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  1. A beautiful design and build! Flipping her over is a real turning point ( not really intending a pun). Great for your neck, not having to twist and turn to see what she will look like in her intended orientation. Love seeing this build progressing. A bit nostalgic for that focused time building Rosie.... Ken
  2. Anbody know how she was constructed? Ashcroft planked, foam,????
  3. There are a lot of proud popas hanging around this place! Hard not to be proud of the beautiful boats we build.
  4. I just stumbled onto this video. Do these guys ever stop creating beautiful boats?
  5. I have always used West for graphite powder. I would imagine that graphite is graphite. I had a friend that was a kayak buillder/designer and he emptied toner cartdridges and used the powder. His boats did fine.
  6. A messy shop means work is getting done. A badge of honor. Besides, I hate cleaning it.
  7. Jay- The only way to prove you wrong, and you are on this, is to have you visit and see the mess for yourself.
  8. I have used it on at least 6 boats. I can't say that it reduces friction but I use it for color and it looks better when it gets scuffed than varnish or paint. It seems a bit more resiliant than paint. I should clarify that most of the times I have used it has been on the bottom of varnished strip built boats. I also used it on the bottom of my lapwing and I like the look. 20220610_180815_IMG_1138.HEIC
  9. I am about to leather my oars and have a question from the brain trust on button placement. I know some place them as stops and they ride against the locks. They can also be placed closer to the oar handles and are just to keep the oarlock from falling off the oar. I don't expect to be rowing Lula much, just to get me home when the wind dies. If I were a more experienced rower and intended to be rowing Lula for long periods I think it would make sense to have the buttons purely to keep the oarlocks in place and not rubbing on the locks. In my case, maybe not. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
  10. Thanks Don. I made the shave horse around 15 years ago when I was making native kayak paddles and chairs, etc. I had it stashed under a stair case and dragged it out for the oar build. I don’t do much furniture these days. It doesn’t float well.
  11. Finished my oars and heading south to San Diego tomorrow. After lot’s of overthinking, I made them 9.5’ assembled. When the time came to cut them in “half” I decided to not make the cut in the middle of the length and cut closer to the handle end instead. This allowed me to make a nicer taper from the ferrule towards the blade. My brain wanted symmetry but I remembered an architect friend of mine telling me to break free from the “tyranny of symmetry” when I was designing a kitchen. Sometimes there is something to that concept. They have been epoxy coated and I will wait until I get to the warmer weather in San Diego to varnish them. Thanks for all of the input.
  12. Thanks Don. Any thoughts on blade width? Probably isn’t that critical given how frequently I will be rowing.
  13. I am finally getting around to making oars for my Lapwing. I have gotten by fine with a paddle and electric outboard so far. I won’t have the outboard this season so a set of oars seems prudent. I have some Sitka Spruce that has been in my stash for over 20 years and it seems like now is the time to put it to use. Dave, Hirilonde has paved the way a bit with his Lapwing but I still could use some input. I have a pair of Duckworks Ferrules to make them 2 piece and easier to stow. What I need to decide now is how long to make them and the dimensions of the blades. Looking around online there seems to be a wide variation on the sizing. Anywhere from 4.5” to 5.5” in width seems to be the zone. The length of the blades seems to be between 26”-34”. I am inclined to make them 9’ finished length based on Dave’s experience with his Lapwing. The dimensions of the blade are still open ended. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Ken
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