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  1. This is fabulous. Really looking forward to this build! Welcome aboard!!
  2. No calls to my wife but I'm sure my neighbors were watching since they're always outside and have commented (positively) on progress several times. I have to say, I expected it to be fun but I was genuinely unnerved seeing the two halves separated for the first time. I felt better once I bolted it back together. She's structurally complete, I added the quarter knees, the keel and deadwood, and extended the gunwales around onto the transoms (not pictured.) Now it's on to epoxy, and then sanding and painting. There's a push to finish by the end of June for a planned sailing trip so I
  3. I almost did the same thing, Don, but then I realized since she'll spend most of her life upside down anyways it's probably not necessary. I am concerned with getting some paint down in there since I don't want the epoxy exposed to UV. Either that or make some kind of cap for when I'm not sailing which will realistically be most of the time I'm using the boat.
  4. I cut the boat in half this week. It was nerve wracking and I had a couple of problems with saw runout but otherwise it went okay. Nothing a little glass and epoxy can't fix. I think I used cardboard spacers that were too heavy and maybe installed with too much glue because that's where I had problems. I got the centerboard case installed, installed the forward tank top, and cut the hole for a Whale TC4 access hatch. It's not as clean as a flush mount hatch but it's rated for lifeboat use and comes on the recommendation of Paul Gartside who claims it's the most watertight screw hatch on the ma
  5. I got the mast tube installed. I deviated from the plans slightly in installing it. Instead of a mast step, I glassed the tube in using I technique I was taught for repairing Lasers when I was in college. I set the tube in thickened epoxy and made a filet top and bottom. Then I ran six pieces of ten ounce fiberglass vertically down the mast tube fanning out onto the hull. Should be plenty of strength for this boat. I made up the top of the forward tank and got everything coated in epoxy. Didn't quite manage to get the centerboard case installed but I did get it all glued up.
  6. Been working away steadily on the boat. Got the foredeck frame made up and installed and made a mast tube out of a few layers of 1708 I had left over from a repair project a few boats ago. I ordered way more than I needed for that project and pieces of that roll have made it into repairs and construction on four boats and counting! I laminated the king post from three layers of plywood and took the boat outside for final shaping and fiberglassing. I'm pretty pleased with the shape of the boat, and I feel like I'm over the half way mark on construction. The centerboard case and mast tube will g
  7. Thanks for all the responses, I'm solidly convinced of the benefits of two part paints. It sounds like Interlux Perfection is the way to go.
  8. I asked this question in my build thread but didn't get much of a response so I thought I'd create a separate topic. I'm trying to make a decision about the type of finish to use on my Two-paw and am having trouble with the different options. It looks like it comes down to basically either one part or two part finishes. I see some pros and cons for both. I'd like to use a one part paint for all the obvious reasons-it's cheaper, easier to apply, etc. On the other hand, two part finishes are harder and more durable and this boat will be a working tender for my Cape Dory so I expect it to get kno
  9. Thanks Alan! And don't worry guys, I managed to sneak in a few hours on the boat today! I finished filleting and taping the hull, and got the centerboard case ready to glue up tomorrow. I've also got to go and wash and wax the big boat and put some bottom paint on while the weather is good but I've got a lot of momentum on the dinghy.
  10. I templated and cut the forward bulkhead today and got started on filleting and taping the hull. I forgot how grueling of a process it was, and I only got halfway before calling it quits for the day. Having to lean down the whole time is incredibly taxing, and since I don't have disposable gloves I've been using the same pair of dishwashing gloves the whole time which makes the process incredibly messy. I'm getting married tomorrow so I won't be working on the boat again until Tuesday, but I'm pretty pleased with progress so far.
  11. That would be great! Thanks for the tip. I think I'll be using the table saw haha. We do have granite countertops but not much square footage and since I do the cooking it'd just be shooting myself in the foot! I leveled and straightened the boat today and cleaned up the nesting bulkhead one last time before installing it. I'm going to get the gunwales on tonight and start glassing tomorrow. Trying to stay on schedule to get her done by June for a planned trip around the DelMarVa peninsula.
  12. Milled the gunwales yesterday and dry fitted them today. Very exciting, since using my table saw that way was a new experience and a little intimidating. I didn't have too much trouble. I was finally able to glue up the nesting bulkheads and fast curing hardener will be here Friday so I can install the gunwales and start glassing this weekend. Anxious to get her done and on the water because the ban on recreational boating in Maryland is being lifted tomorrow, which means that I get to use her and my Cape Dory as soon as I get them in the water, and also that I'll probably be going back to wor
  13. Looking really good Ben! I hope mine turns out as cleanly as yours.
  14. I screwed one of the nesting bulkheads in and stitched the bottom on today, taking advantage of the nice weather we had here. I'm aware I did things a little out of order (not gluing the two bulkheads together before installing) but my ongoing issues with epoxy curing kept me from being able to install the forward nesting bulkhead at the moment. Over all, everything fit really well and I'm quite happy. I do have some wrestling to do at the bow to get everything to line up, but I think it'll work out fine. I also cut out the framing for the centerboard case so I can glue that up once my faster
  15. Thanks for the quick and definitive answer, Alan. That's where I was leaning but the reassurance is good. It's also never too early to think about finishes, and tonight I was trying to parse the difference between one and two part finishes and the benefits of each. I've searched the forum and found some information but I'd love to hear some first hand recommendations and experiences from people who've had their boats for a while. I'm leaning towards a two-part because I expect to use my boat hard as a tender but it's a little intimidating and, of course, more expensive.
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