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  1. Thanks one and all. I think I’ll go ahead with thickened epoxy sans fasteners.
  2. I’m preparing to mount the 6” screw-in inspection ports in bulkhead number 1. What type of sealant and fastener is recommended? I was thinking about using 3M 4200 and machine screws?
  3. After a 4 month hiatus from the build, I’ve been steadily engaged since the beginning of the year. I had to go back and sand the epoxy along the bulkhead and thwarts beneath the bench seats. For the stowage compartments underneath the benches I added white pigment into the final 2 epoxy coats. I’m not sure I like it but it’ll be bright enough to find small objects in the stowage.
  4. Thanks for the generous offer Amos, however I picked up some scrap lead from a plumber who was ripping out old shower pans in Richmond
  5. Pete, if it weren’t for your detailed documentation as well as a couple other contributors on the forum I would not have so readily purchased the kit. I sincerely appreciate all your in depth notes and customized tweaks making a great design even better. I particularly like your trailer mods and can hardly wait until I’m at that stage. Stay salty!
  6. Steve , thanks for sharing the details down below. It provided several ideas for my build like the LED lighting.
  7. I’m totally bummed too, nevertheless looking ahead to the day when we’ll spilt tacks with Skeena and spin yarns with the skipper?
  8. Did you still need a place to temporarily store Skeena prior to Messabout? Todd 757-634-4695
  9. I retract my previous post due to my oversight in searching earlier posting topics on powder coating. I found insightful information which is leading me to rethink the opinion of painting as per Don’s process using Rustoleum or similar.
  10. I was thinking of drilling the holes for the new aluminum sail track before taking the masts over to be locally powder coated. Has anyone gone down this road? I still plan to use tuffgel upon mounting the track, but I think the spars should be pretty well protected with exceptions of excessive wear i.e. snotter.
  11. Excellent tips and ideas, thank you, but damn do you have make it look so easy???
  12. I was looking what McMaster-Carr has for piano hinges and learned they offer it in aluminum as well. Would anodized aluminum be suitable for hinge material other than the fact using s/s fasteners can create galvanic reaction? Todd
  13. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and wanted to share recent updates. Despite using peel ply I’m still having my fair share of sanding. I’ve filleted and taped a majority of the bulkheads and most everything below the waterline save the ballast tank/cockpit. I’m chomping at the bit to fabricate flanges for ballast tank using the technique Alan showed. Currently I’ve been coatings the settee bunks and hatches with coats of epoxy. For the last coat I’ve experimented by adding white pigment to the neat epoxy. Reason being if I decide to paint, it will more than likely be a light color and cover more easily, hopefully with less paint. I was also thinking if it would be feasible/recommended adding enough pigment in the epoxy so as to be a top coat? I would appreciate your suggestions and feedback if this is an acceptable approach.
  14. Pete, I’m sorry to hear of your injury and I pray your body heals without complications and you’re able to get on the water for some sailing therapy this Fall. I regret not being able to fellowship with you at the Messabout and discuss matters of your projects. Once you’re officially off the binnicle list, I will be happy to offer to crew for you anytime at your request and location. It’s no problemos for me to drive up to NoVA. Todd
  15. If it falls within your travel plans, youre more than  welcome to park Skeena in our driveway or yard during your travels. If your interested send me your email and I’ll send you my address and you can google map if it meets your needs. I’d love to crew for you and Pete especially since I’m building a boat I’ve never sailed.

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