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  1. Joe, We first heard the Jim was being closely monitored when we arrived at Checkpoint 2 we didn't get any more info than that until Checkpoint 3 when I think we heard that the CG was searching. Also we heard that no one had heard from Ron and Mike (SwampMonkee and Chainsaw) who are very experienced and on a Tornado Cat so it was strange that they hadn't checked in and I was actually more worried about them for a time since they had no cabin and I imagined their boat flipped, broke and all gear inoperable. Yeah, we did stop more than other years for sleep but in each case for good reason. In total we stopped and anchored for sleep 3 times. Off Sanibel on night 1 for about 4 hours I think. Then just outside of CP2 for about 10 hours (boy that was nice). And finally on middle cape with Greybeard and ChefRamen (as seen in the pics) for about 4 hours.
  2. Just published this video in memory of Sailorman aka Jim Slauson who sadly was lost this year during the EC. If you are not aware, please read this article.
  3. Fear not. There seem to be two versions (both called EZ-IN 2 apparently) and i think some are confusing these. There is the "compact" version which is about $225 and can be purchase on amazon by anyone. Just added to the B&B Store (link below). Then there is the "integrated" which seems to be about $688!!!. I don't think any of us are looking at that one intentionally. compact version currently $225 https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/garelick-manufacturing-19700-compact-eez-in-ii-transom-ladder/ integrated $688 https://www.fisheriessupply.com/garelick-eez-in-ii-integrated-concelaed-transom-ladder And the obligatory note for affiliate links... "If you buy an items using our Amazon link it means that B&B might receive an small commission from that item should you decide to purchase with zero additional cost to you. Yes really! Thank you for supporting us! "
  4. Put another way, if you glass the outside with cloth then you dont need tape on the chine. The cloth does the job. The keel needs 2 layers so overlapping the cloth does the job. Any stainless piano hinge will do the job. Short screws to attach. You might have to grind the tips off to keep them poking through or use longer screws and... drill, screw, remove screws, cut and gring them down, reinstall. Ive been wanting to try those rubber hatch closures lately. Or a hasp and staple latch. Maybe like this. https://images.app.goo.gl/yHu2tkTiAtrBq9Ny6
  5. Thanks for the pics. Looking good from here. On the chine joint we only specify a single layer of 10oz tape because the fiberglass reinforcement only needs to be as strong as the thickness of plywood it's reinforcing. So in the case of the chine joint a single layer is sufficient because the side panel is only 6mm plywood. In the case of the keel joint, we are joining two layers of 12mm plywood so we use 2 layers of 10oz tape across the joint due to the added strength needed to match the strength of the plywood. On the outside of the boat the required glass is the same as the inside so when you sheath the exterior in 10oz glass all that is required is a single layer over the chine (don't forget to make it smooth and rounded for the glass to wrap the corner well). When you get to the keel line, overlap the keel by about 1 1/2" this way when you glass the other side and do the same overlap of the keel you now have the required 2 layers of glass on the exterior of the keel joint.
  6. Test embed of a google album of Nick's CS-20 from this years messabout. https://photos.app.goo.gl/z3GXbdQNEERWDMMN8
  7. I've got an album here that has some video of how I do it. I screw side 1 down to a scrap piece of flat 3/4" ply with plastic underneath. Then first coat with neat epoxy the edges of the fingers. Then, with fingers spaced about 1" apart, fill it up with thickened epoxy using a putty knife. Then push together then screw the second side down. Add screws if needed in specific spots to push a non-cooperative finger down. Don't squeeze between boards as this offers no way to A: ensure the fingers are lined up or B: clean up the squeeze out. This wastes a fair amount of glue but it's important to get 100% fill of the joint. If you have multiple finger joint lined up to do at once then you can re-use the squeeze out for the next one in line. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GSJM4KiecSW5upM86
  8. I didn't think "missing centerboard" either and I still don't. And it wouldn't make sense either as the up-haul line AND the pivot bolt would both have to be cut/removed for the board to be missing else we would see the board dangling by a line. In the picture of the boat after it capsized the view of the trunk I see as consistent with the board just being completely retracted. Even if there was a bumper installed at the top of the trunk I wouldn't really expect to see any of the board except maybe a glimpse of the very fwd part which I think i see. It's certainly a wake-up call to anyone who takes their boat out alone.
  9. Here is a test slide Graham just made. Destructive testing to follow.
  10. I only had some breif interactions with Jim on the start beach this year but he took that time to thank me for helping him via email with rigging questions he'd had as he got the boat ready for the event. I somewhat regret that i didnt have all my gear 100% squared away at the time and so was also mostly head down packing etc like most other blearey eyed participants. I would have liked to get a tour of his boat or talk to him further and as a veteran of the event I ought to be more squared away but we joke that everyone packs last minute. Anyway, Jim had added a furling code zero kit to the boat for this year as well as a tiller extension and done a lot of work repainting the decks, tabernacle and reworking the tiller which was customized by original builder and made in aluminum. Its hard that we will never know the sequence of events that caused his dissapearance.
  11. Looks like a good solution Graham. Not everyone will need this but those of us crazy enough to want to take our boats out while quadruple reefed and gybe in 25 knots might!
  12. I talked to Bones briefly about the headache this caused him in key largo. They had to go to 3 west marines to find replacements after they broke the slides and returned to the start beach. I assume his sail was reefed when the gybe that broke the top slides happened as i can see in the picture. I think i see the issue. With the sail reefed there is a lot more pressure on just that top slide because although the luff curve of the sail is still present, the lower part of the mast is larger and stiffer so the top slide then takes almost all the loading and when it popped the load moved down, pop, down, pop, etc like a zipper. The solution would be a double slide at the top or swapping it for a stainless slide which they do make. Here is a picture of them testing with a reef in and I can see what looks like the luff curve taking the leech load off all but the very top slide. Another note is that I think the downhaul should be nice and tight to stretch the luff so that the snotter tension pulls more evenly on the luff slides. If you imagine the luff tension was slack, then the snotter pulls all the load onto the top and bottom slides only. At least as i see it.
  13. We are on our way home from the EC and my trip report will be forthcoming. For me, this year has been completely overshadowed by the tragic loss of jim Slauson who was sailing his Core Sound 17 Mark 3 for the second attempt at completing the event. See the linked article for the facts. At some point he went overboard after apparently heaving to and drifting offshore. Although he continued to activate his OK message after he began drifting, he never got back on course. In years past others have done similar after perhaps they fell asleep or were riding out conditions or making repairs we will never know. But despite having a PLB and we presume a pfd on his person, he never activated the PLB. Medical issues have not been in any official report so are speculatory but its possible could have been a factor. The importance of wearimg a tether when solo sailing and practicing activating your PLB one handed in the dark are at the forefront of my mind as we struggle to make any sense of his tragedy. The boat was found by the CG floating upright. https://www.tampabay.com/news/breaking-news/2020/03/13/search-suspended-for-st-pete-sailor-who-went-missing-during-long-distance-race/
  14. Quite a few midnight toasts were made and tears shed for him around the late nighter table last night. We didnt know him well but he was still one of our own. Everyone knows the risks but no one expects to not go home.
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