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  1. Oops, I don't know why I thought the gybe story was about a CS 17. Obviously was confused. Yes, a Wayfarer would be different in a gybe, a lot.
  2. Welcome. Good choice. Best wishes with repairs.
  3. Great of you to post. I agree the 17 (mine is a I, not a III) is a terrific boat, but one that can absorb as much knowledge as one can muster. I've only had one "scary" jibe. And why was that one a slam instead of a flop? Dunno. Still learning after 3 yrs. (See previous.....)
  4. I know you're looking at rivers, but I screwed my track on with short ss self tappers into drilled holes. Worked well, fwiw. *rivets*
  5. Well said, Joe. RIP, Sailorman.
  6. Photo from coast guard shows a capsized hull. Very sad.
  7. Looks like they've turned in now to head for check point 2
  8. Fun to be working on it, I bet.
  9. The firehose would be the best, but if you needed to save some $$, could you make use of some of these, somehow? https://www.wholesalemarine.com/hull-hugr-modular-eva-fender-blue/?gclid=CjwKCAiA44LzBRB-EiwA-jJipBltU98iIjp55CYT2Wa8mMMc-ewWMvzsy1oAsJHHkFvrRFzoN5Ll9RoCJRoQAvD_BwE
  10. I'd go with Reacher's idea, and I think it's what Ken had in mind, too. Clean out the separated gap a kerf-width, fill with really thick epoxy and a shim if needed, and install a fresh screw. Your transom, knee and motor plate look quite strong.
  11. That's what I've used. At one time duckworks was selling screw kits, i.e. flathead screws and nuts sized to fit.
  12. I used a 1.75 hp outboard on dinghy as a yawl boat for a 3000 pound santana 22 some years ago. It pushed it along fine, maybe 3 or 4 mph on fairly flat water. I tied the dinghy on the quarter Someone sat in the dinghy to run the outboard, but we we steered with the big boat rudder from the cockpit. This was a stopgap measure when the regular outboard crapped out, but it was good for the 6 mile trek we needed to make.
  13. Nice boat, and I'm sure you get the price for the best d├ęcor in a workshop.
  14. Looks great. Looking forward to hearing more. And I think you set the record for speedy finish! Congratulations on the launch.
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