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  1. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    couple of shots of the new camper on FL 120
  2. Securing equipment for travel

    Just back from the FL120 here is my rig ready to hit the road last week. Crutches at main and mizzen mast steps and a gudgeon mounted crutch on the transom. I wrap my sails around the mast leaving all halyards in place ( my sail battens are vertical instead of traditional horz, just enough to keep the roach open in light air). Canvas sleeves are pulled over mast to keep sails clean and lines contained. Mast are laid in crutches and sprits laid on top and bungee corded at each crutch. Boat is held to trailer with 2*4 cross bars that extend far enough beyond the hull to keep ratchets and straps from touching the hull. Normally I only use the aft cross bar unless traveling long distances or carrying kayaks on top.
  3. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Flaps on the deck should keep most critters out on the top side, anything that crawls or flies under the thwart will be able to enter via the gaps in the sleeping deck. The gaps are relatively tight, just enough for drainage, so it is my hope that a sleeping pad on the sleeping boards and the small access will be enough. I suppose some no see um mesh could be added to the bottom of the sleeping boards if it proves to be a problem. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. Jim
  4. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Slow and steady maybe I will get the job done. Wow this is tougher than building the boat. Todays progress. The old man that taught me to sail always laughs that my anchors are bigger than needed. We shall see now with all of that windage. Aft curtain with doors and window. Thanks, Jim
  5. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    couple more pics
  6. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Got around to some new pics. All panels will have a corner zip so that each wall can be rolled out of the way. Walls are sewn to the top via the skirt that was added at the start. Forward wall mostly complete, needs screen. Sidewalls about 30% complete. Need small fixed windows to check surroundings at night. Need snap rail and aft corner zip. Enjoy, I am always open to constructive advise, screwing up so that you dont have to Thanks, Jim
  7. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Probably will not make any progress again until the weekend, check back sunday and I should have pics of the progress on the forward enclosure. I am trying to have this ready for the FL 120 so I will need to plug along pretty quickly. Thanks for your interest, Jim
  8. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    With the seat boards in and the bimini camper up the forward cockpit should be cozy and dry. I am assuming there will be water in the bilge if it rains but I will be elevated high and dry on the seat boards. My concept was for the aft cockpit cover to be the porch and the camper to be the living space. I will just velcro the sunshade around the mast and not worry about water in the aft cockpit as I have already conceded defeat and will not be disappointed . Jim
  9. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    There is the telescoping pole just in front of the lazaret, which is the only structure in the shade pushing up. Just aft of the adjustable pole the canopy actually drops towards the rudder head giving protection from the sun as it drops closer to to the horizon. Yes the forward end attaches to the mast. Hope that helps. If the sun ever comes out I will roll the trailer out and get some better pictures. Jim
  10. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Hey Don, I used 5/16 fiberglass. I had some 3/8 left from a repair but that was to stiff, I broke a ferrule trying to get the bend I wanted. The 5/16" seems to be just about right. Jim
  11. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    Sun shade progress This is what I would consider a picnic canopy or hanging out at the anchorage sun shade. Certainly not to be used underway. Still working out lines and misc. shown below is a pic with it at rest for overhead sun and then another pic with it under tension for side shade, you can almost pull it to the deck if needed. The loose flap forward was left to go around the mast and eventually attached to the camper to fill in the void between the camper and the mast where I am sure 90% of the sun will fall in a strip across my napping face.
  12. Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

    I thought that I would start a new thread on my camper top build. I started with an inexpensive bimini from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Oceansouth-Bimini-Available-Three-Different/dp/B013ASEG9E/ref=sr_1_1?srs=8055815011&ie=UTF8&qid=1491246347&sr=8-1&keywords=2+bow+bimini I have the Bimini installed backwards (on purpose) so that it folds forward. The secondary leg was shortened by about 10 inches as the frame is not centered fore and aft in the forward cockpit. I did not center the frame as I wanted to repurpose the forward oarlocks for the deck hinge. The removable deck hinge is screwed to a riser block. The block has a carriage bolt dropped through the center of it and is wing nutted under the deck. This is kind of cool as the bolt acts as a pivot point for the hinge and gives you the ability to accommodate some twist for alignment. The grey fabric hanging from the blue top (this bimini only comes in blue) is an apron piece that I am sewing to the top for attachment of the side wall curtains. The corners are not completed in the picture and were a major undertaking as you have to be able to sew in 3d, if you follow my lead on this project you will need the help of a very good friend as this can get a little frustrating and intense. They are currently finished and I will have to get some pics posted. So far so good I will keep you posted. I also just completed a sun shade for the aft cockpit and will post some pics, that is a more floating assembly and more of a fly. The above bimini would probably work in the aft cockpit if you don't mind all of the addition hardware but it would fit. More progress pics as they come available. Thanks, Jim
  13. Wanted to contact Dale Niemann, cockpit tent

    Hello Dale, Thanks for the response, no need for a PM, just had seen that you hadn't posted in awhile and wanted to get your attention. I will be visiting Fl this year for the FL 120, I will be making up a cockpit tent and have been struggling with a design. I think about moving the mast to the third mast step (for nights) and going full cockpit with it or possibly stopping at the thwart with a half deal similar to yours.I am leaning toward your design (and not fight the mast) and then possibly adding just a sun shade aft to create cover but not an enclosed space. The only feedback that I have seen from you regarding yours was that you thought it too tall. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated and as always pics rule. I am curious as to your method of connection to the hull and how you dealt with the fact that the cover does not waterproof/bug proof the entire cockpit. Did you install screening below the thwart and dams on the seat to keep water from rolling under your cover. Sorry to have stalked you and I look forward to your advise, Lively has been an inspiration over the years. Good luck in this new phase of your life, I've been married for over thirty years and can imagine your change (for good or bad) has been a challenge. Thanks, Jim
  14. I set this jig up on either end so that my line did not wander, put a small kerf in the tube at the plumb mark either end then strung a piece of mason line. I used PPG self etching primer and sprayed with rustoleum, 4 sailing seasons and it seems to be sticking (I need to put some leathers on my sprits to stop wearing paint at that junction) Hope that helps Sorry pictures are in reverse order. There are more pictures in my build pics in the signature link below. Jim
  15. I was hoping to ask Dale a couple of questions about the tent he had on Lively. I see that his profile does not allow PM and it doesn't appear that he has checked in here in awhile. If anyone speaks with Dale please pass along the request as I would really like to discuss his design. Thanks, Jim

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