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  1. Yes i think i am only 200cm not 202 anymore. The disks in the spine get thinner the older i get. Perhaps we just wait a little bit and shrink to fit the smaller boats…
  2. Yes i wish i would be made a little bit shorter. It is even not easy to get shoes in Size 13. Only Rubberboots and basketballsneakers… 😉
  3. Thank you, its not so easy when being 202cm tall. Berth with 220 are more comfortable then… 😉
  4. I think thats the downside of shoal draft and high stability. I assume with a deep keel bulb it could have much less lead. But for shoal waters it is perfect… Really nice Design. I have some questions. How long are the berths? What do you think about windage? Is freeboard quite high compared to other designs? Could it be scaled proportionally or only stretched lenghtwise to 26 foot? Thanks in advance…
  5. Yes , it is more work than most people can imagine to keep a website up to date. But i will keep on watching your site because i am curious to learn more about this design, its performance and other specs. .
  6. Beautiful design! Reminds me a bit of some keel centerborder that are used here on the german and dutch north sea coast where you have to deal with the shoal waddensea and the deeper but sometimes rough north sea. Do you intend to put her on your website with some more specs and drawings? Are plans available? Could be a perfect boat for the time when retirement comes near…
  7. That looks interesting! Whats the designs name? Mather Flinders? Can´t find anything on B&B website. Do you have more drawings and specs?
  8. Acetone and/or brake-cleaner and some papertowel will remove the last oil out of the wood...
  9. i simply would play with the sheets so that you get the feeling for the right position in that the sails got the most bite and speed...
  10. There are a lot of options... sliding or folding I think they are available on your side of the big pond too... https://www.bootsbedarf-nord.de/AussenbordmotorZubehoer/Motor-Halterung/Halterung-fuer-Hilfsmotoren:::251_66_2704.html https://www.bootsbedarf-nord.de/AussenbordmotorZubehoer/Motor-Halterung/Motorhalter-von-30-bis-40kg:::251_66_2694.html
  11. Hello Peter, your boat would be perfect for our waters here in the waddensea and the German bight. May be it would need all ballast as deep down as possible. Unfortunately the order situation in my job is quite weak the last 2 years. So i wait for better times to start building my PS 26... Enjoy your boat Peter! Sönke
  12. ...what a wonderful boat! I wish you wonderfull moments on it. Please post further pictures of it....
  13. I have not used it yet. Because i have a German manufacturer near by. But on their homepage is written, that they produce Lloyd´s, BS1088 and CE certificated Plywood. So it should be good material. But you should take care, that your Hardwood Store sells you the right plywood for your project and not plywood for indoor use. http://de.plywood.mourikis.gr/εφαρμογεσ.html read the last column it is German but you see the certificates...
  14. well known Paul Gartside uses thickened epoxy in some of his double or triple planked designs. I would first saturate the planks with unthickened epoxi and screw them a little bit later with thickened after the unthickened is in the still sticky state. that will provide starvation of the gluejoints. Some interesting pictures, is this the Ashcroft way of planking?: http://www.gartsideboats.com/custom-boatbuilding/24-ft-cutter-design-ila-98.html
  15. Yes, an experienced sailmaker needs the dimensions, shape of the roach, the location of the reefing cringles and a photo of an p22 sail, that he can notice, that it is a sprit not a classic marconi-boom that gives the shape. He must know, that the sprit is poked through the cringle at the clew for beefing up the corner of the sail a little bit. It will be good to give him information what kind of masttrack you will use. This link may help him for understanding your needs better: http://bandbyachtdesigns.com/why-a-cat-ketch/ Perhaps, before you can talk with Graham about if battens or not?
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