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  1. Paul, You have me a little concerned about my fuel installation on my 'Salty' Marissa 18. It is center console with the fuel tank central under the console and under the cockpit floor. It is vented and filled on the starboard side of the console. This is basically the way Graham has it on his and I believe on the plan. It has worked very well in the year since launch. However, I have overfilled the tank a few times and had to wipe up a small amount of fuel. Fumes seem to dissipate quickly. Once I learned the sound of the filling tank, I no longer spill fuel. I do not believe there would have been a way to vent and fuel on the side deck. The top of the tank is just about level with the cockpit floor. Is there anything I could do at this point to make it safer? See attached photos. Not sure if you can see the filler but the vent is visible in the starboard photo.
  2. Tom, Thanks for the info. Occasionally, our West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron WCTSS goes over to St. Johns so I will watch for them. If they come over to the Clearwater area, please ask them to contact me. They can park at my dock on Clearwater Beach for a few days. Please report back on what you see on both boats. dale
  3. Tom, I have attached photos of the boat. Steve, sorry for getting off subject. dale
  4. Tom, I think you mis-understood. I thought Alan is building a sailing canoe based on previous comments and the photos. So I was asking if Alan was building it for the EC 2016 to challenge Meade Gougeon with a sailing canoe. To answer your question, I don't think I am up to building your cruiser but I still do dream about it a lot. Two years ago a friend and I went on the Erie Canal in a chartered 24ft Nomad and really enjoyed it. We met a couple that had I believe about a 30+ version of your cruiser. If I am remembering correctly, they worked with you on the design. Ever since then I have wondered about it. They were doing the Circle and very happy with the boat. Am I correct about this? I am thinking my next boat will be a CS 17 Mark 3 or another kayak or a 50/50 sail/[paddle beach cruising canoe. dale
  5. So it looks like an EC 2016 to challenge Meade. Is this correct dale
  6. Interesting observation Scott. How is your build coming along? dale
  7. Yes, I have done a lot of beach camping in my CS 17. The first few times I used a popup tent in the boat. It did not work very well but did keep me totally dry in heavy rain a couple of times. I am only 5'8" and it works well for me by myself. If you plan to do any sleeping in your boat especially with you wife, open or not, I would think you might need to go to the 20. I think you would really appreciate the extra room. Remember the open boat at either length is I believe much easier and simpler to build. I have attached a photo of the cabin configuration I ended up with. I have decided I made it too high because I cannot sail with it up but all the room is really nice. It is a custom built using Sunbrella material and alum struts.
  8. Since your Edensaw order is delayed and you seem to be setting yourself a tight time schedule, I would recommend cancelling the order and spending the bucks to buy the kit. Graham's kits save a lot of time and also make it much easier to build the boat. I have built a CS 17 (no kit) and the Marissia as a kit. I would highly recommend the kit. Just my opinion. dale
  9. Here is one of my favorites for wind. It is a beautiful mesmerizing scene. http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-87.53,37.70,608 dale
  10. Chick How could you possibly glass/epoxy anything with the amount of plastic shown in your photos without getting it all over the shop? That looks like something I would do. I know from experience believe me. I would have little rivers of epoxy running off the plastic making nice little pools on my garage floor. dale
  11. I used Xynole on the keel extended about 4" on each side of it. Then I also added a piece about 8" wide by about 2 ft. along each outer side of the bottom over to the chine about in the center of the boat fore/aft. In other words about where the bottom chine would rest when the boat is pulled up on the beach. I have been very happy with this arrangement. Since 2007 I have beached it many times and it has done a great job of abrasion resistance. I have not however taken ground over oster beds. I totally agree with Alan that you will use about 4X the epoxy on Xynole as compared to glass. Therefore, if you did the whole bottom to the water line or even just the bottom you will increase the cost and weight significantly. Now that I think about it that is the only protection I have on the bottom. I did not glass the bottom just the chines and area under the keel. dale
  12. One thing that could have an effect. Motor shaft length. I have a 20 inch on my CS 17. I actually had to increase the transom height about 1 inch so have had no problems swiveling it. Of course that makes it snag the sheets a little more. Chick, it appears that your transom may be cut out a little which may cause the problem with the handle. dale
  13. OK. Thanks Chick. That makes perfect sense. dale
  14. I guess this is the first time I disagree somewhat with Graham. I have my 2HP Honda on the port side and have never had any trouble maneuvering it. This includes 180ing it for reverse. I have been using it this way since launch in 2007. I will say that I do not have the aft deck which is exactly why I do not have the aft deck. By not having it, I have ready access to the motor and can use it or the rudder for steering. I do agree with Graham in that I try not to use the motor since I enjoy sailing so much. But there are occasions when it is very convenient. I also have oars but have only used them a few times and hate them. dale
  15. I saw it on the other post but completely agree with Garry it deserves to be highlighted. Congratulations Graham, Carla, Beth & Alan. I look forward to working with you and building more of your boats in the future. Dale
  16. The Goat is very fast and relatively less stable. A very different sail plan. Lug vs Cat/Ketch. I had never sailed a Cat/Ketch rig before I built my CS 17 'Lively' in 2007 so needless to say I am very biased toward the CS 15. The rig is just so forgiving and also fast. I believe you would find the CS 15 to be a much more stable boat. So if you want wild and crazy fun go with the Goat but if you want fast stable easy to handle go with the CS 15. There is a great video showing the CS 15 sailing which I think you can get on the B&B website but if not maybe someone on this forum can help. It is excellent. In summary, I believe you cannot go wrong with a B&B boat and the CS 15 would be a great boat. dale
  17. I built my CS 17 'Lively' in 2007 and have sailed her solo most of the time. I do beach camping for a few days at a time. I had a canvas cabin made for her and it works very well with almost too much headroom. I made a conscious decision to go for a lot of headroom which I have since regretted because I cannot sail with the cabin up. So I would recommend the CS 17 III or a CS 17 with a canvas cabin that is low enough to sail with it up. I love my CS 17 and have sailed her solo in winds from 0 to 25 knots and felt confident at all speeds. I have double reefs set up on the sails. If money is a concern, the 17 with canvas cabin would definitely be less expensive. Someone mentioned it but I want to emphasize that trailer launching and retrieval should definitely be a consideration. I don't like to think about it much but your physical condition and not your age should be considered also. I am 75 but am in good physical condition so far. I am not sure I would want to deal with the larger boats. Graham knows how to design a boat. Any of his boats would satisfy your needs. See the photos with my cabin.
  18. Having sail tracks on the mast does not prevent rolling the sails on the mast. That is what I do and it makes rigging fast and also allows me to have and use double reef points. Of course my 'Lively' is a CS 17 which is significantly bigger than the BRS. dale
  19. She is very beautiful. Makes me want one. dale
  20. I trailer my CS 17 with the rudder off. I am fearful of the uphaul not keeping it up. It is very easy to remove and lay in the cockpit floor. dale
  21. Thanks Dave. Of course I will share whatever I come up with. Have a great trip. dale
  22. Dave, Sorry to keep asking questions but you seem to be the only one that knows or has a pig-stick. Can you give me a photo or a description of how you handled the mounting of the burgee on the stick so it will be able to have free 360 degree movement? Thanks, dale
  23. I am sending healing to you. Take care of yourself and give yourself a break to mend both mentally and physically. dale
  24. She really looks great. The work you have done shows. dale
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