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  1. Thanks for the reminder. My Spindrift 10 mast is 5.2 meters slightly over 17 feet. I only had a bathroom scale to weigh it on. The mast weight is about 7 lbs or 3 something kg. My mast is 3 sections. The bottom two are aluminum the upper section is hollow wood.
  2. Very cool video Alan. I like the close up and also the zoom out where you can see the entire expanse of the Neuse River. Looks like you were moving along pretty well with a nice swell. I see one shot wing and wing so you must have a little more video. Did you fly the drone at other parts of the course? Congratulations to you and Chief and the other tribers. Chief must be especially pleased, beautiful looking boat.
  3. Good to hear you are enjoying your Spindrift. I should be up in RI in a week or so and I can get the weight and length of my Spindrift 10 mast to you for comparison.
  4. I had to Google where Lake Catherine is and I need to download some more detailed charts of the area. Looks like an intriguing area to explore. Going out to Cat Island? Someday I would love to sail with you down there. We have fond memories of our cruise to Portsmouth with Southern Express and Carlita.
  5. Great work Jay. You are a detail person and it shows. Just stunning. Even the game warden looks pleased!
  6. I only knew Don by his first name so at first I was not sure, but now I can remember speaking with him at a couple of Messabouts. I am sorry to hear this, but thanks for letting us know.
  7. Great video. I was pleased to see you in the Everglades Challenge. It was great fun to follow your progress and having real time photos and video made it even better. It would be interesting to hear more about your experience. I know it was a tough year with a lot of wind on the nose and even though the CS 17 sails well close hauled it gets tiring day after day. Congrats to you.
  8. Wonderful to see Kalos out in the sunshine. Enjoy her launch. Looking forward to photos.
  9. Sure enough on page 156 Flocoat procedures. Thank you for mentioning the reference. Please post pictures if you like. Ask lots of questions we all learn that way. Have fun with the build.
  10. My slant on the good advice from above. Some surfaces cry out to be precoated others not so much. I am not sure what you mean by flo coat but I think you want to apply the epoxy in as thin a coat as you can force yourself. It is possible but difficult to apply epoxy too thinly ,very easy to apply it too thickly. I prefit many pieces mark where they will be bonded and then precoat only selected areas of the panel, thus avoiding cold joints.
  11. Jay and Carol Flinders is looking incredible. More pictures please when you get a chance. Don't worry about any clutter. Simply amazing having watched you bring her to life out of a pile of wood, some epoxy, and B&B Designs.
  12. One of the things I love about going to the Messabout is learning something new. This year Graham asked me if I had seen any of the Swedes videos on foam core boat building. I told him I had not. Graham knows I am interested in foam core boat building, perhaps he also knows two of my grandparents immigrated from Sweden. Anyway my interest was piqued. So now I am learning a little more about the interesting life of Sven Yrvind. He is a bit of a blue water sailor so his mindset is a little different from us coastal cruisers but his emphasis on the advantages of keeping boats small and simple certainly resonates.
  13. Todd I caught this short clip of your boat sailing so smoothly. Sailing at the Messabout 2021
  14. Thanks Padre that worked. Now I have the video showing in the thread.
  15. Ted How do I post so my video is visible in the thread like yours?
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