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  1. Very cool. Inspiring to see this boat being built.
  2. For someone your size I would highly recommend building a CS 20.3 instead of a 17.3, even if you plan on sailing solo. I've completed several overnight solo cruises and never felt like it was too much boat for one person. The nice benefit of buying a kit is that it solves your marine plywood sourcing problem (which is hard enough in normal times, but with all the supply chain issues we are having, quality marine plywood might be extremely expensive if you can even find it in stock).
  3. Paul cruising by the dock. https://youtu.be/HHYc4k-E7wM
  4. Steve and his boat make an appearance is this video about 9:45.
  5. Thanks for the excellent trip report Steve. The Chesapeake Bay has to be one of the best small boat cruising grounds on the east coast, and Core Sounds seem to be custom designed for the bay. I see a wake in your picture .
  6. Thanks for the report. Looks like a great time. Tell us more about the bay crossing, what were the conditions and how did the boat sail?
  7. I have always simply pointed the bow into the wind in order to stop.
  8. Bring your Spindrift to the Messabout and sail with other Spindrift owners. There is no substitute for in-person learning.
  9. I rarely check this forum, so I missed this build until now. Nice job Don!
  10. I agree with Jay, I really doubt you will be removing the motor enough to make a $615 mount like that worth it. Just make a mount out of wood, fiberglass it, and bolt it on. Take a look at build logs for pictures.
  11. I would like to add my congratulations to Graham for his successful circumnavigation. If his trip doesn't inspire you to get out and do some sailing then something is wrong with you. If you guys haven't seen the drone video, check it out using the "photo album" link on the trip log; nice job to whomever took that footage. Grahams track is going to useful when planning trips to the Chesapeake Bay; particularly on the ocean side of the peninsula. We should have a late springtime sailing meetup on the Chesapeake Bay sometime; an informal mini-messabout would be awesome. We could do a group sail to Tangier Island, or Smith Island, spend the night, and sail back the next day.
  12. Heading south into the Dismal Swamp.
  13. Successfully intercepted Graham in the Dismal Swamp Canal.
  14. Graham sailed across a pretty big stretch of open water Friday. I didn't expect him to do that in one jump. If you aren't familiar with the Chesapeake Bay, that area can get scary quickly in a small boat. Very impressive.
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