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  1. Take apart masts go well with nesting boats.
  2. I think it is the finest primer for over epoxy there is. It sands easily if within 24 hours or so and gets really hard later. Everything sticks to it, well, lots of stuff.
  3. We have gotten into similar discussions before. Another one is the weight of adding glass sheathing to boats that don't require it. What is a lot? What is too much? I want all of of my boats to be as fast and light weight as possible. For me, anything is a lot. I can plane my Lapwing and Spindrift solo. I wouldn't sacrifice any ability to do that for anything. Damned because it is all related.
  4. It will add healing force to the boat. This will also make the boat slower as the wind picks up. I never find the head room an issue and I always liked going as fast as possible. To each his/her own.
  5. Dang, I should have thought of that, too late.
  6. I cut the bow end of the gunwales square to the center line just shy of the hull, then rounded. Made it really blunt. I did no tack welds. I went right to filet and heated the wires to pull them from the epoxy. Saves a step. Getting there.
  7. I used wrap and test fit. I don't trust calculations for this. It is easier to add material than sand it away.
  8. We just moved into our new place in Florida. We have a 2 car gagage that will never see a car. It's a shop and indoor parking for my Lapwing.
  9. I will be having my second grandchild in February. Time for their first boat.
  10. I use a paddle for getting away from the dock and such. I use oars for auxilliary. All 3 store in the boat, handy, but out of the way. Oh, and this is for a 15' 8" Lapwing. I am only 67, so I will be waiting to get an electric some time in the future. I used a complicated formula for deciding on oar length. I find my oars are too long. Had I used 1.5 or 1.6 times beam I think the length would have been just right. I wonder what the formula would be for the 3rd deck oars of a trireme?
  11. Be careful using just straps and weights. Glue ups with epoxy have a tendency to drift before the cure. It is why I used screws. Check back often during the cure to see if drift has occured.
  12. What Chick said and another comment: Tie the tarp down to the tralier such that the sides of the tarp do not hug the hull. Trapping moisture up against the hull can cause issues as well, especially if you used 2 part LPU.
  13. Most people use hallow because it is cheaper and still works fine. I used solid half round bronze and it is almost indestructable when secured to the keel. It is a little heavy, but looks cool too. Solid will spread out the force of a bang or bump a little better than hallow, but one would hope you don't do that often.
  14. I used BoatLife Life Caulk, but yes, bed the screw holes if not the whole chafe strip. edit: Cured varnish and still flexible and water tight is perfect.
  15. Where are you going in a row boat that you need a GPS?😉
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