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  1. Drew

    JP's OB20

    JP, you just have too many boats man, as my wife would tell me. She even made me sell our sea kayak. I guess some just don't get it
  2. Wow! To say that I am impressed would be an understatement. Beautiful job. Your eye for detail is a credit to you. There is a NIS 23 in my club that has the same color scheme and it looks great. The owner calls her "Rosie Red".
  3. Drew

    Belhaven or CS 20 Mk 3

    Hi Brent, I agree with Ron, build the boat you want. All of Graham's designs seem well thought out and suit cruising in Aussie enclosed waters. I'm in Canberra and have built the CS 20 Mk3. I'm very happy with it, it is light to tow, sails well although not intended to be a club racer, and my wife and I find it is enjoyable to camp in. I extended the cabin further back into the cockpit and am glad I did. If I had my time over I would also raise the cabin top about 6 inches. Other than those small mods for my particular preferences I can highly recommend the Mk3. If you are ever in the National Capital you are welcome to drop by and look it over.
  4. Drew

    Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

    A little more on the issue of submerging the hubs. As I said previously, I have taken to submerging the hubs to retrieve the boat to reduce stress on my Aluminum trailer. I opened them up recently and no problem at all - no water has entered. When I put the bearing buddies back in I smeared gasket silicon on the mating surfaces and also across the back of the inner bearing seals. I don't want to be taking them off too often in case it reduces their water tightness, but I do think that the answer is to ONLY submerge the hubs if they are dead cold, otherwise rapid, uneven shrinkage will allow water to get past the edges of the seals.
  5. I sometimes use an old jib off a catamaran coupled with the mizzen for a light breeze on a broad reach. I find I generally have 4.5 to 5 knots through the water with this easy setup and only need to raise the main if we are in a bit more of a hurry.
  6. Yes Robert, our sons live in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. We try to visit every couple of years as finances permit. We will be there in the first weeks of July and would love to catch up with any other small boat enthusiasts. I wonder if there are any boating events on that are worth visiting? We usually hire a car to get around and see things. PS, thanks for the nice comments about the boat. We like it.
  7. Paul, I will be in LA in July when it is 28 F here and cooking hot in Silver Lake. Swings and roundabouts!!
  8. I have put some pics in the Cruising Stories of our recent cruise at the Myall Lakes. I hope you enjoy them! https://messing-about.com/forums/forum/29-boating-crusing-stories/
  9. The Myall Lakes are a series of freshwater/brackish lakes situated in a National Park to the North of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. The lake system has long been a favourite haunt for trailer sailers and a few "hot water boats". It is best suited to boat camping although there are a few areas where camping ashore is permitted with boat access. Over the recent Easter break my wife and I joined old acquaintances from the Newcastle Hunter Trailer Yacht Association and did a little cruising. Most of their boats range from 23 to 26 foot, but the Coresound held its own and attracted many positive comments. Here are a few pics so you too can enjoy the experience as you come out of your northern winter. Here we are with the big cousins A little untidy - having too much fun, but here is our little galley and chart area. Bath water provided free! And then there was the trip home to Canberra!
  10. Drew

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    I love the way the current kit goes together. Sure beats cutting a boat out of sheets of plywood .
  11. Alan sent me this information Amos: 223 1/2" or 5.67m.
  12. Drew

    Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

    I recently replaced my old, modified gal steel trailer with an aluminium trailer. I really like it so far. Like Graham I hate putting the hubs in the water but because I have a sizable overhang of the stern at the rear of the trailer I now submerge the trailer to reduce stress on the frame. My wheels are fitted with bearing buddies and I rig the boat before launching to let the hubs cool before hitting cold water. I also pump a bit more grease after each retrieval. I took the hubs apart last weekend and no sign of water getting in.
  13. Drew

    Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Very impressive Pete. I think you have set a high standard with some very practical ideas.
  14. For what it is worth Steve, I put a fillet up the inside corners in lieu of the timber quad and then laid double biased tape over that while it was still very green. I also drilled and epoxied quarter inch dowels through the sides and well into the front face. I have had the unstayed mizzen out in quite a strong blow (28 knot gusts) without any signs of trouble. Still, laying glass over the front face can't be bad, but I wanted mine to have a timber finish.

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