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  1. Anyone wanting to know how this boats attitude is on the water this video was taken from 15 feet away and the only thing you can hear is the water with a 40 hp honda on the back . I now have over 1800 miles on this boat and she got me home through a few good 30 mile an hr blows with 4 foot chop and higher . Cheap on fuel even at cruse of 23 -25 miles an hr with a full crew of 4 adults . My hats off to the designer . received_357335405454719.mp4
  2. Nice job lotus. I followed your build . It was quicker then usual build times. I actually like the half rail and the cut back. Let's you mount a kicker.
  3. Nice dale... can't believe you don't run her too much anymore. You gave me hope when I was muddling my way through mine.
  4. Hey post a picture of your Marissa, give the new fellows a few ideas on what they want , maybe inspire someone on the fence.
  5. long story short I have 593 miles on my Marissa in 3 months. She is like a duck on water... no issues at all. In that time I've had one "groupie" ghosting me. Finally he had the courage to stop and talk. He is an old time boat builder that just loves the b and b design. He couldn't get over the fuel sipping design ( 14 liters for a full day with a Honda 40.. Full day = 9hrs trolling and travel) but said he was sold the day he watched her punching a 4 foot chop. Long story short I took him for a drive and he is ordering the plans from b and b.
  6. If your making a mass just be sure to reinforce it with epoxy and string wrapped around or at least coat the outside in epoxy and mesh . I built 2 that snapped because I didn't wrap them . Heck I grew up in cb we used to search the shores after a heavy storm looking for lobster and scallop. had to beat the seagulls. We also fished salmon with a pitchfork in the shallows , knew every fish run by year and shot my first animal at 6. Yup I know about growing up poor. Couldn't imagine given a tike a firearm at 6 but when you get sick of eating porridge for 3 meals a day you learn fast!! My first boat was ,3 pieces of Styrofoam binded together with masking tape and two homemade oars locked under my arms but... I pulled up eel traps with it.
  7. Couldn't find the exact one but you'll get the idea. Imagine 30 to 40 much more expensive boats heading at the shore at top speed ( some with two engines ) skidding up the sand and rock and being snatched by a trailer in between surf breaking on the beach... it was impressive.
  8. ICould be like I said it was a few years ago so it might have been a title like " launching of the North Carolina fleet" referencing the north Carolina skiff. The beaches were a mix of Sand and small rock.
  9. No fooling though check it out on you tube ! Been a couple of years since I watched it but the locations they are chasing the salmon are remote with a not so great launching areas . I assume the launch points are too far from the fishing spots. I was blown away . I iimagine a few guys forget to pop the motor and donate to the bar but they were hitting the beach at 35 to 40 miles an hour . One boat after another
  10. Jury is still out on that stuff... gets you over a scrape by wearing like a pencil. Next time I'm rolling with copper powder or titanium . Supposedly that is what they coat the bottom with down in Carolina. Those guys are nuts. They run the boats up on the beach at full speed and flip the motor at the last second. Then grab the boat with a trailer and dash away before the sand grabs the truck tires.
  11. East or west coast? I'm heading to rupert end of July if all goes well. Chasing salmon . I have the bottom of my Marissa eco 18 done in graphite but was warned to limit her black coat to the bottom . Jury still out if it was better then copper or titanium powder.
  12. Got my night lights inside the hull up under the rails . Oh, and the picture above , the one with the guy being towed lost trying to match a ,50 hp 2 stroke against a fuel sipping Marissa eco 18 .. He used a bigger tank I( I found this out later ) I used the issued 20 ltr don't worry I told him all about why homebuilt boats designed by professional designers were way better the commercial ones.
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