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  1. Beautiful. Congratulations.
  2. Curious why Graham has you guys install the keel after you cut it in half? I have read this same procedure a couple of times.
  3. I try to tell myself that. In fact, I started to clean up the sole of my build a week or so ago and started with the attitude of "it's a walking surface and will have non skid on it so I'm not going to put much effort into fairing it". Didn't last too long before I had the long board on that too. I know myself, if there is one thing out of place in the finished product, I will have to look at it every time I use the boat and berate myself for not addressing it. Who's the smarter man, the one who is playing with his boat or the one who is still sanding it 3 years later.
  4. I almost always glass for waterproofing. I can laminate one layer of 10oz cloth instead of 3 coats of resin and I think it provides a more consistent, dependable thickness. Of course adding glass comes with a small weight penalty. E-glass has a specific gravity of 1.99 and resin 1.18, so at a 60/40 resin to glass ratio there would be a X27%X (came back and read, actually it's only 21.5%) increase. But at 0.017" thick, I don't see it as significant. https://www.westsystem.com/products/compare-epoxy-physical-properties/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiberglass
  5. Congratulations! Could you post more details photos?
  6. I private messaged Ilias yesterday. Gave him my BOM so that he can translate the costs into his economy.
  7. Very nice, good to have that part behind you.
  8. Console glassed and rough faired. Toe rail with one coat of awlwood yellow primer and two coats of awlwood clear. a bit of sanding and 6 more to go.
  9. Thanks for updating us, I like the photo of the sanded chine. Really looks good. I can't tell you how many things you wrote in this post that resonate with me and my build. When I began i thought it would take me a year. At that point my wife asked me how much longer? A year? I said "it better not". Two years later close but... love my fantasy world. As for the Kilz primer, I believe the latex product is not workable in any case. The oil based product can be used with single part paints. Honestly, my knowledge is based only on what I have read, I have no first hand experience. I was going to use Kilz and rustoleum on a one design planing sailboat that I have until I realized that I can't get either of those products in the PRC. Going to end up with a $600 paint job on a $100 boat. For your fillets, small lengths of pvc pipe make pulling and sanding them much easier. Pull the fillet with one size larger than you want and sand with the size your looking for. Wrap 36 or 50 grit sand paper around the pipe and get your rough shape. After it's close, skew the pipe out onto the flat surface, working both sides of the fillet to blend the radius without undercutting the fillet. Move to 80 before getting it fully blended so you have some room to clean it up.
  10. Coming along beautifully. Wondering if you have been applying fill coats to the glass so you can grind for secondary bonds?
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