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  1. The problem is that you put the mark in as your way-point. If you have an instrument with apparent wind, eyeball in a waypoint a few miles upwind of your mark. This assumes your mark is directly upwind. Adjust as necessary. This is difficult on our small boats with a crew of one. Some chart-plotters make this easier than others. On my hand held Garmin, I just have a lot of way-points entered to pick from. Once you figure a good tacking angle, and get used to the adjustments needed for wave size, the dependency on it goes down. Dave is correct in that the VMG function on your GPS isn't too sophisticated, but it can be very useful. I crewed on a 40' boat with a skipper that was always pinching. It was maddening. It was the VMG function on his chart-plotter that gave a few of us the data to show him fast......
  2. Technically you are correct. Unfortunately, on modern (at least on two my Garmin) GPS if you pick a waypoint and then select VMG it gives you the speed to the mark with no regard to wind direction. Ironically, most of my testing has been to an upwind mark when beating, but it's also useful downwind.
  3. VMG. Velocity made good. How fast you are getting towards your desired destination. Say you are doing 6 knots tacking upwind towards a destination. Your VMG would be far less. The higher you point the better it would be, but if you point so high your boat slows, your VMG suffers. In this case I believe downwind they couldn't go directly at the destination and gybing was costing them time.
  4. Thanks! These things are really a nice setup in the boat. They sell just the brackets and I made the step. I wanted to be able to fold up the step for seating room below. I recessed the steps to fit two yeti Cups. Brackets are here: https://www.amazon.com/Garelick-EEz-Polished-Aluminum-Brackets/dp/B00JDAVLRO/ref=pd_sbs_468_2/145-5802875-8410231?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079TKMPTR&pd_rd_r=09c64848-411c-11e9-8f93-33fde218e404&pd_rd_w=wiUkr&pd_rd_wg=FwrnK&pf_rd_p=588939de-d3f8-42f1-a3d8-d556eae5797d&pf_rd_r=CH1QBWQ3BPJHWA6WY4BB&refRID=CH1QBWQ3BPJHWA6WY4BB&th=1 Click on the folding bracket tab. Currently $39.20. Really sturdy.
  5. I am completing my 20 and I really like Jay's setup. I'm kind of a luddite though so I am reluctant to put a bunch of permanent stuff in the boat. FWIW Jay is a helicopter mechanic and his boat is awesome. I plan on filling with a bucket after gravity does it's thing. As for emptying, I have what we refer to as a "pump stick". It's a 12V bilge pump on the end of a stick with a 12V cigarette lighter plug to get power from my battery. I plan on putting it into the half empty tank (that gravity thing again) and pumping the rest on a light wind day. I'm anxious to see what performance looks like full vs. empty. My water Balanced Sea Pearl is hardly affected either way. I'm likely to fill and just leave it until it's on the trailer.
  6. Great to stop and smell the roses. Glad you are OK.
  7. Masts almost ready for sail track. And cushions made! I have a friend who does upholstery and he put these cushions together for me. I made a filler that needs a cleat aft to hold the center cushion forward. On the forward end of the cushions is a velcro piece that holds the cushions together, hopefully preventing them from climbing the walls. They are 2" foam, and sure beat my thermarest on the floor of my Sea Pearl. That centerpiece makes a nice cushion leaning against the forward bulkhead. I decided to split the long cushions into two pieces. This should make handling them easier, and also give me 2 cushions that can be used as seat backs. To hold the aft part I made the major part of the cushions go under the deck a few inches. This should hold the aft part just fine. Here is the cushion in seat back position: You will notice that I didn't put shelves along the aft bulkheads yet. I wanted to get the cushions made first. It turns out I'm glad I waited. Putting two inch foam props me up a bit. But having this cushion gets me to a higher part of the cabin giving my 6' height just enough headroom. Graham told me the newer 20's have a higher cabin top which is good. But I'll want to be aft and so my bulkhead shelving won't go full width. Congrats to Alan and Paul. I'd like to see how they fair in there CS20.3's NExt year I have a work commitment in March, but my goal is to enter the 2021 EC God willing and the creek don't rise!
  8. State Champ, Boys Combined Nordic Champ, Fastest leg of State Champ Relay Team, and his HS won the boys team title. Now I can get back to boats......
  9. FWIW, I decided it would be easier to paint with the rails off. So they will be removable. I like the suggestion of screwing them from the underside and I think after looking that shouldn't be super hard. And I think drill and fill and using smaller (#6) screws shouldn't be too hard. Thank you for the suggestions. PS. At Gore Mountain in the lower Adirondacks to watch my son Teddy compete in the NYS Nordic Ski Championship. Crazy conditions.
  10. Masts are coming along between the some time outs for life. I have a question though. I'm about to cut the teak cabin toe rail. Did you all drill and fill the screws or just drill pilots in the wood and caulk it all down and plug the holes?
  11. This sounds promising Pete. I'm looking forward to your pictures. A simple to rig boat that launches fast gets used more.
  12. That looks like a nice combo. That is a very substantial trailer. All of the trailers I looked at in that "weight" class had very stiff suspensions. Due to a strange situation (got rear ended) I once had my Sea Pearl (600#) on my Sea Ray 180's (2800#) trailer. It was a maddening combo. The suspension was so stiff that the Sea Pearl was bouncing in a very jarring motion. I wound up having to cinch the boat down in three spots to keep it from the jarring bounce. Did you get a suspension on a trailer that big for a sub-thousand pound load?
  13. Awesome. I remember that step on my 11N. Scary and fun. Nice Work!
  14. In case you just thought I had hibernated in the snow:
  15. I sailed with a guy who had a carpeted perpendicular bunk fitted to the shape of his hull with a couple of straps that went up to stern cleats on both sides of his boat. He dried out nice while I stayed in deep water. As for perfection being the enemy of good, I once read an article that said: When you say you are done you have confidence. The low confidence person never finishes because if they do they think they have declared that the result is their best. Often a compliment will illicit an excuse for something that isn't 100% instead of a thank you. I think of this often when I'm obsessing.
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