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  1. Dave, One of the advantages of building your own boat is that you understand how the boat was made and you are not afraid to get in and solve these little glitches rather than calling the dealer and waiting for him to get to it. If it was me I would keep the hole that you drilled. I would drill another hole through the trailing edge perpendicular or angled slightly to your hole so that the pennant goes down through the new hole and tie a stopper knot that is buried in your hole so that the pennant stays on the centerline of the board. It looks to me like your double line could get jammed between the trunk and the board. I would make a groove from the new hole to the top of the board to make sure that the pennant stays on center. This moves the pennant further from the pivot pin reducing the load on the pennant slightly. Looking at the plans, you should have enough height for a bimini. How are you connecting the halyard to the headboard? You may be able to raise the sail by reducing the distance between the halyard block and the headboard by tying a buntline hitch. I am using it on my boat, is a very reliable hitch and takes up the least space because it tightens down on the headboard.
  2. This is slightly off topic. Core Sound 17 Hull #1 was built out of aluminum and the last time I saw it was on the beach with the Panga's at Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican west coast. The builder resides there and is one of those guys who usually out-fishes everyone around him. He reaches out and back under sail and usually comes back in after burning no fuel with more fish than the big gas guzzlers. Here is the fuel burn curve that I made for my OB20 with an Etech 50 showing the hump. I trimmed the boat out as best as I could at each speed and took the lowest GPS reading in flat water. I took the fuel/RPM burn from Etech's web site and have not had a chance to verify it yet. You can see that I do not get any better mileage at 9 knots than 18 knots. For a large 20 footer, she is fairly economical due a small engine and accepting a comfortable planing speed as my cruising speed weather permitting. She does have trim tabs which I like but she jumps out of the hole quickly without them.
  3. Yes you just need to butt join those little triangles if you need them. They will later be covered by the centerline seam glass tape so there will be no loss of strength.
  4. Hi Dave, Congratulations on completing the Texas 200. I have done it twice and can appreciate why you are looking into a bimini. I would prefer that you do not reduce the size of the mizzen as you may have a lee helm problem. What is your hull # so that I can look at your rig? I thought that there was enough height under the mizzen, raised as high as it will go to sneak a bimini under the sail. The cheapest way to to raise the mast, if you need more height is to drill a new pivot hole lower down on the mast. This will raise the mast, you will have to move the the mast heel locking system up the tabernacle by the same amount.
  5. You have raised the age old dilemma, how to beat the hump. It is something that I have been struggling with for most of my working life. I do not think that we will ever see $2.50 a gallon gas again, so it is worth thinking about. The best approach is to go longer as you suggested and lighter. You can space out the framing to get longer. You can also add the outboard bracket. The bottom of the bracket sits a couple of inches above the transom and pitches up aft so that it does not drag while planing but lengthens the WL in displacement mode. It is hard to make the boat much lighter but you can pay attention during construction to not add anything unnecessary and choose okume ply over heavier species and not going above a 90 hp motor. Just by lengthening the boat and adding the extra structure you will end with a lower displacement to length ratio because it is a function of weight in long tons divided by .01 WL cubed, therefore it will be lighter for it's length. Trolling at 9 knots on the standard Ok20 with it's 16' 4" WL gives you a speed/ length ratio of 2.2. If you had an effective Wl of 25' your S/L R is 1.8. Is it worth it? If you spend enough time at this speed, it probably is.
  6. Hi Andy B. You are mostly right. There is no reason why the SR cannot be rowed. Alan and the Chief just rowed a 17 mk3 through the Harlow canal, you just have to set up the rowing station. I have not tried it yet but I believe I could fit a sliding seat in her if wanted. There is more stowage in the SR than the original because the seat lockers and under the foredeck are deeper but I never did use up all the stowage space on the mk1.
  7. Hi Viktor, It was always my intention to do a CS17 mk2. In fact I started designing the CS17 mk2 first when we got the order for the 20 mk2. My experience with the 20 mk2 confirmed the validity of the concept.
  8. The first four boats are home. Going by when the OK buttons were pressed on their Spot trackers, Skinny Genes was first on the Thistle. Heavily Laden was second on a class 1 kayak. Madmothist was third on a 49er and the Chief and SOS (Alan) came in fourth, one minute later. The rest of the field camped for the night. I am always impressed by anyone can paddle the whole course without sleeping and average over 3 knots, with most of the last 40 miles upwind.
  9. Ken, The nearest airport to us is Newbern. We can pick you up at Newbern and you can stay with us or you can sleep on one of the boats. I usually sleep on board over the weekend. There are two Hubs in NC served by the airlines with commuter service to Newbern, Charlotte and Raleigh. Charlotte is about a 6 hour drive and Raleigh RDU is about a three hour drive. Sometimes it is nearly as cheap to rent a car in Raleigh and drive down giving you a bit more independence and you get to see more of the area.
  10. The date for 2022 M&B Messabout is indeed October 21-23. There was some confusion when Marissa announced that date for her wedding day without realizing that it was already booked. She has changed her schedule and life will be back to normal.
  11. Ken, I m sorry to hear about your transmission issues. I am afraid that it was probably caused by you. Owners manuals usually say that when towing, take the car out of overdrive. The problem is that the cruise control locks the car at a constant speed, this causes rapid shifting on those rolling hills. The modern transmission has more gears to meet the demands of EPA for higher miles with smaller engines. It is a mechanical marvel but cannot be abused. Glad that you made it home. I look forward to Lula's next chapter.
  12. The console was moved a couple of inches forward after hull #1 because I expected everyone to use a larger motor. She is fairly stable longitudinally so she can take moving it further forward. Like everything, it is a trade off. The further you move the crew forward the harder the ride. I would prefer you to keep the move under 6 inches.
  13. On my trip out to Port Townsend with Carlita a few years ago I went through several zebra mussel inspection stations. I showed them the ballast tanks and the centerboard and trunk. They crawled under the boat with a flashlight and soon gave me the all clear.
  14. I am so sorry to hear this, I know that he has not been well for some time. I too enjoyed his company at the messabout's and the time he spent with us at the Mystic Wooden Boat Show.
  15. I do not usually disagree with Chic but I have piano hinges on the outboard edge my interior hatches and turn buttons on the inboard side. I always made sure that they were dogged down when underway in case of a knockdown. All exterior hatches are gasketed and dogged down.
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