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  1. Joe Anderson Sorry for being so late responding to your post, I missed it somehow. You are right I have changed a few things from the plans. The dagger board is the main one, this is why; I already had a rudder blade off a Elliott 770 which was the right size for the CS17 centreboard so that saved building one. This boat will be kept in the water at a jetty, the dagger board case will be easier to clean off the marine growth inside the case. Where I sail the dagger board won’t be a problem. I did consult with Alan & he very kindly sent images & dimens
  2. Hi Nick I’m in Maianbar NSW. Good to hear of another CS17 in Oz. The original plan for this boat was to launch by Xmas & then head down your way & sail in the Tawe Nunnugah 2021. Well that didn’t happen... I’m only a few weeks away from launching, picked the sails up yesterday and have mostly just the masts to rig and a few other things... Maybe we can catch up some time, the plan is still to get to Tas & do some cruising. John
  3. Todd, I’d make a lengthwise cut in the tube to get it off the pole (if you start at one end & progressively cut & try to remove it, you may get it off without having to cut the entire length). Then clean it up & put another couple of layers of glass around the outside.
  4. Thanks Thrillsbe. Your boat looks very comfortable, I think my wife would like that too.
  5. My son called in after work and looks very happy with being roped in to helping with the boat.
  6. G’day, the last couple of weekends I have, undercoated the topsides, antifouled with copper powder epoxy mix and played around with aligning the masts. This weekend I hope to top coat the top sides, fit the gunwales and mast bases.
  7. G’day, I’m John, I enjoy reading all your stories & thought I might chime in. This is my core sound 17 I’m building in Australia. I was attracted to the design by the cat ketch rig, capable seaworthy hull & potential performance. I started In April & am about 300hrs into the build. I hope to launch before Xmas. As well as the work on the hull & deck, the foils & masts have been completed. As the build has progressed I’ve been more & more impressed with the R&D and attention to detail which has gone into the design. I grew up in a sailing
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