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  1. Hey Ken, Wonderful photos of a magical summer. My favorite picture is the one of Luanne rowing Rosebud. You absolutely nailed it. You're a knight in shining armor. Carter
  2. Hey Casey, Your boat is looking really sweet, as expected. I like your battery compartment, along with everything else. How about that rebuild/restoration project (Lion) of yours? I showed my wife the photo of it. She gave me a dreamy-eyed look and said, "You're going to need a bigger boat". Words of love, right? Keep up the good work...I'll continue to drool. Carter
  3. Nice presentation and a very pretty boat. Good work.
  4. J, thanks for asking the question and you other guys for the guidance. I was just pondering the same task myself. What is the preferred non hardening bedding compound?
  5. Yes, its a wonderful story. All the best to your mom. I feel like I know her; or would like her, if I was lucky enough to meet her. Enjoy your boat as much as you have enjoyed the build. You have a nice legacy.
  6. Be careful Dave...unless you secretly want to build an OB26.
  7. My OB20 kit arrived with 27 gallons of resin and hardener in five gallon buckets. It's taken me years to get through it and, stored in the basement, it crystallized, but a couple of days floating in the hot tub makes it good as new.
  8. Very cool, Ken. You have quite the package there. Good to hear that you and Luanne are back from California safe and healthy. Have a wonderful summer with Rosie, Rosebud and the Kencrane.
  9. I think barns are a soft spot for most of us...take care of that one. She's a beauty. It must be a pleasure working in there; whatever the weather.
  10. Yes, your work is exquisite, but so is that barn you're working in. Wasn't it part of Clint Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter" movie set?
  11. I'm not an experienced boat builder, but I have to echo what Amos, Don and Dave said. I used Interlux Britesides on a small sailing/rowing skif...it looked fabulous, but scratched easily. In all fairness, I launch mostly from gravely beaches and trailer several miles of gravel road just to get to the highway from my house, but we live where we live. B and B recommends using a two part paint on the OB20 I'm building, so I did...Interlux Perfection. At least on the hull exterior. I may go with Briteside on the interior of the cabin and cockpit to save a few bucks on the areas
  12. Jim, That is one sweet little camper. She's going to love it. I built one a couple of years ago (cheated, though...made it from a kit) and it's been perfect for my wife and I. We use it a lot. We've had friends come to visit and opt for the teardrop, over sleeping indoors. In Utah, unladen utility trailers less than 750 pounds aren't required to be licensed. Campers are, of course. I was stopped once and told the patrolman that it was just a common Harbor Freight utility trailer with a fancy plywood box on it that comes right off when I want to haul trash to the dump. He just rol
  13. Your boat is looking very nice Casey; not your first rodeo, I suspect. I enjoyed and appreciate the photos. Deck framing is the next step on my OB20 and your pictures are a big help to me. I too, am considering placing the batteries forward of the fuel tank for what I think will provide the best trim. I'm also thinking about a different type of cockpit seating from what is shown on the plans and interested to see what you do. Again, its fun viewing your work and studying your photos. Carter
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