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  1. I'm pretty sure this year it will fall on the 18, 19, 20 but will check.
  2. Graham has always anchored his Core Sound 17 Mark 3 from the cockpit. He has no chain and leads the rode back on the starboard side to a horn cleat on the cabin top no problem.
  3. Hey Ted, it looks shes missing battens in the sail no? Can i send you some?
  4. Steve, That is way cool, definitely added to Wishlist for my boat.
  5. Looks like you can still buy one. For things like this take a picture of it and then your phone can "search image with google" it works quite well. I found this one easily from your picture not even from a good angle. I did have to add the keywords "handheld compass". Dont know if its the same one and ive never used this one. https://www.mareshop.eu/ms_rw_en/silva-compass-70une-35014-1191-753759134631
  6. One to add. A simple sun tent without sides supported by the horizontal sprits. 3 poles keep it spread wide and it's held down to the gunwales at the end of each pole. As seen in this recent video. https://youtu.be/orSLDokXGAs?si=opB9RIi-gHSpmxCB. Boat is Gira Gira.
  7. Hey Richard, I think you need to change the permissions on the link to your album. It's asking me to request access.
  8. Yeah, forecast could be better but we will keep fingers crossed. Hopefully not much rowing. Yep got the bowstring and headsail ready. One pic of each B&B boat below. Lots more in my album.
  9. We have arrived at the start beach. Today we stage the boat on the beach and have the captains meeting this afternoon. Tomorrow we shove off at 7am.
  10. I cannot think of a problem with putting the water pickup inside the bracket other than that it won't be functional while the boat is on plane and at some speed before planning as the water starts to separate from the bottom of the bracket. If the pickup is for something like a bait well and not needed underway then I'd say it's a good spot for it since it won't interfere with the bottom at all. I'd put it in the center bay nearer to the transom.
  11. Great job, I like that bright fendering! Thank you for weighing the boat, so few builders report back their weights.
  12. Posting for the Watertribe Chief who is selling his boat. The boat was professionally finished by B&B and sailed in the NCC in 2022. From Chief..... “My Core Sound 17 Mark 3 is up for sale. This is a great boat and I will be sorry to see her go. Items included are shown below: Core Sound 17 Mark 3 recently completed in 2022. Continental Trailer model EW1620V-2000 virtually new Torqeedo Motor TRAVEL 1103 3 92 AH Batteries Solar Charging Panel Shore Power Multi Bank Charging Fully Rigged 3 Beach Rollers with hand pump And More Visit the B&B site for info about this boat: B&BYachtDesigns.com Asking $18,000 for all.” Please communicate to Chief through the website Discussion link or express your interest here with your contact information. " Email him: chief@watertribe.com Or use the watertribe forum where he posted this. https://watertribe.org/forums/topic/core-sound-17-mark-3-for-sale Video of the entire boat inside and out: Drone Video from the NCC race:
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