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  1. Permanent archives have been discussed here and in other forums. They are almost always dismissed. Not just because some one has to do it, but learning things by reading, before you have even tried, is not sought by many people. Trying and asking specific questions is the choice of most, and a living/ongoing forum does that well. People can respond to exactly what the learner is asking, which can be much more meaningful. Anyway, that is my 2¢
  2. Why? Just cope one out, use 2 pieces if you have to and scarf together. It is just decoration and maybe a bumper, depending on how you sail. Almost all stems, even in the day, were cut on band saws. I would varnish the tramsom. Actually, I did, but mine was Sapele though. You can always sand and paint if you don't like it. Flat surfaces at least are easy. Looking good.
  3. Sail shape is the key to this. Battens play a much larger role than just supporting extra sail area.
  4. Any DC bilge pump that fits will work. The issue is how good your solar charger is, and how much the boat leaks and how much it rains. Google "small DC bilge pump" and you will get many that will work.
  5. Bunching up the sail with the reef point lines is nice too, but that's how I do it.
  6. Well, you could, um, errr, build a Spindrift. In all seriousness, it isn't just the 9% more sail area. It is significantly better sail shape. It's all a compromise, and your damned because it is all related.
  7. I had a similar issue with my wooden masts one year. I took a paddle and my main sheet and created a lever to twist the mast as I pulled it out. Then I went and solved the problem,
  8. No personal info on this, but it popped up on my Facebook feed and thought it might interest some. https://www.purewatercraft.com/ribs/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=image_link&utm_campaign=rigid_inflatable&fbclid=IwAR04SPnfYFgj9Yw8KVDTg8rGMaPVxZjOBUr-pRy2p2KRlMIvEWujKNzTGME
  9. Small electrics are already practical, though pricey compared to petrol. The larger ones are starting to catch on, but they don't seem to have a great range/run time and are very expensive. Technology in DC electric and storage of it are moving fast. It may well come down in price over the next few years.
  10. Andy, the step of a Spindrift mast is shaped to keep the mast from rotating. Tim, you will need some really sexy bushings or bearings for the mast to spin on for any hope of a furling line to work. You will also have to remove the boom or put the bushings/bearings above the goose neck. I can't imagine either working. I would just raise the sail and go sailing.
  11. Dealing with the gap is the easy part. Is the side with the gap now higher than the other? Does it protrude out beyond the topsides? Do you have to trim the top of one cabin side now to match the other? Do you need to dress down anything sticking out too far? These would be my concern. BTW, you have no shear strake on your boat. You do have a shear, and that gap is in it.
  12. I find pockets for sheets cause more tangles than loose spaghetti on the cockpit sole. I coil my mizzen haylyard and tuck it behind where it leads down to the cleat. My main halyard leads aft to the thwart on the port side deck and I let it spill just forward out of the way of my aft cockpit. If I had a balasted cruising boat I might do differently.
  13. I am only 68, but I am beginning to appreciate your decision Pete. I am getting close to making aluminum or wood/carbon masts as my birdsmouth Douglas Fir masts are getting harder to step. Short sails in my Spindrif 9N on the small pond in front of my house are amusing, but I would not want a Spindrift as my only boat. Best to you on your new boat.
  14. I carry a paddle in brackets on the wide side of the centerboard trunk as well as my auxilliary oars. The paddle is for getting away from or to the dock, etc., and the oars for no wind.
  15. I let my sheets lay in the aft cockpit in my Lapwing. Once in a while someone could have there foot on one. Other than that it is an extemely passenger friendly boat.
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