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  1. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Another vote for bright transom. A layer of glass should be no obstacle.
  2. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    You could use a rabbet plane horizontally on the deck edges, possibly a block plane if there's a slight gap above the rub rails. I mention rabbet plane because it does not need a gap. Set the plain for a very slim cut, essentially fuzz. Take it slow, work from aft to bow to allow for the grain. It should work out well.
  3. 28 degrees F here this morning. Your pictures are a good antidote. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Island cruise

    what a great adventure. thanks for sharing.
  5. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    That's the fun stuff. Looking like real progress.
  6. Utah OB20

    Yow. No fun. Take care.
  7. CS 17

    Both, actually, I guess. I can certainly set it out in the house when not afloat, but my plan is to take it along cruising on the 17, fit it in on the main thwart or along the keel somewhere. Or probably move it around as I move around.
  8. CS 17

    Fighting the winter doldrums: March is the worst month, for sure. Aha! I had an old pedestal compass from the big boat, and some scraps of teak, so a box compass seemed in order. I removed the Danforth's covers (which had made it impossible to read standing up, anyway), made a hole, fiddled with some rabbets, made a box, and now I have a box compass. Can't wait for real spring.
  9. Everglades Challenge time again

    Swimboy's post from Watertribe. Good seamanship in difficult conditions: “A small squall hit just as I was getting a bridge to open near Overhaul Inlet. Tacting back and forth, calling the bridge tender 4 or 5 times to respond, he finally started to open the bridge and as I had a controled jibe, a big gust pushed me over. With the high wind and tide, my boat slowly turned turtle and got masts stuck in the mud. Had to swim away from the boat to grab my waterproof bag with my phone, debit card, license, etc. and swam back to the boat. Police help arrived. I was not injured. The boat was turned back upright but it took 2 boats and 3 1/2 hours. Wind was still strong at that time. Got towed to Overhaul public boat ramp where I stayed for 2 1/2 days until I could get transportation. Thanks to all who followed and helped during this amazing adventure. A special thanks to Paula [Martel, of Watertribe] for all her help. I'll do a follow up on the expedition.”
  10. Duckworks Boat Shop Tour

    Very nice. Love those stools, even if they don't float well. What a great setup you have.
  11. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    I did it kind of like Chick -- bottom first, to the chines, and then sides -- but he says it and does it much better. I wetted out the ply first (but see his discussion above and on his page). I wetted out first so I could make sure the ply was wet, and since I had precut the cloth and all, didn't really have much trouble getting the cloth back where I want it. I had rolled it up on a tube and then unrolled it back out. FWIW.
  12. Everglades Challenge time again

    Great job, you two. Once again. (How's mom?)
  13. Everglades Challenge time again

    1 day and 13 hours makes a lot more sense. Thanks for correction. A death: tragic. I'd heard about the trimaran turtling. He was 'way out in front, then he went over and was done, rescued by the Coast Guard. As you say, lots of stories in this one. Looking forward to hearing from Alan.
  14. Everglades Challenge time again

    Alan and Dad finished the 300 miles in 3 minutes under 48 hours. Crazy fast. This is them pulling into the finish, having just doused their roller-spin. They were the third boat overall to finish. First in was a multi-hull in the incredible time of 13 hours, 40 min. Second in was the custom 22, in 39 hrs, 31 min. The only other boat to finish so far is another multi-hull, in 48 hrs, 25 min. So a terrific showing by the CS. A few more multihulls have made it to checkpoint 3, but no other monohulls.
  15. Outer Banks 26 #1

    That is really nice. If I ever switch to power, that's one of my likelies. Especially seeing the work you've done.

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