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  1. Nice boat, and I'm sure you get the price for the best d├ęcor in a workshop.
  2. Looks great. Looking forward to hearing more. And I think you set the record for speedy finish! Congratulations on the launch.
  3. Feelin' bad for you. I know how much you were looking forward to the MA.
  4. I made some ramps with epoxy. There wasn't much to it, pretty simple, especially on the joints that had the taped gasket, since I let that run out some into the exposed section of the smaller tube. Looked nicer that way.
  5. What fun. Great video, great boat, Steve.
  6. Look at that first measurement: there's an extra zero: 0.065. That's what you're looking for, something under a 10th of an inch thick. I was going to say that the same wall thickness applied to the 2d and 3d tubes, too, but i started looking up some suppliers, and their wall thicknesses were quite a bit less. And 1.5 was "nominal," actual 1.9. So, I got even more confused. Advice at this point: Call B&B. They answer their phone. I got a tube from the local supplier and they didn't bat an eyelash when I gave them the spec from B&B. Whatever it was, it was standard stuff. Fun fotos, by the way.
  7. That's tough news, for you and for everyone hoping to see you and Chessie.
  8. Nice. Lots of help here. Be sure to watch Alan's videos.
  9. Only advice is reefing, like most maneuvers, gets smoother with practice. Seems like you're off to a good start.
  10. Thanks as always. I always learn something. Many things.
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