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  1. When you are in the thick of it the natural thing to do is obsess over the details. Probably a good thing for the most part. I obsessed over the chine edges and spoke to Alan about it. Long story short, I compromised and sharpened the aft edge at the transom and put a slight radius on the sides. Rosie gets up on plane effortlessly and is very fuel efficient. Perhaps the extra effort to round the chines would have been worthwhile but I doubt it would have been noticeable to me. One of the hardest things to decide on any big project is how much time you want to spend on some of the details. Perfect is the enemy of the good. I repeat that every day.
  2. Egbert- Don’t write off the 4 blade yet. The one I got is a bit small in diameter and it isn’t a fair comparison. I am going to try one more and I will let you know how it goes. Ken
  3. Hi Guys- I installed the SOLAS RUBEX 4 - 13.25x13 yesterday. I was hoping for better results. The engine RPM’s were higher for the same speed and it didn’t seem as smooth. It must be a bit undersized since I get a WOT RPM of 6100 which is over the high end of 6,000 for the engine specs. Speeds are lower and fuel consumption is not much different. It does seem like there is a slight improvement in stern lift. Not sure is I should consider the 3 blade the best fit, keep the RUBEX for a spare and move on or try something else. All speeds and distances are in knots and nautical mpg. To lazy to do the conversions today.... Ken
  4. I did this chart of fuel consumption vs. speed yesterday. I had 50 gallons of fuel aboard Luanne and I. I averaged the numbers in and out of the harbor to take any current into account. Interesting to me that there is a band between 3,000 and 4,500 where speed doesn’t seem to make much difference in MPG. I am guessing it starts when she begins to plane. I will do another chart next week after I get my new 4 blade prop.
  5. Hi Guys- Thanks for all of the thoughts and opinions. I am learning lots. I have done almost all of my sailing on the ocean and did realize that there is another side to this coin. Yesterday I made it to 66. More than one doc expected me to be done before Rosie so it was a really special day for me. My amazing wife, Luanne knitted me a watch cap from a pattern Graham’s sister had. I decided to spend some time on Rosie working on “knots”.
  6. Dave- Learning how to navigate over 40 years ago there was no other option(as far as I know) to using knots. That was the era of compass, sextant, dead reckoning etc. Paper charts were the only thing available. Around 25 years ago I started seriously racing kayaks and surfskis. All of the racers talked about speed in terms of statute MPH. I did my best to stick with knots but finally relented and went with the rest of the crowd. I was convinced that they used statute mph because it sounded faster. Easier to go 5,280' that 6,000.... Fifteen years ago I moved to Canada. Oh no, KILOMETERS PER HOUR! Well, it sounds really fast. Maybe because I got old and crunchy, I stuck with MPH. At least my US paddling friends would know how fast I was going when we told after race lies. It seems like most of the boaters I talk to now never use paper charts. I get it. I recently bought a chart plotter and love it. My sextant is on consignment to be sold. That said, I still like to look at a paper chart and get to overview, etc. I suppose if you are relying totally on digital charts and electronics the way speed and distance are measured becomes less important. Yesterday I spoke to a young dock mate and I asked him how his trip was. He told me his only trip wound up being to a boatyard. He had hit a rock. "I wasn't paying attention and didn't look at the MAP". Ok, I am from another world. I think there was a time you could get tared and feathered or keel hauled for calling a chart a map. So, I guess the old rules are squishy and whatever works, eh. I will stick to knots but will still drink a beer with someone that uses statute MPH. If he says MAP, maybe knot. Ken
  7. Egbert- Thanks , that is useful information. Do you know if Tom’s figures for Liz are in statute or nautical mpg? In either case the mileage is impressive. I would like to know since Liz seems to be a benchmark for exceptional efficiency. You mentioned your dinghy. I seem to remember a photo of a skin on frame dingy in your building album. How did that work out? I have built a few SOF kayaks over the years and they can be quite lightweight. I am starting to think about a dinghy for Rosie and a SOF crossed my mind. Graham has some lovely dinghy designs that are also in my sights. Weight is an issue unless I come up with a good lifting boom design. Ken
  8. Egbert- I hooked up a NEMA 2000 network to my engine and now get mileage readouts. I am currently getting around 4.25-4.5 NMG in the mid to high teens(knots). I can get it up to around 6 NMPG+ at 7-8knots. I will plot it more accurately soon and compare it to my 4 blade when it arrives. i often see mileage posted for different boats and am not sure if the numbers are in nautical miles or statute miles. What are yours? My 4 blade prop should be here on Monday so I will have some info soon after. Ken
  9. Congratulations!! She is exception beautiful!
  10. Steve- It is always a good idea to step back and see all the great work you have done. I struggle sometimes trying not to think of all that I still have to do. It can overwhelm. Nothing like taking on a project like this to make you feel so good and then so bad sometimes. A while back I had a life changing incident and was told I wouldn’t ever finish my boat. Seeing her in the water meant more to me than I ever imagined. When you step back and see the reflection of the water in that beautiful hull you might forget some of the dust and aching arms. But don’t forget completely or you might build another boat..... Your boat is gorgeous and the only one in the world just like it. You created it and money can’t buy that!! Cheers, Ken
  11. Jay- What a nice offer. Let me think about that. Come Winter up here it might seem even better. Maybe when every detail on ROSIE is done. Inhale and hold:). Ken
  12. No, I am not building another boat! No........ beautiful!
  13. Hi Guys- I would love to know what kind of fuel consumption you are seeing with your Bluejackets. Have you played with different propellers and what kind of changes have you seen in your fuel burn and performance? Three blade vs. four blade? Ken
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