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  1. Indeed. Epoxy bushings are a great method to isolate hardware from the wood in epoxy encapsulated construction like this. You'll get more good ideas like that from the Gougeon Brothers book on epoxy boat construction. Hardware bonding is covered in chapter 14! https://www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/GougeonBook-061205-1.pdf
  2. Youtube is the best. I'm finally able to produce on my phone which really makes it possible for me saving lots of time.
  3. Justin, We usually have a breasthook (little corner piece in the tip of the bow) that reinforces the tip of the bow) which helps hold the sides together at the stem. With this kit we wanted to do a solid foredeck of 3/4 ply so no breasthook. It couldn't hurt to put a little fiberglass over the fillet at the very top of the stem to help prevent it opening. Or just fire a drywall screw through the top of the stem just below the gunwales to hold it all together until you get the inside of the stem glassed. Heating up the screw will release it for any epoxy and allow it to come out easily.
  4. Justin, Looking good. I have an easy solution for that one. See attached. The Upper forward bulkhead does not sit flush with the sheer but actually down about 1/2". The foredeck is 3/4" plywood with a rabbet cut into the aft edge of the bottom into which the top of that bulkhead notches. The foredeck then ends up flush with the sheer. The idea of using the heavier ply for the foredeck was to make it more straightforward to install a trolling motor mount without having to fuss with backing plates and additional reinforcement. I am adding a small detail about that into the construction plan as shown below. So I would set that bulkhead down onto the casting plarform and then do a dry fit of the foredeck which may need a little tweaking. You can also use the fordeck to set the exact location fore and aft of the upper fwd bulkhead. Also, regarding the gunwales. You are correct we typically install them just up to the tip of the bow of the plywood panels and then round them off so the stem is smooth all the way up. Any remaining voids or gaps where the plywood comes together is filled in with thickened epoxy. Be sure to run your glass all the way up the stem on the inside to help tie that all together. The fore deck really strengthens the bow up. Let us know how it works out.
  5. Graham made it back to the shop last night around 11pm. Total mileage from spot track is 126 nautical miles. I guess we will make him go do another 4 so he gets to 130.
  6. Radar looks like it's cleared up for him now.
  7. Just talked to Graham. He is hunkered down in West Thoroughfare bay at the moment. He threw out the anchor when the skys started to darken. There are some severe thunderstorm warnings moving over his area and a special marine warning in effect for the upper Neuse area and oriental with hail and 50 knot gusts a possibility.
  8. Graham and the fleet wrap up their cruise today. Heading back to the shop after that. Here are some more pictures. Album here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NGn81GTcfuBAp69a7
  9. Some pics sent in by Paul and Nina. Thanks!
  10. Graham sailed down Core Sound Sunday with the group. In total Graham said there were 7 boats. I think he said he was the last to leave the campground. He had a good spinnaker run down the sound. "A perfect day" he said. He was second into the bight he said. Upwind the last little bit. Here are some pictures for those without facebook.
  11. Graham made it to the start of the event yesterday with another 16 nautical miles via Turnagain bag, old canal, Stump Bay, Golden Creek, Nelson Bay and around into the Cedar Creek Campground. Looks like they have just shoved off this morning at about 8am headed for Cape Lookout. They are enjoying a north wind so should have an easy starboard reach down Core Sound. Wind shifting east then south later this evening but they should make it to Lookout in just a few hours. About 18nm away. Here is a picture posted on the OBX 130 FB group by Shawn Payment AKA Lawless, another watertriber!
  12. Not sure which route hes gonna take. Hopefully its clear!
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