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  1. Alan Stewart

    Core Sound 20 Mk. 3 #22 - Essex Fells, NJ

    I'll add that I was also surprised that this is sufficient before I had a more complete understanding of how strong a layer of 10oz glass really is in tension when used this way. Also, Graham noted that we make sure the tips are a good fit to the board and I think that is an important detail. If there was a tiny step in the joint and it was not smoothed out with thickened epoxy just prior to applying the glass sheathing then this could weaken the joint since the glass fibers are not nice and straight across the joint. I use a 4" putty knife and pull it across the joint with moderate pressure to fill any low spots just before applying the glass. you'll be able to see/feel any "step" in the joint though so you'll see if this is necessary. Another important detail is to use fill coats of epoxy (2-3 of them) over top of the glass cloth until it's nice and smooth and under no circumstances would I sand the board into the glass. After your fill coats, then you can sand without getting into the glass and do the final fairing with micro-spheres or primer. Here are some pictures of a board I did a couple years ago. This one was for Doug's CS-20 Mk3 which was hull number 1. I only used a single layer of 10oz cloth and I did wrap it all the way to the bottom of the lead but as Graham said, that doesn't really do much good as it wears off after only a couple of groundings. I glued my tip on horizontally but only because i was being greedy with my time and wanted to glue the tip on and then immediately apply the glass to one side. (i was in a hurry) http://sailnaway.blogspot.com/2014/04/a-little-side-project.html This is a great question and I will add a more detailed picture to the plan sheets showing the glass layers as Graham described for our next victi...I mean builder.
  2. Alan Stewart

    dutch OB 20

    Beautiful work.
  3. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    That sir, is a fine looking vessel. I await your first sailing report with anticipation. I have heard the rare comment that some do not prefer the lines of the flush deck cabin on the MK3 design but i just don't see it. Looks very sweet to me.
  4. Alan Stewart

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    Some really great pictures thank you! Man I wish my boat was done already. TO THE GARAGE!
  5. Alan Stewart

    Messabout Lost and Found

    Owner located. Thanks!
  6. Alan Stewart

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    The B&B Messabout group is a facebook group which is public meaning anyone can see it but they do have to have a facebook account according to my reading. Public pages can be seen w/o an account but public groups can't. Not sure what more I can do on that front. -Alan
  7. Alan Stewart

    Messabout Lost and Found

    Item number 1... A nice master lock. Who is the proud owner? Feel free to email me and we'll get it back to you. If not claimed then thanks for leaving the key!
  8. Alan Stewart

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    All, ill be adding pictures to this google album during the messabout for those following along at home. Feel free to join and add your pictures. Messabout 2018 google album We also have a messabout facebook page here. Messabout facebook page.
  9. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    Well done sir. You are half way there! (joking) but rigging does take a while. Keep it up and you'll be sailing soon!
  10. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    Hmmm... well I do sort of see what you mean there. Worthy of an extra sentence in the plans perhaps, "Do what we mean not what we say"? It had not dawned on me that your slots were actually a solution to a different problem. I have it on good authority that Graham and I could not be more pleased with your progress thus far and if every boat looked the same what a boring forum this would be! The goal is not to end up with a perfect boat, only one that you are proud of and I have little doubt you will proudly display your boat when the dust settles and leave the cover at home.
  11. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    The drawing above is not to scale as it relates to the overhang of the stern off the trailer. Graham's trailer extends back about 6 feet behind the axle which puts it close to the transom actually but that is not really by design. We always try to make a point of keeping the bunks flat in the stern section i.e. not giving much support to the boat so as not to hinder launching but rollers back there on the keel are always a good thing. If the trailer bunks matched the rocker of the hull you would need to push the boat "uphill" off the trailer. So it is okay to have a fair amount of overhang on the trailer in my opinion and indeed I have quite a bit on my CS17 but It does make strapping the boat down easier with a longer trailer perhaps if you want to make use of the stern u-bolts for that purpose. -Alan
  12. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    We just measured Graham's boat on the trailer. Results below. If I had to guess I would say the tongue weight is about 100lbs which is about right I think at approx 10% of the load which I think is recommended.
  13. Alan Stewart

    Capt Bones Core Sound 17 Mk 3 #14 Kit Build?

    Fitting the tubes together can be a bit fiddly. We came up with another way one day when we were forced to join two tubes very quickly to get a job done and didn't have time to do collars and sanding and fitting and glue up. The method is to wrap the "inner" tube in some glass then lay two pieces of tape in an "X" across the bottom. This is done while wetting out the glass and then the tube is just shoved into the larger tube. We dry fir the glass to make sure it would go in but just barely then when it was pushed in the epoxy took up the rest and the tubes stayed nicely concentric. As i recall we braced the larger tube against something like a tree and then tapped it in the last few bits to the mark and then sliced off the ends of the glass that flowered out. Here is a picture of the method. The one down side is if you want to run wires in the mast you have to bust through the two layers of tape with a rod afterward but that is not so bad. New method of joinging mast tubes.pdf
  14. Alan Stewart

    STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

    Just a reminder that we are still full steam ahead for the annual B&B Messabout at our shop. http://bandbyachtdesigns.com/messabout/ Many in our state are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Florence (still underwater even) but we are fortunate that the water has receded and our cleanup efforts seem to be working. We hope this will be another fun filled gathering of all our friends and family in our little corner of the world to enjoy good weather (fingers crossed), good company, good food, and great boats. We are also planning to start an new Messabout tradition. A RACE (yes race) although informal from Chapel Creek just off our dock to some point off Vandemere perhaps a marker to be determined and back to the dock. It is a short course. The idea simply is to get everyone out on the water together. No classes or anything just whatever you brought. Kayaks and tenders may run a shorter course to be determined. In fact it's really all "to be determined" but we'll determine it before you arrive so just bring your boat and a paddle or sails and we'll see you there. Some sort of perpetual trophy will be given! Hope to see you all there.
  15. Alan Stewart

    oil and epoxy

    I think my approach would be to scrub the area with soap and water maybe even 80 grit sandpaper with soap and water then let dry thouroughly and I think it should be fine.

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