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  1. Exactly, like shelves. And you are correct, they won't work well in the forward section, but then the aft ones should do the trick. If you can build the boat, and you can imagine the shelves, you are well on your way. In light winds sitting in the bilge works fine. But as the Spindrift is a tender boat, being able to get one's @$$ out of the bilge to a desirable location for gusts is required some times.
  2. The nesting version of any of the Spindrifts is less comfortable for sailing than the original. Having opposing side seats makes all the difference. Consider a mod to add removable side seats, a couple others have done so, maybe they will speak up. Don, the 12 doesn't have a nesting version.
  3. My boat is in indoor storage and my shop tools and equipment are stored some where else. So building and sailing are on hold for a while. Not a complaint as I am spending the whole summer Dec. - March in Africa, most of it in Cape Town. Miss them both but doubt I deserve any sympathy ? Happy New Year all!
  4. I had an aft facing galley in my Renegade. It is very efficient in use of space. You have taken it to an all new level. Good stuff.
  5. Hirilonde


    I wasn't complaining and you don't need to apologize. I survived, and absence makes the heart grow fonder. Now back to my morning reads, which include this place.
  6. Hirilonde


    Back on line, Merry Christmas, or what ever you celebrate from South Africa.
  7. I remember when I was at the end of my Lapwing build and I mentioned that I didn't like the idea of the main mast tube drain going through the hull. I came up with a couple alternatives and still the general advice of the forum members was to stop worrying and put the drain hole through the hull. I only mention this as I find it strangely amusing, not as advice.
  8. Hirilonde


    Ooooops, thanks again Frank.
  9. Hirilonde


    I have switched to using my new laptop for a while instead of my regular desktop as I will be travelling for the next 4 months or so. Even though the site recognizes me as a supporting member, I am still seeing all the ads.
  10. I never tried, so I have nothing to add on the through wood part. I was just commenting that the angle issue might be dealt with by the choice of transducer. Personally, through hull doesn't bother me. They come with plugs as well as the ducer, and keep a wooden damage control plug handy. Plumbing through hulls with poor or no seacock are what scare me.
  11. Some transducers are designed to be placed on an angle. And they have a range that they work in. There might be a simpler solution.
  12. Red is down haul and black is snotter? So your down haul is direct haul? (no advantage) I think you will find the extra block to come back up adds some friction. Hopefully not too much, it is a tidy install. You can always add a pad eye and make your down haul 2:1 without disturbing your new feeds. I did on my Lapwing.
  13. Hey Adrian, and welcome The Baltic Birch plywood available in the US from your neighborhood is great stuff. I have used it for cabinets and the frames of SOF kayaks (see Kudzu section of forums) It is really heavy compared to Okoume. I have never really tried to torture it into the shapes needed for B&B boats, but I bet it is hard to do, if possible. Our Poplar core Birch faced cabinet plywood I would never use for a boat. I know nothing about your local Poplar or the plywood it is made into. Yours, if made like the Baltic Birch, could be very fine stuff. All that being said, B&B boats are designed to be built with BS 1088 plywood. Also, there have been some very clever people building some great boats making due with what they have. So I surely don't want to discourage you. Your opening sentence sounds like a determined person would say, and determination along with this forum has produced many a fine boats. I will say that your non-BS1088 plywoods are far superior to most available in the US. You will get some more replies, some may have specific experiences that may help you. Good luck and have fun.
  14. Looks good. Hmmm, are we going to accept FOSH instead of FROG?
  15. What a sweet combo! You may never come back from that first cruise.
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