you might want to join this group. They are called the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron. Search FB for that name. They do weekend cruising in their trailerable boats. This is why I go to Florida in February. They are a very friendly and helpful bunch of people.
  3. Dod you just happen to have an old shingle making bench laying around for that job? Nice work!
  4. I've used those fuel cans that PadrePoint recommends— they are perfect for refueling on the water. Andy B is right— you’ll only need a one or two gallon version for most motoring. That will free up more space for beverages and other essentials. B&B is talking about offering the Epropulsion product. If you think about going to that in the future, I suggest checking with them first. For my needs, a small gas motor is fine. Alan Stewart tried out a Toequedo on his Core Sound 17 before he sold the boat. I saw it at a messabout. That boat FLEW!
  5. First of all, there is more than one way to rig a CS17 for sailing. There are two good, detailed videos regarding this on YouTube. Alan Stewart, co-owner of B&B made them. They are about rigging the mark 3 version of the 17, but most of it can be used on your boat. This is Graham Byrnes’ boat: This is Chief’s boat. (He’s the head of the Water Tribe that hosts the Everglades Challenge and other events): I will be in Florida this February. If you want me to stop by, I might be able to arrange it. It’s a shame we didn’t get together last year. I rented an Air B&B in Bokelia last year. Can’t afford to do that this year, though. I will be refurbishing a Core Sound 17 day sailer this spring. If you want to keep an eye on my post, there will be plenty on there about how I do it. I believe it will be a few months too late for your needs, though.
  6. My grand-neighbor came over this morning to help assemble the port ama. i learned from assembling the starboard ama. It went together easily, and in perfect alignment. Whew!
  7. I got the bottom on today. Shooting for assembling the port ama on Saturday.
  8. LOL. You can definitely see “most” of my boats in that photo, eh? I do hope to sell the Bay River Skiff 15 this spring, though.
  9. I need to add slab reefing to the sprits. Can anybody tell me where to place the cheek blocks on the sprits? Also, would y’all mind sharing your snotter attachment/detachment schemes with me? These are “permanently” threaded onto the sprits. Not a problem with the mizzen, but with the main, it means fishing the snotter through all the deck fittings every time you rig up the boat. Is there a better way?
  10. I did it! The starboard ama is now off the horses, and waiting for a bottom. This is how I did it. IMG_0971.mov
  11. @Peter HK— I agree with you and PadrePoint. Seals should be unnecessary in a capsize situation. But AndyB’s lazarette filled up with water while trailering it in the rain from Colorado to Michigan. The lazarette was full to the brim. And I agree with y’all about silicone. It has no place on my boat— ever!
  12. Get this. The boat has a plastic hatch cover to the lazarette, made by Bowmar. Since it is old, the gaskets needs replacing. There is a gasket both on the lid and the frame. I like that it has a double seal. I contacted Bowmar. Yes, they sell replacement gaskets. They “only” cost $10/foot, and there’s a $100 minimim, and there will be a $7.50 handling fee PLUS shipping! I need about 15 feet. I know that this material costs them $.25/foot to manufacture. (Probably less, the greedy so and so’s.) I will not be buying this gasket material from them, but going to Lowe’s to search for a substitute. Actually, I don’t like the hatch. Since this boat has a non-pivoting tiller, access to the lazarette is somewhat restricted. I’d like to eventually close this area up, and have a hatch on the vertical surface, like Todd Stein has. That will need to wait until next fall, when I strip off all this old paint. Comments?
  13. I’m also thinking about ropes as a way to apply a force. When Brodie and I put in some of the bulkheads, they all needed screws to keep them in place. So, I think I need to remove them from one side.
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