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  1. Yep, sanding keeps you honest. Nice build mate
  2. Peter, I’m not sure how this video stuff works. Last time I posted videos some people could see them but some could only hear them. It was something to do with the type of device or app? they were viewed in. I know thats probably not much help ,I’m just a tradie, I only know how to fix things by hitting them with a hammer...maybe someone else can help. cheers John
  3. G’day, last weekend, the Sydney RAID group cruised Port Hacking (Australia). A variety of sailing dinghy’s attended, I sailed my CS17. Port Hacking is my home port, which made it easy for me, some people traveled quite a distance to attend. We sailed out offshore on Saturday in perfect winter conditions, light breeze & sunny. We saw dolphins & a lone seal. Had lunch back in port at Jibbon Beach and then headed up river to a beautiful calm anchorage surrounded by bushland. After a chilli night aboard we had a leisurely Sunday breakfast and then heade
  4. That’s a great “lazy jack” setup. I’ll try it on my prototype wishbone booms (lengthened sailboard booms). I think eventually I’ll build some nice wishbone booms like Peters.
  5. Looks like a great trip. I like sailing with my daughter as well, it’s a special time.
  6. Great build mate, very pretty boat. I think I might copy your wishbone booms. Do you think alternate Tasmanian oak, western red cedar laminates would work?
  7. I used a similar product on my CS17, called Coppaboat (Australian product) The application was fairly easy. The epoxy copper mix needed to be stirred before loading the paint roller each time, as the copper powder is so heavy it quickly drops to the bottom of the paint tray. Then once cured it was burnished to expose the copper particles. So far it seems good, just needs a wipe with a sponge once a month to remove any slime. The Mathew Flinders looks like being a really capable boat, great build.
  8. G’day, I camped out on my new CS17 on the weekend. This is my set up. I made a small floorboard for the front area of the cockpit, that can also be used to fill in from the centre board case platform back to the mizzen mast thwart. Rails glued to the seat uprights support the floorboard (which I understand you would rather not use). My swag (bed roll) just fits in under the canvas dodger. I think I will make up a awning to cover the rest of the cockpit to provide more shelter. Hope this helps
  9. Sorry mate not sure if I’ve done something wrong at my end? I’m not real good with technology.
  10. Thanks mate, I enjoy keeping up with your projects.
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