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  1. Blkskmr

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    My apologies for the very slow response. Yes I will be there. It will be fun to get out on the water as a group. I'm hoping I can talk Michele into it sailing then camping out down toward the sound. If not I'll need crew. Regards to all
  2. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    In order to add some ventilation to the CS17Mk!!! I stole an idea from Alan. I put in two 6" threaded clean outs. I also made a screen to fit on the outside. It was a simple install. It adds light and it does allow air to move. I do not keep my anchor forward so it works for me. I also plan to make a small scoop to push air in. I wish I could add more photos but it seems to be limiting me. Regards
  3. Blkskmr

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Kevin, I have a line on the back of Avocet that runs from one side to the other and between the rudder and the transom, above the lower gudgen. I expect that is not very clear. I will get a photo when I get home this weekend. I used the line as a step and grabbed the front of the rear seat on the cockpit. Also not a good description. I think it worked well. It would be better If I had a grab handle or ridge on the edge of the edge of the seat. Once again, this needs photos. All in all not too bad. I tend to try cheep and easy methods first. I will follow up this weekend.
  4. Blkskmr

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Alex Good evening. All the capsizes were done with the ballast tank full. I have only sailed the boat once with the ballast tank empty which was in light air. The boat seemed too buoyant. The result being the masts were rocking the sails could not draw. Even in light air I fill the ballast tank. The boat is much more settled. That is why we did not practice capsizing with an empty ballast tank. Perhaps at the Messabout we can. I Regards pS. The motor works fine. No problems from all the dunking. Michele and I have a renewed respect for it. It is excellent for docking and short trips down a creek. It would not be good for a trip where you needed to motor for hours.
  5. Blkskmr

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Alan, Thank you for the video and for setting up the Camp. It was a tremendous amount of fun. We were both really impressed with how easy the boat is to right, and the fact that no hatches leaked and the cockpit was virtually dry. ( It was drained by the time I got in the boat) When the gold fish design goes into production please let us know. We would like to have one. In rough weather, having the luxury of getting things sorted out before righting would be helpful. I hope that Capsizing will become part of the Messabout. It is a necessary life skill. Best Regards to all. I hope everyone enjoyed a good splash. Richard and Michele
  6. Blkskmr

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Alan, Good morning. Yes I will come. I am assuming I should bring my boat. I will get there on Saturday morning. I am out of town on Friday. Regards
  7. Blkskmr

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    It is an amazing boat to sail regardless of revision and or sailing conditions. Keep that in mind as you go along. It has exceeded our expectations by along way. Kind Regards
  8. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Don, Afterwards I thought about a gun and dismissed the idea quickly, for the same reason. I wish there was " Snake B Gone" . Regards
  9. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Reefing and Snakes We went for a short weekend cruise to Swan island. The track is below. Very pleasant with a single surprise. We were getting ready to go on Sunday morning. Michele was raising the mizzen when I noticed a 3 foot snake tangled in the reef we had left in the sail. He was kind of stuck and not happy. We were anchored so no place to go. I got the paddle and helped him out . He grabbed the handle. I got him off the handle, then to the back of the boat. After attacking paddle a couple of times. He left. He did not look poisonous. Still, a 17 foot boat seems small with a snake on board. Anyone else have a similar experience? Any thoughts on prevention? Also I had spent the night in the cockpit so he could have just as well curled up with me.
  10. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Good question. I plan to cut a form from OSB . I will lay out the curve. At intervals I will use a hole saw and cut hole just below the outline of the curve. I will laminate the beams. I will use the holes so I cam clamp the layers to the curve. There will be three layers of white wood from Lowes with layers of glass in between and on the outside. That will be the hard part. I will then cut front head and the tail. Epoxy and glass them together. I have never done this before so all of this is an experiment. Let's hope for the best.
  11. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Thank you for the comments. Yes the idea was to reduce friction. Since the sails stays on one side of the sprit it is possible to have the reef lines on one side and not through the grommet. I attached my reef blocks on the sprit in according to B&B drawings. I co-opted this set up from my Wayfarer. We use similar kind of set up on the boom when we use it with reef-able main. I think it is an improvement, but there are always better ideas.
  12. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Reef lines: The purpose was to reduce the effort required to reef. This is my mizzen sprit. The reef lines are on one side of the sail. They attach to the reef point with a ball with a figure eight knot. Also I used a block on sprit to lead lines to the cleats. Not a big change from original set up. It is better not perfect, at least for me.
  13. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Thank you. Yes i will post photos. Need to find them. Yes the new sprit will be a wishbone. I thought I had posted a pdf. I did but it is in the text for some reason. Will fix that. I will be back..
  14. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Just to follow up on a few things finally. My final changes to the reefing system did work. ( I have the reef lines on sails on the sprit side of sail, tied to balls on opposite side of sail.. will post picture if anyone is interested) It is also matter of technique. I have found it is best to lower the sail and snotter until very slack then push sprit up as the reef line on the sprit is being tightened. I have done this several times on the water and works well. ( Last time with winds gusting to mid 20's in a chop) As always, plan ahead. I have posted a sketch below. It is my perception the boat points better on a port tack when the mizzen sprit is to windward and sail has full shape, despite centerboard being offset to the port side. I feel like the boat has more drive. I understand this is subjective and have read all the comments to the contrary. There is also a large body of data out there suggesting sail shape matters. I'm not racing the boat but I would like it to better if it can be. I will build the mizzen sprit first. I don't see it will complicate rigging or reefing. It will take some time due to other projects in the way. I hope to have it by fall messabout. I would appreciate any comments on shape, dimensions, or designs or other sprit builds. Kind Regards to all sprit drawing.pdf
  15. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    I while back I posted some photos of changes I made to the sprits for reefing. It did not work well and did not solve the problem. Note: Please do not copy that idea. It did not work. We will play around with some other ideas. But want to be sure no one tried to follow me down and dark path. Best Regards

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