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  1. Wheezer did a much better job than the Packers. I guess old Brady still has a bit of spunk left in him. But, bet he can't run a good fillet!
  2. You can also use a zip top baggie with a corner cut off in place of a frosting bag. I lay the putty in the corner the old fashioned way. A 1/2" wide stick (not rounded off) to apply the putty. Then go over it with a rounded one the diameter I want. Then a quick run along each side with a putty knife to remove the putty that smears out on either side. For me it all goes quicker than messing with a bag.
  3. Congrats on getting into the poxy. It can be a "whole body experience", so a few hairs is only a start.
  4. I like to make the "sockets" with a piece of PVC tubing set into a wooden block. The tubing needs to be drilled out slightly for a good fit with the horn.
  5. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll pick up speed mixing and filleting as you progress in your build.
  6. I always make my tillers pivoting. And i make them curved just because I like them that way. As for length, you need to be able to keep your wait forward in the boat.
  7. You can always trust me to tell the truth, the half truth, or nothing like the truth in these matters.
  8. As the good folks at Morgan Yacht shop used to say back in my young days. "Don't force it---get a bigger hammer!"
  9. Lookin' forward to following you. I like the thought you are putting into the name.
  10. The tabs work really well to keep you from sliding around on the seat when doing rolls and other stunts. After awhile,our body adjusts and molds itself over them.
  11. Can you past pictures? Lowest price for complete boat, sails, trailer? Where is the rotten area? Other details?
  12. I'm glad to see that Summer Breeze has someone to love and enjoy her. I sure do miss her! But I know she loves being down in sunny, warm Florida with y'all!
  13. Don, at least ya shouldn't have to worry about those long slithery things that love to snuggle up with you down in Florida where I came from.
  14. If you are in Don's area, I'm just up the road with Old Codger.
  15. Tempted, but mainly just curious. I'm in the Carolina mountains bout 7 hours away.
  16. 'Cause the first ones that were used by our ancient Southern ancestors were actually made from the long leg bone from a real pig. They commonly called the pig's leg a "pig stick" when they roasted them when they barbecued the pig. I discovered this while doing my usual in-depth careful research when writing my story about Real Southern Fried Chicken.
  17. Don't force it----get a BIGGER HAMMER!
  18. I stopped in our local bar-b-q joint and asked about a pig stick. They claimed that pigs don't have sticks!
  19. I dunno what the color is called either, but it looks like the color of Old Codger.
  20. Awww Don, I follow your builds religiously! DANG --- did Old Codger really cost that much??? Oh yeah---sails. You could build something that would use the rig from Local honey. Maybe even modify her plans for a cuddy. You KNOW you really WANT a cabin!
  21. Fancy stuff! May be "interesting getting a nut on that one. i guess you'd screw the bolt into the nut. The others would be mounted on the breasthook?
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