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Mathew Flinders 246


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It is really not sideways!  Hope to launch next week at a friendly shipyard travelift.  Solar panels are all working great,  hope to motor around a bit and test the Torqeedo pod drive.  4-1 on the mainsheet sure makes a pile of sheet!  





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Yes, quite a pile there. ?

Your boat has some great features and I like the colors you’ve chosen. 
I thought I spotted your CS20mk3 in a video of a Texas event. I didn’t capture the shot. 
I look forward to seeing how your initial time on the water goes. 

Edit: Found the video again… Texas 200 in 2017. Is this you?





Video link:


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We did our “technical launch”, had a minor problem with the centerboard trunk, all good now.  We wanted to test the rigging before I paint the masts, wasn’t smart enough to do that on our Core Sound 20.3. So the boat is back home getting the masts painted and some minor additions, stuff like binocular rack, spice rack, stuff like that. Notice Carol taking a nap on the bunk behind the lee cloth.  The game warden after he completed his inspection, declaring it to be a boat!

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The game warden said he had inspected various “homemade “ boats and the general thought it is easier to conduct a “pre license “ inspection than a rescue/recovery.  He mentioned some of the boats he inspected/rejected  he wouldn’t cross a farm pond in.  

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