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    Exploring waterways between Seattle and Alaska. Also interested in avian critters and recording nature sounds (mostly birds).

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  1. frowley

    OB 20 Center Console

    Whewh!! Gorgeous boat - congratulations!! Fred
  2. frowley


    So glad to hear about your trip Graham. I was going to press for details the other day but thought better of it. I'm sure Carlita would be in her element offshore headed for the Bahamas, and can't wait to hear your telling of that story.
  3. frowley

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    Loved seeing your methodology Alan - thanks for laying this out the way you did.
  4. frowley

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, Your hollow back looks great - wish I'd thought of building up backing from the outside. I really wish I'd thought of putting backing in there after unfolding the hull! Woops!! Sorry Chick, I only just now noticed that was your post and not Steve's! It's the screws below the deck of the anchor locker that are especially troublesome. Were you able to get in there as well?
  5. frowley

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, Here's an idea you might consider when installing your hollowback - I got the idea from someone else's post (where all my good ideas come from). Run the hollow back under the bow eye and skip the outboard mounting plate that would usually go there. I kind of like the look, because otherwise, the hollowback dead-ends at the edge of the bow eye and in my case, was going to look pretty clunky. I did find that I had no real wood to screw to between the bow eye blocking and my keel strip. I just bit my lip and figured the 3M 4200 I used to bed the hollowback would hold that section in place. The rest of the way to the stern, the SS is screwed to the keel strip - so it was just around 6 screw holes that have no screws. In the picture below, I'm just doing a dry fit, so there are no screws at all, but in the final, I got screws above and below the bow eye, then the next 6 or so were empty. Fred
  6. frowley

    Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

    Joe, Thanks so much for the great reply - really appreciate it. The key detail you mentioned was that you 'just jumped,' which is pretty much what I concluded. The local reps and I became mutually exasperated before I finally realized that I just need a basic trailer - subject to what folks have been advising above, then purchase and mount the center rollers and set it up to fit the boat. I'm picking up an EZ Hauler EZB 14-17 1250 trailer today with straight cross bars. The boat (CS17 MKIII) will sit above the fenders the way Graham's does, and I'll buy and fit a bunch of center rollers to make it work. Fred
  7. frowley

    Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

    Joe, I see you have a Karavan. I'm looking at them too - what model did you get, and did the center rollers come with it, or did you have to retrofit them? Your cross-bars are concave, but given our boats are pretty flat-bottomed, would the straight cross bars get the boat up too high, do you think, and/or make it harder to load?
  8. frowley

    Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

    Steve, Thanks for posting such a well laid out and thoughtful query. And thanks to Jay, PAR and Graham, for responding with such great detail and experience. I'm trying to figure out trailers myself, and this discussion has really helped shape my thinking about it. Fred
  9. Very cool Graham! Looks like your swivel works incredibly well. I've lately been installing hardware to the masts for Deluge. Could you send me a dwg or description of hardware and location for the running back stay and spinnaker? The drawings I've got only include the halyard block and cleat for the staysail. Thanks!
  10. frowley

    CS17 #339 launched

    Wow! I agree with Thrillsbe (and everyone else) -- your boat Is gorgeous. Nice job, and congratulations! Fred
  11. Fantastic! Can't wait to hear and see more of your travels!
  12. frowley

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, For what it's worth, I left my combings open at the stern, but I've trimmed them w a 3/8" trim to cover the ply edge and framing. I wanted the cockpit openings to store the kind of stuff Hirolonde mentions, and likely my oars too. One thought I had was that if you were to broach or knockdown and the combing filled, you'd be in a bad way until they drained. Leaving the end open seemed to offer some prospect for quicker drainage than a weep hole.
  13. Bill, I'm envious of your plans - I'm really interested in both places you're heading to. I'm terrible at this myself, but I'm hoping you'll post about your travels. I'm looking forward to hearing about them. Fred
  14. frowley

    CS 17

    So Cool, Paul. Congratulations on building a great looking boat! Fred

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