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  1. Do you have insurance on your kit boat? Who did you use? Do they know you built it yourself? If they did would they still insure it? I got a call the other day from a builder asking if we had a recommendation for an insurance company after they were told that GEICO is no loner offering insurance for homemade kit boats. I thought this would be a topic others might have some helpful insight on.
  2. FOR SALE. The owner and builder of Jessy 17 Hull #1 is selling his boat! Recently worked on at B&B after being stored for a couple of years she has new Starboard rubrails, paint touch up etc and is ready to hit the water immediately. Engine serviced. Practically a brand new Yahama 50HT outboard with less than 20 hours on it. Great for fishing the sounds or running out to Cape Lookout or the sandbar. Easy to trailer with seating for 4 plus a fishing seat pedestal. Come check her out anytime. Price $18,500. Link to Ad on Facebook Marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketp
  3. Thanks for the great video I especially like the drone shots and it serves as a great trip report. You guys did an awesome job in some tough conditions. It sounds like getting into flamingo this year for many was a real challenge. I agree with Graham and Peter here on the topping lift regarding main reefing and I think also the dodger was a big contributor to slowing the boat down especially sailing into the stronger winds. That thing is just a sail pushing you backward all the time and the problem goes up be the square of the wind speed! Sailing in the dark also makes it a lot harder to see w
  4. I dont think I could wait around eating at a reataurant along the way when nothing holds a candle to a fried fish basket and a beer at Mrs. Macs at the finish line!
  5. Thanks everyone. Mama and Henry are doing great. Very difficult delivery ending in c section but it's all over now. He is perfect.
  6. Joe, I txted race mom Paula and she told me Whitebeard had dropped out, no details given.
  7. Only 1 built. Uses a hobie TI sail. https://photos.app.goo.gl/W7sCKMeHfdnepCECA
  8. Chessie was missing the bottom leech batten in the main in that picture.
  9. Four boats and 7 of our very own took the plunge this year into the Everglades Challenge! You can follow along by going to the “tracking map” where the entrants can be tracked. All participants are required to carry a SPOT satellite Tracking unit. There will also be discussion on the watertribe forum as well as the watertribe facebook page. These sources typically have very up to date information about the challengers, who has dropped out, who is sleeping, who has broke down, etc. You can also check on the messabout forum for a thread on the Event. Other interesting Links: Watertribe Event Rul
  10. Janice, The confusion here is because Don substituted the raacelite 340 block that joe pictures for the ball bearing Ronstan RF20151 cheek blocks on the hardware order. So the one you used for the halyard is the same cheek block that you'll use for the outhaul. We emailed about this back in January but I had to re-read it to see what we did. BUT It had looked like you were missing one of the Ronstan cheek blocks you needed (1 for halyard, 1 for outhaul) and I was supposed to send you a second one along with those other items we discussed. I may have forgot so if you don't have 2 of the R
  11. Thanks for the input! I've added all of the links that have been submitted thus far. Well, i don't sleep very much! Probably less soon, newborn on the way just a few weeks now. Dave, I've got Garry's link in there and we had the wrong picture for his now correct. All of the entries in the log link either to the forum thread of the build or the website or blog (if not on the forum) Just click on the Blue link text on the left side. The 3 photos are just a selection. I though it would be cool to have like first picture either a pile of wood or very first assembly e
  12. This is something that I've thought about how to do for a long time. It's a lot of manual data entry of course (wish I had started a few years ago) but this weekend I put together a framework that I am pretty happy with that will help us to keep this up to date using the data we already have on hull numbers and adding in links to build it out. Most of the data feeding this document only goes back 5 years but we're working on that. The page is built using hyperlinks so it's not the most long lasting solution but for now it's working well. The sheet is searchable like any webpage just do a ctrl+
  13. This is my preferred clutch hands down. They are simple and very satisfying to use. The inventor Pete Crawford is a NC native. We plan to sell these in our store soon. Had one on Dawn Patrol and one on Southern Skimmer. The knots in the line in the pic below also act as end stops for rudder travel. http://www.wavefrontmarine.com/
  14. An Ocracoke 20B just launched in Cairns with a 150 yamaha and reported 39 knots. There are more pics of her on their FB page. Search CJH yachts. They called it the CJH 22 after their customizations. Here is one pic. I believe this is the first 20b to launched.
  15. Updated. Graham came back to the shop yesterday afternoon because his depth sounder was damaged when we launched the boat and we didn't notice it!
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