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  1. I have stripped all the old Rustolem for Aluminum spray can paint off 'Lively's' Masts and now want to paint with something that might last longer. It lasted about 4 years before beginning to peel off. Anybody out there know about a 2 part paint made to cover Aluminum? thanks, dale
  2. I agree with Chick. That is what I did with 'Salty'. dale
  3. I know this has been covered before but I can not seem to find it by searching. I have attached the only diagram I have related to what I want to do in re-rigging the 'Lively' mizzen. It is a lousy image but hopefully. I think Brent was the first to mention on this forum a long time ago. I am not sure if the Harken hardware is appropriate but had noted it on the paper. I am looking for specific block sizes and names so I can order (not sure if Graham carries these items). I thought there were photos of someones boat but again I cannot find any. I would appreciate any help I can get. thanks, dale
  4. Hi Dan, I build my Marissa 'Salty' over three years and launched in 2013. It was a kit so may not be able to answer your questions. However, I did build my CS17 from scratch so know the process you are going through. I enjoyed the details of it but after building the kit I will probably only build kits in the future. If you have questions, do not hesitate to post them here on the forum. I will try to help and there are a lot of others much more expert than I am that will help you. dale
  5. Sorry, I could not find a close up of the bow setup. The two photos are the best I can do. I guess I should explain the one where the boat is on its side. On a trip to Cayo Costa the bailer started leaking. So we tipped it up and tapped it shut. It worked fine with no leaks. I now have it and all other hardware off the boat and am re-finishing and painting. The other photo is 'Lively' aground at Cedar Key. At least it gives you a far view of the bow deck. As I think I said previously said, I got the plans for the bow roller from Graham and then fabricated it from Stainless Steel by bending everything. No welding was required. Hope this helps, dale
  6. Thanks for the measurements. If you would have not had the hatch or now after using it, would you have made it any bigger or smaller? thanks, dale
  7. I have a bronze Hershoff (sp) cleat between the bow and the mast and it does not interfere with anything. I have had no problems with it. However, I do not have any I think they are called chocks for the the dock lines which are usually placed on both sides of the bow. I fabricated the SS bowroller that Graham designed and it has performed very well for anchoring or using the anchoring on beaches. dale
  8. I also like the fire extinguisher alcove. It is a great idea because I have still not found a suitable location for my fe. I may retrofit it on my 'Salty' someday. Good job. She is looking great. dale
  9. WOW. Lennie. This is a total surprise. Are you sure you have given sailing a chance? In my life, I have found you have to do things at least 3 times in order to make a valid determination. You have said you have been out 3 times but were those times sailing? I admit sailing is a lot more complicated than motorboating for instance. However, personally, I have found now that I have both options that I actually prefer sailing. I have been around the water for over 70 years starting when I was about 5 years old on the Mississippi River so anything to do with being on the water is for me. It sounds like you have made your decision so I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures. Hope to see you at Cedar Key. You have created a great boat and the new owner will be able to be very proud to own her. dale
  10. What is the fore/aft dimension? I am re-doing 'Lively' and might do what you have done. tks dale
  11. Dave, I am amazed at you rapid progress considering all the bad weather you had. She is looking great. dale
  12. Lennie, Congratulations. Great job. Beautiful boat. Sorry I missed you guys at Cayo Costa. dale
  13. Mine are on the transom with screws and have had no problems. Actually, they are currently in a box while I wait for my gal to re-paint and varnish 'Lively'. Progress is very slow. She has to many big yachts to do this time of year. Always follow Alan's advice. He knows what he is doing. dale
  14. Lennie & Bill, Sorry I missed you. I went over there in my Marissa 18 Salty on Saturday, just for the day. It was nice to see all the WCTSS folks again. dale
  15. Lennie, My experience: I called the Fish & Wildlife. They came to my home. Looked at boat took photos. I showed him a few construction photos on my computer. Cannot remember if I gave him copies of construction photos but know I offered them. He looked at my original kit purchase invoice. I showed him a few other major purchases. The motor in the case of my Marissa 'Salty'. That was it. He gave me the certificate I went to the State title office and got the necessary decals and I think a temporary title then I launched. Actually, before I launched I got the appropriate registration numbers from decal and mounted them on the boat. Basically, no problems the officer was very nice and told me to be safe. This is the way both my registrations for 'Salty' and CS17 'Lively' went. dale
  16. I am sorry but I do not remember the time between coats. I am sure I followed the Mfg directions. At that time, I believe Epiphanes was the only one that said you could re-coat up to 4 times without sanding between coats. I then switched to Captains for the last three coats because it supposedly had the most UV protection. This all took place 8 years ago so I am sure brands have changed and all of them are probably higher UV protection now. I am just happy mine basically lasted 8 years without any maintenance. This time around on 'Lively's re-do I am using AwlGrip paint and Epiphanes and then Petit (Flagship) because I have hired a professional to paint and varnish her and this is my professionals choices as well as mine. I have decided to use basically the same paint scheme I used on my Marissa 'Salty' which is Fighting Lady Yellow on the topsides, Whisper Gray on bottom and cockpit, Matterhorn White on deck and in cockpit, and Moondust on cockpit floor. I am going to put non-skid on the bow deck and the cockpit floor only. I will have a Sunfast Red bootstripe. The toe rails and gunnels will be varnished. dale
  17. I used Epiphanes for the first 4 coats because they said you could recoat without sanding. Then switched to Captains for the last three. Probably will do the same this time. dale
  18. I always put them on my trailers also. Another good reason is it moves the lights up where they can be seen. I have traveled behind trailers with lights on the trailer in a rainstorm and they could not be seen at all. Both places might work until the two that go underwater quit. dale
  19. Chick, I love your boat name. I love the summer breezes that occur sometimes around here after the July/August thunderstorms. Makes a lot of sense to get opening ports for around here but I would not think you would need them in the mtns. dale
  20. While we are on sheets. Has anyone considered or used unending sheets on a CS? One problem with sheeting on each side is that you must be careful to keep the sheet tails about equal so you will always have some to let out in an emergency. I have been thinging about an unending loop to solve this problem. Any opinions out there? dale
  21. As of right now, I plan to go to Cayo Costa for Friday through Sunday morning (weather permitting). However, my re-fit of 'Lively' will not be done by then so will be taking my Marissa 'Salty' and camping (either tent or cabin). If you only go for the day you will miss some of the best times in the evening when everybody sits around and talks boats. It used to be even better but the Park Rangers now prevent us having a campfire. Mattp, Cayo Costa is a FL state park about 1 1/2 hours south of Tampa Bay on the West Coast of FL. Just south of Boca Grand a small fishing village famous for Tarpon fishing. It is one of the best spots for small boat sailing and beach camping. There is a small hole on North end of the island which has a small opening just deep enough for shallow water boats to get in. Then you are completely surrounded by beach or treelined island. Our WCTSS goes there twice a year. The sailing among the islands is great or if weather is nice the Charlotte Harbor is a great big bay for sailing in nicer weather. dale dale
  22. Thanks Doug. I was hoping a CS 17mk3 would be there. See you week from Friday. dale
  23. Could we have a roll call of all B&B boats that will be in this years EC? I will be there on Friday afternoon March 6th and at the start Sat morning at Sunrise. dale
  24. Lennie, She is really looking great. I cannot wait to see her in person. (Hopefully at Cayo Costa). I have a tilt trailer. I have not done it but I believe I could winch the boat onto the trailer directly from the ground using the tilt. I love the tilt and use it all the time. I do not get the trailer hubs wet when launching or retrieving. I just went out an measured 'Lively'. My rub-rail screws are on 16" centers from bow to stern. She has been around since 2007 and I have never had any trouble with the rails. Also, I did not use epoxy on the rails but used I think 3M 4200 or maybe silicon which would allow me to pull off and replace if necessary. I think if I did it again I would just epoxy them. My rails ended up being 5/8" X 1". But remember they are laminated of two pieces because that was the size mahogany I was given. Now that I think of it, I think I laminated them on the boat then glued/siliconed but not sure about that. I really like the size mine turned out. I think 1 1/2 is too wide. I have hit a few docks and seawalls and have not damaged anything (of course this was only on purpose just testing strength of rub-rails) LOL I can't remember but I probably used whatever backing plate Graham recommended but 1" seems way to thick to me. I am thinking 3"8 plywood. The main thing is to through bolt using proper big washers Hope this helps, dale
  25. Ya, please let me know the color ratio because I may be doing that also. You can be very proud of her and can look forward to the thrill of the launch. dale
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