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  1. Lula made it to her new home in San Diego a few days ago after towing her for around1,500 miles. We had a great trip south with good weather which is not always the case this time of year. Visited a number of friends and seemed to have picked up a ships rat after one such visit. All was well until the last .5 mile when my new transmission started slipping again! Had her OUT of overdrive the whole way but I guess having the van loaded with a surfski on the roof and a boat in tow was more than the gearbox could handle. Of course taking it to the dealer they can’t get it to slip again. Always loved this van but it will be getting traded in when we get home to BC in the Spring. Won’t be towing or have much of a load so I will have my fingers crossed. Hope to get my van back from the dealer today and get to sail Lula very soon.
  2. Looks fabulous!! Clearly the work of a “master”. I love seeing this boat come together. Please keep the pics comming.
  3. Carter- I didn’t know the article made it into the annual magazine. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks for the kind words on my obsessions. From what I saw in your last post on your OB20 build you are doing the design proud as well! Ken
  4. Good input, thanks Andy. Ken
  5. Don- it looks like you move your mizzen forward when you row. Does that work well for you?
  6. Good info Dave and Don. Good point on the need for oars that would seem redundant. There will be times when I won’t want to bother bringing the outboard with me and would like to have oar back up. I think a simple pair of 2 piece oars might do the trick. I was going to make them close to 10’ but Dave’s advice is well taken to make them a bit shorter. On rare occasions that I will need to row it will likely be in very light or no wind conditions. I would then move the mizzen to the forward mast step and row from the center thwart. For close quarters I will either use a SUP paddle or a native storm paddle that I use for that purpose on my Spindrift. Ken
  7. I am at the point Dave was with his Lapwing 6 years ago. I am grateful somebody paved the way for a good solution for back up propulsion. Now that some years have passed and more time in your boats, would you do anything differently? I have spent less than an hour in the water on Lula and used a SUP paddle for the 100 yards I needed to go with the sails down. The SUP paddle worked great for close quarters but I doubt it would do me much good against tide and wind. I will have an electric outboard but having oars still seems prudent. Any updated thinking would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks Don. I will take you up on that offer.
  9. Well, my goal was to get Lula splashed before I left for the Messabout. With the help of a friend we got her launched today. All went very well. I still have a few tweaks to take care of and a lot to learn about the Cat Ketch. Hoping to learn a lot at the Messabout this weekend from all of you. Heading out bright and early tomorrow and should be at the site on Friday morning. My friend Gil shot the video below of her first sail. Now it’s time to pack. https://photos.app.goo.gl/UWPUMto8vwKRKEsWA https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZSwwnfBeQfw3fy9T9 Ken
  10. Jay- I thought you were going to pick me up:) See you on Friday. Ken. p.s. She looks beautiful!
  11. Murray- looking good! I bought a laser level a few years ago and can’t imagine building without one now. Glad you found a solution to your building “challenge”. Keep the pics coming. Ken
  12. Peter- Thanks for the advice. I played with batten tension, etc and they look better. So far she goes to weather nicely in the driveway. Dave- I hope to find out if she floats very soon. If she doesn’t, I will just sail her in the driveway.
  13. Lula is rigged and ready to tack out of the driveway. A few minor details, but essentially done. I hoisted the sails with the battens in for the first time today. A bit of a pucker at the luff where the batten pockets are located. I am hoping a bit of wind will bend the battens enough for that to be a non issue. I would like to get her splashed before I take off on Thursday to head to the Messabout.
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