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  1. Ken_Potts

    Lead ballasted centerboard cs17 mk1

    The CS17 mk1 sails best when it's sailed fairly flat - I think the boat will be heeling too much and slowing way down long before any weight added to the keel would do any good, and if you did add enough mass to make a difference in heeling, the boat woudn't handle as well or go as fast. I've got a nice little keel-boat that sails like a dream and handles great, but it was designed to carry the extra weight. Although it's lots of fun to sail it's not the same experience as a CS17 on plane.
  2. Ken_Potts

    Building a Two Paw 8 for Trailer Camping

    Looking good. I bet "Split Pea" has already been taken.
  3. Ken_Potts

    Dawn & Paul’s CS-20 MK3 #16

    Chick is like a brother to me - Or maybe a crazy uncle. Here's my coupon. Thank you Taylor and Alan!
  4. Ken_Potts

    Another Newbie

    Welcome aboard, Tobias. No one here should ever complain when you post more pictures of your boat and we'll try to be gentle if our opinions of the proper sugar content of iced tea differ.
  5. Ken_Potts

    Mistake with stainless steel fasteners

    If the rivnuts are also stainless steel I second Steve's suggestion. Use anti-seize any time you have two stainless fasteners in contact with each other. Some of the mine sites I've worked with up North use groundwater that is saltier than the ocean to wash the equipment down and I've had the anti-seize rule drilled into my head (fortunately not literally) by frustrated maintenance crew.
  6. Ken_Potts

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    I only spent 21 years in NC but I do still claim to be Southern. Partly because I know how to cook okry so it's crispy and not slimey, partly because I can pick a banjer, and partly because I live closer to Antartica than all y'all. I sure do miss sweet tea and biscuits and gravy, though...
  7. Ken_Potts

    B&B Preps for Florence

    Chick, you better batten down the hatches, too. The mountains aren't used to the kind of rain a storm like this can bring. My first hurricane was Hugo and although it was fun in Raleigh, it left scars on the mountains for years. My very favorite mountain biking trail ran through a bunch of Hugo damage (but maybe we shouldn't talk about why fallen logs are fun for mountain bikes because there might be youngsters listening). It may be time to buy 30 gallons of milk and all the bread Harris Teeter can supply (wink wink)... I won't mention the tea, sugar and viennas because I know you'll already have them in good supply. I hope New Bern, Vandemere, Morehead City, (and everybody else) don't take too hard a hit.
  8. Ken_Potts

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Don't worry, Tiger, we're not real
  9. Ken_Potts

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Chick, I like the way you refer to Tiger and your "other reader" so we can all assume we're the other one. It makes us all feel special.
  10. Ken_Potts

    Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    90f glassing? Welcome to North Carolina - Work fast and mix tiny batches. If you're going as far as Canberra you might as well make a stop in Perth. Canberra's beautiful but Perth has Quokkas (and salt water). There's a bit of bluegrass happening here, too.
  11. Ken_Potts

    CS20mk3 for family camping?

    One way to anchor when camping is to put an anchor well off the beach and put another one on the beach (or tie a sling to a tree or something). The two anchors are connected by a long loop of line which is tied to the boat. The loop is free to run through its connection to the anchor points but it tied securely to the boat. Drop the first anchor when you're approaching shore. Feed out the anchor loop as you continue on to shore and secure the second anchor on land. Unload gear and pull the boat back out like it's on a clothesline. when the boat is where you want it to stay for the night, secure the "clothesline" with some prusik knots or something. The first few time I did this it seemed like a confusing mass of spaghetti when I was trying to deploy everything but it became second nature. This is not a good way to anchor a boat during a really good storm but it has worked well for me in camping weather.
  12. Nic - I'm in Perth too. The Amateur Boat Builder's Association of WA is meeting Saturday (1st of Sept.) for a final visit to a project we've been following for years (it's the final visit because The builder is about to launch and sail away). It's a 14 meter modified Herreshoff Mobjack ketch built in aluminium. It's well worth seeing even though you'll have to drive down to Wungong to see it. There will be a number of people who can direct you to good sources of Bote Cote or other epoxies. It'll be good to meet you if you can make it. If not, I can put you in touch with people who can talk intelligently about epoxy sources (not me ). If all else fails, talk to Gary Martin at Fremantle boat paints. He's a wealth of information on composites and knows pretty much everybody. A link to the Amateur Boat Builders of WA website: http://abba.org.au/calendar/
  13. Ken_Potts

    Heresy and abomination: Bluejacket with a bracket?

    Have a look at the B and B Marissa. The design won an award for fuel efficiency and (I think) it's small and nimble enough to handle some interesting weather. If you're wiling to dress for the occasion you can save fuel by staying small and light.
  14. Ken_Potts

    Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    Careful, Tiger! That 200cc motor might have more horsepower than the original. I still want one, though.
  15. Poor things... You really ought to build them a coffee table or something now that you've stolen their boat shelter.

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