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    Thank you, Paul. Very instructive and I will pay attention to several things you pointed out in my build. One question: are your sprits the length specified or slightly long? Your self rescue also impressed me, as did your candor about potentially facing it without crew (younger, agile, and competent crew). I have crashed smaller boats (Sunfish & Lasers) and recovered without much difficulty but anything larger could be a problem. I can see capsize drills are in my future.
  2. Worth noting: the panels in the previous post that are "flat" on the cradle weren't really flat. They sat on the cradle for a few days and a couple of those had a greater impact on panel shape: my garage flooded in hurricane Florence. The okoume didn't get wet but it was warm and humid and there were a few flexes in the wrong direction. It has take a few days moving around a couple of buckets of chain to get the hull to follow the shape of the cradle and settle into proper form.
  3. I have been the beneficiary of reports and pictures on this forum as I started my build and it is time to report in that I am making progress. I recruited help and unfolded my CS20 Mk. 1.1 last week. That process is pretty cool. It is a Mk. 1.1 because it is the first CS20 kit and Graham and Alan tweaked it a bit to develop the kit. It was "hatched" because it will be named after a bird, as previous boats have been. Still working on final choice of which species; I will keep you posted. It will also take this hatchling a while to be fledged ... This message is also a Thank You note for all the help and and advice you have provided.
  4. I am building a CS20 and it is going well – at least until the approach of hurricane Florence. I hope this isn’t a major problem or there is a remedy: there is a spot of oil on okoume that will be fiberglassed. During the prep for the hurricane I got a drop of what appears to be oil on the exterior of the hull. It is long past the time that it will blot up and I am concerned that epoxy will not bond to that spot. Any advice or relating similar experience will be appreciated. I am close to unfolding the boat and don’t want to create a pre-blistered hull!
  5. I am also glad to hear all are OK and hope your preparations were all successful. Another report from Washington: my CS20 kit parts and sub-assemblies were all raised above the 34 inches of water I had in my garage and shop. If I had my hull done it could have self-adjusted like the dinghy and canoes. Other tools and equipment came through fine from their elevated positions, but here is a tip: if you have a cabinet that will tip over and float around, don't make the top out of particleboard.
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