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  1. Beautiful video. Very poignant. Is it true that all of the video and photos were done before you knew that Jim Slauson was gone or even in trouble? Also just watching the tracker it seemed like you and Paul stopped more on this trip is that true? Lovely shots of you and Paul at Cape Sable? Usually I think of your race as more frantic without time for reflective walks on the beach. Is that just the power of editing?
  2. There are numerous ways to draw your waterline. Carefully because it is one of the first things everyone will notice at least for the first year. This is some suggestions from some of the forums best. Though it is hard to go wrong watching Lou. https://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9887-grahams-bootstripe/?tab=comments#comment-90417
  3. Thanks Steve. Very timely. I think it may be Amos that has a similar boarding ladder. I hope it does not take an unfortunate incident to wise me up. My webbing works OK but if for some reason I lost a fraction of my strength I might not be able to get back in my boat. I should take the might out of that sentence.
  4. Is the main snotter location on the mast high? When double reefed the angle between the clew and the main snotter increases. Would this focus more of any excessive sprit tension on the top of the sail? I have stretched some of the lower main sail track by neglecting to ease the snotter when easing the main sheet.
  5. My mind gets a little overloaded trying to follow you, but there is a beautiful gymnastic flair to your thought process that I can admire, as you nail your landing.
  6. Steve I have also thought about using a tether, but I have never tried to rig one up. I have to move around so much and already have so many lines to deal with. Ideally Jim's Spot Tracker should have continued to broadcast his location. Why did it go silent? I have noticed several comments from Watertribers reporting Spot Trackers not functioning. An adventurer would become very familiar with using a Spot Tracker because you may be sending OK messages daily or every few hours. In an emergency an adventurer might continue to use or attempt to use the less reliable but familiar piece of rescue equipment instead of switching to the more reliable, but less familiar PLB.
  7. The Coast Guard has suspended their search for SailorMan, Jim Slauson. Even as the other participants celebrate their completion of the course it is impossible to forget this one that did not make it. Congratulations to the finishers and God Bless Jim Slauson and his family. Safety was one of the features of BandB boats that appealed to me. I think it is one of their strong suites. The capsize camps and development of mast head floats have demonstrated a continued commitment to safety at sea. However no matter how safe your vessel there is going to be a certain amount of risk involved. The skill and decisions of the crew have a huge impact on vessel safety, but the power of the sea can overwhelm even the wisest and most skilled mariner and founder the best boat. I have for the last few years carried a PLB in the center pocket of my PFD. To activate it I would have to remove it from the pocket, deploy the antenna and depress the proper button. There is a power and a test button of similar size located close together. I can accomplish this pretty easily on dry land, when I am well rested, during daylight hours so I can review the instructions on the back. However..... There is beauty and a unique satisfaction in going to sea in a boat you have made. Let us be as safe as we can and look after each other and cherish those wonderful hours on the water.
  8. I am sorry to hear that. Tough news for family and friends.
  9. The Watertribe tracker has been down for awhile. There is an alternative site Raceowl that shows Alan and Paul crossing Florida Bay. Greybeard in the bright yellow CS17mk3 has been at Cape Sable for awhile. I can not find a position for Dawn Patrol. What has happened to Sailorman is a bit of mystery. He seemed to be drifting for several hours and now his tracking device has not updated for 25 hours. I believe the CG was called and initiated a search but I do not know the status. I hope everyone is safe out there.
  10. I captured this photo from the Watertribes Facebook page. That is Alan dragging Southern Skimmer out from Chokoloskee as Dawn Patrol is coming in. Must be some wind out there judging by the reefs set in the sails.
  11. Alan reached Chokoloskee about an hour and a half in front of Dawn Patrol. He and Paul are heading out Rabbit Key Pass with the last of the tide. Dawn Patrol is still at Chokoloskee. If they miss the tide and daylight will they just stay at Choko? I could see Greybeard aka Michael Collins in his CS17mk3 back at Marco. Looks like the wind stays out of the East.
  12. Alan did do well cutting behind Cape Romano. It looks like he has almost made it up Indian Key Pass. Dawn Patrol is just approaching the Pass and I believe the tide has begun to Ebb.
  13. That is interesting. Alan is taking the inside channels, while Dawn Patrol is going around the outside of Cape Romano. A strategic move. Will it pay off?
  14. I have been watching the http://Watertribe.com It looks like most of the fleet has make rapid progress down the coast. The big cats seem to be out in front. Ralph Coles and Randy Smyth in their Nacra C20 have left Flamingo and are heading around Florida Bay. I spotted Alan and Paul on the tracker map south of Naples. They were just behind Dawn Patrol. What is with that? Alan must have taught his CS 20 well.
  15. The start has been delayed until 10am because of gusty NE winds. 15kts with gusts to 20. Wind is forecast to stay 15kts NE through tonight then veer East and slowly decrease. Sounds like fun.
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