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  1. I have used Express Air which is located at the Victoria airport for importing things into Canada. They have a terminal in Blaine, Washington to receive the item then they truck/ferry it to Victoria. You go to the airport and walk the paper work through customs. They are quite reasonable cost wise. Last year I imported a vintage motorcycle in a crate and they charged me $50. I think I got a “good customer” deal on that but using this service has saved me a lot of money over the years.
  2. Mike- Thanks for the tip on the Microwave. I have never owned one if you can believe that. I am still back in the middle of the 20th century. Don’t even have a leisure suit yet! This place in SD has one so I might try that trick. How does epoxy go with Pop Tarts? Always appreciate the input from people that are in the know! Ken
  3. The 575lb crate arrived this week here in San Diego. A lot of strange looking parts that will someday be a boat. Not quite as easy as adding water and stirring but certainly a lot of work saved with so many pieces of plywood already cut perfectly to size. Alan sent a preliminary video showing me the 3D modelling he and Graham have done to facilitate the building of this new kit. Looks like black magic to me but it certainly seems to work. Alan will have a final video and the rest of the plans to go with the kit done shortly if anyone out there is thinking of a Lapwing kit. I unpacked the crate and set up the building jig in about an hour. I used some of the crating parts to build a glueing table for the cockpit sides and the planks which are joined together with finger style joints. Even though the joints are cut very precisely, it is important to have measurements where the ends and center of the planks are in relation to each other. A small bit of misalignment when doing the glue-up could lead to problems down the line. I have a couple of the planks done but am stymied waiting for the epoxy to kick since I can only do one set at a time in the space I have to work. Fast hardener would be the way to go on this for me but my kit came with the slow. For more patient builders the slow hardener might be better since it gives more open time. I usually only use slow when doing cloth lay-ups. Of course it depends what the climate is like where you are doing your build. Surprisingly it has been a bit cool her in San Diego the last week or so only one set per day. Forced me to go out paddling yesterday and a bike ride today. At this rate I will be much fitter but the Lula will come together a bit slower. A reasonable trade-off.
  4. I have no interest in getting into an argument over which epoxy is better or wether you drive a Chevy or a Ford. I don’t footnote everything I share but like to believe it could have some value. Dave, I find your posts some of the most interesting and informative that I read here and wilI do say this will all due respect. I believe that this is a great place to share knowledge, opinions and to inspire. I can say for instance, that I never had System 3 Silver Tip blush and West System has blushed for me. Is that a big deal? You decide. Does mean it is the gosepel truth for all? Obviously there are many variables. To put out our personal experience is part of why where are sharing this space. Everybody should do their own research, but chiming in with what we have seen or heard gives us all food for thought. I would hate to have people hold back for fear that they may need a bit of course correction. As long as it doesn’t get personel or nasty, have at it. Partake at your own risk. For some more food for thought here is an old, well researched epoxy comparison. http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Epoxresl.htm Ken
  5. That is what I have understood as well.
  6. Alan- Do you have any bracket or mounting set up for wood masts? I am sure I can come up with something that would work on my wooden Lapwing mast to fit one of these to it but don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  7. Dave and Steve- Your homework saves me a lot of time. I appreciate it. Dave, do you remember the make and model of your trailer? Ken
  8. Looking forward to seeing it come together. Keep the pics and comments coming.
  9. I have used all of the epoxies mentioned over the years. The only one of the above that I had a problem with was MAS. On one of my strip kayaks that was in the sun a lot the epoxy seemed to soften a bit and allow some creep in the strips. I think that is an unusual case so I wouldn’t completely discount using it for most applications. I migrated to System Three Silvertip eventually and it is a great product. Recently I started using BandB epoxy and it is a fine product and reasonably priced. For water clear, super light layups I will still use System 3 Silver Tip. For almost anything else I will use BandB epoxy. I will never go back to the 5:1 and 3:1 products because it is easier to mix a 2:1 batch when doing small batches. I use a scale and my brain has an easier time doing the math with a 2:1 mix. I have also read that the 5:1 mix is more likely to cause a allergic reaction. I can’t verify this but it is worth investigating.
  10. Don and Steve- What model trailer did you order? Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys- My Lapwing kit is getting refined and should be shipped here for me to assemble in the coming weeks. From what I see from Alan and Graham, this boat should jump out of the crate and assemble itself. Well not quite but it looks like they have come up with some creative ways to make this an easy build. Time to start thinking about a trailer for her. I would welcome any input on what to consider for this light weight 16’ boat. Bunks, rollers, tire size, etc. and any other details. Getting a trailer may take longer then building the boat with the supply chain drama we seem to be dealing with. Thanks in advance. Ken
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