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    Thanks guys. Not much has really changed, I've just been sanding. But I finally bought a new phone and have a clear photo.
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    Aug 27 Update: We've got some momentum now. It feels good to glue in parts. We spent a good part of Sat. and Sun. working on the boat. Earlier in the week Taylor filleted and taped the aft side of BH5 into place and on Sat we installed the port side of BH4 and got all of the seams between BH1 and BH2 taped. Below, BH4 is split into 3 pieces in the updated version of the CS-20 Mk3. This allows the center panel to be installed after the ballast tank is glassed like a bathtub which will hopefully eliminate the possibility of any leaks. To the left, the BH is cutout and the space behind it is storage at the end of the port bunk. To the right the panel is solid because it will be the front side of the Cooler box. We're planning to copy Graham's Cooler design. The right side panel is normally also cutout but I cut a new one out of scrap. The hole could have been filled in with scrap but i had a big enough piece so i just remade it. Here I am dryfitting the 3 together while gluing in the port side part to keep everything square and lined up. A clamp was needed at the top to pull in the gunwale just slightly. Had about 1/8" gap between the hull side and frame in the middle of the panel which is normal. We always leave gaps like that alone so as not to "dimple" the hull. Below: a view from the stern. BH5, BH4, BH3 (with companionway cutout). Note the gap for the CB trunk on the port side and a thin 1/4" gap on the stbd side of BH4 for the starboard cockpit side. Below: A view of the keel between BH1 and BH2. All the glassing and taping is done in this area. Next up will be installing the cleats to support the forward locker top and final epoxy coats inside the locker. I'll also be installing an inspection port in the bottom of the BH1 to gain access to the space underneath the anchor locker well. On Sunday we installed the pre-coated and sanded starboard cockpit side panel. The tabs and wedges worked excellent to pull the part down tight to the hull. Taylor got straight to work filleting and taping the outside joint. Below: At the same time, we installed the starboard piece of BH4 and glassed it in. This box completes the sides of what will be our cooler space. Next in here will be blocking in blue insulation foam. The center panel of BH4 was again used to maintain the space and keep the frames square and true. It is not glued in yet and won't be until after the ballast tank is glassed. Meanwhile, I've got the centerboard trunk (also the port cockpit side) coated and almost ready to install. I still need to drill the CB pivot hole out. I plan to make a 90 jig for the drill and drill it by hand rather than try to line it up on the drill press.
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    thats really nice looking work
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    Wow! That’s a great looking bow assembly. I’ve only just finished a quarter scale model of the curlew, and mine didn’t look that good. Thank you even-keeled for the beautiful pics.
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    thank you so much thats alot of help you just gave me !
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    In order to add some ventilation to the CS17Mk!!! I stole an idea from Alan. I put in two 6" threaded clean outs. I also made a screen to fit on the outside. It was a simple install. It adds light and it does allow air to move. I do not keep my anchor forward so it works for me. I also plan to make a small scoop to push air in. I wish I could add more photos but it seems to be limiting me. Regards
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    Primer day. It's going to have to sit for a week while I go sailing in the thousand islands with some friends. But it feels to get a coat on her. It's like drywall. That first coat reveals all!
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    Back to anchoring a CS, it takes so little distance between the top of the water and the bottom of the bay, we just anchor anyplace out of the way or if the bugs aren’t bad put it on the beach. Very easy boat to handle. My wife can pack enough groceries on our boat for a week under the berths and the big compartment aft of bulkhead 1 and 2 for the sleeping bags and clothes. At the Messabout we will R&D (research and duplicate) the ice chest option!
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    Hooray, Amos. What a wonderful day for you and your great family. Enjoy your boat and your time together. I'm sure you will. It's a beautiful craft.
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    Looks terrific! Excellent work. You'll be a great B&B rep at Port Townsend.
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    Hi Foxwedge, You have been given good advice so far. I just recalculated the displacement at the datum water line for fresh water and got 1507 lbs. It takes another 405 lbs to push the boat down the next 1" evenly. I think that you could put 10 kids on her and she would carry them safely but you might not feel the same. Amos has two kids and I am sure that he has some good cruises planned.
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    Hi, my wife and I have spent about 45-60 days on out CS20.3 since completion. It is a small boat, but that is it’s beauty. We have a larger boat with dingy etc, but our CS we jibe around and step on the beach, the worst we have done is wade in a foot of water. Dingy definitely not needed. We have a electrical ballast pump, we generally fill the ballast tank and never give it a thought till we reload on the trailer. We have had 6 people on the boat with some regularity, never noticed a problem when day sailing ( look on the B&B site, we had 5-6 aboard for that picture) We kinda rely on a fresh trout for dinner, 2 people for 3 weeks wasn’t a problem, never had more for overnights. On the gulf coast we are never more than a day sail to a spectacular restaurant, which is part of the fun!
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words and enthusiasm -- it's cool! Steve, I've been watching your build (and have Really appreciated both your workmanship and the discussions its drawn), so please let us know when you're coming out and perhaps we can do some exploring together. Thanks Alan, I'm thrilled you think it looks ok, but sorry neither you nor Graham can make it out. I chose to put the fridge (not yet built) in the lazarette which required a top hatch cover, which forced me into the laminated boomkin. All the cockpit and deck framing (and sprits) are made from beautiful, old growth, WR cedar salvaged from someone's residential deck. That's also what I laminated the boomkin from. Cool on the promo stuff - it'll be great if we can give people flyers or cards or something, with your web site on them. No, there's no strut on the fore hatch, so if you think of it and can send that along, that would be great. Thanks to you too, Amos - your boat is totally gorgeous, so I really appreciate your comments. I'm embarrassed about the toe rails though. Truth be told, the sheer coaming rails and stbd toe rail is fir. I broke the port toe rail bending it into place and to save time went to home depot to get another piece. HD is a bit casual about labeling their 'hardwoods' and I actually came home with a piece of hemlock. In one (of so many) failures of personal resolve, I figured it'd probably work ok, and there it is. Thanks Terry. That's a long ways to come for you! We'll look forward to your coming by.
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    I swear I saw some pics on facebook, but then I couldn't find them again so I figured I dreamed it up..... All I can say is wow! I'm still in the painting stage, but I plan on seeing your boat at the messabout. Congratulations to you and your family.
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    OH, the joy of progress. Everything is sprayed with high build. While I'm really over the sanding thing, the baby butt smooth finish is very satisfying.
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    Congrats, Amos. Beautiful!!! Get LOTS of sailing in.
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    Super. You are in clover my friend. Good work. Joe
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    I built my Coresound 20 mk3 using Bote Cote and am very happy with the results. There are some cheaper epoxies including a company in Perth, but Bote Cote suited me and my aversion to toxicity very nicely.
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    Hi Nic, I’ve only used Bote-Cote and it has been great. Very little odour, 2-1 mix, and apparently less toxic than others. I’m in Melbourne and have bought from their local agent as well as from Pacific Boatcraft in the Gold Coast area. Regards, John
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    I've always used Bote-Cote with great success. Am using some at present in Tasmania with fast curing agent due to the very cold weather. A bit of Amine blush which washes off OK. Costs about $160 / 6 litre kit down here. It's a 2:1 mix so easy to get accurate, and thins nicely with a bit of heat during application. Recommended! Brent
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    Just booked my flight in to Raleigh. Totally Stoked. I'm lucky to travel a lot for work, so with frequent flyer mileage the flight cost $11 dollars. Arriving at B & B Friday afternoon! See you then. Obviously no boat this year, but next year, god willing and the creek don't rise, two boats! BTW, if anyone is flying in and needs a ride from Raleigh, pm me.
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    Thanks, Ken. It IS a disease. You can't wait to finish this one, then you can't wait to start another.

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