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  1. Ken_Potts

    B&B's first annual "Capsize Camp" July, 20-22

    Alan, I agree that a ladder is a good idea but don't put too much stock in the motor staying dry. When I barrel-rolled Southbound everything happened quite fast and the boat went 180 degrees. That put the motor under water. If events had evolved more gradually as in the video I would have eased the mast into the water slowly and stopped at 90 degrees, thereby keeping the motor dry, but accidental capsizes by definition aren't controlled events. The boat went turtle as I was catapulted through the air (comically apologizing to my crew before hitting the water ). I was unable to start the motor afterwards and we had to sort things out without it. everything was fine, but we were in protected waters and in reasonably close proximity to a beach. I was (and still am) amazed at the stability of the CS17 Mk1 (it seems to hit a wall and stop rolling just before the coaming goes under) and it remains my favorite design ever, but I did a number of things wrong all at the same time in a stiff breeze and the motor ended up inverted in the lake. So yes - It's good that the motor will stay dry in a 90 degree roll but don't forget the possibility of a 180. It doesn't really matter all that much, though because a CS17 can be sailed out of trouble without having to resort to the motor anyway. I miss that boat :)
  2. Ken_Potts

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    I was talking on the phone with a colleague today about quality control (yes, I am that boring in real life). He related a tale about a local engineering firm that I will name "Jones Engineering" in order to protect the guilty party. My friend said someone had told him once that being off by a few millimeters was tolerance stackup, being off by 20 millimeters was a design mistake, and being off by 500mm was Jones Engineering.
  3. Ken_Potts

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Ya know, Chick, that's pretty generous of you to go to all this trouble just to make people like me feel better about making this kind of mistake. I'm pretty sure your fix is going to look a lot better than mine would, though.
  4. Ken_Potts

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    I'll take the bet on getting through the door (I'm betting in favor of success). The very worst case is that you'll have to take the door frame out and reinstall it afterwards. That's pretty easy for someone who can build a whole boat. Also, it's what I did.
  5. Ken_Potts

    Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    I think Moby Dick is the only book I've read that has an entire chapter devoted to a color (white). Other than that I really enjoyed the book. It seemed to me to be more of a text book on whaling with the occasional foray into Victorian morals. Who wouldn't gravitate to that? after all, we're a bunch of people who sand things for fun!
  6. Ken_Potts

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    I prefer a light shade because I prefer to live in hot places but other than that... Green is as good as it gets if you can't get yellow.
  7. Ken_Potts

    JP's OB20

    It's looking really good!
  8. Ken_Potts

    Paul Riccelli - PAR

    I'm really sad to hear that. Paul was always happy to offer his experience to help those of us who haven't slopped as much goo as he has. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I never met Paul, but like Robert the Tiger I am reminded of the community we have here. I've long considered these forums to be the friendliest place on the internet thanks to Frank and his one rule (be nice) and to the people who enjoy helping each other and just talking about boats and other related matters (dogs, brides, grandkids, motorcycles, blah blah blah). I've also thought that we all have a funny kind of community, though, because there are a lot of unknown lives going on behind all these discussions. I've recognized forum contributors in passing just by their boats. I passed Scott and his beautiful yellow Belhaven on Highway 40 once in North Carolina and I recognized him instantly just because he posted the first pictures of his yellow paint job immediately after I bought my yellow paint for Southbound (Aargh!) But even though his boat allowed me to recognize him at a combined closing speed of 130mph (113 knots or 208kph), I could easily have walked past him in a store or something without ever knowing who he was. Actually, I had that happen too. I was at lumber reseller once looking for a nice piece of hardwood to make something or other (maybe the banjo?) and there was a couple who seemed to be buying every piece of mahogany in the place. It struck me as funny at the time but a few days later when I checked up on a build I was following (a powerboat way up on Highway 321) they mentioned having bought pretty near all the mahogany in the Piedmont for their project. So although I had been following their build avidly I had no clue who they were when I walked right past them. Like Robert, I've lost someone in the last couple of weeks and in that context it's strange (to me anyway) how hard it is to hear that Paul, who I never met, is gone. If you look at the sheer word count of my post I think there will be an indicator of what we've lost. Paul would have written this many words about one specific aspect of one part of boat building and at the end of it we'd all know the implications of (x) to the final whatever-it-was. Meanwhile I've used the same number of words to ramble aimlessly and haven't helped anyone advance their project by the slightest skerrick of a suggestion of progress. Raising a glass to you, Paul. Ken
  9. Ken_Potts

    An other OC20 build !!

    That's very slick. I just put that sort of mechanism into a concept for some lab equipment and it was very well received. It's much better on a pretty boat, though.
  10. Ken_Potts

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    It seems less wrong than the Ohio river, though... Thanks for the pictures Alan. It's nice to know you're still having fun with the boat.
  11. Ken_Potts

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    He just drives his motor boat down the river every day.
  12. Ken_Potts


    I'm envious. I was never in the Exumas at the right time for the regatta. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the pictures. If you want to get in there and race, though, you'll have to get to work on your immigration papers - The boats have to be designed, built, owned and crewed by Bahamians. http://www.bahamasgeotourism.com/content/national-family-island-regatta/bahAED49E7DAF831017A|
  13. Ken_Potts

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    Alan, if your old Honda 2.5 was the one that I sold to Dawn and Paul it wasn't just not-a-two-stroke. I think it was also only-a-2hp. I may be remembering that incorrectly, though. Please post pictures of the trials - I still miss that boat (not that there's much left of the original after your repairs and improvements, mind you). And Capt Oyster - I have it on good authority that Graham long ago ceased to drive on the correct side of the road and now is following your example of driving on the right side instead of the correct side. Wait - That's making my head hurt... Nevermind.
  14. Ken_Potts

    Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    Aaak! For a second that looked like the beginning of a Viking funeral. I was glad when I figured out it was just a nap. So the real reason the boat ain't done yet is that you're so exhausted from working on all those other things that you fall asleep when you try to take a day off to sail? I bet you still got more done that day than I did.
  15. Ken_Potts

    CS15 with a lug yawl rig

    It's a veritable palace on the water! Looks like fun.

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