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  1. B&B sailors, For many years, Graham and I have participated in the annual "North Carolina Challenge" each year put on by the Watertribe group. This year the Watertribe event was cancelled due to lack of interest or at least not enough interest. In its place this year is a new "event" called the Core Sound Challenge schedule for June 28th with a shove off time of 8am. The "event" is being "organized" by a local sailor Nathan who'd like to get more sailors out sailing. He has put up his own website on this event. https://zenehet.wixsite.com/fleetcmd/register-route The route is from Cedar island (same as the old North Carolina Challenge) to Shackleford and back via Core Sound hence the name. You can circumnavigate Shackleford on the outside (the intended track) or avoid going outside by rounding a buoy at beaufort inlet and another buoy inside the bight. Technically it's a "race" but I suspect camping overnight in the Bight might be popular. I'm planning to give it a go in my CS-17. The event is informal and there is no entry fee etc that i am aware or. You are on your own. Bring your own safety gear, file your own float plan. If you'd like to join the fun shoot him an email at zenehet@gmail.com
  2. Alan Stewart

    Advice on motor mount CS17

    Just get yourself a piece of 2x8 (treated would be good) and bolt that sucker on. Worked for me for many years. Attached with 3 galvanized bolts. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LQmfaRE2FC2o1AS36
  3. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    Outboard well trial by fire. works great. Out on the sandbar near Beaufort ,NC today with good friends, dog, umbrellas and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. What a great day.
  4. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    Haha, Ken you are right as well it was a 2hp. It served us well and was just sold along with the Dawn Patrol package. It may not look the same but it's got good bones. Here are some pictures of us on one of our last years trips out to lookout. https://goo.gl/photos/DhpTDZTJHqAuzAe79 And some shots from one our last years day trips to the sandbar in Beaufort with friends. The masts stayed at home and we went in "motor mode" with beach umbrellas in place of the masts.
  5. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    The mosquitos and I decided the well was nice and strong and just needed some epoxy coats. Planning to give it a test this weekend.
  6. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    Graham pointed out to me that I mistakenly said my old Honda 2.5 motor was a 2-stroke when i should know darn well that Honda is known specifically for NOT making 2 stroke outboards. Allow the record to reflect that it is in fact a 4-stroke and I am working on writing 100 times on the chalkboard. Honda never made a 2 stroke outboard, Honda never made a 2 stroke outboard, Honda never made a 2 stroke outboard, Honda never made a 2 stroke outboard.......
  7. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    The box is in. I pulled it off the mold this morning, scraped all the gluing surfaces, buttered it up and squished it in place. If the prop ends up a bit too high, I might be able to cut her down a little but the motor body was the limiting factor when the motor swings through 180 degrees.
  8. Today I started on an outboard well for our Core Sound 17 'Southbound'. We recently purchased a Tohatsu 3.5 4-stroke short shaft motor from online outboards. The plan is to use the new motor on our currently under construction CS-20mk3 since it was deemed the best fit. That means the 17 needs a bracket or a well and I didn't want to buy or make a bracket particularly. We previously used a long shaft 2 stroke honda 2.5 but that motor went with a new owner of our Core Sound 20 Dawn Patrol. The long shaft bolted to a bracket whos edge sat above the top of the transom. The new motor must be in a well to reach the water since it's 5" shorter. I've been breaking in the new motor in a trash can in the evenings and have now 2.5 hrs of time on it below 3000rpm and it purrs like a kitten compared to the old 2-stroke honda. Here is a link to all the pictures I took today of cutting a fitting the outboard well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dnbRVtpFxNTxV5o16 And here are some select shots.... I started with a "minimal" 6" wide 6" deep cutout centered on the old outboard position 13 1/2" off the center-line. I chose 15 1/2" above the lower edge of the transom at that point for the height of the cutout and that turned out to be spot on. Not too low that the controls hit the deck and not too high that the lower unit hits the bottom of the boat. It will remain to be seen if the prop is low enough in the water but I'm prepared to live with it. The motor didn't quite fit width wise so the hole was widened 1" inboard. That got her in the hole but the body of the motor hit the corners of the cutout when it was rotated. So the next iteration aimed to widen the hole to correct that. The motor would now rotate in one direction but from the other "preferred" direction the tiller bonked on the inside corner (see below) . So one more iteration was needed. The final cutout was ~12 3/4" wide at the top edge of the transom starting 8" inboard from the sheer. And 11" "deep" fore and aft. Now satisfied with the size of the cutout I installed a beam across the cutout 1" thick and notched it for an existing stiffener. Then I screwed a bottom in up against the lower face of the beam and proceeded to install cardboard hot glue templates for the sides and front panels. The cardboard templates were replaced with the real McCoy (1/4" okume) . The sides and front were marked on the bottom and then the bottom was cut to final shape. Next all was removed and assembled with 3-4 dabs of hot glue to join the parts together. The hot glue assembly was strong enough to round over the exterior edges and sand it all smooth. This assembly was checked for fit back in the boat. Finally (for today) the assembly was taken into the shop the interior edges were filleted and then it was flipped over and glassed. After the glass was cured enough the edges were trimmed and the box placed on a cutting board with plastic to create a mold surface. Then 2 layers of glass were applied onto the mold surface to create flanges that will bond the top edges of the box up against the underside of the fore deck tomorrow. The beam and box assembly will all be installed together and then the deck cutout edges will be rounded over and the inside of the box glassed to the boat and deck.
  9. Alan Stewart

    Everglades Challenge time again

    Ted, Dawn Patrol is still for sale and ready to go. Shoot me an email and i'll tell you anything you need to know. The video above should show you most of the boat. 15K is the asking price. -Alan
  10. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

  11. The Oriental boat show is weekend after next. April 13th-14th and they need more wooden boats for the exhibition. Here are the details (Below). B&B will be there (giving a presentation on Sat) a well as have our tent setup and our boats on display. Hope you can come too!
  12. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    You asked for it.
  13. Alan Stewart

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    A hull is born! Last night we unfolded our CS20 Mk3 hull. More photos here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/22Tfg2WR5pTSBHyw1 SInce it was just the two of us I made good use of some very nice 5x10" beams that run across the ceiling of the garage. Some lines down to the side panels acted the part of extra people to help let the sides down slowly. A line around the stern end kept everything in later. I was a little concerned that the hull bottom panels would be too brittle to take the bend since they've been artificially drying in my air conditioned garage for a few months now. The ply feels very very dry and Graham has had issues folding boats indoors for that reason before. I was prepared to pour some boiling water from a tea pot on the outside bottom panels as soon as I got too scared to continue but it was not necessary. No issues whatsoever, the bends were not too severe at all. In fact I used a spreader to push the sides out and intended to do it little by little but I grabbed the fwd bulkhead to try and I had already spread the hull TOO FAR. So she reached her final shape without issue after all. We have a video of the unfolding which I will upload soon.
  14. Alan Stewart

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Haha I totally understand. Weeks to plan/think, 5 min to cut, years to wish you'd cut it different. been there.
  15. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Raise the sprits to the top of the mast. Brilliant! I'll have to try that. I don't like a topping lift in place all the time because it seems to always catch the ends of the battens when hoisting but i could deal with one that mostly stayed clipped on the mast until it was time to drop the sails.

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