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  1. I’m working on the keel strip using African mahogany. I’ve finished building up a “sharpened” chine starting aft of the centerboard as well as the bottom of the transom. I hope it holds up to wear and tear and provides the added performance when the wind pipes up. I used a chisel and dremel sander to recess the two ballast bailers which I hope to mount this week. What would you all recommend to seal the bailers, polysulfide? Last picture is a tiller lock I saw on the internet and wanted to inquire if anyone has had experience with using one? I’m unclear if the hardware could possibly work on t
  2. Getting envious of such a nice paint job, is that a 2 part LP you sprayed? I’d chosen Pettit polyurethane which I’ll roll and tip because I don’t want to vape the house with noxious fumes. I sprayed that once in the garage and was then frequently reminded by family not to poison them! Wishing I was friends with a automobile painter which I could bring to his shop. anyways nice job, looks fast and sleek.
  3. The construction of our Core Sound MK3 is steadily progressing as expected. The hull was inverted successfully with no issues. Using our Boy Scout skills we rigged an “A” frame for the bow using 2x6’s and rope. For the aft end we rigged a continuous rope/line which turned as we rotated the boat. After hull is painted I think we’ll rig a board to the transom eyes and rotate like Amos did. Currently the hull is glassed and two coats of microsphere epoxy have been sanded and faired. There are quite a number of undulations and imperfections remaining and I’m thinking a fairing compound is in
  4. Nice work Mark, the use of straps seems a good strategy along with screwed blocks. I might follow suit with your idea, thanks. Was it a challenge to find and or rout the centerboard well?
  5. Very impressive repair in which I agree with Jay that it will in all likelihood be bit stronger if not more solid. IMHO textbook repair. 😃
  6. Nick, a shop crane is a stroke of genius! I’m going to call around and see if I can rent one. Wish I had friends or neighbors that were gear heads. Thanks for the suggestion and thinking outside the box!
  7. Nice job Mark! I’m at the same stage along the build as you. There's however a significant difference comparing our builds in which I am vertically challenged in the build space (garage). The garage door will have to be in the opened or possibly disassembled and removed entirely to accommodate flipping the boat. Either way it’s turning into quite a challenge. The garage ceiling is drywall and I’ve located the joists I plan to lag bolt a 8’ 2x4 which runs athwartship the boat. I will attach through bolted hooks to the 2by which gets attached with block and tackle looped under the hull. I have s
  8. With the help of family the boat building is steadily progressing. Last Friday with the assistance of Jim and my mother, (Aka “Rolling Stone”) we glued and screwed the cabin roof in position. We affixed it as one piece and it appeared to have kept a consistent camber throughout. Using several chalk lines Topsides to mark the longitudinal cleats really helped when it came to temporarily screwing down the piece. We also used weights along the center seam. The masts have been primed using Rust-Oleum marine coating primer for metal. The big box store had only one quart can left which was
  9. Holy smokes! It’s been more than 2 months since last post and want to provide some pictorial update. Truth be told progress has been steady albeit slow which I attribute to the social isolation protocols and unexpected lack motivation. Although for me boat building seems to have been a sound constructive activity to remain semi-isolated, I’ve often felt guilty as friends, neighbors and acquaintances undergo job losses, financial struggles and other effects of COVID-19. The impact has been difficult on all of us, some more than others and my heart saddens for those who have experienced loss and
  10. You’re very industrious and have served to help motivate my CS20 build, you’ve done a wonderful job and your boat is quite beautiful.
  11. That’s a real bright idea; intended pun!
  12. Wow! Impressive results I hope to replicate using Petitt polyurethane.
  13. Nicely taken picture showing pretty design lines. I’m using similar paint scheme. Wishing you full and steady breezes.
  14. Alright, I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring for what it’s worth. Over the years of repairing and maintaining boats I’ve painted with all the top brands and have had For the most part been pleased with the results. After making more than my share of mistakes, I make it my priority to carefully read the Appropriate section of the products MSDS. Turns out some paints aren’t compatible with certain chemicals, duhh. Although I prefer the durability of 2 part LPU’s, I do not like dealing with the noxious fumes In the garage at home. If I were building in a dedicated and separate shop I would
  15. Wow, your assembly is very impressive and timely. I wish I had some of your mojo.
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