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    Here are a few interior pictures
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    Hello, everyone. I'm Mehmet from Türkiye. First of all I apologize for any mistakes I can make with inadequate English. I think I will improve with plenty of practice over time and thank you in advance for your assistance and patience in this regard. Vacationer is flat bottom, low profile, "25-30cm." can be defined as a lake boat boat. In wich they are warning that they have sheltered waters even in their own web site. When I gave my heart to this project many years ago, this expression; Due to my lack of experience and knowledge of the sea, he forced me to leave Until this time I noticed that boats like walnut shells travel safely at sea. Of course there are other reasons, my age is moving forward and my financial situation is constantly deteriorating. And I do not want to die without a tour with my own boat. For this reason I decided to do "Stevproject's Vacationer", which I thought could be done on a low budget, shortly without help, and with some modifications. First: I'll put the engine in a well. Later I will try to make it suitable for the open seas such as Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea by adding a V base karina up to. Of course, the cabin will to rise to the point where it would not break the proportions and It's also a bit larger The project is based on the original plywood, but the plywood prices have flying. For this reason, I decided to make it from solid wood and I preferred to make the material "Laden" because the only material that could be found in this region was pine. First, I decided to started to improvise the changes I'm going to make on the 1/10 model that the project. On plan DWL line unfortunately does not exist. When I according to the observation I got from the images on the surface of the sited and those who applied it earlier, it looks like the head of the craft will bury 2-3 degrees in the water as the DWL line is draw. No longer; After to paint it with epoxy. I left it to water to see it in the water and identify the non-plan DWL line. When I threw it to the water, it was happened the first thing I predicted. The waterwave lined low 2 degrees from the axis of the spine. Then I noticed that the curtain on which the pole box lined was placed 2 degrees horizontally. Maybe for this, do not know real reason . Anyway I decided to continue. Probably the pulley on rudder caught your attention. It for the rudder movement to be moved to the "yeke" is due to the inverted tilt of the stern, you don't look at the roughness of its dimensions. Now it's time to transfer the changes made to the plan.
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    Almost ran out of spring clamps.
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    Well that's how its done in the industry. Just tape that line and have at it.
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    Finally got the rub rail installed, 1" solid back SS as per plans. A lot of work fitting , bending & polishing we have been running her with out it and it had been worrying me we also installed the rest of the electronics ( radar, search light, tunes and a few other stuff).
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    Some little progress !
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    Nice name. Very evocative. This way, we'll always picture you out in the mythical lost cove we're all always looking for with our little craft. Plus it's nice the way it fits in your string of earlier names. I have a hard time think of a boat or even a big warship as anything but a she, but that's just me.
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    I'm old enough to have learned to draft by hand and to loft on the floor. I know countless people that have made their own ducks and they look a lot like yours. I guess "Popular Mechanics" or someone printed a set of plans for the standard duck shape and it caught on. I made my own too, many moons ago and still use them regularly. I have two sets, small and large, but I ignored the shapes thing. I used some stainless nails, bent to a hook and cast them in place on each duck, but mine aren't shaped like that. They do have some shape, but only for a comfortable place for your (my) thumbs and fingers to land. Mine are essentially a small brick with a depression on each side and a hook sticking out the front. The hook height was determined by the tallest batten I had at the time, plus about an 1/8".
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    "Micro Power Cruiser": so this is kind of where you're headed?
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    Amos, I'll remember the pencil. Never thought of splicing tape. I'd hate to have to throw out ant of my big band tapes recorded from the old public radio program, Make Believe Ballroom.
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    Not bumpkin. You can ride up front, with us. 😁 Man, oh, Man, but I’m excited, y’all. Seriously. The rudder and leeboard are glassed both sides, needing only the leading edges wrapped and trailing edges faired. I’ll take pictures, now. A couple side projects have cropped up, but are no big deal. I’m deep in the wait for epoxy to cure so I can sand it phase, again, anyway... Peace, Robert
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    You should be good to go. I mis-read the configuration file and granted everyone a generous 2,000,000 kilobytes of file space when I thought I was giving 2,000,000 MB. Kind of like when you mis-read inches for feet and end up with a dinghy 40 feet wide.
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    WOW that looks great.. Yup my arms are feeling it but i got a long way to go, i still have to add a layer of finishing cloth yet
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    " Stareed, I can't wait to see you build a CS-20, Mk-3 in the house! ". Yes, the basement is bad enough. Used the kitchen lobster pot to de-crystalize epoxy. I now have a pot for the shop and my wife has a nice new pot. Lesson learned. Also, I bought my wife a bread maker as a gift when they were all the rage with a note that said "You need to give me better ideas, because left to my own devices....." We stopped buying each other physical presents after that. Now it's concert tickets and the like. But she brings it up occasionally as if I should be surprised I survived that mistake. But the guy in me still thinks "But its probably an awesome vacuum and who wouldn't want that!".
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    Yep, that's the way they look. If you make a deadnuts (technical term) lasered boot stripe, it'll look great and straight, until you splash 'er. Ideally, the boot stripe has a little sweep to it at each end, both on the bottom of the stripe (unless it's just a bottom paint LWL). The bow generally has more height then the stern at the transom and it's an eyeball thing. I remember reading somewhere (probably Herreshoff) a set of heights for this feature, based on percentage of LWL, but I can't find it. Simply put, once you've taped off the top or bottom of the boot stripe, lift the forward end off the boat and raise it, say an inch or 1.5" above the actual line. Eyeball it in, fairing back down to the actual line, across the last 4 or 5 feet of the forward portion of the hull. Do the same with the aft piece of tape, but reduce the height at least 10 - 15%, say a 1/4" if the bow height is 1.5" and again fair this in to the laser line across the last 3 - 4' of hull. The bottom of the boot stripe gets the same treatment, just not as much sweep. A common rule is (how much additional height for the stripe) 1/2 as much as the stripe at the bow and 1/4 as much at the stern. So, a 3" tall stripe would have a 4.5" height at the bow, by this rule, though I don't necessarily agree with it aesthetically. The reason for this is small boats can have trim all over the place. On small boats, you can fart and change the trim, so the LWL or boot stripe needs to cheat the eye. If it's dead straight, even the slightest amount of trim change will be noticeable on the boat, but if the ends have a little sweep in them, your trim can be off by a good amount, but the boat still looks like it's floating level. Additionally, it compensates for an optical illusion, where the bow moves away from the eye as it tucks into the centerline. It's a purely aesthetic thing, but a good one to remember and separates the pro's from the lubbers. This boat has a "swept" boot stripe. It's proportions aren't they way I'd do it, as I like a little more "drop" in the line around midship, but it does show what I mean. Also on this one, it looks like just the top of the stripe received this treatment and the bottom paint is a straight line. From the angle this image is shot, it looks okay, but a dead on broadside the shot might look like the bow droops on the the bottom of the stripe, near the bow.
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    Len, That Z shape is norml. If the chine flat was horizontal, the WL would be perpendicular to the CL or kicked forward if the flats were angled up instead of down. Just tape to your laser line.
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    I like the ring bolt hitches too. What size do I need? Well, there's a good question... I guess it depends on what boat I'm going to use it on, so if you send a size that won't fit any of my current projects I'll "have to" build another boat to fit. Waste-not want-not, after all. If you send me a Master-And-Commander sized traveler I'll be forced to build HMS Surprise and then I'll save some money on airfare for my next trip to (invasion of!) the US (Aaarrr!). Where's me parrot?!?
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    Amos, you're right. Kinda. i drink that 'ol Real Southern Sweet Tea when we go out to eat at Mac's Steak House, or some other eatery that has it. Miss Debbie makes it half and half. Sugar and Stevia. That doesn't qualify. As far as research goes, it mainly happens as I'm driving or sleeping. Or as I document it. It's amazing the ability of the brain to find the Real Facts during those times. As I head these stories. "The Truth, the Half Truth, or Nothing Like the Truth". As for the boat building, it gets squose in between the other stuff that keeps coming up for an old retired duffer. Kinda like today. Miss Debbie wanted to take a pic-nic on a little road trip. That got stretched out to go check out some shops in Bat Cave and Chimney rock. Funny. No bats in bat cave, or chimneys to buy in Chimney Rock. When I got home, I had to watch an old classic sci-fi movie to recuperate. 20 Million Mile to Earth. Then the grass called for it's hair cut. By then there was no time left for the boat. Tomorrow is church in the morning, lunch out with Miss Debbie (A Sunday tradition), then back to church for a Children's committee meeting. Monday a visit all day with a friend from WAY back that we haven't seen for 35 years or so. She's in the area looking for a place to move to from Washington state. No need to go on. You get the idea. I was able to get a whole lot more done back when I still worked. Hmmm, I wonder if I could get a government grant to study that phenomenon?
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    This frozen northerner sees thinks the 11N sail would perform real well on an ice boat. My wife told me no more boats, but I'm not sure this would count.
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    I hope that you’re playing sole music while you work!
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    I think Dave understood me but he posted a picture of something different. Before I go out sailing tomorrow I'll try to remember to take a picture of the bow-winch-pylon-post-stand-thingy that shouldn't be adjusted too close to the tailgate for fear of damage and shouldn't be adjusted too far away for fear of difficulty in handling and storage. I feel certain that now I have confused the maximum number of people possible
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    Paint can be a subject like brands of tools. Folks get dug it and it takes a chlorine bomb to get them out of the trench's. I'm that way for sure. I don't have experience with other brands of two part, but I do with Epiphanes. It just seems to flow out very well and has incredible gloss to it. After going through the one part marine paints thing, I would never paint anything I was going to keep with anything else but two part. Interior of a cabin is a different story, two or one part will be fine there. I have had rust stains and bird decoration's that just scrub right off of two part, that would be a permeant part of the boat with even the high end one part paints. I've made the mistake of trying to save a few bucks on the finish, never again will that happen. To much time and dollars go into these boats we build, to cut costs at the end, just to have to do it all over in a couple of years. If you aren't going to use the boat very much and keep it in a garage you may get good results from one part. I'm just trying to give the first timer a little boost to spend the extra 1/3 to 1/2 in dollars, paint money on the real thing the first time. You will not be sorry. Two part is not anymore toxic than one part if it isn't SPRAYED So just do it right the first time and enjoy.
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    YouTube imagery isn't very good generally, so get a good camera and maybe some super slowmo would be nice too. You might as well have some fun with this, so add some color to your fire and here are a few examples of what you might expect: Laundry borax added maybe lightly sprinkled in key locations will make a light green flame. Water softener salt will make it purple. Aluminum shavings will make it green. Epsom salts will make it white, while table salt will make a cool orange. Adding sugar will make little sparks. Iron filings will make gold sparks. I was one of "those kids" the local cops hunted down, any time something in the neighborhood blew up or searched hard for, come the week of the 4th of July.
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    A 1/2" drill might be a little tricky, but a 90° countersink does a great job.

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