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  1. I used white oak sealed in epoxy and have had no problems in 8 years. dale
  2. Ok Dave. I have my US Marine Ensign (fouled anchor) 2/3 of the way up on the leach of my sprit mizzen sail. Do I pass muster (do sailors also muster?)? What is the diameter of your pig-stick? thanks, dale
  3. I think my wood plug is about twice as high as the thwart. I used fir. Have had no problems so far after 8 years. It looks like corrosion plus the wood may have gotten wet and then expanded causing a weak spot. dale
  4. Thank you very much Dave. I thought I had researched a few years ago that the pennants go on the main mast and the US flag goes on the Mizzen or on the leach of the mizzen sail (which is where I have mine). Am I wrong on this? Actually, I am thinking of flying the burgee for our WCTSS on top and under it flying the WoodenBoat Burgee on a pig-stick on the main mast. I was even thinking about just going crazy and flying the Jolly Roger below the other two burgees. I am sure that is probably not nautically correct. You definitely answered one of my questions "pennant sticks work best if the distance between where the ends of the halyard attach is greater (1 1/2 X) than the portion above the mast." What diameter are your sticks? It looks like maybe 1/2 inch? thanks, dale
  5. Anybody out there have plans or references on how I could make a pig-stick for my CS17. I want to fly my WCTSS club burgee and the WoodenBoat burgee from my main mast. I have a general idea how to make one and how they allow the burgees to fly above the mast-top. I already fly the US flag from the leach of the mizzen. Thanks in advance. dale
  6. Don, I have sailed the North Channel of Lake Huron with my nephew a few years ago and totally loved it. I have always wanted to go back with my own 'Lively'. We chartered a 30ft Catalina. It was strange the first time we anchored near shore not having to look around and check what the tides were going to do. I liked that. I love it up there in the summer but would not like their winters so much. Love salt water. In our local trailer sailing club we sail various places in and around FL. There are many lakes to sail in fresh water around FL also. One thing i do enjoy is returning after a fresh water lake sail and not have to worry too much about cleaning the salt water off everything, flushing my 2HP, etc. Our club. check us out and come down sometime, you are all welcome to join any of our trips. http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/ dale
  7. I live on Clearwater Beach but mostly trailer sail my CS 17 Lively up in St. Joseph Sound which is the area you are describing between Dunedin and Tarpon Springs. How are you enjoying the mountain area? I have often though of moving up that way. Especially this time of the year with usually high hurricane activity. dale
  8. Thanks Chick. I enjoyed it. Here for those of us that could not catch all the words. http://www.metrolyrics.com/a-salty-dog-lyrics-procol-harum.html
  9. I might be interested in a EC Cruise type trip. Please keep me in the loop. I think there are other sailors in our West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron that may be interested also. See our website if you are not familiar with our club. http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/ Dale
  10. Chick, I am curious as to why you are draining the Ice Box lid to the cockpit instead of overboard on port or stearn? dale
  11. Oh, I think I see what you mean. I thought the white area looks like two pods rounded on the outside. Thought maybe you had some extra storage pod or something under the thwart. Now I see that the white I am seeing is the floor forward and there is a bulkhead in grey shadow. I was not expecting that. On the CS there is not a bulkhead that goes under the thwart in the same way. Sorry, I understand now. dale
  12. Wow, Dave, She looks very beautiful. Especially sitting in a beautiful forest setting. What is sticking down under the center thwart? I am curious. dale
  13. Mike, Sorry you experienced problems. I have not experienced any of the bad habits you mention at any speed with up to 4 people including the three people combination you mention. I have a 60HP Yamaha on 'Salty'. Dale
  14. Dave, I agree with Tom on the mast drain. I put a plastic tube temporarily in and then epoxied it in place. Then I pulled the plastic tube out. I have had absolutely no problems with it draining overboard since she was launched in 2007. dale
  15. Great job Mike. She looks beautiful. I love the colors. I keep thinking I am looking at my 'Salty' except for the console where I chopped the top off and all the fancy electronics you have. Enjoy her. dale
  16. WOW, Dave, she is looking very beautiful. I love the look of laps. dale
  17. In my 'Lively re-fit, I leveled out the combing aft of the center to the transom. After one outing at Cedar Key, I love this change. My butt did not have a blue bruise mark across it when I finished two days of sailing. dale
  18. I agree with PAR on almost everything. However, I would add. If you do not have enough natural light you can purchase natural sunlight type lights. It is amazing to me how different the light is. To me, it does closely represent natural light. I have the workshop section with these over head lights and like them. dale
  19. I sort of like the idea of no fasteners. It seems to me that 99% of these small boats can use epoxy and all the other stuff mentioned above. I only use them if Graham calls for them and he usually does not call for very many. I might be remembering this incorrectly but I think the Gougeon Brothers built a fairly large tri using only epoxy and it is still going great today after being sailed hard for a long time. dale
  20. This is an interesting thread. I launched my 'Lively' CS 17 in 2007. She was built to plans and had no fiberglass reinforcement on top or underneath the seats. I have had no problems and have always walked on the seats and hatches. I have had a few heavier passengers walk on them also. dale
  21. I ended up rigging the mizzen just like Tom and Peter. However, being the not thinking too well person that I am, I rigged it like Peters. The only problem is that he has his sprit on the starboard side of the mast and mine is on the port. So naturally, when I was panicked trying to get the boat done for Cedar Key our big event for small boats in Florida last weekend I mounted the block on the starboard side. So I managed to sail the weekend with the sheet wrapped around forward of the mast and manually loosening it and tightening it. It worked OK since the winds were fairly light on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday, I remounted the block and tomorrow will move the swiveling cleat on the thwart. I hope you all will learn to plan ahead and think twice before mounting hardware. In other words, learn from my mistakes. I think I am going to like the new arrangement. I also changed the main sheeting to two swiveling cleats and they worked very well. dale
  22. As I previously said, I appreciate everyone's suggestions and I said I would report back on what I did use. Well, time got away from me and I was panicked about getting the boat done in time for the Cedar Key, FL event which is the biggest small boat event in FL. So I ended up buying Rust Oleam Professional primer for Aluminum and their topcoat in white enamel. It looks great now, we will see how it lasts. I was very careful to sand and prime immediately. Two coats prime and two coats of enamel. I made it to Cedar Key and had a wonderful weekend with just about perfect conditions. There were only about 50 boats or so which was a little smaller than last year. dale
  23. Thanks everybody. Don, how does you system work when the mast is moving with the sail or rotating? It seems you would have difficulty pulling if running with the sail 90 degrees to the boat. Peter or anybody else remember what size blocks you are using. thanks, dale
  24. Thank you everybody. Will let you know what I do. I am trying to get the boat done for my trip to Cedar Key next weekend May 1-2. It is usually one of the biggest events in FL. dale
  25. Thanks for reminding me about Tom's Book. I bought it back then. I must get it out and re-read it. I loved it then and am sure I will again. dale
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