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  1. Hi Guys- We relaunched Rosie on a high tide Sunday evening at 9:00pm. We were barely able to float her off the trailer as the local ramp is no very steep. Thanks again for a little help from my friends and Luanne. It is said that a boat is never done but Rosie is as done as any boat I have ever built. I spent the last couple of months doing all sorts of little details on “the list” that never seems to have an end. A piece of trim here, a wire tie there, etc. Luanne got into high gear and sewed up curtains, knit what she calls a “Cozy Rosie” for cold nights in the forward cabin. Finished the dinette, galley stowage, and a bunch more things that needed doing. I only got to motor her over to the nearby dock where she is berthed and haven’t tried the kicker, trim tabs, etc.yet. Lousy weather has rolled in so I won’t get to play with the trim tabs, radar, etc. until things clear up. Getting to this point in the project leaves me with mixed emotions. On one hand I am elated to see my girl looking so lovely. After almost 4 years of being laser focused on this build I have to learn to think about other things again. In the mean time, I have to get cracking on the KENCRANE and a few other things. Ok, disregard the part about her being done. Who am I kidding?
  2. Glad you are able to get back to work. The things we are willing to put up with to build are boats is amazing. I have uses composite brads and stables on my OB26 and Kendrift and they have been a real winner. The hold well for gluing and it is easy to sand the heads off. From the looks of things you might be able to get a job with the CDC. Ken
  3. Dave- I think I misread the plan description. I thought I was building a stand up paddle board, damn!
  4. Got to launch her yesterday. Connecting a new boat to water for the first time is always a wonderful experience. As expected, the Kendrift design seems like a winner. I have a few tweaks to take care of such as fine tuning oar length and oar lock position And mounting fendering. . Did a solo row and one with Luanne aboard. She moves through the water nicely, is very stable and looks great. Can’t ask for much more from a 9’ tender.
  5. I got sidetracked on a some other projects and Rosebud was put on the back burner. Finally finished the painting this past week. The Kencrane mast step has been installed. Rosie goes in the water the first week in June and I will get to try out the crane shortly after. I REALLY will launch the Rosebud this week.
  6. Is it air or kiln dried. Much harder to get kiln dried wood to steam bend. A strap over the outside of the wood can help keep it from blowing out.
  7. Jay- Thanks for the kudos. I would love to do the Great Loop in Rosie and mentioned it to Luanne tonight. She would be game but we have a lot to explore in this amazing part of the world first. So many boats, so many trips and so little time! I enjoy your Mathew Flinders thread, Ken
  8. HI All- I guess it has been almost 6 months since I added anything to this thread. I am in the middle of quite a few projects with several of them about to be completed. I made a Sapelle radar mount and installed it this week. I was originally going to buy an aluminum one but decided to give a wooden one a shot. Turned out to be more involved than I planned which is often the case with bright ideas. I am pleased with the outcome, however. The mount is easily removable with 4 bolts for trailering. I was able to integrate a load hailer and air horn into the design. I mounted a 9.9hp Tohatsu kicker on a bracket with 16’ of vertical travel. Positioning it was harder for me than I would have anticipated. With Rosies stern being curved and having a 13 degree angle complicated my ability to see where the kicker would wind up relative to the bottom when the bracket is fully extended. For those with better abilities to see in 3 dimensions it probably is pretty simple. I spent way to much time mouth breathing and having my eyes glaze over. I have installed a set of LectroTab trim tabs as well. Rosie did fine without them but there are a few situations where I think they will be an asset. When I launched Rosie for the first time last year one thing that I noticed immediately was a small rooster tail off the stern on the STBD side. It took me a few minutes to realize it was coming off of the transducer. Had no idea how to correct the problem until Oyster sent me a link to a little metal plate that fits over the top of the transducer and prevents water from getting between the hull and the transducer. Hope it works. Thanks Mike! I have also added a AIS transponder and VHF radio, compass, etc. Now I have to figure out how all of this high tech stuff works and remember to look out the windshield occasionally and not at the plotter screen! With the Spindrift 9 AKA The Kendrift and Rosebud a coat or two of paint away from completion, I am building the crane Graham designed AKA Kencrane. Waiting for a few parts to finish this project. There are lots of little trim pieces and a dinette table to build and I will splash her for the season. One little project I did the other day was to deal with a annoying problem I have had when refueling. Before I can stop dumping fuel in I often get a spurt of fuel coming out of the tank vent. Messy and polluting. If I fill the tank very high, I will get a weeping of fuel out of the vent when the temperature rises. I made a cap to go over the vent with a removable container to catch the gasoline. Used stuff I had lying around here to make this contraption and the container is from some mint chocolate chip ice cream. I think that is the best choice to go with the gasoline. Wouldn't you agree?
  9. Jay- I would imagine there should be some copies floating around. At one time I think Skene’s was considered a “bible” of yacht design. Wasserboot- The dimensions in the book were compiled in the 20’s when people didn’t know they were small. It was based on a average height of 5’9”. People have certainly gotten taller (smarter?). I will use the dimensions from the 20’s since Luanne is 5’5” and I am 5’11”. Sort of averages out. There is a multiplier for different heights in the book.
  10. I am about to build a dinette table for Rosie. I have built a few chairs and tables over the years but always have to refresh my memory on the ergonomic relationships (heights, clearances, etc.). I have had Skene’s for almost 40 years. It is pretty ragged after my dog chewed on it shortly after I got it. I remembered a page that had much of what I needed and decided to give SIRI a break and revert to one of those weird book things for answers. Surprisingly it seemed to work without any wifi problems. I wonder if this book is used by designers anymore. I am guessing that Graham may have worn out a copy or two over the years. Ken
  11. Steve- When I moved to Canada I learned the word Skookum. That hoist looks pretty skookum. The Kencrane is designed to be light, stowable and strong enough for my light weight tender (Kendrift). What you have in mind looks like you could hoist whatever you wanted up to your PH roof. Post pics when you get it built. Ken
  12. I have been distracted by other projects and haven’t launched “Rosebud” yet. My paint arrived so I decided to finish the paint before launching her. I have the primer on and should get to the finish coats very soon.
  13. Beautiful work!!
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