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  1. Oh, 90hp is enough for me. Almost never go top speed and hole shot is of little importance to me. We like to cruise around 15 -18 knots and there is plenty of power for that. A 115hp is about the same weight if you want more juice. Ken
  2. Doug- I remember your brother in his Nordic Tug snapping some pics. Thanks for posting them. Bret- So far Rosie seems to perform well in everything we have encountered. That said, we have not been in any really nasty stuff. What I will say is that she rides quite well in any chop we have had her in. I occasionally look for large ferry wakes and take them at different angles and she does nicely. She has quite a lot of waterline beam and I think that explains why she is resistant to rolling in anything we have come across. She is also relatively unaffected by weight. By that I mean passen
  3. Hi Guys- Some of you have followed my build of Rosie, an Outer Banks 26. After all of the time and effort put into her creation it has been such a pleasure to spend lots of time aboard this Summer. Luanne and I would head out for 2-4 nights most weeks exploring the wonderful cruising grounds in our own back yard, the Gulf Islands. Some of the places we would anchor in were less than 10 miles from our home. We recently decided to go further afield and head up to Desolation Sound for a couple of weeks. In normal years the beautiful anchorages up there are crowded with large yachts coming from
  4. Bret- Keep us posted on your choice. Enjoy! Ken
  5. Bret- Around 4 years ago I was trying to decide the same thing. It is a tough call. I ultimately decided to build the big sister to the OB24, the OB26. I have no experience with the BJ 24 but from all accounts is a wonderful boat. Rosie, my OB26 is in her second season in the Salish Sea and I couldn’t be happier with her. The design has exceeded expectations. We are planning on leaving in a week for Desolation Sound. We find ourselves out on her every chance we get. That said, the BJ 24 would likely be a fine boat for your planned use. This is a personal choice, but the aesthetics of the
  6. Geordie- I will be heading to your island with Rosie in the next few weeks. Hope to run into you then. Ken
  7. Hi Guys- We relaunched Rosie on a high tide Sunday evening at 9:00pm. We were barely able to float her off the trailer as the local ramp is no very steep. Thanks again for a little help from my friends and Luanne. It is said that a boat is never done but Rosie is as done as any boat I have ever built. I spent the last couple of months doing all sorts of little details on “the list” that never seems to have an end. A piece of trim here, a wire tie there, etc. Luanne got into high gear and sewed up curtains, knit what she calls a “Cozy Rosie” for cold nights in the forward cabin. Finished the d
  8. Glad you are able to get back to work. The things we are willing to put up with to build are boats is amazing. I have uses composite brads and stables on my OB26 and Kendrift and they have been a real winner. The hold well for gluing and it is easy to sand the heads off. From the looks of things you might be able to get a job with the CDC. Ken
  9. Dave- I think I misread the plan description. I thought I was building a stand up paddle board, damn!
  10. Got to launch her yesterday. Connecting a new boat to water for the first time is always a wonderful experience. As expected, the Kendrift design seems like a winner. I have a few tweaks to take care of such as fine tuning oar length and oar lock position And mounting fendering. . Did a solo row and one with Luanne aboard. She moves through the water nicely, is very stable and looks great. Can’t ask for much more from a 9’ tender.
  11. I got sidetracked on a some other projects and Rosebud was put on the back burner. Finally finished the painting this past week. The Kencrane mast step has been installed. Rosie goes in the water the first week in June and I will get to try out the crane shortly after. I REALLY will launch the Rosebud this week.
  12. Is it air or kiln dried. Much harder to get kiln dried wood to steam bend. A strap over the outside of the wood can help keep it from blowing out.
  13. Jay- Thanks for the kudos. I would love to do the Great Loop in Rosie and mentioned it to Luanne tonight. She would be game but we have a lot to explore in this amazing part of the world first. So many boats, so many trips and so little time! I enjoy your Mathew Flinders thread, Ken
  14. HI All- I guess it has been almost 6 months since I added anything to this thread. I am in the middle of quite a few projects with several of them about to be completed. I made a Sapelle radar mount and installed it this week. I was originally going to buy an aluminum one but decided to give a wooden one a shot. Turned out to be more involved than I planned which is often the case with bright ideas. I am pleased with the outcome, however. The mount is easily removable with 4 bolts for trailering. I was able to integrate a load hailer and air horn into the design. I mounted a 9.9hp Tohatsu
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