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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

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Rick, I'm also getting one of those shelters to keep Summer Breeze under once she's done. Gotta keep car in carport (So says Miss Debbie!!!), and I'll have another boat project in the garage. I'm jealous of you and Steve getting out for a sail this weekend. Hopefully I can finish up the S-12 that I got from Scott soon so we can sail a bit too. Hope you'll get up for a visit soon.


Steve. Yep, it's hard to find time to work on boats with "life" happening. Weekends and holidays are family  and church time, and I'm too "pooped" to work beyond 6 or 7 so in the evenings. Poor old, worn-out legs and feet, ya know. Hopefully we'll all keep you up to date on the little tricks and things in the on-going "live manual". I like that name for it. Alan is quickly finishing the actual manual as we move through the summer, too. Have a nice sail in Suzy J this weekend.


For both of y'all---Get pics and/or video for us to enjoy.

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Here is Sumer Breeze with her new ownwers, Dale and Kristi in Florida.

Oh, man, I just can't do that again. I've done a few small sailboats with all the filleting and taping and mixing and sanding. I also did a round few strip/glass canoes with all the mixing and sanding

After considerable research and development, I've found surgical tubing makes the finest slingshot engine.

Posted Images

Hull panels and forward bulkheads have been tacked. Part of the berth structure is temporarily in place to bring the hull bottom in shape. It, along with the cockpit module will come back out while I lay the epoxy goop and bi-axial glass down the hull centerline. I talked to Alan about doing it this way instead of doing it in each individual compartment between bulkheads. I'll tape the chines and forward bulkheads at the same time. 


You'll see that I ran partial outwales as Alan suggested too. Check-out his video about this here: https://youtu.be/mmdRmqBPVJk  This keeps the sheer fair where it hits the bulkheads.


Here's today's pictures for your perusal.


post-1823-0-47660200-1432174322_thumb.jpg  The transom temporarily screwed and wired in place.


post-1823-0-43229400-1432174319_thumb.jpg  This shows the temporary partial outwale. Also the "stick" to hold the bulkhead flat.


post-1823-0-03808500-1432174321_thumb.jpg  "Spanish windlass" to tighten rope pulling hull sides in to contact bulkhead.


In case some of you folks don't know what a Spanish windlass is---Google it!


post-1823-0-97714600-1432174323_thumb.jpg  Berth structure. Box of lead weights (my "ducks" again) holding it down.



Here's a quickie picture of the S-12 that I'll be finishing to have something to sail while working on the Breeze. If you missed out on the history of this boat, I got it from Scott Dunsworth. He'd started it for a customer who never came for it. It was just laying around his barn, so he decided to sell it. Great deal for me. I'll start a building thread on it once I get started.



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Grrrr##@%//*#!!! I had a post ready to add the pictures, hit "More Reply Options" and lost it all!!!! Oh well, let's just start over...


I got ALMOST everything done on my schedule today. Almost. Wires are all clipped and removed, center joint is "gooped" and glassed, chines are glassed. The forward bulkheads aren't glassed yet. Tomorrow.


Let's get right to some pictures. OK?


First picture is of the center joint goop. I used a "bondo spreader" to make the wide fillet. I varied the pressure on it to change from a deeper radius forward where the "V" is deeper, and a shallow radius as I dragged it aft. You'll see the spreader laying next to the completed fillet. I waited until the goop was firm before applying the bi-axial glass strip.




Here is the finished center joint. I pre-wet where the glass would go, layed the glass down, poured resin on and "squeegeed" it with a brush to spread it evenly, then rolled it all with "Big Moe" the roller. Big Moe wanted to be in the picture, so there he is. The glass cloth you see stacked is to be applied under where the cockpit module will be. I mentioned this a couple of posts back.




Next picture is of the chine with the 3" glass tape in place. My method is to finish the fillet where the wire ties were and then lay the glass on top of the wet putty immediately. Then I wet the glass with my 2'' brush. The brush acts as a squeegee and spreads the resin evenly. You have to go back and forth a bit to be sure that there are no "white" spots that will be dry. Be careful to not force the putty in the radius out.



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Not much to show today. Forward bulkheads glassed, keel strip edges feathers, and glass cloth layed under where the cockpit module will go.


Not much to see, but this is the 6 oz. cloth under the module.



Y'all have a great weekend, and remember our veterans, both living and those gone. Thanks to them, we have a great nation where we can worship God in freedom, and mess about with our boats.

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Y'all have a great weekend, and remember our veterans, both living and those gone. Thanks to them, we have a great nation where we can worship God in freedom, and mess about with our boats.


Veterans do not want to be thanked over Memorial Day.  This holiday is just about and for those who died serving.  Veterans Day is for thanking those who served and lived.  And thanks to them we can also choose not to worship or even believe in god at all.

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Gosh guys, I didn't mean to offend you by suggesting that we should thank a veteran who is still with us if you don't want to. I, for one, am thankful for them on veteran's day. memorial day, and any other day. And yes Dave, you have the freedom to not worship God just as much as I have the freedom TO worship God. But on my thread, I choose to believe in, worship, and thank Him as my Creator and Savior. Thanks to our veterans, I can do that.

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I hadn't been on the forum for a couple of weeks as life got in the way. I just want to say thanks to you guys. I love your enthusiasm for boats, boatbuilding and working with wood. More than anything though I love your honesty, crustiness and convictions. You are real men and I would want you in my fox hole regardless of where you stand on religion or politics

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  Wheeeew!!! Just finished filleting/taping/resin coating all of those nasty sections of the water ballast tank. Now THAT was a job, y'all. Boy, am I glad that I ran the wide fillet and bi-axial glass down the keel line and pre-layed the glass on the bottom under the cockpit module. It made it a LOT easier. Here is another tip for ya. Finish resin coating the module when you still have it out of the boat to glass it. Only having to fillet and glass it down is MUCH easier than waiting to glass all of the compartments when you install it. I also finished the berth area and trial fit the berth tops. It will be much more fun from now on. Hopefully things will move along faster.


Hang loose for a minute while I download a couple of pictures for ya.---------------------------Ok, I'm back.


Just to prove to y'all that I REALLY finished the water ballast tank, here it is. Kinda hard to realize myself that it's done. The bulkheads under the cockpit seats are finished too.



This is the berth area with the berth tops in place. The berth bulkheads are done too.(B and B calls them "bunk support webs".) I still have to add the bunk hatch frames and resin coat under the bunks (I've been calling it a berth, so don't get confused.)

post-1823-0-86152200-1433004597_thumb.jpg  post-1823-0-02152600-1433002740_thumb.jpg



  Now is also the time to decide what to build as a companionway step. I'm leaning toward a galley box to hold my cooking and eating stuff. It could also be a place for a 12 volt battery or even a cooler. I think that I'd rather build a custom cooler to go in a cockpit seat locker. The plastic coolers that you buy just don't have enough insulation. I like to build my cooler out of 2 inch foam board and glass it inside and out. The question is: removable or built in. Probably built in. A removable one would have to be so small that it couldn't hold enough. What do you guys think would be good use for this area?

  The porta-potti slides under the bridge deck. This is the space that  Graham deigned for it. I don't much like it there, but it does seem to be the only place to reasonably stow it. (Real boat folks like to say "stow" instead of "store".) You set it in the cockpit to use it. Just be sure you don't have any nosy neighbors!!! Kinda embarrassing, don'tcha know.

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Oh, man, I just can't do that again. I've done a few small sailboats with all the filleting and taping and mixing and sanding. I also did a round few strip/glass canoes with all the mixing and sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding. One of my buddies got so hooked helping me, he's still canoeing it up.

Now I only make boats out of wood and metal (or "old fashioned" screw and glue plywood) or wood, string, and painted fabric. The only thing I sand now, pretty much, are painted surfaces.

Of course, I just build little punts and pirogues for pond fishing to try and drown my own fool self in, or sometimes a friend...;)

That said, I respect all of you that work with epoxy and the beautiful, dry boats you build with it.

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No new pictures for y'all today.Spent my time gluing on hatch rings, ballast tank hatch doubler, and cockpit seat extension butt block.

  I also fiddled around with how to make the splash well for the transom mount motor. It will have to be in the seat top. Graham suggested mounting the motor on the starboard side so the tiller handle won't be up against the combing. There will be details from B&B later, but not in time for me---I don't think.

  Another little job I'm gonna go out and do right now is to cut a hole to access the area under the anchor well. Future kits should have it already cut. It would have been easy to cut while the bulkhead was out of the boat, but I didn't know about it until it was too late. It will have a screw out hatch. Good place to stash stuff that you don't often need.

  Tomorrow will be spent feathering all of my taping in the cabin and under the cockpit seats. Then a coat of epoxy on all the areas under seats, bunks, and forward locker top. I've already epoxy coated under the anchor well forward locker, and ballast tank, so I can install the tops of those.


Check back tomorrow night to see if I got all of that done and took pictures.

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Here we are again, folks. Sorry it's been so long. Sick a few days, "life" a few days, you know how it is. Anyway, here's the latest.


Interior and cockpit are finally all filleted and glassed. Cockpit drains are installed. Just got some sanding to do on today's glass taping. Tomorrow I'll get a start on installing the cockpit hatch gutters and seat framing. Today I built the hatch gutters, so, with the addition of the 1/8 inch spacer, they're ready to go.

post-1823-0-51810900-1433975380_thumb.jpg     post-1823-0-72887900-1433975381_thumb.jpg


And here are the gutters.



Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. This is the access hatch to under the anchor well.


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Rick, there is room to use the porta-potti on the cabin sole inside. It stores inside under the bride deck and you have to pull it out to use it in the cabin or cockpit.I find that most wives---at least MY wife---will not accept the sheet thing!


By the way, I just looked up the post for my CS-20 Mk-2 for someone, and enjoyed going back over the building process. The kit for my new CS-17 Mk-3 Summer Breeze makes things go much quicker and easier. But still a long way to go. It's about at the stage where it is a lot more fun, now that I'm through with all that taping of cockpit module, bulkheads, and such. My favorite part, the cabin structure, trim, and detail work, will be coming soon.


Hey y'all, don't get confused by both boats being named "Summer Breeze". I didn't have time to get bored with the name on the first boat. Hopefully the new boat will be around for a long time.

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Hatch gutters are in, aft cabin bulkhead installed, and cockpit seat framing mostly done. Notice that there is no longitudinal 3/4" x 1" frame in the port aft corner. I think that I'll add a built in ice box back there. I was going to just use a portable cooler stored under the cockpit seat, but only a small one will fit through the hatch, and the store bought' ones don't have enough insulation to keep them cool for over a day or so. I like to build mine with at least 2 inches of insulation, including the top. I'll start fitting 2" foam to build the box into the space available, then glass the inside and outside before installing permanently. It will be attached to the bottom of the cockpit seat and the inboard face of the seat, with an air space for ventilation underneath to keep from trapping water against the hull. (Yes, I know that there won't be any water in there to worry about---if you believe that, you've not been around boats much.) The plan is for the cooler to drain out the transom, or maybe into the cockpit,  and the hatch gutter to drain into the cockpit.


Once the ice box is done, I can wire on the raised sheer and install the cockpit seats, then finish the combing.


Any thoughts on the whole cooler issue, and pictures of how you did yours? I'd sure like to see 'em. I only have a couple of pics for y'all today.


post-1823-0-48329300-1434203362_thumb.jpg  This shows the hatch gutters clamped in place. It takes LONG reach C-clamps.


post-1823-0-64125200-1434203363_thumb.jpg   With aft cabin bulkhead* and seat framing. (* I'm sometimes called a "bulkhead".)



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Been gone a few days, but now we're back at 'em. More sanding on the interior taping and a good start on the ice box. Still have to make the top of the box and the lid and cover it all with a layer of glass prior to final installation.


This is the box made up of 2 inch blue foam insulation from Lowes. I stuck it together with a thick mixture of epoxy and Q-cell (micro balloons). I figured that the Q-cell putty would sand better along with the foam.

post-1823-0-83657600-1434639040_thumb.jpg  post-1823-0-05342800-1434639042_thumb.jpg


This is where it will go when finished. It will have a top opening hatch.



Hey Don, betcha don't have one of these in your boat...

Hurry home from vacation. Lookin' forward to hearing more about your adventures. Did you get to see my family residence of my great, great,great,etc. uncle Baron von Ludwig---better known as the "Mad Baron".

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