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  1. An Ocracoke 20B just launched in Cairns with a 150 yamaha and reported 39 knots. There are more pics of her on their FB page. Search CJH yachts. They called it the CJH 22 after their customizations. Here is one pic. I believe this is the first 20b to launched.
  2. Updated. Graham came back to the shop yesterday afternoon because his depth sounder was damaged when we launched the boat and we didn't notice it!
  3. Graham made it into Core Sound early this morning and looks to be tucked in maybe having breakfast out of the wind. Forecast is 7 knots from the east and pretty steady, building slightly tonight and shifting a bit to the north east.
  4. Graham left the shop on his OB-20 Jeanie yesterday for a few days of much deserved vacation and fishing time. His plan is to visit Drum inlet. He has his spot tracker and you can see his location with this link. https://maps.findmespot.com/s/H6M4 Yesterday evening he called in to report that he was dropping anchor just west of Thoroughfare canal. Tomorrow he will poke his way across Core Sound. Here is a quick clip of him leaving for the OBX130 a while back. This is what it looked like yesterday On wednesday we took the boat over to Cedar island to r
  5. Thanks Joe! Yeah I am considering modifying the existing amas.
  6. That photo is from back in this years EC. Pre covid. Those were the days. Here is my gps trip comp. Only 80 nn.
  7. With the weather for Thurs looking ugly the already "virtual" event is opened up to starting early. One competitor has already begun. Clean Slate just entered Adams Creek at this writing. 830pm Tues. Challengers can opt to go through Adam's Creek instead of Harlowe Canal if they want to (because, 2020). This year to start your race you hit your SPOT OK message at the designated start coordinate anytime you want. That starts your official race time. I am racing in my Red Expedition Sailing Canoe or ESC (Escape). The same boat I raced in the 2016 UFC. The boat has been itching for another
  8. A note to all Messabout Participants. It's just a few days away! Thanks to the pandemic we have a few changes to the "normal" messabout way of doing things this year as we all do our part to prevent the spread and keep everyone safe. So if you plan to attend or come by the shop this year please help us keep everyone safe. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BMf9guIQkXXohcXePT2pWT1urVg2zqwHsE_V2_nVN0g/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Really like those stern bucket seats in the corners. Great pictures guys!
  10. Builders choice I think. The masts sections can be left loose or glued together. If made to be take apart then the bushings have to be wrapped and sanded to fit.
  11. I just checked this. They are actually the same beam the S12 is basically a stretched S11. But in actual fact I am pretty sure (Graham correct me) the S12 came first. I corrected the beam dimensions. S12 is 4' 7" plus or minus a few plane strokes.
  12. I hate that we're still waiting on your sails. I've been on their case about it. So sorry for the delay! Thank you for your great posts and kind words. You are an inspiring builder.
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