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  1. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Thank you for the comments. Yes the idea was to reduce friction. Since the sails stays on one side of the sprit it is possible to have the reef lines on one side and not through the grommet. I attached my reef blocks on the sprit in according to B&B drawings. I co-opted this set up from my Wayfarer. We use similar kind of set up on the boom when we use it with reef-able main. I think it is an improvement, but there are always better ideas.
  2. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Reef lines: The purpose was to reduce the effort required to reef. This is my mizzen sprit. The reef lines are on one side of the sail. They attach to the reef point with a ball with a figure eight knot. Also I used a block on sprit to lead lines to the cleats. Not a big change from original set up. It is better not perfect, at least for me.
  3. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Thank you. Yes i will post photos. Need to find them. Yes the new sprit will be a wishbone. I thought I had posted a pdf. I did but it is in the text for some reason. Will fix that. I will be back..
  4. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Just to follow up on a few things finally. My final changes to the reefing system did work. ( I have the reef lines on sails on the sprit side of sail, tied to balls on opposite side of sail.. will post picture if anyone is interested) It is also matter of technique. I have found it is best to lower the sail and snotter until very slack then push sprit up as the reef line on the sprit is being tightened. I have done this several times on the water and works well. ( Last time with winds gusting to mid 20's in a chop) As always, plan ahead. I have posted a sketch below. It is my perception the boat points better on a port tack when the mizzen sprit is to windward and sail has full shape, despite centerboard being offset to the port side. I feel like the boat has more drive. I understand this is subjective and have read all the comments to the contrary. There is also a large body of data out there suggesting sail shape matters. I'm not racing the boat but I would like it to better if it can be. I will build the mizzen sprit first. I don't see it will complicate rigging or reefing. It will take some time due to other projects in the way. I hope to have it by fall messabout. I would appreciate any comments on shape, dimensions, or designs or other sprit builds. Kind Regards to all sprit drawing.pdf
  5. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    I while back I posted some photos of changes I made to the sprits for reefing. It did not work well and did not solve the problem. Note: Please do not copy that idea. It did not work. We will play around with some other ideas. But want to be sure no one tried to follow me down and dark path. Best Regards
  6. Blkskmr

    reefing with new sailplan on CS 17

    I wanted to follow up on this. We were sailing on Sunday, we reefed both main and mizzen and would like to have put another reef in the main. Unfortunately the turning system I put in did not work well. I think the sprit is turning during the process and the very small cheek block on sprit angled and therefore causing the line to get caught. I will change that just a small block. I may also put a ball with a block on the sail at each reef point on the leach. Lines will run on just one side of sail( sprit side) for the reef. We will experiment and tell all. The other thing to note is that when we decided to try for a second reef on the main, the boat was completely wet and very slippery and the boat was bouncing around a lot. I think our problem is part equipment, trying to gear it to our strength, and technique. Reefing a sprit which moves is different from reefing a boom which is fixed at one end. We plan to make some changes, practice in the drive way and then on the water in easy conditions. Thank you
  7. Blkskmr

    reefing with new sailplan on CS 17

    tfrei, Good afternoon. Two weeks ago I was sailing with my wife, with the standard set up on my Core Sound 17, and she could barely get it reefed in. So we did a modification and added a turning block. Last Sunday I was sailing with my daughter, she was driving and we needed to reef. Even with the turning block it took some effort to get it done. But less force. Also the boat in those conditions is rocking around and nothing is easy. My fear with your systems is that you may not be able to reef when it is important, and or the line may get cut. Kindest Regards
  8. Blkskmr

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Don, Nice to hear from you. The RF 58 are the answer no doubt. The placement of the compass looks odd but it is actually perfect for visibility. And the numbers are big enough that I can actually read them. I hate to admit but I could never get working with a regular round compass right. So digital is better for me. I have attached two photos below. We had to do an on the water reef and my wife, aka long suffering crew, had a hard time trying to reach and tension the pendant lines on the sprit. She came up with the idea of the turning block to pull the line through the cleat. Also we moved the cleats back on the sprit to make reaching them easier. This I think is an improvement and will make reefing easier and will take less strength.

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