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  1. Time flies gentlemen. Here is Teddy, the cute kid sailing the Spindrift 11N in the link in my signature, who turns 18 next week, this past August sailing Skeena.
  2. Alan, I get a kick when I watch it of how boat trim just wasn't going to deter him from perching out on that tiny seat and the smile when he's at the helm. Ted's a senior in HS now, but this video captures all the good sailing has brought our family. We built the 11N together with the kids doing as much as they could at their young ages. And since Teddy has become an accomplished techy with his own 3-D printer (he's getting a much better one for his 18th birthday the 26th) and the NYS Champ in Nordic Skiing (yes, bragging a bit). This adventure of boat building has been fantastic. I can't thank the folks at B & B and all on this board who have enriched our life.
  3. FWIW, I decided that since those lockers never see the sun, I checked coating them off my list. I don't regret it. I did give then a coat of clear epoxy but that's it. What I do regret not coating is the storage aft of the bunks. I wish I had coated that. It's pretty dark back there and coating now will suck. Your work looks nice!
  4. I realized my Video wasn't linked. Now fixed.
  5. I'm in upstate ny near Rochester. My 11N is available to see. Also there is a lot of video in my signature. Great boat , especially for your situation.
  6. Hey steve

    nice to know someone else is building slowly with the cold weather here and honey do’s it’s hard to get much done.




  7. Thanks Mark. I have a lot of plans to sail this year. I've been running a business for many years and I think I can take Fridays off this summer if all goes right. And I want to do the EC in 2021. Lot's of excitement. I hope everyone has as much fun as I'm planning!
  8. Merry Christmas all. Glad to have the forum back!
  9. Keep these updates coming Jay, it's a bit quiet around here! We need Chick to build another B & B boat! BTW....I once traced a perfect headliner replacement for a vintage car I was helping someone restore and cut it out reversed, wasting the only piece we had. Besides, making your 5th should be much quicker than the previous ones so there is that.
  10. Skeena is still in my garage, but I need to get it to the barn before the snow gets deep, so I buttoned it up good last night and hopefully move it soon. A couple of pics for you all. I wired in a couple of LED lights to light the abyss that are those two storage spots aft of the bunk. I wished I'd have thought to paint these areas before gluing down the bunk tops like Alan did, but at least we have light on both sides now so I can actually find stuff. The folding step with the recessed cup-holders for my Yeti mugs is a total win. The biggest reason is that I can stand with my head out the cabin roof and put my pants on or use the P bottle when it is folded up. I know if you put a battery there this isn't possible, but I have used a AGM battery under the front bunk hatches and capacity seems ample with my 50 Watt solar panel. I put a drawer under the companionway. I found I didn't have enough storage I could easily reach. The GPS, harmonica, horn, cabin lock, etc. After all the talk about non-righting and stuff stored to high I weighed my options and decided to build it light and put it there anyway. It's handy as heck from my garage sailing test. I also added a 12V port in the cockpit. I did find when running my Samsung Galaxy 10" tablet for navigation having the GPS on significantly draws on the battery and now I can plug it in.
  11. I have no worries about through hulls. But what my issue here is running wire to the stern to mount a transducer and it's vulnerability in the kind of shallow water sailing and trailering I intend to do. Same with a through hull one. In the transducer instructions they mention using petroleum jelly for a test and I'm going to hold off to gluing it until I get a chance to test it. first. We had a warm spell but it didn't correspond with any free time so it might be late April until we know. I'm about to put the boat down in my barn for hibernation. My next project is to fire up my late mom's (Suzy J) sewing machine and learn how to sew. She was an amazing seamstress and the machine I inherited is a beast made by Bernina. She made drapes and upholstered furniture and she occasionally made me various cushions and other stuff. I wish she was here to help, but in some ways she is.......
  12. Everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm trying to add a transducer to shoot through the hull and it won't work through plywood so here is what I did:. Armed with Graham's answer, I set my little trim router to 6mm and free hand routed a hole a bit bigger than my depth sounders transducer through the hull aft of the starboard bunk . I figured this is a place where disturbance of water flow is at a minimum. I t was amazing that my router didn't hit the glass and the hull sheathing was left intact. I beveled the hole with a 45 degree bit to give more bonding area and then cut a large number of glass patches and filled the hole with resin followed by glass layer by layer. I must mention that I jacked the boat up first and got the hole "level" so the resin was captive. Once full I put a patch over the whole mess and when in the green stage trimmed it. I let the boat off the jack. I had a mizzen tube I hadn't used after I added the tabernacle so I cut it t an angle and glued it in. Not shown is me filling the tube with a bit of clear epoxy to get a level surface to glue the transducer to. I'll show you the finished project soon. I hope to heck this works! We'll know next spring unless we get a few warm days with less wind than today's 50 mph! Take Care, Steve
  13. That's a great accomplishment. Congratulations. Please tell us about your center line rollers. I need to put some on my trailer.
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