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  1. I have raised an lowered my masts on the boat. I had the entire rig off the masts, which made it easy. I would only want to do it on lfat water, but that was a desirable feature as there is a place I launch with a bridge. The tabernacles are pretty handy.
  2. Is there a suggested "proper" way to lash the snap hooks to the sail clew. Every-time I look at mine I think of the old Boy Scout knot rule.........if you can;t tie a good one, tie a lot of them. I have also had my square knots loosen that I tied in the chord supplied by B & B. Surely there's a trick to be learned.
  3. Pete, it was a pleasure having you lead the way building Chessie before Skeena. It must be difficult to see here go,. I'm just glad you still will be part of the scene with an S10. Great boats!
  4. I think you'll be fine. You probably will grab the top of the ladder with one hand and the top of the transom with the other.
  5. Jay, we experimented and the pump doesn't work backwards! That would be sweet but no luck. I'd had that Johnson 750 GPH pump laying around for years. The good news is you can just pull the motor to clean if it gets junk in it. I have thought it through and I think another pump is cheap and easiest. My only challenge is feeding wires into the tank while keeping it sealed.
  6. So I took Skeena on her first sail of 2020 Today with my son Andrew. Very fresh and Gusty Winds. I had to reacquaint myself with the rig because it was a full 7 months since my last sail. Our main purpose was to get Andrew on his first sail (he was in working and then college last summer/fall) and try out a few things. First was the Depth sounder. It worked perfectly. While I know depth isn't something we worry about, I find it a good backup to navigation when the depth your chart or GPS says you are is backed up by the proper depth. I forgot to put petroleum jelly down to provide good contact, so my son though it was magic when I went below with a water bottle and made it work! I'll glue it down tonight. Next up was a ballast pump. As I mentioned earlier Jay put a 2 way ballast pump in his Southern Express and his pre-planning made it possible. But being the Luddite I am didn't put any accommodation in and now regret it. I did put in Graham's secret port and after thinking about things I added a bilge pump to fill, which worked perfectly. And if you pop off the friction fit hose and put it on the discharge it silently drains the water really fast. Here's a Vid: Unfortunately I didn't realize the Anderson bailer was open and it was draining about as fast as we were filling in this video (Doh!). Once I figured this out it filled quick. Later in the day I pulled the hose off the inlet and pressed it on the outlet and it pumped it dry pretty quick. It would be slick if I could find a 2-way spool valve that would let me just flip the inlet and outlet, but another of these bilge pumps is only about $30 bucks, so I may go that route. It didn't seem to drain my little battery very much and the solar topped it right up. About the time it emptied the wind piped up and I wanted the water in and when we were healed to starboard the inlet would go dry and the pump would suck air. If I was designing this system in I would work harder to get the inlet at the base of the centerboard trunk. But I have to call it a success. Next is poking a hole in the top of the ballast tank to run a wire and then sealing it. We just hiked out hard and kept her flat enough to keep filling until we could tack. All in all a successful day.
  7. I didn't add any paint to my tanks, but yours sure looks nice! I did decide to add two pumps like you plan. I modified a bilge pump by having my son make a new lower unit to try and turn a really quiet, efficient johnson bilge pump into an efficient filling pump and I think I've succeeded. Jay used a two way pump but I didn't think I needed one so I didn't run lines/electrical. I am going to try it all out this weekend before I start drilling holes in the tank! I'll keep you posted.
  8. Graham, You got a bunch of gunkholers here that just don't get the concept. It's a cool design but I'm very happy with Skeena. I haven't lost sight of land in a long time and was bored every time it happened. Different boats for different folks.
  9. I thought the same thought when I saw that......
  10. This looks great. I may be interested in building another Spindrift (sailing required) and I definitely am interested in the crane. I bought a Rosborough 246 (my wife says no more boat building for a while) and the factory crane is over 2500 dollars to add to it. I'm thinking of fabricating one myself that looks like this: For now I would put my 11N up there.
  11. I pondered the same thing when I built my 11N, but I haven't missed a hiking strap yet. It may be because the Spindrift series has hard chines and keep buoyancy out pretty far so it's pretty stable. It also may be because I'm not as aggressive of a sailor as I used to be, more inclined to put a reef in that sit on the edge of the boat.
  12. When I did my 11N I ripped three strips and glued them all at once to the boat. It was kind of messy, but came out great. I had used a piece Spanish cedar in the middle, just because. I trimmed with a hand plane.
  13. That outboard motor well looks great. I glued a piece of 3/4 stock to the plywood sticking above the transom and used a laminate trimmer to match the plywood. The swim ladder bushing looks really nice and strong. I'm guessing you are recessing the nut in the inside wedge?
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