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  1. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    Hey.... I am glad it was helpful. Great that through the process of building we are able to make repairs/improvements. I will also consider the tape. How long did it take before the crack appeared? Unrelated, but constantly on my mind of late...... In redoing the front mast tube, I did not level the boat per the waterline...I noticed from the relative position of the mast step drain hole, that my new tube is approx. 1/4 inch different L to R and approx. 1/8 different front to back. I used the levels method shown by Alan in the video, but of course the boat is in a different position (on the trailer). I know I wont know how out of whack it is until I build the masts and insert them. Too late now, Just hoping for any feedback on if I completely screwed up and will have to redo. Deck is now on and I cannot imagine how to replace the mast tube at this point. Measure twice cut once....phhht!
  2. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    Thanks everyone, i ended up using my block plane finishing up with a long board with paper placed so as not to contact side of the deck...was harder and took a lot longer but no $ for a plane I would rarely use. Thanks again for the ideas! now to save up for masts, sails and hardware.
  3. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    Thanks Paul! I will look into arabbet plane.
  4. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    Progress on repairs... appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. any thoughts on how best to bring the deck edges fair with the rub rail precluding the use of a router? also..would appreciate tips on blending in paint over repairs thanks, will
  5. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    The router worked great... So far so good.
  6. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    Thank everyone for the replies. I will know more once I get some material removed...hopefully this weekend. From my initial inspection, it appears that the king plank is affected only forward of the hatch and before the stem. It appears that it broke at the points just before and after the doubler around the mast hole. I does appear that the mast came out partially as the middle of the mast tube was completely broken free of the rest. It is amazing to me how strong the mast step is.....for a period of at least 1.5 hours the hull had approx. 500 lbs of humans on it in 3-4 foot waves with the masts stuck on the bottom....not to mention what it went through with all of the drifting. Anyhow, thank you Graham and Tom for taking the time to help me address this. I was initially planning on wedging myself in the bow to do this piecemeal which was not going to be good for anybody (I account for half of the 500 lbs). The idea of the router is excellent and I am very happy that (in the absence of further damage) that I will be able to use butt blocks. BTW the bow is completely fine as far as I can tell. I will get my son in the hatch with a camera to get better pics of any further damage and will hopefully know more when I get some of the deck removed. Strangely, I am looking forward to the repair with the exception of the painting. Again... Thank you all very much...I will send more info as I get it. Will
  7. Capsized abandoned retrieved

    The first 2 pics are from above the forward mast tube. the next 3 are the top of the mast tube torn away from the deck... Appears that the king plank snapped just forward and aft of the tube. Next is the remains of mast tube on the step (middle portion of the tube broke away. the last 2 pics are of the split decking on starboard bench at the back, i would appreciate any thoughts on making these repairs... Also there is a crack in the aft mast tube... Mot sure if this needs to be addressed. thank you for your thoughts will
  8. Ok here we go, (cs17 339) on 2/25 my friend and I were returning from an overnight on shackleford to the oyster creek boat ramp .... winds increased to 20-30.... sailing downwind full sails..at oyster creek inlet (1.5 to 2 miles out). Was about to drop sails and motor in due to conditions but attempted a last tack. Did not uncleat mainsail and friend didn’t get to the line... immediate capsize... wave action drove masts down into bottom..swam to shore..,barely made it...BIG lesson. Coast guard notified ...tow boat contacted ... couldn’t find boat... search discontinued...2 days later contacted by someone checking their duck blinds who found the boat and towed it to their home approx 6 miles southeast of position on 2/25....boat retrieved this Saturday. boat in amazingly good shape. I need guidance in repairing the front and rear mast tubes and rear starboard seat. I will send pics and more detailed description when I have more time. obviously I got too far over my skis....I am very humbled and very thankful to have another chance with this wonderful boat. Until my mistake it performed flawlessly. Will
  9. CS17 #339 launched

    Thank you all for the nice comments. Thanks Graham and Chick for the invites. I will definitely take you up on it! Will
  10. CS17 #339 launched

    I live just west of Winston-Salem, NC, so....landlocked. Will sail in lakes for convenience....but looking forward to taking her to the pamlico river, sound, and brief ocean excursions hopefully.
  11. CS17 #339 launched

    Oh well... will try to download the launch later... launched in the rappahannock river in tappahannock, va where I grew up. Thanks again, Will
  12. CS17 #339 launched

    IMG_0490.mov IMG_0491.mov
  13. CS17 #339 launched

    Hello all, after 4-5 years... she's launched. Wonderful experience all the way around. I have never built anything other than crafts for my kids. Many thanks to this forum for all of the great support and advice. Thank you also to Graham, Carla, and Alan for the excellent plans/support. She sails even better than I hoped/imagined... just amazing! WooHoo! trouble downloading... will try again IMG_0490.mov IMG_0491.mov
  14. Bumps in awlgrip topcoat

    Thanks par... you were right...much more dust than I thought despite the plastic tent....painted outside in nearly ideal conditions with much less of a problem. Some pics attached
  15. Bumps in awlgrip topcoat

    Primer was in place for several months....no air supply... in and out via a slit in the side( painted with supplied air)...of note.. initial topcoat done without the booth with same result... tipping brush = red tree 2" badger or Wooster yachtsman(didn't seem to matter) bumps are size size /consistency of dust specks but appear immediately after tipping. See attached picture....

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