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  1. I have decided to take Salty off the market for now. My son says he would like to have it. Dale
  2. I will hate to see her go but she was mostly for my son and he just has not used her and he is now in Hawaii. I am a sailor at heart. dale
  3. I have decided to sell my 'Salty'. At this price she is a very good buy for someone that will take good care of her. Here are the details. Send me a personal message, or email or call. She is located in Palm Harbor, FL USA dale 2013 18’ B & B Designed Marissa Center Console Motorboat, 2013 Yamaha F60, 60 HP Engine 2012 Continental Galvanized Trailer ONLY 84 hours on the engine. Serviced regularly She has been used very little and is in excellent condition Professionally painted with AwlGrip Constructed from a B & B Yacht Design Kit Construction: Composite - Okume plywood with fiberglass on both sides Hydraulic steering with Stainless wheel with knob Custom professionally made Sunbrella bimini Professionally made Custom Sunbrella cover Winner of the Wooden Boat Eco boat design contest $15,900 dalesails@yahoo.com 727-492-0436
  4. Congratulations Steve !!!! She is a beauty !!!! dale
  5. Thanks for a great trip story. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  6. Geoffrey. Are you trying to sell a CS 17 or buy one?
  7. Thanks Graham. I will put Oct 19 on my calendar. Please start a new thread for 2018 as soon as you have set the date.
  8. Has a date been set for the 2018 Messabout? Trying to get my calendar set up so I can hopefully make it. dale
  9. When rolling the sail on the mast and using it as a way to reef, how do you plan to keep the sail from unrolling? I don't remember if it was specified on the plans or not but I am pretty certain that I kept the same angle on the third mast hole. I have a feeling that whoever built your boat made the same mistake on the third position as on the main mast.
  10. I have a center mast step on my CS 17 Lively. I have only used it once and that was just a test to see how well it worked. It worked fine but almost immediately decided that I would prefer to have a good slab reefing system using the normal sail plan. My sails were sleeved at that time. I had them resewn for a sail track and slab reefing. Basically, I do some beach cruising so want to be able to handle highly variable wind conditions. Pulling out a mast and moving it to a new position in my opinion is not an option when the wind is blowing 15+ mph. I am speaking about the CS 17, it may be easier to do on the BRS 15.
  11. Thank you William, Tom and Chick. I appreciate your continuing ideas. Once temps here get somewhere near reasonable instead of 95+ in my garage, I think I will attempt to make the main mast be able to rotate on my CS 17m3 'Summer Breeze' and maybe even think about adding a tabernacle with rotation to my CS 17 'Lively'.
  12. Steve, Sent you a message. Let me know what you think. dale
  13. Hey dale what prop do run on salty? i am running the same engine and going through the prop sizing thing.

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