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  1. Steve, Don't forget you will need space for 150' of anchor rode and 10' feet or so of chain in addition of the anchor itself. Chick put the anchor roller and anchor on a bow pulpit on my Summer Breeze and it seems to work well. I have 150' of anchor and 10' of chain in the well of the 17 mk 3 and it does not interfere with the mast but the anchor is not in there. In the photo it appears you have a lot more room in there but just did not want you to forget. dale
  2. My opinion is get rid of the black rubber as soon as possible because it will not last long anyway at least in my experience. I have had good luck with these polmer rollers. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004XAHSX0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Anybody have any ideas on retrofitting my CS 17 mk 3 tabernacles to allow the masts to rotate freely? I love the freely rotating masts on my CS 17 ‘Lively’. I like the way they follow the sail when on a run allow it to go forward of the mast when necessary. This is also great when running onto a beach which I do occasionally here in FL. What I like best is the ability to quickly furl the sails by rolling them on the masts. Not for reefing but for rigging and unrigging the boat for trailering. On ‘Lively’ I have to lift the sails up and drop them into the mast support tube (not sure what it is called) which is not a problem because even with the sails wrapped on them they are very light and manageable. Another thing is I can store her in my garage. The masts on the CS 17 mk 3 in tabernacles are easy to raise but seem to require two people one to hold the mast while bolting it down and then you have to hank on the sails, etc. I have found on ‘Summer Breeze’ my CS 17 mk 3 that hanking the sails on and off is very time consuming for just day sailing. Maybe I am just not used to the process yet but it seems like the mk3 is much harder or at least more time consuming. Granted she is really designed for multiple day trips. A second advantage I see would be to have the ability to pull the masts out of the tabernacle and hang in the garage or at least eliminate the masts sticking out 3-4 feet on the ends. Another goal is to be able to store ‘Summer Breeze” in my garage straight in as opposed to now I have to place her crosswise and she takes up practically the whole two car garage. I will also probably have to put a hinge on the forward end of the trailer. I do understand I will lose the sail battens and some performance. Here are my musings on how it might be done. I would make a fiberglass/epoxy tube just as it did for ‘Lively’. This tube would then either need a big buildup of epoxy/fiberglass to give it the strength it would need to carry the hinge bolt or epoxy it into a box. The box would then carry the hinge load. Of course the current tabernacle Ubox would have to be expanded enough to handle the tube/box within it. I did a quick investigation and it appears that this may be possible within the space that is there. The problem may occur at the bow. It will depend on how wide the tube/box is. Please feel free to shoot holes in anything I have said above. Am I crazy to even think of doing this? Maybe Graham or Alan has already thought about this. I will appreciate your suggestions.
  4. In my 'Lively' CS 17 I added float noodles inside the masts. I also have centerboard with bungie hold downs as Graham designed. Did any of the boats have them? or sealed masts. Do you all think they would make any difference based on your experiences? thank you, dale
  5. Salty will do about 32 mph full speed. I rarely run her at that speed though. I went to 60 because of fuel injection. Graham said that she could handle a 60 but that should be the high limit. dale
  6. I learned to duck early in my sailing career too. I have seen many kids sailing Optimist Prams and they seem to sail them ducking and standing up and all kinds of positions. I would add the line Graham suggests and Alan's noodle and they will be fine.
  7. Thanks Dave. I appreciate your position. The real problem is HOA rules, I have to pay big bucks to store them. They will just not all fit in my garage.
  8. I love my 'Salty' Marissa. She has a 60 HP Yahama. She moves and handles very well. I am thinking about selling her in late July after my son leaves for HI. I have too many boats. I just do not use her much because I love sailing more than motoring. dale
  9. It appears that you are making very good progress. It actually looks like a boat. LOL. dale
  10. Right now, I have three B&B boats. A CS 17, a CS 17 mk 3 and a Marissa 18. All are on galvanized trailers but with different configurations. I will cover them in chronological order. I finished my CS 17 'Lively' in 2007 and bought a tilt trailer because I had one on my previous O'Day Daysailer II and really liked it. Occasionally I launch from the beach and the tilt seems to help. When launching/retrieving from a ramp, I never put the wheel hub in the water. I think the wheels are 14" but not sure. The wheels are under the boat so it is higher but this has never been a problem launching. When I got the trailer I moved the winch post forward as far as possible and then moved the wheel/axels forward until I got about 10% tongue weight. I have never had a problem with towing with this combination. I have rollers in the center and a bunk on each side. I need to change out the carpet for Starboard one of these days but it is just not needed. The overall length of boat trailer and masts mounted on top fit in one side of my two car garage with only a slight angle required. When towing the tilt mechanism causes a slight movement of the boat and some extra noise and a wearing of the hull where the bow meets the winch post roller. I still have not figured out how to stop this yet. This is my favorite trailer boat combo. I finished my Marissa 'Salty' in 2012. I bought a standard galvanized motor boat trailer for and 18' boat. I moved the wheels using the same process as for 'Lively' with 10% tongue weight. The trailer has been fine. I have found that I do not use the boat very much. I am a sailor. However, my son does use and love both boat, motor and trailer. So I keep it for him, for the time being. Earlier this year, I bought Chick's CS 17 mk 3. We met near Savannah, GA and I drove my new boat home to Palm Harbor, FL. His trailer is huge compared to both of my other trailers. The boat sits between the wheels and is therefore lower and easier to get in and out of. The boat/trailer handled very well on the trip down here and in all the times I have used it here. I did not mention above, my tow vehicle is a 4 cyc Sabaru Forester. I do wet launch (hubs wet) this boat. No bearing problems yet. Watching them. Chick had rollers in the center and vertical bunk boards that he cut to conform to the hull. This is another reason that I launch wet. I like the flat bunks I have in the other trailers better. They have two mounting points and then the board flexes to fit the hull. This boat, trailer, tabernacle masts are a total of 25 feet long. This is way too long for a 17 foot boat. I have not quite figured out how to remedy this yet. It will fit in my two car garage crossways with the masts practically hitting the corners. I think the tires are 14 inch but not sure. Steve, hope I have answered most of your questions. Good luch with your decidsion. My opinion. dale
  11. A little late but my 2 cents worth. For the approx 100 hours I have put on my Yamaha 60 HP on my Marissa 18 'Salty' it has been very satisfactory. I have had zero problems. Nice smooth quiet power.
  12. Thank you Chick for the kind words. I will do my best to do right by your Southern Breeze. As you know, I plan to keep her name. I like it. I have not posted much for several years on this forum, since I finished my Marissa 18 'Salty'. I am doing a lot of dreaming about beach cruising adventures in Southern Breeze. I have not decided when or if I will be selling my great CS 17 'Lively'. I have had many wonderful adventures in her. I want to sail SB for awhile to be sure I like her better than 'Lively'. I think I will because of all the reasons I bought SB such as flush deck cabin, masts on tabernacles, two bunks, PP, sit up headroom self draining cockpit and on and on. I hope to post some of my adventures on this forum but will definitely post them on our local club West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron WCTSS website or on Facebook. Our club is in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. dale
  13. Ok, Jim. You caught up with me. My life over the last year has been very busy. After 54 years of marriage, my wife and I have divorced. As we discovered after 8 months of couples therapy, we had swept a few too many things under the rug. We parted fairly amicably and sold our house on the water. I have purchased a new to me home in a 55+ community. The garage is cramped for boat building so for the foreseeable future I will be building kayaks or very small sailboats or have somebody else build one for me. i have been thinking about transitioning into a low powered displacement speed motor beach cruiser. (Just thinking). Ok Jim, what is your question? If I can figure it out, I will open up myself for PMs. I thought I had it open already. I apologize to others who have PMed me and I have not had time to respond. Dale
  14. Cedar Key is always the first full weekend of May. dale
  15. Peter, Thanks for posting my long ago posts. I will report that I have been using this flush hatch system since 2007 when I launched 'Lively' and like it primarily for its looks. I actually only use it for very light items when beach cruising otherwise not at all for daysailing. dale
  16. Chick, I had the same problem only on the main sprit when I launched 'Lively' back in 2007. I just spliced in a longer piece on the mast end wrapped in glass and have never had a problem. dale
  17. Chick, Why through the chocks and not over the end of the sprit? thanks, dale
  18. Jay, I went to Fisheries Supplies and there are many varieties. Since I have not seen your boat would you mind giving us a link or more specific info on which one you used. thanks, dale
  19. I add my congratulations to both Graham and Alan. What they do is just fantastic. Also, when they return they provide very unbiased information about their experiences. My hat is off to you both. dale
  20. A quick response. I insure my Marissa 'Salty' through BoatUS. Not sure about their competitiveness but I checked a couple of other insurers and nobody would insure a homemade wooden boat. I will try to go back and check if I get a chance but I believe I have a declared value policy. I know I had to declare the value to be insured. Don't remember what i am paying. dale
  21. She is a real beauty and I bet fast. I will be there on Friday afternoon and Saturday for the start. Hope to see you and Graham then. dale
  22. Graham, Look forward to seeing you on the 4th & 5th. Good luck on finishing and a safe trip driving down. dale
  23. Paul and everyone, thanks for your advice. I did not mention it before, but I do have a two 4 inch vents in the console. One in front under the seat and one high up on the port side. Also, I have hole above the foot kick area. So I am thinking I should generally get some air flow from the aft foot kick area up and out the vent. Likewise from the forward vent. Also, whenever I start the engine I have the double doors in the aft console open. dale
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