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  1. Dwg, Thanks for the offer. I will be near the beginning of my cruise when I pass Lynnhaven Inlet, if I have not forgotten or broken anything critical I should be okay but it is nice to know that there is a refuge right there if I need it.
  2. That is all good info Brad. I would love to see the Blue Angels again but I won't in the Annapolis area that early as I am intending to do the trip anti clockwise. Steve, I look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip. Matt, It is a minimum of 700 nautical miles.
  3. Thanks for the answer 

  4. Mark, This is a little off topic here but I have bad news for you. There is no magic bullet for varnish. Epoxy has very poor UV resistance. There are some coatings that hold up a little better than varnish but they are heavily pigmented and do not look quite as good. If you want a quick long term coating, go for something with a solid pigment coating, paint. Alan said the day when we looked at my aging varnish that he might add a few touches of brown paint on his boat and maybe experiment with some feau streaks.
  5. Amos I hope to come down the Dismal swamp canal on my way home and I hope that I will see you.
  6. Hey Cruzer , the 14th is close to my departure date so I will certainly look out for you. We are just up the Bay River from the ICW. Your 4' of draft might be marginal at the end of our dock as our tidal height is wind driven. You can anchor 100 feet straight out from our dock in plenty of water.
  7. Thanks Brad. I have heard that Delaware Bay can be humiliating at times but I believe that it is mostly wind against tide so I will have to try and go with the flow as best as I can. I see that I can split that passage into two legs which would make it easier to work the tides. Of course being an optimist, in my planning I see fair winds and tides with sunny skies. I have never cruised the Chesapeake but I have done 6 deliveries south through the Bay where we ran non stop except for one trip where we pulled in to Solomons for the night when it started to snow.
  8. Joe, Great picture. Yesterday if I could. Bathroom remodeling takes longer to do than you hope. I am almost done and I am flatout on Carlita's trunk and freshening up her varnish. I hope to get underway within a couple of weeks.
  9. Circumnavigating the Delmarva Peninsula has been on my bucket list for a long time. Ever since my first road trip to the area on a cold fall day about 30 years ago, looking out across the marshes and sounds teeming with migrating birdlife, trying to see round the next bend only to be denied by the road leaving the water, I knew that I needed to come back one day in my own boat. Carlita may not seem like the ideal boat for this but when you look into it a little deeper, she may be more ideal than you might think. Shoal water abounds allowing greater exploration, being able to sail in 6-8”
  10. The instructions for the centerboard pin was correct for the the mk3.1's. On the mk3.2 which you are building, the board was moved forward causing us to flip the pin as the cover plate hit the bunk top. On the mk3.2 we decided to give up on the detailed instructions and do more detailed plan sheets but we threw in the instructions anyway. We will look into the instructions correct them. It should not be a problem to back fill the hole. If you are you are concerned you could put a small glass patch over the hole on the outside. My preferred bumper is to turn the trunk upside down
  11. I agree with Peter. I think that that the worst offender was sailing with the topping lift on probably preventing proper snotter tension. If you stop the video at 32' 39" you can see that the reefed clew is not drawn tight to the cheek block and there is a big bubble in the sail around the sprit mast area and a tight topping lift. In your defense, you are sailing a mark 3.1 which does suffer from lee helm in those conditions. On the 3.2 versions the centerboard was moved forward. You can see the video Carlita across FB being driven hard in those conditions with 2 reefs in the main
  12. Sorry for he confusion, I was trying to be concise. When I said inside I meant the trunk inside the boat and outside means the trunk from outside the boat.
  13. When building Spindrift hull #1 I wasn't happy with my job of taping the outside of the trunk and pulled it out and decided to see how long it would last and I have not taped the outside of a small daggerboard trunk since. I have been fighting my desire for perfection and productivity all of my life. So far I have never had or heard of a failure. I long ago sold hull #1 but I do have a S12 which is about 20 years old and I have Amanda hull #1 which must be about 10 years old. Also on our racing Spindrifts we shaped the bottom slot to fit the foil to reduce turbulence which would made it very
  14. Hi Captain Tim, I am enjoying your build but two alarm bells rang in me. The first one was when you said "the position of the temporary frame is vague". The position is precise, I looked on the S11 standard plan sheets, lo and behold you were right, they are missing. The gremlins took them. I reinserted them so here is the measurement on the side from the third station forward of the transom along the sheer which you should have on one of your sides, is 2 3/16" or 56 3/16" forward of the transom with the tape pulled around the sheer line. This measurement is to the aft side of your
  15. It is definitely Dawn Patrol. I have heard that they were doing fine when suddenly they were hit by a rogue wave. They have rescued the boat and are in good spirits
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