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  1. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Egbert- Thanks for the pics. Looks like you did a first class install but that isn’t a surprise. Would love to hear more about how it works for you when you get a chance to play with it more. Ken
  2. Kennneee

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Beautiful work Steve!
  3. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Thanks Dave. I know that Egbert put a bow thruster on his Bluejacket to help with close quarters maneuvering. Would love to hear how that worked out. I think all of us builders appreciate the inspiration we get from the online community. Sure has helped me a great deal. Ken
  4. Kennneee

    OB 20 Center Console

    Beautiful work!
  5. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Guys- Not lots of progress in the last few weeks. I did have a good ride out to Montana and visitied with Richard and Kathy Bacon. They built a beautiful OB 20, LEGACY. I got to have my first ride in a Outer Banks and was quite impressed with the performance. Meeting Richard and Kathy was a real treat. They spent 8 years sailing the world and have a life full creativity and adventure. People that build boats are often they way as we all know. Richard has built most of the furniture in his house and was just completing a tear drop trailer for a wedding gift for his granddaughter. Here is a link to a blog of their build http://baconob20.blogspot.com/ Since I was in the area I looked up an old roommate from 40 years ago. He lives only a few miles from Richard and Kathy and owns a martial arts school called LEGACY MARTIAL ARTS. Seems like LEGACY became the theme of the trip. Greg is a master of several martial arts. From the pics from 40 years ago you can see why he currently needs 2 hip replacements. Back to Rosie. The pilot house roof is ready for fiberglass and I should get that done in the next few days. My trailer should be ready next week so I hope to liberate Rosie from the shop soon. Lots to do but moving forward. More soon. Ken
  6. Kennneee

    Opening windshield on the cheap

  7. Where did you find that hardware??
  8. Oyster- Looks great. I was originally planning a sliding door on Rosie but recently decided to either go with 2 doors or one bifold. The 2 doors looks like a better way to go. Thanks for the post. Ken
  9. Kennneee

    Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi All- Here are some pics if ROSIE with her hull painted and Sapele Mahogony rails installed. The motor is sitting in its crate and the trailer should be finished in a few weeks. Hope to drag her out of the shop when the trailer arrives and mount the motor and pilot house. Still much to do but it feels like the worst of the grunt work is behind me. Off to Montana in the morining for a motorcycle trip and break from boat work. Plan to stop in on Richard Bacon in Corvalis, MT and see his OB 20. Ken
  10. Kennneee

    Aussie Open OB-20 #26

    Exceptional!! Love the beer holder.
  11. Oyster- Do you have any more build pics online? Would love to see more. Thanks. Ken
  12. Oyster- Clever. How about more pics? Maybe some more ideas to “steal”. Ken
  13. Kennneee

    Ocracoke 256 #3

  14. Kennneee

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    Try a small sample patch before giving up the plan.
  15. Kennneee

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    The epoxy I coated over was SYSTEM 3. It doesn’t blush like WEST so that could explain the differnence between my and Mike's result.

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