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  1. This link will take you to my next build blog if you have an interest in such things. It will be updated weekly on Sunday. http://captbones.com/and-so-it-begins/
  2. Graham and Alan. Based on your surprise at my breaking of slugs suggests to me you have insufficient experience for destruction testing of sail slides. Perhaps you should send samples to me, a professional destroyer of slides, for a full range of trials. Bones
  3. Two broken one undamaged to compare against.
  4. Umm. I have feelings about being the first ever to break sail slides or slugs on a Mk 17-3. I rather have the euphoria of reaching Key Largo first in class or in fact the satisfaction of simply reaching there. Sigh. Instead I will share with you what I can about the incident that forced these slides to break. But first there are a couple of comments in preparing to make a couple of comments. While seemingly unrelated, in my thoughts, they play a major part in our boat prep and handling. First, the picture Alan posted, one of my personal favorites, was staged at Pickwick Lak
  5. This is Bones. Finished a CS 17 MK3 a year ago and interested in MF-246. We live at the north end of ms. We visit the Gulf Coast once in a while. Would be interested in looking at your build. You can email me at captbonespirate.com for more private comms.
  6. Chick,


    Trying to figure out the best way to tell people I am looking for a long shaft Suzuki 2-3 hp 4 stroke.  Do I simply start a new topic or is there another way?



  7. Carter, What high desert is the first thing that comes to mind? I am, (was), most certainly a newbie when starting this build. Yes, we have experienced 36,000 cruising miles and I have a few hours pushing the Nina & Pina replica ships around here and there and a few more hours terrorizing Baltimore Harbor in the pirate ship Fearless, but frankly, I have no building experience nor was I prepared for the depth of this build. The motivation pure and simple was my stupidity and failure to understand the needs of my mind and body in the 2017 Everglades Challenge. I ne
  8. Thank you, still alot of sorting to do but will likely get sailing pictures this weekend.
  9. Chick, that whole area above the lock and dam are superior areas to cruise. We spent a month in that area during our cruise and barely scratch the surface in our exploring.
  10. Thank you. I look forward to some water time training.
  11. Chick, in part, during our 8 years of cruising we traveled from south Florida up the Tombigbee to the Tennessee river and up to the head waters at Knoxville. Later traveling the loop we did the Tennessee River again. It is all wonderful and every part of it enjoyable. If I can find my old logs about the river I will share them with you. That "if" may be a challenge. But I will look this next month. Any portion of it would be a perfect venue for your vessel. Thank you for your kind words, Bones
  12. We did not launch the boat this weekend as planned due to familial partisan politics. There would have been eight people involved and way to complicated. There is also a number of issues we found during rigging that I want to correct. Co-capt Kyle and I will drop her in the water next weekend and meanwhile I will remedy rigging and trailering concerns and non-sailing critical items like electrical, solar, installing the diesel engine a tuned exhaust system, running lights, auto anchoring system, nav computer and other challenges in prep for the EC. Also currently struggling with an accepta
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I have been thankful for many blessings and people in my life and this year my thankfulness for the riches bestowed on me this last seven months seems very personal. Since May I have been sequestered in an 18'x27' barn with a 4'x8'×18" box and its contents of jiggery, boodily shapes, slivers, pallets, blocks and plates of wood and endless possibilities. Through a symphony of emotions, misteps, epithanies, druggery, mindless work that should have been minded, fourteen tons of good luck, Thanksgiving Day we pushed a boat out into the sunshine.
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