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  1. Sunday afternoon Jay and Carol in Southern Express, Graham in Carlita, and Sally and I in Skorpa left for a four day cruise to Portsmouth and Ocracoke. Skorpa and Carlita rafted up for dinner in Riggs Creek off Bonner Bay Getting an early start for the crossing to Portsmouth Island Southern Express and Carlita heading to Portsmouth Island We made it! The Coast Guard station at Portsmouth Island Climbing to the observation deck. Looking West toward the mainland. Looking East across the Ocracoke Inlet After exploring Portsmouth we headed across the inlet to Ocracoke. We anchored in Silver Lake. Wednesday Carlita and Skorpa sailed back to Chapel Creek. Southern Express followed on Thursday.
  2. Thanks for the trip report. Tangier is an interesting destination. Peter is pretty sharp to ask about your board position. I don't think the board needs to be all the way down, half way or even less will make a big difference.
  3. Sally and I plan to stay a few days after the Messabout. We are hoping to get a couple of nights at anchor. We do not have a destination in mind. We will see what the wind and weather bring. Paul Totally understand the difficulty of the trip. We will miss you.
  4. Somehow your dream of building a boat became your family's dream. Your success has become your family's success. As I watch that video I can hardly imagine how your son feels or his Mom. You have done very well in so many ways.
  5. Thank Patrick for the photos. Hoping you will be OK over the next several days as flood waters work their way out. Take care.
  6. Looks like you have some good hands on family support. Thanks for keeping us updated when you have the time. We will be thinking of you.
  7. Super. You are in clover my friend. Good work. Joe
  8. I think this thread is incredibly valuable. Not long after I launched my EC22 my wife and I capsized our boat while on a trip in April with no one in sight. Some tips that Graham had shared with me helped us right our boat and sail eight miles back to the dock. Wetter but a little wiser. That situation could easily have become miserable or tragic. B&B's knowledge and experience is broad and always growing. Thank you.
  9. Well I have found that if I pay close attention as I am inserting the batten I can get it to snag on the elastic and fit properly. So were they properly inserted and slipped out of place or just carelessly inserted? Further testing required and there is a nice wind. On the left is the stock batten tip. On the right is a batten tip borrowed from a wind surfer sail.
  10. As I was enjoying a sail in my Spindrift 10 I noticed that the trailing edge of the sail had a curl to it. At first I thought that the battens were too short. On closer examination I can see that the battens are slipping past the elastic at the base of the pocket. The pockets appear to be designed for a batten width of about 1.5 inches. The battens that came with my sail are about 0.6 inches. I think I have seen some battens with a hook on one end to capture the elastic. I don't know if that would solve the problem or if I should just get wider battens. Anyone else dealing with this problem?
  11. I will lift a glass of grape juice to that. Many happy adventures for you and your family.
  12. Graham I hope my clew looks better. Alan I like the pool noodle idea. I
  13. Four years ago I built a Spindrift 10. I really enjoy sailing this boat. The Spindrift tacks very quickly and is fun to sail in all conditions from mild to wild. I think this would be a great boat for grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to learn to sail in, but I don't want to worry about them being hit in the head by the boom while tacking or jibing. I suspect that some of you might suggest that after a few hits you soon learn to duck, but I would prefer to minimize the danger. I have a few ideas on how to do this and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. 1: Raise the boom. The top of my boom is about 2' 11" above the base of the mast. This results in the bottom of the boom being about 24" above the seats. I could raise the boom about 3 inches and still be able to tighten the luff. There are at least two things I don't know here. How high would the boom have to be above the seats to clear a youthful sailors head? How much would raising the Center of Effort affect the boats performance? 2: Replace the existing boom with a sprit boom. The sleeve luff would interfere with attaching the snotter to the mast. Graham told me he thought the sprit boom would have a significant negative impact on the performance of the Spindrift. Unfortunately this was my preferred choice. So, raise the boom if so by how much, or change to a sprit boom, or any other ideas? Thanks Joe
  14. Frowley, I just noticed your question. I have a Karavan RB KKR-2400 78-S. I see that KKR is their line of roller trailers which seems a bit odd. I struggled a bit with what trailer to get and finally just jumped. I am not sure I landed in the best spot but it works. One of the dimensions I looked closely at was the width between the fenders. The KKR-2100 has the same width so that would seem to be a better choice not sure why I went with the 2400. Of course the width between the fenders is only important if you are opting for the ride between the wheels as opposed to the ride over the wheels. If I recall correctly I spoke with a representative at the factory and custom ordered the trailer. It came set up with three keel rollers and bunks. I suspect the frames are identical so whether it is a KKR or KKB does not matter if it is a custom order. I went with the bent cross bars and you are right they drop something like 8 inches which is too much for our boats. 3 or 4 inches would be better. I had to lift the center rollers up and modify the bunk brackets down to make it work. It is very possible that the straight cross bars would be a better fit. I think your keel would be a few inches higher. You could back the trailer in a little further to make up for the extra height. I hope that helps. Joe
  15. Launch Day! Photos are not specifically of the trailer setup, but I hope it gives you an idea.
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