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  1. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

    Ted, Dawn Patrol is still for sale and ready to go. Shoot me an email and i'll tell you anything you need to know. The video above should show you most of the boat. 15K is the asking price. -Alan
  2. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

  3. The Oriental boat show is weekend after next. April 13th-14th and they need more wooden boats for the exhibition. Here are the details (Below). B&B will be there (giving a presentation on Sat) a well as have our tent setup and our boats on display. Hope you can come too!
  4. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    You asked for it.
  5. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    A hull is born! Last night we unfolded our CS20 Mk3 hull. More photos here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/22Tfg2WR5pTSBHyw1 SInce it was just the two of us I made good use of some very nice 5x10" beams that run across the ceiling of the garage. Some lines down to the side panels acted the part of extra people to help let the sides down slowly. A line around the stern end kept everything in later. I was a little concerned that the hull bottom panels would be too brittle to take the bend since they've been artificially drying in my air conditioned garage for a few months now. The ply feels very very dry and Graham has had issues folding boats indoors for that reason before. I was prepared to pour some boiling water from a tea pot on the outside bottom panels as soon as I got too scared to continue but it was not necessary. No issues whatsoever, the bends were not too severe at all. In fact I used a spreader to push the sides out and intended to do it little by little but I grabbed the fwd bulkhead to try and I had already spread the hull TOO FAR. So she reached her final shape without issue after all. We have a video of the unfolding which I will upload soon.
  6. Alan Stewart

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Haha I totally understand. Weeks to plan/think, 5 min to cut, years to wish you'd cut it different. been there.
  7. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Raise the sprits to the top of the mast. Brilliant! I'll have to try that. I don't like a topping lift in place all the time because it seems to always catch the ends of the battens when hoisting but i could deal with one that mostly stayed clipped on the mast until it was time to drop the sails.
  8. Alan Stewart

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Looks good Steve. What do you have planned for draining the cockpit? I see they are conspicuously absent! or maybe just covered at present?
  9. We found the sail very easy to handle. For single handing the continuous line could be run all the way to the stern of the boat even. The top swivel we were using was a bit sticky and the whole arrangement meant that in lighter winds we had to positively "unfurl" the sail when we wanted it out. It would unfurl about half way but then to get the last twists out of the top we would have to pull the furling line the other way to take some torsion out of the taught line. The best part about it was that it furls with no hassle in strong winds. Because of this we used the spinnaker much more than any other year because it was so accessible and I know it made us faster. With this asymmetrical spinnaker we can sail about 30 deg. off the wind and gybe downwind when downwind is our goal. Deeper than that and the sail doesn't get enough clear air. We carried the sail up to about 15 knots and then switched to wing and wing. If I had to guess, in 15 knots of breeze we maybe gain about 1/2 a knot of vmg by gybing downwind with the spinnaker versus sailing dead down wind wing and wing. In 10 knots of wind it might be closer to a knot faster vmg with the spinnaker. We left the sail up, furled almost the entire time in the EC this year only taking it down when we had to paddle hard into the wind to get out of a narrow pass at the checkpoint and didn't want the extra windage.
  10. Drew, I had the same question. Unfortunately that would only work to furl the sail in about half way and then it would bind up. Once the top half of the sail starts to wind onto the torsion line then the whole thing goes and the tack starts wrapping up as well. We found the best was to just keep winding and all the spinnaker sheets were taken up (wrapped around the sail) and all out of the way.
  11. Alan Stewart

    Spindrift 11n build in process

    This one is on me. When I updated the Spindrift 11 N Kit, I totally re-did the plan sheets and I see that I showed what would correctly be interpreted as solid timber on the king plank/mast partner piece. As Graham pointed out, he intended this to be plywood to avoid the possibility of a crack forming which makes good sense. Adding a layer of 1/4" ply underneath the aft part of the mast collar piece will accomplish the same result. I will update that part of the construction plan sheet to reflect that this piece should be 3 layers of 6mm ply as originally intended. The side cleats and forward bulkhead beam are still solid timber. I re-combed through the plans and you should rest assured that the "original" plans that Graham posted the top corner of for clarification don't show any other better or different information than what you have. The boat changed shape ever so slightly when we 3D modeled all of the parts in minute detail in order to achieve a high level of accuracy for producing the kit version. We then used that shape to re-update the cutout sheet for the boat which is built from plans so that all S11 hulls going forward would be the same (kit or plan). Finally, I think your build is very excellent and it looks to me as though you have produced a very fair and accurate hull from the plans which is very gratifying to us. I can't wait to see picture of her sailing around.
  12. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

    Dawn Patrol is for sale.
  13. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

    Here at the finish line. will report any news. the wind has shifted more east and many boats are now starting across the bay but then turning back and opting the southern route. we were lucky to come across with a nw wind.
  14. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

  15. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

    We're going as fast as we can

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