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Pete McCrary

Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

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The Roller Trough design (by Graham) was proved today to be practical and effective.  I'm convinced it's a huge improvement over the three-roller concept.  Measuring the keel heights above the fore and aft cross supports as existed for the previous setup -- I fabricated new supports so that the tops of the rollers would support the keel at the same heights.  Those heights needed to be duplicated so that the bunks would not need adjustment.  In the first photo Chessie is being lowered onto the keel rollers.



The trough is supported only at each end.  The u-beam is so stiff that there is little flexing.  My weight (~ 187 lbs) on the beam (over the mid-crossbeam closed the 3/8" gap (between the bottom of the trough and that crossbeam) by only ~ 1/8".



Chessie rolled right off her trailer without any assistance.  In fact she started her roll while I was still in the pickup -- but was restrained by a device for that very purpose (see next three photos).  Water was over the wheel hubs this time.  Next time I'll launch and recover with the top of aft roller just at the water's surface.  The force needed to crank the winch was much reduced.



With both the winch hook and safety chain released -- I was concerned that the boat could just roll off the trailer before it should.  And if I kept either engaged, there could be such tension that would make disengagement difficult or impossible.  So I fashioned the line shown above that can be released even if under stress.



By pulling on the release pin of the snap shackle.



And the released loop slides thru the bow eye as Chessie rolls into the river.


The Roller Trough is a very nice concept and design by Graham Byrnes.  Many thanks to our designer.



Morning-after inspection reveals:


1. That after a launch and recovery and a 30 mile shake-down road trip -- Chessie settled into the Roller Trough nicely so that now her keel is in contact with all rollers EXCEPT #6 (just one position from the center roller which is just over the mid-crossbar).  I think that the load is spread over 12 of the 13 rollers as well as the three cross bars.  Chessie's ride on the highway should be much easier on her keel.  Maybe, after a time, the keel roller system will settle down a bit and #6 may eventually also be in contact with the keel.



2.  There are no hold-down fasteners at the mid-crossbar.  However it shares in the load.



3. You can see no space at the aft end of the support and the trough at the mid-crossbar.  The aft edge of the support is rounded to lower the load concentration.  Later, I may fabricate a wedge to spread the load further.



4. The forward roller.  The crossbeam (a pair of 2 x 6s) showed slightly more deflection when under load.



5. The aft roller.  The trough is held to fore & aft the cross bars with a pair of 1/4" hot-dipped lag bolts at each end.



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Count me (and Chessie) OUT for the MASCF.  Working up, down, over, under, into, and around Chessie has caused a minisca tear and/or sprained right knee that worsened this am to the point that I can't put any weight on the knee.  The orthopedist injected cortisone for some immediate relief -- but I'll be on a walker and physical therapy for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  Hopefully may avoid surgery.  I'm determined to faithfully follow orders of the doctor and his therapist to reach full recovery -- so don't count me out for the next season.  I'll also probably have to stay home for the Messabout. :(

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Pete, I am sorry to hear this, but it always needs to be health first. On the off chance you feel well enough to just be a passenger, you are welcome at either event to sail with me. I'd be happy to have you aboard.


Take Care,


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Pete, I’m sorry to hear of your injury and I pray your body heals without complications and you’re able to get on the water for some sailing therapy this Fall. I regret not being able to fellowship with you at the Messabout and discuss matters of your projects. Once you’re officially off the binnicle list, I will be happy to offer to crew for you anytime at your request and location. It’s no problemos for me to drive up to NoVA.



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Thanks, Todd, for the kind words and offer to crew.

Progress report:  Yesterday Dr injected cortisone into the knee joint.  PT evaluation Monday.  Improvement already.


Although I'm not likely to bring Chessie, I'm hoping to come to the MessAbout by means of AmTrak (free 1st class) RT transport from Quantico, VA to ?? in NC -- car rental and stay at Bayboro House Hotel.  Hope to see you all then. 

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I don't have my plan together for the Messabout, but I will probably drive half way Thursday (maybe stop near you), leave early and drive the rest of the way Friday. I have to start back later Sunday and won't be part of any extended cruise. I might leave later and get halfway home and finish up Monday morning. I have been trying to talk my wife into going, but it's not probable. She doesn't have the water gene.


If she doesn't go I'd be happy for the company. I'll know in the next week or two.



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Twice weekly Physical Therapy is working miracles -- plus daily exercises.  Just signed up for the MessAbout -- tentatively arriving Friday with Chessie, leaving Sunday am.  I also hope to bring her tender, "Catnip," a Two Paw 7 dinghy.  I"ll be making both available for inspections and tryouts for anybody interested.  Here are a few pixs:



Raising the main mast.  Note that [when separated] "Catnip," her tender, will fit in the cockpit for road transport.



Catnip showing her "all-around" bumper.



Here she's nested.



Ready for her "maiden" voyage on the Chester River, Maryland.


Hope to see you all at the MessAbout!  ?? keeping fingers crossed ??  

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Greetings to all.  I've got the okay from physical therapist for attending the MessAbout.  So, Chessie and I will be at the B & B shop Friday morning and plan to leave either Sunday  or Monday am -- depending on how much interest potential buyers have in inspecting and sailing Chessie.  Yes, I've definitely decided to sell her, her tow vehicle, and tender.  The MessAbout is the first major effort to find a buyer.  I'll also be looking for a downsized daysailer -- something like the Spindrift or Amanda.  Or even a Bay River Skiff.  Something I could bunk in with a "boom tent" over me.  Hope some of those boats are available for a look-see.


There may be some followers of this build on the forum that haven't checked the B & B's "classified" on their web page.  So, I'm duplicating the FOR SALE ad here:


FOR SALE, boat & trailer -- $18,900.  This is close to but LESS THAN the cost of items (listed as included), but not including my fun in building her over 27 months (Mar 2015 -- May 2017).


"This offer is a complete "Turn-Key" package -- offering everything needed to hook-up and go sailing and cruising.  Also offered [for those who may need it] -- is her tow vehicle; a 2013 Tacoma 4D pickup w/ cedar strip cap) with just 36,000 miles (at the NADA "Clean Trade-In" value -- presently < $23,300).  Both Chessie and the pickup have been garaged except when sailing.  Owner has built 10 boats since 1963, Chessie was his 9th.  His 10th (a nesting Two Paw 7) is also available.  Owner is 86 and downsizing to a much smaller sailboat.

"Included: 2019 Honda 4hp long shaft w/ 9 amp charger; Raymarine ST1000+ Tiller Pilot; Rocna Anchor & rode; spare anchor (navy style) & rode; Dodger w/ transport cover; mooring lines; dock bumpers; bunk cushions; sail, engine & rudder covers; life jackets (a 4pac); and MORE!  Chessie & owner will be at the 2019 MessAbout."


The following photos were included in the ad:871277099_ChessieRig.thumb.jpg.07f08160e4db389fe74da1fb60271e56.jpg

Mast raising at the ramp -- showing the tow vehicle also for sale.



Chessie at her slip, Higgins Boat Yard, Saint Michaels, 2018 MASCF -- showing off her Dodger.


577336644_ReboardingLadderstowed.JPG.09d56f72e1b2c8e2b4a620ec8f32219c.JPG Chessie's Reboarding Ladder in stowed position.  Not yet properly lashed (see dangling cord).

2111103038_ReboardingLadderdeployed.JPG.18a0ab360767d74095182c1d5709e8e5.JPG Here the ladder has been deployed -- which can be easily done when in the water, neck deep.



Here she's almost "road-ready."  Note that the aft hold-down strap hasn't been deployed to the starboard side.  Also note that

(1) the sails and sprit booms are stowed on the cockpit port-side seats, (2) the nesting dinghy (a Two Paw 7) fit nicely in the

cockpit, and (3) her oars stow in the cockpit coamings.



Chessie, her trailer and tow vehicle nicely stowed in her garage when not on the water (or launch-ramp

parking lot).  The trailer has a folding tongue which allows all to fit into the 22 foot garage (door closed)

in the off season.  For that purpose the masts, anchor roller, OBM, and rudder assembly are removed

and stowed in the garage attic.


Chessie's tender is also available FOR SALE.  Here are two photos of her:


Nested and launched for her maiden cruise.



Notice the 13-Roller keel trough and the Center Board catcher.  The rollers match Chessie's keel profile.  The loading on each roller is only appx 100 lbs — not almost 500 lbs as when there were just 3 rollers.


Anyone interested may call or email:

Pete McCrary

8751 Weir Street

Manassas, Virginia 20110


703-369-6100, primary

703-592-6620, cell (only used when "on-the-road."


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