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B&B Preps for Florence

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Looks like the water level got up to about 8' above MWL. I just got some pics from Taylor that show a mess under our house (expected) but no disaster. I think Alan and family did a great job of prep a

Taylor and I made it back to new bern just this morning along with my mom Dawn to help out. Our house is fine. We took a trip out to Bayboro but were not able to reach the shop due to high water flood

Graham made it out to the shop today. He reported both shops looked "good". I put in quotes because he was talking to me and I knew what he meant in relation to previous flooding. I felt that we did s

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   Chick, you better batten down the hatches, too.  The mountains aren't used to the kind of rain a storm like this can bring.  My first hurricane was Hugo and although it was fun in Raleigh, it left scars on the mountains for years.  My very favorite mountain biking trail ran through a bunch of Hugo damage (but maybe we shouldn't talk about why fallen logs are fun for mountain bikes because there might be youngsters listening).  It may be time to buy 30 gallons of milk and all the bread Harris Teeter can supply (wink wink)...  I won't mention the tea, sugar and viennas because I know you'll already have them in good supply.

   I hope New Bern, Vandemere, Morehead City, (and everybody else) don't take too hard a hit.

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