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Mathew Flinders 246


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I recently used a little of the Awlgrip  545 primer and I found it much easier to apply than the Devoe primer. I was applying with a roller. How did you apply the primer and how are you planning on applying the top coat. 


You have such a good eye for colors and proportions. I am looking forward to seeing Flinders in something other than battle grey. Not that there is anything wrong with battle grey I am sure it has its place.


Best of luck!

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Hi Joe, the 545 primer is super easy to roll on, I am thinning it about 20%.  Just rolled it on.  It is easy to give it a light sanding over sanding scratches, kinda highlights them!  Remember Carlita made her debut in gray 545 before the spiffy red/white livery.   I have yet to decide if I spray or roll the Awlgrip.  We rolled our CS20.3 and it came out reasonable.  Spraying Awlgrip takes a lot of PPE, and it will be midsummer! 

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Had the same problem Don, on this primer I simply went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of 1/4 nap cheap rollers with the intention of changing then at the first sign of delamination.  Didn’t have any problems at all!  I have a bunch of the yellow foam Wooster 1/8 foam roller cover.  

Now, who in the heck can ‘splain to me these gourmet roller covers are 7 inch long…..and all I can find are the 9 inch frames!  I tried to cut the 7 inch in half but that started the delamination process almost immediately.   

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After all the priming an sanding I couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to paint all in one shot. So I painted the hull, will give the paint a day or two to get used to not being in a can, then drape the hull then shoot the deckhouse. 


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I have been designing the Matthew Flinders for myself for more than a decade off and on, long before we did the Mk3's. What I was trying to achieve was to design the ultimate small voyaging boat that could easily be trailed behind a reasonable size vehicle and yet be be capable of crossing any ocean. She had to be built tough and live well for two people with room for a third person. She is not intended to replace the mk3's as they are great boats, but for anyone who wants to go up to the next level.

I went through hundreds of iterations till I finally got it and I am very pleased with final outcome. As you can imagine I am really excited to see her come to life with Jay and Carol.

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