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  1. Outboard advice

    Thanks guys!
  2. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Guys- I am about to head off for a road/surfski paddle trip to California for a few weeks. All work and no play.... I am already thinking of what I want to get done on Rosie when I return. Will undoubtedly come back with a van load of gear and materials. I completed the forward cabin top and got it glassed yesterday. Been mortising butt hinges and fine tuning the cabinet harware in the pilothouse, etc. Cheers, Ken
  3. Outboard advice

    HI Guys- Thanks for the input. I am pretty sure I will go with a Yamaha at this point. I was surprised to find out that I can get the Yamaha for less than the Suzuki. That is a reversal from the pricing last year. So here is the remaining question that In am hoping you can guide me on. The choice between the standard 90 and the VMAX. I have asked the salespeople how that VMAX would compare but they don't seem to know. The price difference is only about $300. If the VMAX has more grunt without a big penalty in fuel economy then it is a no brainier. Top speed is not a bit deal to me but having enough power in headwinds and chop makes sense. Maybe Tom can chime in on how his Bluejacket 28 responds with a 90 since the displacement is not that different that the OB26. Ken
  4. Outboard advice

    Hi Guys, I am about to pull the trigger on an outboard for my OB 26 and would love any input. My knowledge of modern outboards is pretty limited and I am sure most of know more than I do about this subject. Long story short, my choices have come down to a Suzuki 90 or either of 2 Yamahas. Yamaha has a standard 90 and a brand new 90VMAX SHO which is supposed to have more punch that the standard model. I am leaning towards the Yamana 90 VMAX SHO and would welcome any input. Fuel economy, quiet and reliability are pretty important considerations for me. I had a dealer give me a great price on the VMAX which is only a few hundred bucks more than the standard model. The VMAX weighs the same as the standard model. Thanks in advance.
  5. Duckworks Boat Shop Tour

    Josh from Duckworks contacted me a few months back and asked to do an article on my shop. Here it is if you are interested. https://mailchi.mp/04908c724596/boat-shop-tours
  6. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Dave- Thanks for the thoughtful response. I am relatively new to power boats as well. I spent 7 years living and travelling on a steel sailboat that I built. At that time 6 knots was screaming along. FAST forward and I am building a powerboat and like you think speeds in the teens is flying. My intention to hang a 90hp off ROSIE's transom is based on the design recommendation. The OB26 has a bit higher displacement than the Bluejacket 25.5 and not far from the Bluejacket 28. Since ROSIE is the first of this design I don't have sister ships to compare her to in terms of performance. I would rather err on the high side and not kick myself later if I go with a motor that is undersized for this boat. I have been led to believe that fuel consumption would not be radically different going with a larger motor and not pushing it as hard. As far as weight goes Graham has given the thumbs up on the weight of a 90 hp. I guess we will find out when I get her wet. I have always been pretty bare bones when cruising. Never had refrigeration, hot water heaters, etc. I will likely join the modern age and get some decent electronics for navigation but don't expect to have a huge current demand. As a matter of fact I just happened upon my old Tamaya sextant and plan to sell it. Not sure if it has any value these days for anything more than a paperweight:) I am not planning to head over the horizon and sail the ends of the earth at this point. Rosie will likely be used for shorter trips with a longer trip occasionally. I have to keep reminding myself as I build the interior that I don't need liveaboard and bluewater storage. I think ROSIE has more storage then my 32' sailboat had. Ahhh, the luxury of a powerboat... I also have to start shopping for a trailer. I don't expect to use a trailer for much more than storage and a few miles a year to launch here on Salt Spring. That is a whole other bit of "research" to figure out what to get. She will likely hang on a mooring during the Summer and shoulder seasons. Again, thanks for the feedback and keep us all posted on your march towards launch. Cheers, Ken
  7. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Guys- Thanks for the kudos. I am starting to see the finish line in sight but it is still a ways off. I love seeing the details coming together. I started installing the cuddy cabin top this week and am ready to install a lot of the "furniture" that was spayed with finish in the last few days. I would never admit to standing at the helm and imagining ROSIE cruising along on the way to Alaska. Nope wouldn't ever admit to that! Funny that you mentioned your motor Dave. I have been shopping for a motor as well but still haven't pulled the trigger yet. I will likely go with a 90hp. Any advice or comments on motors would be greatly appreciated. The local dealer would prefer that I install it myself if I buy it from him. As Graham mentioned he would give it a final check before the first start up. I think he would rather have fussy builders drilling holes in their work. I recently went to a boat show in Vancouver and was offered a great deal on an ETECH 90 with a 10 year warranty. There is no dealer that sells and services Evinrude locally so I am reluctant to go with that option. That leaves Suzuki and Yamaha. I am sure either would be a good choice. Yamaha has come out with a new 90 and a SHO or SUPER HIGH OUTPUT version which sounds pretty good. Again, I don't have much knowledge on these motors so any thoughts would be helpful. Dave, get that beauty launched. It is a piece of art that needs to get wet! Cheers, Ken
  8. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Thanks guys.
  9. CPR Training !

  10. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi All-Finally got off my butt to take some pics of ROSIE. I have most of the cockpit seating and storage complete. The interior cabinetry is mostly complete. I am waiting for some material to arrive so I can spray the cabinet and drawer faces. Hope to have them complete this week. The interior painting has begun. I cut the window and port openings in the pilot house sides a couple of days ago. I love the new open look and how it makes the lovely profile stand out. It is the small details that add up to a pleasing look. Graham’s artistry really shines with little things like small changes in the oval port size in the forward cabin. They get slightly larger as you look aft. Something that might not be obvious but makes a subtle difference. The galley is coming along nicely. I bit the bullet and splurged for a WALLAS diesel/kerosene stove that doubles as a cabin heater. The countertop is plywood that has been coated with a very cool product from DAICH COATINGS. It has stone imbeded in the 3 part system and makes a really nice counter. Thanks to Henry Hassel, one of the BLUEJACKET builders for that recommendation. I plan to build the cuddy cabin roof soon and begin final exterior paint and deck coating. Unfortunately the pilot house sides and aft bulkhead will have to be removed to extricate ROSIE from the shop. Now only 9,090 details left! Ken
  11. CPR Training !

    Sore ribs and chest was one of the worst parts of my experience. What kind of wife breaks her husbands ribs. Spousal abuse?
  12. CPR Training !

    Meester, That is pretty amazing. Whats in a name? Ken
  13. Engine Footprint (FLAT AREA)

    Thanks Oyster!
  14. Hi Guys- I am getting close to getting a motor for Rosie and need to think about mounting it. That beautifully curved transom on the Outerbanks needs a flat area for the the engine mount. I could guess by looking at the standard BIA bolt pattern but thought some input from the forum might save some hassle. Thanks. Ken
  15. CPR Training !

    Hi All, As some of you know I had a Coronary Arrest 3 months ago. I have been beyond lucky to have survived with some of the docs calling it a miracle. I know this is a bit off topic for this forum but I know a lot of us are "mature" and the possibility of a heart event increases with age. My wife Luanne performed CPR on me for 19 minutes and was instrumental in me being around to write this post. Since I am forever grateful to be alive and able to go back to kayak racing and building my Outer Banks 26, I am encouraging my friends to consider taking a CPR course. If I had a choice I certainly would have skipped this event but since I have been so fortunate, I feel like I owe to others in my life to encourage you to learn this skill and perhaps save a life. My survival has kicked up a lot of dust here in British Columbia with newspaper and radio stories. Luanne was given "THE VITAL LINK" award. Lots of unwanted attention but I am getting lots of hugs from pretty girls, better discounts at the lumber yard, calls and visits from friends, etc. Got to skim the cream off of these otherwise unfortunate obstacles life can throw at you! Here are a couple of links if you have any interest in knowing more. One is a radio interview with Luanne and the other a text story. Again, please accept my apologies if this seems inappropriate use of this forum. http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/all-points-west http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/cpr-saves-husbands-life-1.4516166 Carpe Diem, Ken P.S. Rosie is coming along nicely. I will try to get some progress photos up soon.

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