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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jay. Really, your work, your boat, the launching and your life. You're clearly doing things right and you are an inspiration. I hope you and your wife live long and healthy lives to enjoy that wonderful boat you have bui!t. I know it's not likely that you would ever find yourself in Utah, but if you do, I offer a safe harbor here and some good fun. Carter
  2. Wow, very nice. It looks libht, but cozy down there.
  3. "Okay Ken, I did not want to hijack this string, but you goaded me into it." I don't believe there is any such thing as "hijacking" on this forum, especially with a great story like that.
  4. The pontoon shoes reference was a joke, but then I thought the snow shoe story was too. Actually, when I was a kid, I was pretty sure I could strap some foam slabs to my feet and walk on water...pontoon shoes. I have a lot more experience snowshoeing than I do boat launching. Like everything else, technology has changed snowshoes a lot over the years. Modern snowshoes are much smaller, lighter and easier to use. The older ones were built way too big and designed for much lighter and deeper snow than most people ever encountered. Maybe I'll take a pair to my muddy beach spot after all.
  5. It's a thin line between passion and obsession.
  6. Snowshoes in the mud? I'm pretty gullible, but I'd need to see that one. If you had said Graham used pontoon shoes, then I'd believe you. Conceptually, snowshoes and my chain link fence fabric launch ramp are pretty close cousins, though. The bank dries out all the way down to within a few feet of the water, so the tricky part is getting the boat in and out of the water and me in and out of the boat. I don't see snowshoes making things any easier and would almost certainly cost me any dignity I have left. This muddy beach story makes the place seem awful. Actually, it's beautiful, full of trout and infrequently visited; probably on account of it's defensive perimeter.
  7. Oops, i must have hit the Send button accidentally. Downhill seems like a good thing, but that's not how canals work, is it? After realizing that my canal would need to be seven or eight thousand feet deep at my shop to get water from the Sea of Cortez, I gave it up and decided to go back to being a trailer sailor. Not only that, building an inland waterway from Mexico to the center of the USA might create more problems than I'm prepared to handle
  8. Jan, Your boat is looking amazing. You've pretty much caught up with me in as many months as I have spent years. I underestimated you from the beginning...thinking you'd be slogging along like me. Wishful thinking for a compadre, I guess. Not the first time I gross!y underestimated someone, though. Keep up the good work and don't stop posting. Sometimes when we post something and no one responds, we think no one is reading, but we are. Carter PS. Hey, I have given your "canal through the desert to the ocean" idea some thought. It's less than a thousand miles from my shop to the Sea of Cortez shop...and it's downhill all the way!
  9. "I have carried a piece of scrap carpet to lay on the beach." Cool idea for the gravely beaches, Chick. I'm going to use it. One of my favorite rowing/fishing/sailing spots has the opposite problem...mud beaches. The kind of mud that sucks your shoes off and needs to be coaxed off the bottom of your boat (and everything else) when you get home. And, as summer wears on and the agricultural use of the water continues, the shoreline recedes and the mud follows it. I've thought of deploying a bit of chainlink fencing (or carpet) to create a launch pad, but haven't tried it yet. Any thoughts on making boat launch from a mud beach more pleasant?
  10. Smccormick, Thanks for the fillet tip and your thoughts on the Kilz primer. I was obviously hoping for an inexpensive, easy to sand, high build primer. I'm glad I asked about it and really glad you responded with some wise advice before I slathered all 200st of my hull with the wrong stuff. I'll probably play it safe and go with Jamestown Distributors Total Boat high build epoxy primer and two part finish paint. There are probably cheaper and easier ways to get it done, but this seems safe. I've loosely followed your build along with all the others, but just recently started yours (and one of Chick's) from the beginning. It's great bedtime reading...kind of like a memoir written by someone you sorta know. Keep up the good work, Carter
  11. I haven't posted for a long time and decided that I should, just to make sure that no one accuses me of quitting on my project. I haven't. I haven't been moving it along very fast, but I'm still at it. Actually, I've spent lot's more time on it than one can tell by looking at it. My buddies, who at one time would ask, "Dude, how is that boat coming along?" now just go to my wife and say, "Is he okay?". What do they know? Boatbuilding is a delicious pursuit and I just take more time to savor it than most. Some time back, after coating the entire hull with what I thought might be the last coat of clear epoxy, I discovered millions of little blemishes. I thought it might be outgassing, but Alan said it was probably fisheyes. Either way, the solution was to sand it down and start over, which I'm getting pretty good at (or at least accustomed to) and I figure a boatload of fisheyes is a good omen. I'm anxious to get this thing flipped over, but of course, need to get the bottom completely faired and painted first. The skeg is attached, the chines have been shaped and I'm getting close to primer, etc.. While fairing out the large fillets on the skeg, I discovered a great use for a small scraper that I've had for a long while, but never used much. It really does a nice job cleaning and shaping green epoxy. I plan to roll and tip an epoxy primer and a two-part polyurethane finish, and have a question about high build primers. I've done quite a bit of DIY remodeling/drywall work and have learned one thing for sure...it almost never looks as good as I think it should when the finish coat goes on. With this in mind, I'm planning on quite a bit more fine fairing. Smccormick joked on his thread about using Kilz primer and I've seen other people suggesting the same thing a little more seriously. I'm wondering if it would be okay to work with Kilz2 primer (it's latex, not the PVA wallboard primer) under the epoxy primer to save a few dollars. As smcormick said, most of it ends up on the floor anyway. Good idea, or bad?
  12. San Diego for the winter, eh? Ken, i think you just became my newest best friend. A sympathetic boatbuilder buddy in San Diego is even better than Airbandb. Plus, I already know how to get to San Diego. The leg is good, thanks for asking. I confess to milking it for awhile, but it's 90+% healed now. Apparently, when we're all grown up and sustain injuries, we have to give up any fantasies of becoming professional athletes and have to settle for "pretty good". I've been doing some work on my OB project and will post something soon. Enjoy your vacation. I get the impression you're a very happy guy. I hope I get to meet you someday. Carter
  13. Ken, I was enjoying these photos of your gorgeous boat and realized they're a couple of months old and you went travelling. I hope you came nowhere near Utah, without stopping in on me. My daughter lives in Seattle. Someday, I'm going to show up on your doorstep, if I can figure out how to get to Canada from there. Loving your work. Carter
  14. Jan, This discussion is beyond my level of expertise, so I can't comment. But, I will say this, your project is amazing. The precision, quality and rate of progress of your work is very impressive and fun to watch. Keep up the good work and keep posting. Carter
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