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  1. I really like how Graham uses his boat. Glad he's enjoying a nice adventure.
  2. Successful day, congratulations.
  3. Thanks Gents. I was just reading through the first few pages of this thread, oh how optimistic I was at the beginning. Thought I would be done in 1.5 years. Two years ago the wife asked how much longer? a year? I had some smart arse retort like "it better not take that long!" OH, the fantasy. Whisky (just got back from Scotland and was taught the correct way to spell it) plank was over 3 years ago. That means I've been sanding for 3 years and I still have more to do.
  4. Beautiful boat, good luck with the build. Maybe you could get Ken and Dutch OB to come over and help. They seem to be able to knock these builds out in no time. Done by Christmas.
  5. Show coat to check my fairing. A couple of spots that need some work but generally OK.
  6. Lots of detail sanding.
  7. Beautiful. Congratulations.
  8. Curious why Graham has you guys install the keel after you cut it in half? I have read this same procedure a couple of times.
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