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  1. smccormick

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Used a big can opener.
  2. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Last hatch receiver fabricated. This one's for the anchor locker, curved to match the foredeck camber.
  3. smccormick

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    This is what 3 or 4 applications of pigmented epoxy can look like. But I did cheat, threw in some microspheres to bump the opacity in a couple layers. Not so much to affect the compression numbers but enough to reduce transparency. Convenience of white.
  4. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 #3

    You must have spent a small fortune on that solid back rub rail.
  5. smccormick

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    That looks so nice. Great job on the fairing. I have to agree with PAR on the high build, I would much rather sand primer than epoxy. I suppose the only purpose of high build is to fill scratches and other minor imperfections anyway, so if you can get your surface to 150 grit without it, there's nothing wrong with skipping it. No getting around the finish primer though.
  6. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 #3

    Very nice finish.
  7. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 #3

    Looks really nice. Any shots of the interior layout you'd like to share?
  8. smccormick

    An other OC20 build !!

    Looking good, Wondered what happened to you.
  9. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    On paper yes, in reality no. I made some changes to the design to allow for more room to mount gadgets on the upper surface and changed the angle of the same for better viewing for me. Threw a crown in the top too.
  10. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Almost ran out of spring clamps.
  11. smccormick

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Nice work Lenm
  12. smccormick

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Time for a sub panel. Cheap (homeline or murray) at homies. Now installation, that may cost you if you can't DIY it.
  13. smccormick

    Utah OB20

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you get back on your feet quickly.
  14. smccormick

    Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Paint and fairing compound all in one.
  15. smccormick

    Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Yeah, that's on the to do list. I just need to allocate a couple days of fretting time before I make that cut. It's a problem with me when building something , I need plenty of time to overthink it. Then I need more.

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