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  1. I found another good video of Blue Duck: 20200618_174534.mp4
  2. We had to cut the trip short due to a stomach illness (a participant ran out of WAG bags). When I anchored near Bath, I never went into town; I took a nap instead! So no "land" pics. Still an awesome trip, and hopefully we will do it again next year. Chick, I am going to commission you to come along and write up a proper trip report for us.
  3. The Blue Duck. 20200618_174200.mp4 20200618_174200.mp4
  4. Nick and his wife met up with us and we sailed side by side for a long stretch.
  5. Underway. Launched about 12:30 from Potters. Heading towards Washington.
  6. Last scheduling update, I promise 😄. The weather hold has been lifted and we are launching Thursday.
  7. Due to the weather, the launch date has been changed to Wednesday, June 17. We are still launching from Potters Marina ( http://www.pottersmarine.com/). Join us there or meet us at any point along the way.
  8. Cutting the centerboard slot has to be one of the most satisfying step in the build. Nice job. I don't comment much but I have been enjoying your build thread.
  9. I predict your paint will be dry in time for you to make it.
  10. A sailing group called the OBX130 is organizing a sailing trip starting from Bath, NC June 14-20. This trip is ideal for Core Sound boats. Members here might be interested, come join me! So far there are two boats committed to the adventure; myself and the organizer. There are no signups, no fees, and feel free to do all or just part of the trip. "The Inner Banks 130 Proposed route for June 14 - 20 adventure. Boats will launch at Potter's Marina, Bath, NC and will overnight at a nearby anchorage. Monday morning we will hoist the sails and depart for Washington. Washington has a free City dock available, a nice anchorage and a beautiful waterfront park. For those brave enough, you can visit Bill's Hot Dogs for a special experience. Tuesday, we will sail east to the town of Bath with a stop at Goose Creek State Park. Bath has a free State dock and several anchorages. Bath is a beautiful little town with plenty of history and room to move around without bumping into people. Wednesday will be our longest day covering about 40 miles, ending with our anchorage in South River. South River is full of nature and we will also visit the remnants of an abandoned village and cemetery. Thursday will be spent exploring South River and sailing to Oriental where we will overnight in Greens Creek. Friday, we will return to an anchorage near Potter's." If you are interested search out the Facebook group "OBX130", or if you don't have a Facebook account, just let me know in this thread and I will take it from there. This a very informal and flexible trip/adventure. If you want to meet us at a particular village and/or anchorage, that is fine.
  11. Hopefully your neighbors observed you cutting your boat in half. I can imagine the dinnertime conversation: "You know that guy across the street building a boat? I think he has given up on his project, today I saw him destroy it with a saw.".
  12. Good to hear from you Drew, give us some pictures when you get back in the water. You have one of the more unique Core Sounds.
  13. I'm not the target audience for this boat, but it really intrigues me. Love the concept of a cheap backyard built, simply designed ocean racer. I have been watching the videos and following the class closely on FaceBook; I just can't help myself. Congratulations to B&B for landing the kit design job.
  14. Drew, how have you been, have you been sailing much?
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