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  1. Having had the Spindrift, and now building a Catspaw, what are your thoughts? Is less more, or do you miss the Spindrift?
  2. Well Congratulations, It's beautiful, Nicely done. For the rest of your life, you get to say you are a Boat Builder.
  3. What it means is that you have reached the rowing potential of your 9 and you need an 11. Just curious, are you putting more effort into your rowing, or does the effort seem the same, as you're getting better times? You might be getting stronger and more endurance, or you might just be getting smoother and more coordinated. Either way, you still need a faster boat.
  4. That is really good to hear, and I assume the Kendrift did well also? But seriously, I am just as interested in the Ken Crane. Is it intended to stay mounted most of the time while U/W or is it easily removable? Does it drop down out the bottom of the mount, and store alongside the doorway? Or do you remove it from the top?
  5. That's a shame. I saw the topic pop to the top, and I was hoping we would hear it was done. There's not a lot of sailing time left this season.
  6. What? Sacrilege ! You're sending it out to get painted? How are you ever going to learn to hate life if you never fair, sand, prime, sand, and paint a boat? Or it could just be that someone in your house is alot smarter than some of us.
  7. That top inside corner looks sharp and uncomfortable. Is there still time to give it a 2" radius before you glue the lid on? Or maybe just a 45 degree cut?
  8. I want to build a Spindrift as a dinghy for my boat. I want the fun of sailing and rowing, and I will carry a second dinghy for planing. Having already purchased plans for the 12, I am now getting cold feet and thinking that maybe the 11 or even 10 is a better choice. Where I intend to carry it, on the hardtop, inside the frame of the tower, there is definitely room for a 10 or 11, probably a 12, but I just don't know, until I actually try to wrestle a 12 foot boat through the monkey bars, I just can't say for sure that 12 will fit. Several years ago, I visited Graham to actually look at a Spindrift 12, trying to decide if I wanted to go that big, in answer to my question, Graham told me, rather wisely, "12 is more than 11, and when it gets choppy, everyone would like a little more boat." (or words to that effect). Makes sense, so I bought the 12 plans and decided that I will just find a way to carry it. As I get older, the less size and weight of the smaller boats are now more appealing. Question for the Spindrift 10 and 11 owners, have you ever regretted not going for the 12, or has your boat always met your needs?
  9. Graham, I have plenty of room at the dock behind my house in Lynnhaven inlet, if you need a place to stop, or any other logistics, just ask.
  10. Good Evening Weezer, It looks like you stacked all your butt-jointed pieces, with plastic in between, so the two sides are identical mirror images, Which is a good thing, and a smart way to do it. As you get going on this, take it slow and think things through before you mix any glue. Dry fit, and test fit everything. Check and double check. It is so much easier to fix something if you notice it before the glue dries. I have a habit of making pencil notes to myself on my parts, like “in, out, front, rear, left, right”, It helps me quickly reorient things back into the right position when I take it apart to spread glue. It might help you also. Plus I put “witness marks” across any joints or edges, and make a squiggly line to remind myself where I intend to put the glue. I can’t tell you how many times I have put glue on a piece, turned around to install it, and realized, I put the glue on the wrong side and had to scrape it off. I still manage to make mistakes, but with all my marks, I usually notice something is not right before I get too far along. Best of luck with your project, I am sure it will turn out great and be something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.
  11. I've had my spindrift plans for years now. I need to get a move on, I'm about to get lapped by a fifteen year old girl.
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