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  1. Lenny- I have been following this build for a long time. Your craftsmanship is really impressive and the final product is a beauty! Congratulations and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Cheers, Ken
  2. Hi All- I need a cover for my Spindrift 9. It lives on on the pilot house of my OB26 and needs t be covered so it stays dry. Finding someone local to make it for me is a problem. Since there are so many of these boats out there I wonder if anybody has had a cover made and can make a recommendation for a source? Thanks! Ken
  3. I finally had a chance to try out my EPropulsion Spirit1.0 plus today. Luanne and I spent about 2 hours tooling around in Rosebud (modified Spindrift 9). What a wonderfully odd sensation. Sailing, rowing or paddling give you a quiet way to move through the water. All of these means of propulsion require some effort, which I love. Stealthily moving through the water while doing nothing but looking around is not something I have done much until now. The motor works beautifully and is almost dead silent. The only sound you hear is the water against the hull. The LCD screen gives you a few bits of
  4. Lenm- Stunning! You must be proud. Ken
  5. Egbert- Building a new shop is daunting but fun. Hope you get to enjoy the project when it stops raining. The Hydrocoat that I applied 2 years ago is working well. It wasn’t the fault of the Hydrocoat that it didn’t adhere to the trim tabs. I have ordered some of the Barnacle Barrier and hope that does the job. I will overcoat it with Hydrocoat. Have you tried the Hydrocoat Eco? Maybe someone reading this has and can comment. Thinking of using that next time I paint the bottom. My venting problem was not unique. When I filled the tank the vent would spew fuel before I had a chance to s
  6. Egbert- A lot of your ideas have been helpful to me during my build. Your engine cover in one of them. Thanks! Did you move to another area? I installed trim tabs on Rosie and they have been more valuable then I expected. When I installed them I put a coat of epoxy and then some bottom paint (hydrocoat) on them. The paint didn’t adhere well and I had some growth on the tabs when we hauled her out. I am going to try some of Pettit’s Barnacle Barrier this year. Perhaps it will help with your barnacle issue. Ken
  7. For some reason the comments in this thread brought up a lot of introspection. If your not in the mood for my rambling on this subject please ignore and accept my apologies. But here goes. When I was a young guy I had the mindset that if I couldn’t build it or fix it I shouldn’t own it. I became a shop teacher and tried to instill this mindset in my students. I spent years doing extended motorcycle travel. Early on I had to be on a vintage bike that I restored. Windshield not allowed, just goggles and an open faced helmet. No money but lots of time. Working here and there for gas m
  8. I decided to get an electric outboard for my Spindrift 9. Did a bunch of research and ordered an EPropulsion Spirit 1.0 plus a few months ago. They are in high demand and things were delayed due to covid. The good news is I am going to pick it up tomorrow and expect to try it out later this week. Love the idea of a silent motor. It is light weight and easy to cary since the battery can be carried separately. The battery floats if you have one of those “wish I could unring that bell” moments. One of the reasons I enjoy rowing this dinghy so much is that it is quiet and I don’t feel like I am d
  9. Dave- What I am building is a three sided cover. The aft end will be open. Certainly not as quiet as a 4 sided box would be. I don’t expect miracles but hoping for some sound reduction. In the pilot house the engine noise isn’t bad. Sitting outside when we are under weigh is when the noise is annoying. I am hoping the curved top of the box will act a little like a megaphone in reverse reflecting more of the sound behind the boat.
  10. Reacher - Thanks for the input. I need to find an insulation that can withstand the weather. When the motor is tilted up the inside of the box will be the outside. Not sure if this is a fools errand. Won’t be my first. Ken
  11. Hi Guys My Yamaha 90 is reasonably quiet for an outboard motor. I would like to reduce the noise further and am building a box that will cover the engine well and the outboard as far back as the transom. Wondering if anybody has any experience with something like this and how effective has it been? Need recommendations on sound insulation that would be waterproof as well. Thanks. Ken
  12. Carter- You seem to be taking a sane approach to boat building. Doing some other things for a break is a great idea. Looks like a great time. Beautiful pics. Your boat looks beautiful as well! Looking forward to seeing more pics as she progresses. Since I have a bad memory, I think all the work is well worth it!! Cheers, Ken
  13. Thanks guys. Carter, how are things coming along on your OB20? Pics?
  14. Oh, 90hp is enough for me. Almost never go top speed and hole shot is of little importance to me. We like to cruise around 15 -18 knots and there is plenty of power for that. A 115hp is about the same weight if you want more juice. Ken
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