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  1. Hirilonde

    Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    Welcome Dimitri. I see you are already in the adds and adornments portion of the program. Many of us have been stuck there for years. I made 10' oars for my Lapwing using those ferrels. They are quite sturdy and lack the slop I thought they might have in the coupling. Have fun!
  2. Hirilonde

    dutch OB 20

    Make sure you lap the topside primer onto it to avoid a mechanical seam.
  3. Hirilonde

    dutch OB 20

    Why would you not prime the entire hull?
  4. Hirilonde

    Dagger-board for Great Island Rowboat-Sailboat

    What Ken said. Once it slides freely mark all the areas that were sanded. Then enlarge the area and sand more. Now you can add some epoxy and/or paint and hopefully still fit. The wear marks and sanding may show what the problem is. Is the whole trunk a tad narrow? Is the trunk twisted? Is the board twisted? Depending on what you discover as you proceed you may have to consider something else. Good luck.
  5. Hirilonde

    Reading sailing characteristis from drawings

    That could have been almost anyone on the forum. We will let you know if you ever post too many.
  6. Hirilonde

    Core Sound 17 keel maintenance

    I appreciate the bottom protection concern David. I find that if I can land at a controlled speed I don't slide up the beach enough that anything but the keel near the stem scrapes. As to dragging the boat, I just don't.
  7. Hirilonde

    Skinning Curlew - Fantail

    weboide, you said you started at the stern? That will make it harder for sure. Work from the combing forward, then the combing aft as Jeff mentions. The fantail will still be fiddly, but much easier.
  8. Hirilonde

    Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

    Yes. I use an orange waterless hand soap meant for grease and ground in stuff having used nothing before for my hands. It even has a softener in it for my delicate hands. 🙂 Whether it is practical to use lemon juice or such for tools or not I haven't tried. In making hollandaise sauce lemon juice and vinegar are interchangeable.
  9. Hirilonde

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, you will find all lines are slightly long. I rigged my Lapwing as they came and slowly removed some as I determined for sure I didn't need it. Having a line a little long is a little messy. Having one a little short just sucks. I would tie a knot near the end of a line where I thought I could cut it and waited to see if I would regret it first.
  10. Hirilonde

    Rollback - Posts may be missing

    If you can't change your mind, how do you know you have one? 😉
  11. Hirilonde

    Lead ballasted centerboard cs17 mk1

    Centerboards weighted like the CS are to eliminate the downhaul, not for any real stability as it is minimal at best. The total weight added is minimal, so there is no real affect on speed, healing or when one reefs. I have never heard of any need for structural differences needed for weighted boards. This leaves difficulty of raising the board. It will be heavier, so more force will be needed to raise it. Some add advantage to the pulley system to overcome this. Weighting the board is often done in conjunction with an enclosed trunk that doesn't use an arm. Now we are talking a whole new ball game. There are definitely applications where the enclosed trunk with internal lines to a pulley system. But it is a lot more work. I considered it on my Lapwing. But on a day sailor I saw little reason. On a MKIII I would seriously consider it.
  12. Hirilonde

    Building a Mayfly with my Dad - Seats?

    You only have 75 clamps?
  13. Hirilonde

    dutch OB 20

    Thanks Graham for that reply. That is the kind of info I had hoped to get as a reply to my comment. By ding resistance are you saying the added hardness protects against minor damage? Do you think the Kevlar/Aramid adds anything to this property?
  14. Hirilonde

    Another Newbie

    Welcome Tobias from a photo addict. And from the looks of yours, you might just want to check out the Mk IIIs
  15. Hirilonde

    dutch OB 20

    The reason I mention the characteristic of laminates is that with the advent of new products we as boat builders may come to choosing new hybrid fabrics over glass. But there has to be a good reason to spend more money. Aramid/Kevlar adds a safety factor. Simply put, it is harder to hole your boat. It adds some abrasion resistance over glass as well. https://compositesplaza.com/products/aramid Carbon produces stiffness/rigidity with little weight added. I am considering a thin wall, hallow, wooden mast wrapped in a carbon sleeve for my Lapwing. I have been talking to Graham about this. As I get older this project gets closer to the top of my list of things to do. But I question whether one layer over a surface will add much that glass won't. It will save some weight though. https://compositesplaza.com/products/carbon I agree, there is lots of anecdotal "information" floating around, that is why I don't make a recommendation here. But we as technical craftspeople need to understand enough to make decisions for ourselves. I don't mean to distract from your original inquiry about application technique, this just seemed like a good time/place to talk about alternatives to the more common glass clothes we plywood boat builders have used. Does a modern blended material fabricate offer characteristics worthy of the price?

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