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  1. Lenny, She is really looking great. Why are you re-painting the cockpit Maybe you already said but I did not catch it. The photo on the right looks like sort of a traditional Maine boat color. Do not know the name of it but I have always liked it. Not near as reflective as white. I have been considering something similar. dale
  2. Here are three photos. Two of what it looks like under my console. Both are taken from the aft console opening. The one with the battery is facing forward and shows the stuff going into the forward mounting of the tank. The second is not good focus but shows the underside of the instrument panel. The third shows the instrument from the top outside. Hope it may help you. dale
  3. I believe you have the same tank I used. However, I mounted mine with the fill etc forward. It seems to work OK but does change registration depending on attitude of the boat. As I recall, my tank goes back under the floor and I would not have been able to mount it aft. Check out where the aft side of your console falls before installing. Mine could be wrong. Glad you are draining anchor well to cockpit. Out of hull would be best but does not seem to be a way to do that. You are making excellent progress. dale
  4. Definitely motivating. I noticed your oars are stored alongside the cockpit.and there is a round whole forward. Is this enclosed area open so if ever a capsize it will not stay filled with water? Thanks Doug for posting. I will see you on Friday before EC. dale
  5. Doug, My main mast does rotate so not so much of a problem. However, my main sprit is wrapped with fiberglass. Not necessarily by design. When I made it originally it was too short so I scarfed a piece and wrapped it in glass and have never had a problem. dale
  6. Tom, That is the first time I have heard of using the rope on the stem of the boat. I am re-doing my CS 17 'Lively' and am trying to make her better at the same time. My stem is always getting messed up from the boat trailer. I am thinking maybe i will put a rope in there. What size rope would you recommend for the stem? Also, do you have any suggestions as to how best do it. Router? thanks, dale PS: Sorry Dave for interrupting your thread flow.
  7. Quick answer. I used AwlGrip paint and also their non-skid. I was going to use walnut chips and my neighbor and the gal who painted my boat said they are a problem and the AwlGrip non-skid wears off at the same rate as the paint so it is not noticeable. So far after one year and not heavy use it is looking great. I used blue foam. Glued with epoxy on underside of cockpit floor. I will have to look it up what brand and type the foam was. Gee, are our opinions worth $200 per hour ya think? Nobody else I know thinks mine is. dale
  8. Hey Lennie, I have noticed it before but thought I would ask. Are you planning to have a waterproof sealed hatch in the oval opening under your aft deck? Just curious. dale
  9. WOW!!!! Peter she is looking very very nice, very beautiful. Great job! dale
  10. Looks like a great space for building your boat. Nice and cozy. Keep the photos coming. dale
  11. Mike. WOA! Your anchor locker drains into the bilge. Mine does not and I am pretty sure Graham's plans do not have it drain into the bilge. Mine drains into the cockpit floor which is a bit of a mess but I for sure would not want it draining into the bilge. As for water coming aboard when entering the boat from swimming, etc. This should exit from the two scuppers at the transom. I agree with you that some deck hatches may or will leak. I only have two in the cockpit floor. In the very beginning, I did find a very small amount of water getting into the bilge through the hatch. I discovered that when painting the non skid on the floor I got it too close to the edge and therefore the grit was not allowing the hatch to seal properly. Even then this was a very minor problem but I did check the bilge often. Another thing I discovered was the water was only entering when I cleaned it out with the hose at the end of the trip. Hope this helps. dale PS: no problem Marius. You did not have to correct it. I just wanted you to know that Mike is the guy doing all the fine work on this boat and it is his thread. We just highjack it once in awhile.
  12. Marius, one correction. Mike is the builder of this boat. I finished my Marissa 'Salty' Nov 2013. One other comment for Mike & Lotus or anybody else that might have an interest. I opted for the simple uncomplicated route. I do not have any bilge pumps. My feeling is that these are stitch and glue composite epoxy fiberglass boats. These boats will not leak small amounts as Mike suggested. I guess I should add that my boat is kept on a lift or trailer most of the time. I have been told that three coats of epoxy is waterproof. I guess I believe that. I agree with Mike that if you have a major failure of the hull or penetration that a bilge will not help much. I do have a bucket and I am sure I will bail very fast if necessary. I have included access hatches in order to be able to inspect the bilge to see if I am right. If necessary, I will retro-fit one later. The other thing I should mention is that I do not go offshore. I actually enjoy the intercoastal and shallower waters better. I guess this comes from my sailing my CS 17 in a foot or less water. You see wildlife, etc. there. my opinion. dale
  13. Thanks Doug for your report. Keep them coming. We are all looking for this information. dale
  14. I believe your Olga 28 design by Mark Smaalders was a fiberglass design if I remember right. I love the lines. A casual neighbor of mine actually had one and I lusted for it. I probably would have bought it from him at the time if I knew he would sell it. Some friend he turned out to be, he sold it without even asking me if I wanted to buy it. Here is another one I love. It is a strip built design by Tony Dias called Tautog. dale
  15. Mike, After reading the posts above again. I am thinking that I was actually able to get a curved 90 degree pipe. I think it had a gradual curve to it. Check your supply store to see if they have it. I went back to my photos trying to find one of the pipe but apparently I did not photograph it. Sorry. dale
  16. Sorry, Paul but I have a further question. Did you rabbit the thwart and then drop the HDPE ring into it. I cannot tell by the photo. If not, how did you fasten the HDPE? thanks, dale
  17. Paul, Do you have a photo of Mizzen mast hole with the HDPE. I think I will re-do that on 'Lively' as I paint varnish, etc. Which I have been procrastinating on because I hate maintenance of any kind. thanks, dale
  18. Don, I love your calling it a "data point". I am sure I will re-use that. dale
  19. Don, I have never changed to one sail when weather got bad. I have always reefed main only or both sails. I am thinking that keeps better balance. Two reefs in both sails makes a HUGE difference. And yes I have done it while sailing. I guess I should clarify that a little. I am not actually sailing when reefing. I set the mizzen very tight and then reef main, etc. I have done this in 25+ knots. It is not fun however. If possible, I like to skirt behind an island, spoil bank or headland just to make it easier. I have also anchored a few times. However, I do not know anything about lace-on sails except there are many ways to lace them. I understand a simple spiral is not the best. If it makes you feel any better, I am 74. Hope this helps, dale dale
  20. I totally agree with Chick and for the same reasons. dale
  21. Sorry, one more suggestion. I have never had a cover for the sails and have always wanted one. I am sure one would keep the sails cleaner. However, in 8 years of sailing and much trailering with our WCTSS I have only run into one occasion that the rain and mud it caused on the highway really got my sails dirty. Since I noticed the problem, I washed the sails thoroughly and they came out OK. So take your choice. Covers are just one more pain and additional time to launch and retrieve the boat. dale
  22. Yes, Lennie, I just roll the sails on the masts. That is the way I store them or if I am beach camping. I have built two mast cradles that are big enough to carry both masts with the sails wrapped. The cradle mount into the mast holes. Then the whole thing is covered with a tarp when not sailing as you have seen. The sails are not reefed by wrapping them on the masts like the Sea Pearl for instance. Only for storage. If somebody could come up with a way to reef the sprit rigged sails by rolling on the mast like Sea Pearl it would be wonderful. I love there reefing. But they require a boom and boom vang. We do not need one. I do not have any battens so that is not a problem. If you wanted battens they would have to be vertical and then I don't think you would be able to slab reef the way I do. dale
  23. I would definitely recommend leaving out the third mast hole. I have one and have never used it except just to see if it worked and it did. Ever since I changed from sleeve to tracks my problems reefing were solved. When loading and unloading I just wrap the sails around the mast and pull them out. real simple. dale
  24. I used two 45 degree elbows aft and left the pipe open under the console. dale
  25. No, I have only been there once before. I have always wanted to go and bring 'Lively' but it never seems to happen. It is a long way for me from FL. When I first saw you. you were just sailing out and having a ball. Later others took over which is when we talked at the dock. This year I happen to be in the area visiting my son in Baltimore. Maybe next year with one of my boats. dale
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