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  1. Yes i know, i saw it on the picture. But the industries still use the smaller average from the past and do not use the multiplier for todays taller average. When building for yourself you are of course lucky to use the right multiplier for your height...
  2. unfortunately a lot of industrial products like kitchen and other furtniture etc seems to be made with that old measurements in mind. Compared to the 50ies i guess the people today are at least 10-15% taller than in this old standards. 10 years ago i bought a IKEA kitchen and had to put it on a pedestal 12 cm higher to fit me (199 cm) and my wife( 183cm). Same problems with chairs. When sitting on an average chair i have to put a thick hard pillow underneath or i can cover my ears with my knees. And the table legs are too short either so my knees hit the tabletop. So if you are not very short take this old books at least with an additional 10%
  3. You are lucky šŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, the authorities do not want amateur build vehicles on the streets and set high safety criteria for street approval. May be with a Kit it is a bit easier. Than only the manufacturer of the kit has to do that inspection process and the builder has to show the ready build trailer to the authoritiesā€¦
  4. That sounds much easier to build an own trailer than here in Germany. Here you need an expensive safety report from an engineer. You have to show him the build in different stages so he can inspect all important structuresā€¦
  5. Such a well build cute little trailer!! Do you need to get it certified to use it on public roads in the US? I wish i would be allowed to move a self build trailer in the public here in the EUā€¦ I had to scale it up for my needs. Me as a 2 meter man i would get claustrophobic in that...šŸ¤Ŗ
  6. I wish you good success with that electric engine. It sounds very well thought by you. Yes reading in other Forum the problems that peoples have with their Diesel and their throughullsā€¦šŸ¤Æ A friend of mine has an electric Torqueedo outbord on his smaller boot. For emergency he has a small 2,5 HP gasoline outbord on board. But he has only used it twice in 5 Years as he has to motor a longer distance on river Elbe. With more spare batteries for his small torqueedo he would not have to use it.
  7. i find the idea with the generator nice. Torqueedo and a Diesel both have pros and consā€¦ For inshore or Lakes i would definitely go electric. For large rivers or offshore a Diesel or that solution with a generator might be better choice...
  8. OK, 18mm plus a doubler should be strongā€¦ Edit: did you compared the cost of a diesel installation with the complete Torqueedo installation incl. batteries and charging equipment? Almost the same?
  9. That motor looks quiet nice and compact. But isnĀ“t the mounting flange a little bit small? WouldnĀ“t a larger flange distribute the load when hitting an underwater obstacle better?
  10. You are making good progress.šŸ‘ The endcap seems to be a good idea. Seen it sometimes at workboats that operate slow in shallow waters. I think with an endcap the rudder needs not reach so deep as withoutā€¦
  11. Although it is in german i find in that video they show a good method to apply glass and epoxi over head. You don't necessarily have to understand German to understand the steps of glassingā€¦ the interesting part starts at 8:00
  12. Yes i think i am only 200cm not 202 anymore. The disks in the spine get thinner the older i get. Perhaps we just wait a little bit and shrink to fit the smaller boatsā€¦
  13. Yes i wish i would be made a little bit shorter. It is even not easy to get shoes in Size 13. Only Rubberboots and basketballsneakersā€¦ ?
  14. Thank you, its not so easy when being 202cm tall. Berth with 220 are more comfortable thenā€¦ ?
  15. I think thats the downside of shoal draft and high stability. I assume with a deep keel bulb it could have much less lead. But for shoal waters it is perfectā€¦ Really nice Design. I have some questions. How long are the berths? What do you think about windage? Is freeboard quite high compared to other designs? Could it be scaled proportionally or only stretched lenghtwise to 26 foot? Thanks in advanceā€¦
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