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  1. I cut that piece 3 times and it is still too long. It took me a couple years to finish cutting my running rigging to length. That's all I can think of for now, go sailing!
  2. "Damned because it's all connected" Two questions i would answer before deciding: 1. How often would I use the boat solo, and how? (follow up could be where to locate battery and fuel tank to counter the first person in the boat, others can move) 2. How important is moving around in the boat, under way and at rest? (do you fish, or some such distraction from boating) Then I would flip a coin.
  3. I totally understand that we are all victims of our circumstances. I just got back from a river cruise in Europe and all river navigation is done by kilometers and the sides of the rivers are marked like our highways, only bigger signs. I too wish we had gone metric in the US, KISS. But no matter where you go in the world, well, it has appeared that way, ocean sailors use the knot. This may be changing too, everything seems to over time. Their depth gauges are metric or SAE, but the speedometer and charts use nautical miles. Maybe for me it is a bit of romance to think of one thing we all have in common as sailors over the world. "'Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." -Stephen Hawking-
  4. The leathers and buttons look great! Now go out and buy a few bronze screws and lose the SS!
  5. I can't imagine anyone using the statute mile for anything to do with boats. It is the one odd ball distance that is still universal and should always be used. 1 nautical mile = 1 minute of latitude.
  6. I think he built it to get in and out at the ramp before launching to do stuff. 😎
  7. You should repost this to the Kudzu section. Jeff will likely see it if you do, he may not come here much. It would also help to copy the whole paragraph around your quoted section above. More context would help a lot of people answering this.
  8. Hey Murray. I did all 3 coats in 24 hours, hence hot re-coating. The only glass is the tape used on interior inside corners as per plans. Cloth on the exterior would be a disaster due to 14 overlaps in the hull. Add to that my goal is almost always to stay light. Hope this helps and feel free to follow up. Very few of these have been built and only 3 I know of have been documented in this forum. There hasn't been any discussion on the Lapwing in years. Tom Lathrop, who conceived the boat is still active in the forum. In case he misses this thread update I bet he wouldn't mind a pm if you want some insider info I may not be aware of. Oh, and thanks for the compliment. Dave
  9. Kirby will make custom colors. Just call them up.
  10. Small gear hammocks set in out of the way places work well too.
  11. I believe every word you spoke about installing the fendering. Be prepared to change your mind about towing. It's been known to happen.
  12. You won't regret your fendering job. As long as you get the oars out of the way you can crash into Chessie.
  13. There isnt a single glue, bedding or paint that sticks well to those plastics. The key is to waterproof the fastener intrusions. I like brass best. Bronze is beautiful, but too heavy.
  14. I made laminated combings for all my boats. After reading this forum since the start I would probably screw from the top too. Well placed screws, carefully sunk to the same depth don't bother me at all. There is beauty in function but not always function in beauty.
  15. When I use epoxy I always smear both mating surfaces and use enough to assure squeeze out all around. I either clean it wet with solvent or trim it off when partially cured. Some mask first, I usually can't be bothered. Epoxy is a gap filler, when a little filler is used and clamping too tight starves the joint. Boat looks great.
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