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  1. Thanks Amos and Jay. I forgot to add to my list painting of the non-skid. I have a good chunk of this weekend to work. This morning I re-drilled all the holes for the hardware and I'll be bedding that stuff in. I then plan to work inside after that on the hatch boards. I'm heading to the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival in early October. I'm hoping to make a week long cruise out of the trip. I may leave the boat in Maryland and fly home, heading to pick it up on the way to the mess-about. I was jealous when you were all leaving to cruise so if that happens I hope to be part of that. Amos, I figured the sails reluctance to slide was something like that. I just haven't had a chance to diagnose. I think I remember Graham talking to me about that at the Messabout.
  2. Jay, this boat build has tested my patience. Hot (probably not for you) weather, a family member with health issues, graduation parties, a camping trip, and three kids home for the summer. But I made a short list of what's left. Paint 2nd coat on mizzen tabernackle. lube and test new suzuki motor finish the rubrail install. finish varnishing the drop-boards remount hardware in holes that were fill and drilled. Figure out why my sails don't go p and down smoothly The worst part is that the state of NY has to do an inspection so I can get a hull ID number. I'm not going to let that hold up a launch. We have plenty of lakes that don't have much law enforcement. But as soon as she goes in the water there will be a full report. I think I can finish it completely this weekend and once this heatwave passes we should be good to go.
  3. Mark, the tube ladder takes up very little room on the transom. I mounted mine to the left of the left longitudinal bulkhead, but I suppose it could be even further outboard. As for the motor mount, take the lack of a design seriously. The reverse transom makes for quite a bit of fiddling to get it right. I bought a Suzuki 2.5 three years ago to make sure I got it right. I also have a Honda 2 I made sure fit. The Honda is quite reliable but loud. At the time the Suzuki (water cooled) didn't have a long shaft version but now does. BTW, this build looks really sweet.
  4. Jay, That is a beautiful looking displacement design. Do you have an expected weight? Any interior details? Trust me, "Skeena" (launch possible Sunday if all goes well) is probably going to have to keep me happy for awhile unless I want a divorce, but building is almost as fun as sailing. Take Care, Steve
  5. Wow, that is fantastic. I've dreamed of doing the Great Loop and that looks like a perfect boat for that. Congratulations on launch.
  6. Amos.....just what I needed. Never saw battens like that and couldn't find anything in my plans.......forgot about the vids......
  7. Hopefully if the weather is right I'll launch soon. NYS is slowing my registration process and that may delay me, but I'm sorting out little details right now. The latest is these battens. This one is the top main batten. The top one for the mizzen sticks out of the pocket at least 6" and all 4 at the top of main and mizzen have two grommets. The little black chafe protector I assume goes outward and I'm not sure about the length. I'm sort of thinking they tie in, but my plans don't show anything. I posted it here for future WTFers.. Help! Steve
  8. I'm glad you are OK. I second the "stay at anchor" I had a situation (micro burst) years ago that scared me. Thank you for sharing as a reminder. Steve
  9. My camera does some optical illusion, but trust me, finally parallel masts. A great day of gardening and other stuff yesterday. This morning I got the mizzen tabernacle faired and tonight I'll check it for smoothness and prime it.
  10. That is fair. And remember, I've sailed a Sea Pearl 21 for 12 years without capsizing and there isn't any chance of recovery if I go over. I'm not worried.
  11. After watching the CS17.3 video it seems like a way to get the centerboard extracted easily while the boat is on it's side is important as well as a way to lock the board out and prevent it from fully retracting.
  12. The weather here has been very lousy. I don't have the boat waterproof enough to leave outside, so work has been a bit slowed because I need to roll it out of my garage to put the masts up. But my dumb mistake on the mizzen tabernacle is almost over. My son Teddy helped me tip up the mast and mark it's proper location. I made a little template to rout the mast step into the base and routed the base last night........it came out nice. If fits snug and I think by this weekend we'll be past this self made problem. Unfortunately I'll be gone for a week on a family vacation out west and momentum will stop until I get back June 3rd, but I'd like to get past this before I go. I have a trip scheduled to go to Lake Champlain. At the rate I'm going it might be with my Sea Pearl, which is frustrating. Between work, HS track meets and honey-do's, time has been scarce. On a real positive note my good friend Doug bought me a oil lamp. Here it is hanging in the cabin. Up in Maine last year on his Cornish Shrimper we used his lamp to take the chill off the cabin. I'm super excited to have this aboard. Last night I snuck out in a totally dark garage to light it and it really makes a cozy cabin. I know y'all southerners don't need any heat in the cabin, but up here the evenings get cool and on a small boat this is the ticket. Thank you Doug!
  13. Nice write-up Pete. Sorry about the weather.
  14. Thrillsbe, looking great. I may retrofit the Suzy J with the new joining hardware. Looks pretty slick. A t trick for the next person.....They sell craft foam at michaels that is about the same as the kerf on a handsaw. It supports the bulkhead gap but can be cut like butter when doing the magician's trick.
  15. Jay, the short time I had it on was proof it was a good addition. Dumb mistake! But the new one will be better.
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