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  1. Any updates on Swimboy? Watertribe hasn’t updated since Sun.
  2. First time I’ve been here for awhile. Congrats Chick and Dale. You are both good Guys and I am happy to hear of your adventures and plans. I was looking for EC activity as well as I know it is 13 days away. I exchanged messages with Bill Highsmith who bought Peggy-O and he will be sailing her this year (forget her new name) He did so great last year! best of luck to all of you in EC! be safe!
  3. Lennie,


    Check this out:


    Looks like the more fun parts of boat building, with no epoxy.  I haven't had any bad reactions yet, but I think I'm done with epoxy too.  I may try to do one of these kayaks this winter. 



  4. Thanks guys but never mind......just googled RC planes for an hour......not my thing.
  5. Mmmmm....planes. I need a hobby besides golf and I love to build. Boats and epoxy are out of the question with my lungs. any quick advice ......source for kits, plans, forums? Is there a Flyin-about forum? ? Thanks
  6. Paul- how we doing? Getting close? Hope all is well.
  7. Best of luck Graham and stay safe!
  8. Chick- she looks great! Amazing how fast you move along and how nice the boat looks.what color will she be?
  9. Paul- she is looking great! Good luck w the launch!
  10. Chick- i love going on this forum when you have a new boat need and plan!
  11. Reading your thread and struggle on the mast tube, I suspect that directions/plans on my CS 370 were advanced considerably from the same that you received when you got started. I followed the directions and had no issues. Understandly these things evolve and improve, and I recommend that you get yourself an updated set of "instructions".
  12. I struggle finding the Facebook B&B Yacht design group page. Looking for Graham's update on EC. group name? thanks lennie
  13. There are better voices than mine on the subject, but I do not believe flipping the boat inside the tent is very practical. The boat flipping always seems to go easier than planned, but it takes some space and more than I see in the tent. I would suggest building the tent twice instead.
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