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  1. Scott Dunsworth

    Belhaven or CS 20 Mk 3

    Seldom does a week go by I don't think about my Belhaven. It's simply a stable comfortable 19 foot boat. As for performance she is quite capable in the right hands. My biggest problem was I always loaded her down to much. I took anything and everything I wanted, my lockers were always packed. But that's what comfortable cruising was to me. I did ten thousand islands several times with the boat carrying close to 600lbs of stuff not counting people. That's just the way I went. I'm pretty lied back when it comes to sailing, Seldom ever adjusting a sail unless changing directions. As long as the boats moving forward, to me all is good, drives performance people nuts when their on board. I have a Islander 28 sloop that's everything in want in a bigger boat. Bob Perry said this was his favorite cruising design and I understand why. But the trailer boat is special in that I can travel around doing the inland lakes and rivers that I love. Love this little boat and I will build another in the next few years for a trailer able boat. Don't think you can go wrong with the Belhaven unless you want to be on a plane all the time she wont do that. Scott
  2. Scott Dunsworth

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    The oil base kilz ( red lettering ) stinks pretty bad while wet, some say as bad as V S!
  3. Scott Dunsworth

    Early 50's Thompson runabout restore

    Thanks Ken, I just saw this, been out of town for awhile with no internet.
  4. Scott Dunsworth

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    He painted his boat yellow, means he's of solid mind, good in my book!
  5. Scott Dunsworth

    Midnight wondering from the Ch. Mate

    I don't understand this cypress thing. I used cypress to plank my 28, with no issues. It quite simply drank in the epoxy like water at first wetting. Maybe it was the species of cypress that I used. My way of thinking is if you have a chemical bond from deep in the wood to the outside of the glass sheathing, is the best it gets.
  6. Scott Dunsworth

    Meet Belhaven 19 - Clementine

    You did a great job Randy. Women really do rule the earth don't they?
  7. Scott Dunsworth

    Early 50's Thompson runabout restore

    Found some clear W cedar 2x6's today to cut my new planking from, it was a bit pricey but I didn't need much. Going to get a cove & bead bit from duckworks to mill these. I haven't been to the B&B mess-about for three or four years, going to try and make it this year and bring this pile of lumber with me if I can get it finished. Scott
  8. Scott Dunsworth

    Any interest in a Catspaw build? Also featuring rabbits.

    This is great! I sanded the first boat I built a Penobscot 14 in the living room and didn't get a divorce.
  9. Scott Dunsworth


    Paint can be a subject like brands of tools. Folks get dug it and it takes a chlorine bomb to get them out of the trench's. I'm that way for sure. I don't have experience with other brands of two part, but I do with Epiphanes. It just seems to flow out very well and has incredible gloss to it. After going through the one part marine paints thing, I would never paint anything I was going to keep with anything else but two part. Interior of a cabin is a different story, two or one part will be fine there. I have had rust stains and bird decoration's that just scrub right off of two part, that would be a permeant part of the boat with even the high end one part paints. I've made the mistake of trying to save a few bucks on the finish, never again will that happen. To much time and dollars go into these boats we build, to cut costs at the end, just to have to do it all over in a couple of years. If you aren't going to use the boat very much and keep it in a garage you may get good results from one part. I'm just trying to give the first timer a little boost to spend the extra 1/3 to 1/2 in dollars, paint money on the real thing the first time. You will not be sorry. Two part is not anymore toxic than one part if it isn't SPRAYED So just do it right the first time and enjoy.
  10. Scott Dunsworth

    Carbon Spindrift 10

    This is interesting.
  11. Scott Dunsworth

    Meet Belhaven 19 - Clementine

    I missed it the first time on the cockpit lids, I thought you were changing them. I must have been blinded looking for the yellow. I remember talking to you about it and in my mind you had already changed them. Beckson does make some now that look to be rain proof.
  12. Scott Dunsworth


    A friend just sent me these links, thought I would share them. Painting seems to cause a lot of anxieties some times. We have been working on some videos about the process that are just being released (this morning actually). We now have eliminated the tipping part of the "roll and tip" method, which we have found to be unnecessary when using our paint (this greatly simplifies the process). Below are the links. Just paste them into your browser and have a look! Surface Prep - https://vimeo.com/252520023 Primer App. - https://vimeo.com/252553405 Finish Coat App. - https://vimeo.com/252757344 Joel Valley 70 Water Street, Thomaston, Maine 207-354-0804 Epifanes North America Inc.
  13. Scott Dunsworth

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    At 22 feet long, don't know if that's micro or not. http://www.atkinboatplans.com/Oar/RiverRat.html
  14. Scott Dunsworth

    Early 50's Thompson runabout restore

    Well put
  15. Scott Dunsworth

    Early 50's Thompson runabout restore

    Should be able to get back to this next week. Been moving my daughter into a house that needed Electric and plumbing work. Got more ribs cut out and ready for more fun. The more I look at this boat it should have been trashed, but what the heck it's cheap entertainment.

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