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  1. Congratulations on your build. It looks great and I really liked the video with all your crew. Sailkote, which is a dry lubricant does a great job on the sail tracks.
  2. Love the color scheme! More pics please!
  3. Mark.....what came to mind was "Go big or go home!" That is an epic gash/repair!
  4. I wrapped mine and at the green stage measured with calipers. I added an extra wrap or two until I was just a bit over. The I took my orbital sander and brought it into a nice snug fit by laying the tube on a flat bench and rolling while I sanded. Very easy and it came out really nice.
  5. Looking this over makes me feel o inadequate. When i fractured a panel I just injected glue into it, and clamped it under plastic with a lot of weight. Luckily it was still flat. I marked it and after assembly I laid some glass on the inside. I'm guessing none of this was an otion for you that far along. It's these challenges that are the most memorable when it's all over.
  6. Mark, that looks sweet. I somehow bumped my keel and it's about 3/16" out of straight. I was so sad about that mistake, but she sails just fine! You are making fine progress now!
  7. I'm not sure about a fish finder, but I put my transducer inside the boat. Here's how I did it: https://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9419-core-sound-20-mark-iii-3-skeena/?do=findComment&comment=106509
  8. Wow. Buiding in the basement had some lows: epoxy chrystalizing, dust, noise, and the eventual difficult extraction. But year round 58 was so nice. Working on it outside at 90 sucks, but 99? Ouch.
  9. Mark, I used a piece of white oak , which is very rot resistant closed pore wood. Its fault has been said that it doesn't glue well. I have a old cheap table saw blade I banged a tooth or two off so it leaves a rough finish. I glued the strip down after a radius was added to accept 3/4 stainless hollow back rub rail, which I glued/ screwed on. 19 sails in with no irssues. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks. I took my course out of Liberty Landing Marina. We were tacking with all the boat traffic.....excursion boats, ferries, cargo, pleasure boats. I was kind of having an mental overload when my instructor said "relax, I heard if you can make it here you can make it anywhere......"
  11. That is awesome. I took my charter certification out of New York and spent a week sailing those water. I'd planned to take Skeena there this fall. where did you launch?
  12. One thing I did was to put a 2 x 6 tied tight to the rear d rings. With a hole in its middle and the bow eye supported i could flip the boat easily by myself.
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