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  1. I'm glad to hear the mess is not too bad. It doesn't look like the surge left much mud. I hope you get power soon. Dave
  2. Rick, I bought the Birder 2 plans specifically because I believe them to be well suited to sailing. I long to do the wilderness waterway in an Everglades Challenge but am told my Sea Pearl, in reality a large sailing canoe, is too big for Broad Creek. Matt Layden seems to prefer lug rigs and I suspect I'll go in that direction or just a down wind sail as Doug suggests. I prefer a simpler approach than the Balogh rigs and believe trimarans should have a proper main hull and not an adapted form with design stability. I'm a bit twitchy on trimaran design having owned several over the last 25 yrs culminating in my current F-31. I would consider a double outrigger as a more appropriate description but I'm certainly now splitting hairs. Good luck, Dave
  3. I'm getting ready to rig my new CF masts. I'll be mounting SS sail track with mechanical fasteners and Gougeon ProSet epoxy(176/276). Does anyone have experience with this product that would be willing to offer advice? I have bought the 300x manual gun that will be available for loan after the project if anyone else is considering this product. Dave
  4. Thanks Alan, I appreciate the advice. My masts will be free to rotate but I don't know if they will. Dave
  5. Randy, Masts are 18ft 10in long each. The main is 11lbs and the mizzen is 9.5lbs. The main is a little stiffer due to the greater sail area. Howard, I have considered a track and the idea has a great deal of merit but I hate fasteners in tension. It does, however , work fine in main sheet travellers so perhaps I'll give it more consideration. Dave
  6. I'm still some time away from pictures but will advise when they are posted. I'm not comfortable quoting my cost but will say that it was less than the $1000 ea quoted by Forte and that Hall engineered their developement considering righting moment, sail area and my specific requirements. The mast engineer and the sailmaker consulted to determine the needed flexibility and location of that flexibility to maximise performance to weather. I don't know of too many companies that go to that extent for a one off. Edward, There are no plans which was why I asked for advice. At this point I'm resolved to just experiment once the track is mounted to the mast. Dave
  7. I've recieved my CF masts from Hall Spars and couldn't be more pleased. This is a great company to work with for anyone considering new spars. As I gather my hardware and prepare to fit out the masts I'm in need of advice to locate the snotter hound. This is a custom rig and not a B&B design. My current plan is to start with a length of cord and experiment by trial and error. Thanks in advance, Dave
  8. Get in as close as you dare, luff up and drop an anchor. Get your sails down and tidyup a bit before drifting or paddling to the dock. Dave
  9. Joe, I really have no logical back up to the following statement but I prefer Sampson over all others. I have come to use it exclusively all the way from XLS to Warpspeed to Amsteel. This preferance has developed over time and both my Sea Pearl and F-31 are 100% Sampson rigged. Like you, Defender is my supplier of choice. I continue to relish the look on my dad's face when I tell him how much I spent on "rope". When I rig a sail for the Birder I'm sure it will be Sampson line. I would probably use 5/16 XLS extra T. Dave
  10. Philip, Standard Sea Pearl masts are 20ft but my rig is set up for 18.5ft with a crane on top to carry a block for the halyard. I had planned on 2.5 in OD tubes with 1/8 wall. This is a stock item at Forte. Drop me an e-mail if Hall can provide similar tubes. Main will be about 75 sq ft and about 55 on the mizzen. Socket through the deck is 3in. daveoncudjoe@gmail.com Roy, Should I be concerned about the track and mast touching? Dave
  11. Roy, Track will be 5/8 Schaefer Tom, Thanks for the lead on Composite Eng. Rig is much like the Core Sound rigs in that the masts are free to rotate in their sockets. Masts will likely be round tubes as it is free standing and I want it to be beefy enough to pull the boat over onto it's side. I've yet to determine how the round mast will orient itself underway. This boat is used almost exclusively for the Everglades Challenge and the rest of the time I sail a differant boat which is where the bulk of my boating funds land. Dave
  12. I've ordered sails and bought track for the new rig on my Sea Pearl. I'm planning on carbon fiber tubes from Forte for the masts. Does anyone have experience with Forte or have another source for CF masts? Dave
  13. I'm about to begin the build of a Birder 2. For those who have preceeded me, how well do the seats in the plans work out?She will likely carry a small sail and be involved in the EC. All comments and suggestions are appreciated. Dave
  14. As I continue to develope my curved sprits I remember an occasion where an unintentional gybe resulted in a broken sprit on Green Heron. My masts will be able to rotate in their socket but should I take additional steps in design to protect the sprits? Dave
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