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  1. I think your build is looking great and is coming along nicely. I bought these from B&B Yachts for my Core Sound 15 build last year (I have a motor so I’ve only tried rowing once so far):
  2. I went skiing ⛷ early this morning for a couple hours on a first sunny day in many weeks (it is about 8 degrees... “fresh”) 😁. Then, it was time for me to “punch in” with The Wheezer across the street. I assisted her for a couple hours this afternoon installing four of six outwale/gunwale strips (two layers on each side.) With left over thickened epoxy we made an initial small fillet on the underneath joint of gunwale and side. We’ll do the third strip-layer later in the build. A productive day. I find that he Spindrift 10 is becoming a cute looking boat. I enjoy lo
  3. Amos, this is mostly me just whining. I have a way of bumping something that has epoxy on it and passing it to other things... and that stuff is tenaciously sticky. This morning I noticed a “dirt smudge” on my wrist that wouldn’t just wipe off... a leftover from yesterday’s work that I missed when cleaning up... OR I picked up the smudge WHEN I was cleaning up. See... whining at my own carelessness. 🤪 And, I am going to run out right now to get some frosting bags for The Wheezer. 🙂 I didn’t try this when I built my CS15.
  4. Yup. Outwales tomorrow. (These were thin tack welds.)
  5. Ah, the joys of working with thickened epoxy... the stuff has a way of getting on everything She had a few long hairs appear in the goo. That wasn’t a problem for me. 😁 The Wheezer was introduced today to using my 40 year old Craftsman belt sander, along with some more work with a saber saw, drill, and table saw. Her initial fillet work looks pretty good and will not need a lot of sanding ... yet. That will come after wires are pulled out and thicker fillets are put in preparing for fiberglass taping. The kit pieces continue coming together nicely, fitting well.
  6. These are questions I wonder about as well. Adding to yours, in stronger wind it seemed like my CS15 would often get stuck in irons when tacking (maybe I was not using enough rudder and turning about too slowly.) I welcome any pointers on effectively sailing the Core Sound boats. (I’ve sailed sloops a few times in previous years but I still feel new to sailing... and, I only had my CS15 sails a couple weeks last fall before putting the boat into winter storage.)
  7. I made the building form solid with a few angled braces. Then I placed blocks on the form that the frames are screwed onto. Frames are now VERY solid for bending the chine logs and sheer clamps. Then I needed to epoxy-coat frame two. With leftover epoxy I coated the top of the canoe seat.
  8. Thanks for the explanations. Very helpful. I made one-piece masts for my CS15 but I think The Wheezer would prefer this sectional approach for her Spindrift build.
  9. We took a few minutes tonight to tighten up and adjust the bow area (added a few wires), wire in the forward bulkhead, put screws into the temporary bulkhead and transom, and do a first check for twist (just a bit... close enough for now.) The Wheezer has to be a student for the next few days. 🙂
  10. After The Wheezer’s swim meet yesterday I offered to come over after supper to help her get things ready to unfold. Since we got things ready to go and the bottom loosely wired, I asked whether she would like to invite her mom, dad and two siblings to be part of the next step: forming the hull shape by unfolding the two halves and wiring the chines. They all pitched in. I only took a photo of The Wheezer with her mom and dad as the wires were snugged up a bit. It was our third day of the build. She woke up with a headache this morning and has an afternoon swim meet... so I had
  11. I got the building form made today. It is ten inches higher than the plans (less having to work near the floor.) It is also proportionately spaced to make a 15 foot boat and the plans are for 16 feet. Some ratio math was needed. Things are square and level. I only laid the frames in to check on shop space. I need to move some stuff out while I’m in the basement. (Frame five needed a piece to be glued in.) I’ll block in and firmly set the frames tomorrow. Next will be the keel, stem, knee and transom. A few more pics: The little ca
  12. Finally, I am beginning to make the building form upon which will be placed the frames and keel. Still moving slowly in the build until I move the pieces from the basement to the garage. But, the 9th grade girl across the street has begun building her Spindrift 10 sailboat from a B&B Yachts kit. I’m coaching her; she is doing the work. The Wheezer is quite busy with school and her swim team, so building time will be sporadic. These past few days have provided our first building opportunity. Tonight, the third day of the build (and after her swim meet) we prepared th
  13. Removable side seats for sailing: Hadn’t thought about these for a nesting Spindrift. Are they part of the plans or a personal addition?
  14. The Wheezer was introduced to my table saw today. From 5/4 treated deck boards (southern white pine from Lowe’s) we cut six strips for the gunwales, four pieces for stringers, and a couple pieces for the dagger board trunk. The zipper joints for the bottoms/sides were done this morning and are curing. Good progress continues. (Luckily, she has swim practice this afternoon... whew! Time for a glass of wine and a few munchies. 😄)
  15. I bought the trailer today and placed it in the boat-storing place next to the house. (Those streaks aren’ little meteors... it’s starting to snow. 😮)
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