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  1. Don't the plans call for the outwales to be applied before fillets?
  2. If a laminate is glued up well it is probably as strong as a solid piece of wood. It is probably more stabile as well, though for knees that really isn't an issue. Use thickened epoxy and clamp the pieces firmly, not over tight.
  3. If Graham said lower the sails, I believe he meant lower them on the mast, as in release the halyard a little and take up on the down haul. Certainly there comes a point where reefing is the answer. It also helps if you sheet out and/or bear off a little for speed right before tacking. If you tack while trying to recover from a header you are almost assured of failure.
  4. There are 2 major steps in making sectional masts that come apart, the bushings and the tapered transitions that act as stops and to smooth from one section to the next. I hate sanding. I built up my busings in steps until they were just a tad snug, then sanded to a very close but not snug fit. Then I dry fitted the pieces to the depthth called for and built the tapers out of tape, resin and filler. The whole thing is rather "fiddly". Left shows piece that fits into the step and keeps mast from rotating. Center shows section 2 that fits into the top of left section. Right
  5. These are my design. But I was not the first to do it. A couple others have done similar.
  6. This topic comes up every now and again. I didn't like the idea of a glued on tiller. It is harder to store and occassionally I like to lift the tiller up to go under it comeing about with others on board. As to curved or not, I made a curved one for my Lapwing and simply followed the directions on my Spindrift, cept for the hinge. I would not make a curved one again. There is nothing really wrong with it, but the straight one works better with the downhaul and if you have one, an uphaul.
  7. Went rowing and sailing on the pond across the street. The new oars feel great. 6'4" is perfect.
  8. She just started and is addicted already. I'm blaming it all on PadrePoint.
  9. I removed the bronze half round chafe strip, and preped for painting. I found no signs of rot in the keel nor the outwale under the fendering. My storage space. As much as I wish I had a regualar Spindrift, storing is definitely a plus for the nesting version. I made a new set of oars out of Western Red Cedar. It was not my first choice, but I owned a 2x8x10 piece, so it got used. The loom isn't quite are large as I would have liked, 1 3/4", and settled for 1 1/2". Leathers and buttons to do . Removable side seats for sailing. Side tanks/seats are
  10. No doubt. She doesn't look the slightest bit intimidated.
  11. @Thrillsbe - If I had the room, the boat I want would be a mini Whitehall or simillar. It would be built with rivetted laps and bent frames. I just want to build one. But alas, for now my spruced up Spindrift will have to do.
  12. As I recall Don, some member of the forum gave me a bronze cheek block and cleat that I use with one of my pig sticks on my mizzen. 😉
  13. I am curious to find out what your completed boat weighs. I am skeptical that anyone has built a Spindrift at a significantly lower weight than a completed Okoume boat. I can't speak to Hoop Pine. I look forward to being convinced it can be done.
  14. Graham does not call for glassing of the hull on the Spindrift and other designs, though some do choose to do so. Light weight is one of my top priorities, it is why I build BS 1088 Okoume boats. The only glass is the tape at joints. I did coat all surfaces with 3 coats of epoxy as specified. I did it as hot re-coat, no sanding in between, just before and after.
  15. My Spindrift 9N is 16 years old this year and it is time for some sprucing up. 5 years on an outdoor dinghy rack, 2 seasons in the water at a dinghy dock and the rest stored indoors and banged around every time it was used. Most of those indoor years were following my daughters family from MA to GA and then to VA as the Air Force moved them around. I now live across the street from a great place to row. At first I thought I would use this as an excuse to build another boat, but I would have no where to keep it. I will not put my Lapwing in outdoor storage. I will be removi
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