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  1. Kennneee

    Mistake with stainless steel fasteners

    Back in the 80’s I did a test of several products to find out what worked best to keep aluminum and stainless from welding themselves together. Took a piece of aluminum sailtrack and tapped a series of holes in it, screwed a stainless fastener into each one with a different product and torquing them all to the same level of tightness. After 6 months on the splash zone of a dinghy that was used every day each screw was removed with a torque wrench. The winner was LANOLIN. It was sold as LANOCOTE. The runner up was Silicone.Those sheep make good stuff. I have been using it ever since with very good results. That is not to say there are not other things that are as good or better. Just my experience. https://www.forespar.com/products/boat-lubricant-lanocote.shtml Ken
  2. Kennneee

    Ocracoke 24 #7

    Beautiful is an understatement! Do you have any idea how much she weighs and how much weight the foam constructions saved over an Ocume ply version? Ken
  3. Kennneee

    Polycarbonate or Arcylic?

    Thanks Dave.
  4. Kennneee

    Polycarbonate or Arcylic?

    Dave- Your microwave adventure sounds like a great "learning experience" I am probably one of the last humans on earth that has never owned a microwave. Years ago I wound up on the west coast of Florida after a rough passage from the Panama Canal. We hadn't been among the "civilized" in years and were thrilled when an old friend offered his fancy home on a canal for us to tie our boat to and take care of while he was away. The first night we reveled in the idea of a washing machine and dryer, the ability order a pizza and a microwave to heat up other foods. Well in the course of around 15 minutes I stupidly put something with metal in the microwave, the dryer buzzer sounded and so did the doorbell when the pizza arrived. We had a small dog and he started barking..... All of the noises almost caused us to head back to sea! Luanne likes to roast our coffee from green beans. She is quite diligent with everything she does but a few months back forgot about the coffee roasting in the kitchen and started pruning the roses. Long story short, the house filled with smoke and we were lucky that it didn't burn down. She spent 3 days scrubbing the walls, ceiling, etc. I think I might be able to use the oven for important things like annealing boat windows after that without getting any grief. Does using someone else's misfortune to my benefit make me a bad person? No answer required. Well Dave, I look at your pics and it makes me step up my game as well. Let's keep that inspiration bouncing back and forth. Ken
  5. Kennneee

    Polycarbonate or Arcylic?

    Steve- Thanks for the input. Informitive article. Acrylic it is. Ken
  6. Hi Guys- I am sure this has been discussed before but some advice would be appreciated. I am about to buy the plastic for my sliding pilot house windows, door, etc. Can't decide if I should go with Acrylic or Polycarbonate. I know acrylic is more scratch resistant but more inclined to break that polycarbonate. I thought the choice was settled when the price difference was almost 2x at my closest supplier ($375/sheet for polycarbonate). I just found another option where the price difference isn't that big ($275 plus $60 shipping). I have some smoke gray polycarbonate for the oval windows that Graham and Alan cut for me on their CNC machine so those are already covered. Any input appreciated. Ken
  7. Kennneee

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Another beauty Chick! Congrats!!
  8. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Graham- I really like the idea. I think I would mount it on the bulkhead a bit higher up. Less bending over... Ken
  9. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Egbert and Mike- Thanks for the suggestions. The 3 issues are keeping the door closed and locked, keeping the 2 panels together when closed and securing the door when open. Even with the door closed and latched there needs to be a way to keep the panels together or it would be easy to pull on the center where the 2 panels meet and force the door open. I think I will have to make up a custom latch which will mount on the port side door trim. It will have a shaft that passes through the trim and can be turned from inside or out. A piece of flat stock will be on the outside and can be rotated to prevent the door from being opened. On the outside the flat stock will have a loop that will align with a loop on the door and be used to padlock it closed when away from the boat. Egbert, those Southco latches look slick but I don't think they will work in this application. I wish they would, don't need to re-invent the latch... Keeping the 2 panels together is a bit less complicated but there can't be anything protruding very far on the inside of the doors or they won't be able to fold flat. I like the idea of hook and loop material. I have used a 3M product called Dual Lock for years which is amazingly strong. Hadn't thought of that as an option, thanks Mike. Rare earth magnets????? I also thought of a slide bolt mortised into the inside of the doors which would solve the protrusion problem. Keeping the door open is the least difficult. The idea of a screen door latch is simple and would work well. Rare earth magnets keep coming up during those monkey mind idea sessions. It is just a door!! Some people invite complexity into simple things....... Any more input/ideas appreciated. Ken
  10. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    I have been on this and the Bluejacket site for around 2 years. I must say that seeing the caliber of work that gets posted encourages and inspires me. Getting kudos from this group means a lot. Thanks.
  11. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Guys- A bit more progress on Rosie. Most of the exterior painting is complete which makes me happy. Still some non skid and door to paint, etc. I installed the glass in the windshield yesterday and will order the plastic for the windows this week. Hope to have her sealed up before the end of October when I will take a break for a couple of months of travel. I have a lot of the components for the electrical system which I look forward to doing. I like that kind of work. The steering station and seating is put together but needs to be finished. I feel like I am going in 10 directions at the same time jumping between projects. I have been having fun with the bi-fold pilot house door. Originally planned on a slider but Graham drew a beautiful arch for the bulkhead which would have made a slider difficult. Couldn’t bring myself to cut a square corner for a slider so the bi-fold was the answer. So far, I like the way the bi-fold works and folds neatly against the bulkhead. Just have to come up with some ideas for latching, locking, etc. Any ideas from the peanut gallery appreciated. cheers, Ken
  12. Kennneee

    B&B Preps for Florence

    Glad all is “well”.
  13. Kennneee

    B&B Preps for Florence

    Sending good thoughts to you all!!!
  14. Kennneee

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Sometimes it feels like the sanding will never end!

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