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Spindrift 10 Build (by a 9th Grade Girl)

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When I built my Core Sound 15 this summer, a neighbor girl made clear her love of sailing (previous summer camp experiences.)  In September, I invited her and her family to join my wife and me in the third sailing of my just completed CS15. 

When I later asked whether she might be interested in building her own sailboat this year, after much thought she and her parents settled on ordering a full Spindrift 10 kit.  The order was received today by B&B Yachts.  

The 9th grade girl goes by the nickname: The Weezer.  That’s the name she’ll use in her forum contributions.  We’ll collaborate on writing this build-blog.

I am offering to be a mentor in her project, teaching about the building processes and safe usage of tools, and providing ongoing support throughout the build.

Note—I’ll also be busy this winter with my second boat-build this first year of my retirement. It will be a 15 foot ski boat. Today’s Spindrift 10 Kit order with B&B includes a second order, ALL of the wood and epoxy I’ll need for my own build. When everything is ready, I will take a third 2,400 mile trip this year to Bayboro, NC to pick up the two orders.  My ski boat build-blog is located in the Main Forum section of this website:


I’ll ask The Weezer to introduce herself a bit as soon as I show her how to add comments to this forum.  She already seems to be a very busy kid, but she has confidence and excitement about taking on this project. 

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