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  1. "Primrose" my No Frills 15 has not been seeing the time on the water she deserves since I launched my Core Sound 17. She was very solidly built by me a professional remodeling carpenter and was around boat number 8 or 9 that I have built over the years as an amateur boatbuilder. Boats built include a Vacationer, Core Sound 17, multiple skin on frame kayaks, a mirror dinghy from a 30 year old kit, 6 hour canoe and others. All meranti ply and 10oz cloth hull. Sails look brand new, hull needs a touch up but in excellent condition, interior upholstery is in great shape. Sleeps two, very sea worthy, sailed on Lake Erie and trailered down to FL for two BEER cruises. I will include pictures taken this past fall before she was covered for the winter (appears there was wash water on my camera lens in case your are wondering about the distorted bits). I will also include a link to the orginal building pic album. The core sound is my go to and I am currently building out a camper van so she has to go. Feel free to contact me for additional details. She is in the 44134 zip code for anyone googling location. No Frills 15 build Thanks for looking, Jim
  2. DOH, that is way I post here, it is always good to have a fresh prospective. I was so fixated on raising the mast I hadn't gotten to taking it back down again, that is very accurate that once the mast leaves the tube when taking down it can be unwieldy. I have been swayed that the knuckle idea should be abandoned. I guess it was a knuckle headed idea. Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks for the input, the thought was to use the knuckle to start the mast into the tube and then guide it down as you lift, so that the hinge would be contained in the lower mast tube when the mast is fully raised. I agree that there would be no way to use it as a tabernacle without a stayed mast. Thanks Jim
  4. Thanks for the all the great info Scott, What are the rules for camping onboard, can you suggest a couple of favorite anchorages . Thanks, Jim
  5. Thanks for the kind words and I will pass everyone's well wishes to Meg. Here in Ohio I had to register the actual trailer (Northern Tool knock down trailer kit) and get a plate for it but they don't really care about what is on top of it. Meg is 25 now, she has been a shop rat all of her life and I miss having her company since she has been on the road the last couple of years.
  6. I included a picture of this in my KY lake topic, Oyster asked for more info so I figured I would start a separate post. Attached is a link to the build album. Self designed 8ft long and 5ft wide. Built with and for my youngest daughter who is a traveling nurse who loves to see what our country has to offer. Thanks, Jim teardrop build
  7. Getting some cabin fever. My construction job suddenly shut down several weeks ago and selling residential remodels in this climate is less than fruitful. I've been to BEER cruise twice and FL 120 once and toyed with the idea of running down to FL for the 120 coming up soon but have decided the distance from Cleveland is more than I want to deal with right now. I'm considering Kentucky Lake which looks to be under 600 miles from home and the current weather certainly beats Cleveland's 40's and never ending rain. Been making some minor repairs and touching up paint on the CS17 so I'm all dressed up with no place to go. That being said any info on KY lake sailing would be appreciated. Looks like the lake is open for business. Cant seem to find rules regarding primitive camping or boat camping. Any favorite areas to hit, any areas to avoid. Thinking of heading down the week of the 18th. My 35th wedding anniversary is the 17th so I'm guessing I should be home for that, although I've never been good at judging those kind of things .? In case any one is interested this was my latest project built for my wandering daughter . Thanks, Jim
  8. Thanks, all great info. I did not realize that you had a cabin and needed the additional hieght. I will have to go back and look at some of your previous post to look at your cabin details, the wheels are always turning ?. Thanks, Jim
  9. Thanks for sharing your design. I like it. Two questions 1. is there a stop to keep the mast from passing through the bottom of your PVC tube before the mast is more or less vertical and ready to drop into the mast tube? Do you regulate the depth manually to keep the mast from contacting the deck? 2. In hind site do you think the tabernacle could have been scaled down or are you finding the forces involved warrant the scale. I ask this question with all due respect. Thanks, Jim
  10. This what I did on my CS 17. Picture album linked here. Used a dinghy bimini from Amazon for the roof and frame and sewed up the rest. Hope that helps some. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xUDeTs9iQJnWHaccA Jim
  11. Thanks for the replies. Pete your pics are similar to where we started and may end up. In the concept picture in my post there would be no need for the lock pin as the whole assembly would drop into the mast tube and be captured in an upright position. The pictured application from my orginal post looks like it was a deck step with out the support of the mast tube. If applied to my application I do have a concern about the compression forces on the pivot of the knuckle, it would have to pretty robust to stand up the force applied by sailing with out distorting the knuckle. Paul is right that I ended my tube at the deck years ago. Jim
  12. Hello All, Its been a couple of years since I checked in. This will be the my 9th season with my CS and I am thinking about an easier way to step the mast (more the main and not as much the mizzen). Lifting the mast strait up and dropping it into the step while standing on the fore deck becomes less safe each year and I am not interested in modifying the fore deck and installing a well with a pivoting tabernacle. In years past I have seen some of the deck mounted guides and was kicking that idea around when my very creative boat building buddy had this idea, he didn't have all of the details in his head but when searching the web we stumbled across this picture on Russ Livingstone's web site. All though not exactly what we need the concept is there. A small knuckle at the bottom of the mast to catch the top of mast tube and guide the mast into the tube as it is being pivoted/lifted and would drop into the mast tube. Any thoughts on the idea would be greatly appreciated. As always thanks in advance for your help.
  13. couple of shots of the new camper on FL 120
  14. Just back from the FL120 here is my rig ready to hit the road last week. Crutches at main and mizzen mast steps and a gudgeon mounted crutch on the transom. I wrap my sails around the mast leaving all halyards in place ( my sail battens are vertical instead of traditional horz, just enough to keep the roach open in light air). Canvas sleeves are pulled over mast to keep sails clean and lines contained. Mast are laid in crutches and sprits laid on top and bungee corded at each crutch. Boat is held to trailer with 2*4 cross bars that extend far enough beyond the hull to keep ratchets and straps from touching the hull. Normally I only use the aft cross bar unless traveling long distances or carrying kayaks on top.
  15. Flaps on the deck should keep most critters out on the top side, anything that crawls or flies under the thwart will be able to enter via the gaps in the sleeping deck. The gaps are relatively tight, just enough for drainage, so it is my hope that a sleeping pad on the sleeping boards and the small access will be enough. I suppose some no see um mesh could be added to the bottom of the sleeping boards if it proves to be a problem. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. Jim
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